Chapter 403 One Holds out against Thousands

Chapter 403 – One Holds out against Thousands

One would never know the true power of Sky City until its firepower was displayed at full force. Just like Fatty had told Liu Lan this, Sky City’s outbreak of power wasn’t something that could be made up for with numbers.

Three thousand magic crystal cannons started and fired in turn along with the movement of Sky City. Three thousand beams of light streaked dazzlingly over a long distance and landed upon the enemy’s coalition fleet.

Although the fleet had scattered to the greatest extent possible when approaching Sky City, there were too many ships in the end, not to mention that every magic crystal cannon locked down on a target before launching. For a moment, screams echoed all over the sea as some ships directly blew up while some received holes over 10 meters wide that couldn’t be blocked in any way, and the people on board could only watch as their ships sank. Of the coalition's nearly 10,000 ships, over one-fifth were lost in one round.

The lucky players on the sinking ships were able to swim to the intact ones, while the unlucky ones were vaporized the moment the light beams hit.

“Spread out, disembark, fly up and attack.” Looking at the masts of the sinking ships bobbing above the water and the players falling into the sea like dumplings in a struggle, the guild masters’ eyes turned bloodshot.

In order to deal with Sky City this time, they brought mainly players with flying pets or mounts. Upon the order, there were players taking off from the ships all at once, either riding on their mounts or letting their flying pets pull them, and also mages who desperately approached Sky City with levitation magic.

“Let him fire, we’ll see how many magic stones he can possibly have.” Holy Paladin’s heart bled at the sight of the damaged ships disappearing into the sea. These ships that they had spent a fortune to buy from their dynasty actually went down in just a single cannon shot.

After the bombardment, there was sporadic firing. Looking down from the city’s high position, the magic crystal cannons placed at the edge sniped the intact ships below one by one. Every flash of light would be quickly followed by angry curses from the sea, and then a ship would slowly tilt and sink.

When half of the remaining ships were knocked out, the fleet finally broke through the obstacle of the magic crystal cannons and sailed underneath of Sky City. This was what they had planned from the beginning. No matter how formidable the magic crystal cannons were, they couldn’t twist to fire at this position. As long as the ships were to closely follow Sky City’s movement, they had no fear that Fatty could destroy them.

“Plan starts now. First, confine the space, don't let them jump and escape.” The space jump function of Sky City had always been the target of envy of the guild masters, of course they’d made preparations for it before coming. Several hundred ships sailed out from the fleet to below the edge of Sky City, each ship carrying several hundred mages.

Mages lined up on the decks, each group led by a mage holding some kind of strange horn-shaped tool in their hands. As they chorused an incantation, the strange tools shot out fine, finger-thick lights, and the space around Sky City trembled briefly.

“They affected the surrounding space, Sky City now cannot use space jump, even the Teleportation Portal is blocked.” Lucas was first to realize the problem.

“Quite a thorough preparation there, but was it ever necessary for us to escape in the first place?” Fatty sneered.

At present, Sky City was like a huge cake and the players around it were like flies swarming after they smelled the aroma, flocking towards it endlessly despite the fall of their comrades. Nearly a million soldiers encircled Sky City and flew over from all directions. If there had been enough players stationed in Sky City, they could have used the large-scale artillery like ballistae to defend against this, but there just weren’t enough hands and so that equipment could only sit there in vain.

“Open the defensive formation?” Reck suggested.

“No, that would turn this into a war of attrition. Every second of the formation consumes heaps of magic stones, we can’t afford this even with our recent harvest,” Fatty firmly rejected.

“Then what do you say we do now?” Reck shrugged, indicating that there was nothing else he could think of.

The construction workers in Sky City had long run off, leaving only a few tens of thousands of players. They were the members of various guilds who stayed in Sky City to help guard. The control of the magic crystal cannons alone accounted for 3,000 people, and the rest were assisting in other miscellaneous tasks. Although there were many artillery weapons in Sky City, they were only for show at the moment.

“Think up something quick, they're coming up,” urged Liu Lan. The fastest enemy players were only less than 1,000 meters away from Sky City.


“We’ve paid so high a price, and we’re even consuming this siege weapon. We must take down Sky City,” SaintPetertheGreat coldly declared. Those tools, which were capable of affecting space, were the reason that rendered Sky City unable to jump and blocked the operation of Teleportation Portals to prevent aid. They all originated from Storm City and were the last-resort treasures of SaintPetertheGreat. They were said to be a set of Divine artifacts handed down from ancient times. To take it out to deal with Fatty today, the guy was absolutely determined to take Sky City.

“No need to worry about them.” Fatty looked at the players around who were coming at Sky City like locusts and calmly asked, “Do you remember how Octahead City disappeared?”

Liu Lan and the others were dumbstruck. How did Octahead City disappear? Sky City just came crashing down from the sky like Mount Tai and crushed it. Does Fatty want to…

“Don't worry about the flyers, just let them enter the city. Prepare everyone, Sky City is landing!” shouted Fatty.

“Hey, why do I find Sky City is getting bigger?” asked Heavy Armored Tarzan in confusion as he stood looking up at the big mass overhead.

“It's not getting bigger, it's landing! Go! It wants to crush us alive!” Purple Rose’s face abruptly changed when she suddenly remembered the disappearance of Octahead City.

In an instant, the expressions of the guild masters all changed rapidly. None of them would survive such a huge city crash.

“Go, quick, go!” They desperately urged their people to sail away. Some already couldn’t wait and were getting ready to jump off the ship.

Sky City fell fast and heavily upon the sea with incomparable momentum. The air currents it kicked up below pushed down the ocean surface into a basin-like curve. Some ships that couldn’t escape in time, especially those that carried the mages restraining the space, were all pressed into the sea by the air pressure.

Countless bubbles emerged from the water as the unlucky players struggled below. Having red potions to replenish their health, they wouldn’t drown for a while, but all shivered in the chilling cold of the sea, since this was the Sea of Ice.

“Argghhh, damn it, damn it! Why did we think of everything but not this?!” SaintPetertheGreat's face was dark, black even.

The other leaders who had luckily escaped were all remorseful. They knew clearly that Sky City had destroyed Octahead City with this method, but why didn't they think of it? Why did they have to obediently go under it to die?

As a result, at least several thousands of players were crushed alive, while many more players fell into the sea and struggled in the icy waters.

“It's okay, as long as our flight team can reach Sky City, a little loss is nothing,” someone comforted.

“Idiots.” Looking at the few ships left below, Fatty sneered.

“Kill and capture Sky City, and each of you will be rewarded 100,000 gold coins!” someone shouted. During the descent, there were already players climbing into Sky City.

Liu Lan was worried, but Fatty was still as cool as a cucumber. He just sat there and counted the number of players barging into Sky City with great interest.

“You’re still not in a hurry?” Liu Lan was really anxious.

Clapping his hands, Fatty laughed. “What's the rush? 100,000 gold coins one person. The more come up, the better.”

Aside from those who couldn’t fly or were killed, there were still 2 to 3 million players still capable of entering Sky City. This number appeared very few when they were spread out around Sky City, only scattered troops were seen pouncing toward the center of the city.

“Only so few people. Y’all coming here to die.” Fatty snorted. “Just you wait, I’ll let you see what a real Divine artifact looks like.”

Fatty dropped himself off the edge, falling freely in the air. The Elemental Sword Diagram flew out above his head and spread open, sweeping in a team of hundreds of incoming players. Fatty also vanished into the formation, in his spot was only a sword formation with a terrifying murderous aura.

A few minutes later, the sword formation disappeared. Fatty reappeared in the air and rushed to the next team of players. At the same time, the respawn point in Sky City flashed, and the several hundred players were stunned to be welcomed by the predatorial eyes of many – they were surrounded by the players of Sky City.

With every rise and fall of Fatty, the Elemental Sword Diagram would roll in as few as hundreds of people to as many as thousands, and then white lights would flash at the respawn point. The pitiful enemy players didn’t even know how they died when they were already resurrected in the middle of an encirclement.

The number of players resurrected increased by the moment. Soon, the small respawn point was no longer enough. The encirclement began to slowly enlarge, but all kinds of powerful weapons still aimed unwaveringly at the center.

Magic crystal cannons, ballistae, catapults, and other artillery were now being pulled around the respawn point. Although the number of players resurrected inside kept increasing to several times the number of surrounding players, none dared to make a move. Just now, a group of players had wanted to try and rush out. Consequently, there was a beam of light and not only them but also the hundreds of players around them were vaporized by a magic crystal cannon shot, scaring many to move away immediately.

“How can this be? We’re both hidden class players, but how can he be so perverse? No, this is a BUG!” Now that Sky City had fallen on the sea, most of the players still on board the ships in the distance could see the situation inside, and it had them all break out in cold sweat.

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