Chapter 404 Might of a Divine Artifact

Chapter 404 – Might of a Divine Artifact

In the face of millions of enemies, no matter how fast Fatty killed, it was impossible to get rid of them all within a short time. After over a hundred thousand were killed, the rest broke through the many challenging obstacles to arrive at Holy Spirit Island.

“Kill, kill, kill them all!” howled the players out of pent-up grievance from Fatty’s brutal slaughter. They rushed towards Holy Spirit Island, desperate to seize the control center of Sky City.

Flying back to Holy Spirit Island, Fatty looked at the flocking mass below with a smile. “Since you’ve witnessed the Elemental Sword Diagram, I'll now show you the Elemental Skill Book.”

The Elemental Skill Book hovered in front of Fatty, gently turning over a page with a flick of his finger. Hot air gushed out from the book and rose straight up. In the sky above the Sea of Ice, fire clouds gathered, dispelling the cold and even dyed the air a fiery red.

“What is that?” The distant group of guild masters stared dumbly at the fire clouds above Sky City.

Fatty, with his hands folded before his chest and his face solemn as he looked at the Elemental Skill Book, mouthed clearly a few words.

“Fire Magic Profundity –– Forbidden Spell – End of Day Calamity. Hah!”

His voice wasn’t loud, but it was transmitted across the whole ocean that even the guild masters thousands of meters away from Sky City could hear it clearly. Their faces abruptly changed and they saw the fire clouds above suddenly churn violently like boiling lava. The next moment, the sky was torn apart, revealing the stars on a sunny day. In the starlight, countless meteors dragging long tails across layers of spaces raced towards Sky City.

The players around Holy Spirit Island stared blankly above their heads as the shooting stars grew bigger and closer until finally, they violently rained down upon the crowd.

No shrieks were heard. All players within the range of End of Day Calamity were melted, including their equipment, the instant the fire meteor hit.

Respawn white lights lit up the whole sky, even covering the light from the falling fire meteors, so dense that they looked like the holiest of holy lights that announced the beginning of a new life.

“Retreat, retreat!!”

After a moment of absolute silence, shrill cries resounded amidst the rumbles of meteorites violently landing.

They couldn’t NOT withdraw when the flaming meteors fell like rain and destroyed all their reliance and confidence. The guild players inside Sky City were deathly pale, while those watching outside were dumbfounded.

“Forbidden spell? This is a forbidden spell! How the f*ck can a rogue use a fire forbidden spell? Is there even justice in this world?” SaintPetertheGreat muttered. Suddenly, he burst into mad hisses and roars, his eyes bloodshot on the verge of insanity.

The fire meteors ran rampant for half an hour. When the last of them hit the ground with a dull explosion, all players, no matter inside the city or out in the sky or the sea, heaved a long sigh of relief, still looking at the area around Holy Spirit Island with lingering fear.

It was a mess. The ground was full of 10 meter wide holes that could be seen everywhere. The flames that had yet been extinguished still burned and emitted slight crackles, in the flames were some armor that hadn’t yet melted and was rapidly turning into liquid.

Of the nearly one million players that had successfully barged into Sky City, only less than a hundred thousand were left. Over 90% were wiped out in one blow without leaving any bones.

The respawn point of Sky City was packed with players suddenly resurrected in a short time. Sky City players encircling the location had to expand outward again.

“Fatty, this spell of yours, really…” Looking at the scene below, Liu Lan didn’t know what to say. Under Fatty’s control, Holy Spirit Island directly under the scope of the fire meteor wasn’t damaged at all. However, this feeling of just looking up to see fireballs falling right above one’s head was enough to destroy one's rationality.

Fatty didn’t notice Liu Lan’s reaction. At the moment, he still remained in the posture when he had cast the spell and dully looked around, all the fat on his body trembling.

“No way, is he getting backlash from the spell?” Reck exclaimed.

Frightened by this, Liu Lan hurriedly reached out to pat Fatty, but the latter’s shrill wolf howl suddenly resounded through the sky, “Damn iiit!! My Sky City!! It was built with great difficulty, but now it’s all gone!!”

Liu Lan was caught between anger and amusement. Reck simply turned away, not wanting to look at Fatty anymore. Lucas closed his eyes in repose as if he hadn’t heard the howl at all.

The consumption of this spell wasn’t small. A large portion of energy in the Elemental Mystery Realm was gone and the mass of the rotating energy ball had reduced by nearly one-tenth. However, Fatty was quite satisfied with the result after so many people had been killed.

“It's over, it's all over.” Seeing their army nearly annihilated in one strike, the faces of Holy Paladin, Dark Lord, and the others sank in crushed spirits, their bodies drained of all strength.

“What’s there to be afraid of? We still have a hidden card. He has his forbidden spell, we have our Divine artifact,” SaintPetertheGreat's voice was cold and stiff like a stone from the depths of winter.

“That’s right, we have a Divine artifact. We can kill him with it, even if we lose Sky City.” The guild masters raised their spirits.

There were countless players in the game, so it was impossible for Fatty to be the only one with good luck. SaintPetertheGreat took out a hammer from his inventory, it was round-shape, half-a-meter wide hammerhead with a handle one meter long. It looked like it was made of bronze, with rust stains all over and thin cracks in some places, seemingly quite ancient.

Seeing this equipment, the eyes of the other guild masters glowed with greed.

The Hammer of Thor, Divine artifact of the Thunder God, was obtained by SaintPetertheGreat in Storm City. Despite the damage it had suffered over its history that resulted in it to issue only three attacks before complete ruin, it was still an authentic Divine artifact.

“After we take over Sky City, I want a big piece of the pie,” said SaintPetertheGreat with gnashed teeth.

“Good.” Without the slightest hesitation, the other leaders all agreed.


“What are they doing now?” The resurrected players trapped at the respawn point didn’t dare to move while the lucky survivors quickly withdrew from Sky City. Fatty looked at the group of leaders gathered below, puzzled.

Raising the Hammer of Thor above his head, SaintPetertheGreat murmured something and the hammer glowed with a faint white light. Then, with a thunderclap, a storm suddenly raged in the sky and lightning bolts struck down with even greater momentum than Fatty’s spell just now.

“I smell a Divine artifact.” Lucas suddenly opened his eyes, his face serious. “The other party has launched an additional forbidden spell attached to a Divine artifact. This is a very powerful artifact.”

“His grandma! Still not stopping?!”

Looking up at the thunder rolling in the sky and then down at Lucas's solemn expression, it was clear that this magic was not simple at all. Even the Thunderstorm Formation jointly launched by thousands of magic towers in Sky City could not call out so much thunder.

“I wonder if this one can kill a Divine beast too.” Fatty suddenly laughed evilly.

After brewing for half a day, the thunderclouds in the sky condensed into the figure of a burly man over 10 kilometers high, wearing heavy armor and wrapped in purple lightning. The burly man held a sledgehammer not inferior to his own height. When he appeared, his eyes swept down at Sky City, before he swung the sledgehammer up and violently smashed it down.


A bolt flashed across the sky, connecting the heavens and earth, almost ripping space.

“Phoeny, it's your turn!” Ignoring the sledgehammer falling down from the sky, Fatty shouted at the Fire Phoenix.

In a corner of Sky City, in the canopy that covered the area of thousands of meters of the paulownia tree, the Fire Phoenix smacked its wings angrily and reluctantly opened its eyes.

“Oi you! Don’t you know that for a girl, lack of sleep would affect her skin?” grumbled the Fire Phoenix. Poking its head out of its nest and looking up at the sky, it immediately screamed, “Goddamn Thunder God, how dare you still f*cking appear in front of me?!”

The languor on the phoenix’s face was immediately swept away. Burning flames arose from its feathers and as its wings spread, the Fire Phoenix shot out of the nest. During the flight, it extended a talon and a peculiar-looking scepter appeared to meet the Hammer of Thor that was swinging down.


When the scepter collided with the sledgehammer, the Fire Phoenix let out a wretched shriek and its flying momentum came to an abrupt end. Then, its body dropped and crashed onto Holy Spirit Island. The island trembled slightly and fell heavily on Sky City. In a series of rumbles from the whole city, a large patch of buildings crumbled.

“Damn it, Phoeny, you! All your benefits in the city will be canceled for the next year.” Fatty flew into a towering rage, loathing the fact that he couldn’t pluck clean the other’s feathers.

“Ah?! I'm fighting for you, and you want to withhold my benefits? You mean, stingy, stingy city lord!” The Fire Phoenix screamed even more shrilly than when it had collided with the sledgehammer just now, one of its wings repeatedly slapped against Holy Spirit Island. With a rumble, all the remaining buildings on Holy Spirit Island collapsed.

“Fire Phoenix, it’s the Fire Phoenix! Damn it! Money Grubber took its fire magic book, why didn’t it deal with him and is helping him instead?” SaintPetertheGreat seemed to have a layer of ice on his face. Seeing the figure of the Thunder God in the sky gradually dissipating, he gritted his teeth and recited the spell again.

“Guys, stop hiding your cards now, otherwise, if so many guilds are driven back by a lone man, we might as well stop playing this game altogether,” Purple Rose coldly said.

A green bow appeared in her hand, obviously of Celestial tier. However, the people present didn’t pay attention to the bow but rested their eyes on the arrow on it.

“Arrow of Despair, Divine artifact, consumable, 3 million damage, can lock on the opponent.” As Purple Rose introduced this long arrow, all the guild masters, including SaintPetertheGreat, gasped with shock in their eyes.

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