Chapter 402 Idealistic Design

Chapter 402 – Idealistic Design

Fatty painstakingly yet joyfully continued his killing at the Sea of Ice. He would attract dozens of Prue Beasts at a time, then send out the Elemental Sword Diagram to trap them, before mightily sharp light swords would chop and turn the monsters’ muddy bodies into meat paste.

“Again,” yelped Fatty lackadaisically after he slew a group of Prue Beasts and collected all the Ice Soul Stones. Killing a batch in one go felt great, but after a while, he became numb. If it weren't for Liu Lan and his friends helping him pull the monsters over, Fatty didn’t know when he could ever finish this mission.

“How many left?” Liu Lan asked after Fatty destroyed another group of Prue Beasts.

“Over a hundred,” Fatty checked the mission panel and answered weakly.

“It’s gonna be over soon. Fighting!” Liu Lan tried to cheer him up.

“Go, go!” Fatty shuffled, his body staggering without any spirit.

Liu Lan was both angry and amused to see him like this. She pointed at him and said, “Be satisfied. You already hold too much advantage having the Elemental Sword Diagram. Wait until it’s our turn for the 9th to Saint. If it’ll be the same amount, Heavens know much time we’ll have to waste on it.”

Beep beep. The sound of the communicator added a bit of foreign sound to the boring life of slaughtering. Fatty slowly opened it to hear Fierce Dragon TheTalent’s somewhat anxious voice.

“Fatty, several guilds in various countries are secretly mobilizing their people and coming to the shore through Teleportation Portals. I don't know exactly what their intention is, but I think it’s very likely that they are coming for you. Be careful.”

The major guilds were ranked among the top in each region, so such a big movement naturally couldn’t be hidden from others and talk about their goals broke out everywhere. They also didn’t expect that this could be concealed either, as long as they could keep Fatty in this place before he reacted.

“Oh? Coming to offer me good stuff again?” Fatty immediately perked up.

Fierce Dragon TheTalent was speechless. He had to pause for a while before he said, “There’s too much good stuff this time, I'm just afraid you can't swallow them all.”

“No matter, I have a big appetite, really. As long as they dare to deliver it to me, I can definitely eat it.” Fatty swore by his weight.

“Anyhow, you watch out for yourself. If they’re really coming for you, our brothers won’t be able to come to support in time with such a long distance between us,” Fierce Dragon TheTalent warned.

“OK, it's no big deal. You just wait for the show.” After joking with the guy a little, Fatty hung up the communicator.

“Who’s offering good stuff?” Liu Lan asked.

“Heh, last time those guild masters thought they had given too little and it wasn’t good for… their faces, so this time they want to make it up to me,” Fatty sneered.

“Ah?! Did they come to take revenge for the last time you extorted them? You should be careful. We currently don't have many people,” Liu Lan nervously said.

“Don't worry, they’ll never know the true might of Sky City before its full firepower is displayed.” Fatty was a little smug.

“Look at you. Hurry and finish the mission so we can wait for them at ease,” Liu Lan urged angrily.

Sighing, Fatty chopped down the last few Prue Beasts with strong resentment. A light flashed and a beautiful sound rang in his ears.

System Notification: Congratulations, you have completed the mission “9th enhancement to Saint.” Earning the title of “Underworld Supreme.” As you are the first Rogue to reach the Saint tier, the system rewards you with the title of “Underworld the Great.”

System Announcement: Player Money Grubber has completed the mission “9th enhancement to Saint” and has earned the title “Underworld Supreme.” As the first player to reach the Saint tier among Rogues, the system rewards him with the title “Underworld the Great.” This title is droppable in death and can be inherited.

“Damn it! The hell did you make an announcement for? Can you let Lord Fatty have some privacy? Underworld the Great my arse! Droppable in death? Can be inherited? “ Fatty looked at the status panel and saw some small words added next to his ID: Underworld the Great.

Underworld the Great: The highest title of Rogue, owned by the first rogue to become a Saint. The winner of this title gets DEX +50 and the skill Underworld Eye. If the owner is killed, the title will drop. If the person who has killed the owner is a Rogue of the 9th class enhancement, they will inherit the title of Underworld the Great until they are killed by the next player.

Underworld Eye: You can see through the target’s complete stats and inventory.

“The title drops after death? Who is the killer who will get it? Tch, little Fatty, you should keep your wits about you from now on. The title of ‘Underworld the Great’ is more than just this.” Reck praised when he saw the description.

“What other benefits does it give?” Fatty glanced at Reck.

“Well, heaven's secrets must not be divulged.” Reck narrowed his eyes and stroked his beard in an otherworldly manner.

“Psst.” Not just Fatty, but even Liu Lan wanted to give Reck the middle finger.

“By the way, some people are bringing us good stuff again. You want it?” Fatty asked.

“Of course I do. Only bastards don’t take advantage of stuff delivered to them.” Reck swung his beard.

“They’re not just ‘bringing it,’ are they?” Lucas had his doubts.

“And also carry out a military confrontation exercise while they’re at it to test Sky City’s power, see if it can destroy them all,” Fatty added.

“They should know how formidable Sky City is, so I’m sure they’ve done their homework if they still dare to come. This time we are short of manpower. If they get into the city, we will be in trouble. I say we open the large defensive formation and shoot them dead with magic crystal cannons from a long distance,” Reck suggested.

“How much energy is that gonna take?” Fatty immediately expressed objection.

“Then what do you say we do?” Reck asked.

“Don't we have that poison that can kill Divine experts? Isn’t it better to poison them all and loot their equipment than to have everything blown to pieces?” asked Fatty.

“Bah, you think that thing doesn’t need money? Let me tell you, there’s no poison that can kill Divine experts, only one for Saint-tiers. But this poison is much more expensive than using your magic crystal cannons. I won’t object, though, if you’re willing,” Reck said.

“Forget it, forget it, cheapskate. When they arrive, just bombard them. Friggin’ hell! They think Lord Fatty’s so easy to bully?” Fatty gritted his teeth.

“Don’t be so hung up on this little bit of money. After we destroy them, we can visit their houses and make a killing. Big guilds like them must have their own bases, possible having reached the town or even city level. To pillage such a base is hitting the real jackpot, only a little less than robbing a main city,” Reck explained.

Those poor guild masters. They got indignant after Fatty had extorted them and caused them to lose face, so they joined hands to give him a lesson and take his Sky City while they were at it, but who could have imagined that the other party was already discussing how to have fun at their bases after it ended before they even came?

Thousands of miles outside the Sea of Ice, the surging ocean was full of ships of all sizes and shapes, with tens of thousands of them rapidly progressing towards the Sea of Ice; each ship carried hundreds to thousands of players. The total number of players this time amounted to several million.

“Everyone must be careful. We’ll scatter out to approach Sky City, you mustn't be impatient. Sky City doesn’t have many people at the moment. As long as we avoid their long-range attacks and board the city, we win.” In a cabin, SaintPetertheGreat and several guild leaders were discussing battle plans.

This time around, there were more than a dozen famous guilds, in addition to countless players who simply followed them to take advantage and gain benefits. SaintPetertheGreat and the guild masters didn’t refuse anyone that came, no one would be so foolish to reject free cannon fodder.

“I heard that the emperor of the Xuanhuang Ancient Country rewarded Sky City 3,000 magic crystal cannons,” a guild master faintly mentioned.

“3,000 magic crystal cannons, ahh… How many gold coins would that cost? When our base was promoted to town, I went to the lord of Noah City to negotiate buying a magic crystal cannon. He actually asked for 100 million gold coins.” A guild master could hardly hide the greed in his eyes.

“After we take down Sky City, everything will be divided equally.” A player's face flushed red in extreme excitement.

“What about those?” Someone glanced outside.

“If they don't die in the battle, we’ll send them on a free trip back ourselves,” a guild master uttered coldly.

“In that case, let's discuss the ownership of Sky City.” SaintPetertheGreat patted the table.

As soon as this was said, all the players in the cabin quieted down and exchanged glances, but none was willing to be the first to voice their thoughts.

“It seems that everyone has their own ideas, but first of all, I would like to warn you all that Sky City is a main city. No guild present can swallow it alone. We must join hands.” SaintPetertheGreat solemnly stated. What he meant was very clear: Sky City would belong to the public and not a specific guild.

“Humph! Money Grubber can manage Sky City on his own, let alone a guild with so many people like any of ours,” someone objected. SaintPetertheGreat, who already had Storm City, naturally couldn’t control two main cities all at once and therefore put forward this idea. However, the leaders present weren’t fools, they understood his calculations clearly.

Some suggested joint management, while others suggested that everyone competed for it. Their opinions couldn’t be unified.

At this moment, the system announcement sounded. The cabin fell silent or one second before chaos ensued.

“Damn it! How did he finish the mission so quickly? Can we still make it?”

“Everyone, don't argue. Order everyone to speed up. As for Sky City, whoever can seize the city lord manor and defend it can be the lord of Sky City.” In the end, a guild master suggested.

This proposal was agreed to by all, which concluded this brief but important meeting in their opinions, and the guild masters stepped out of the cabin one after another. A moment later, all the ships accelerated at the same time in the direction of Sky City at the Sea of Ice.

“What a beautiful city.” Looking at the floating city against the background of the sky and ocean from afar, SaintPetertheGreat sighed faintly and his eyes gleamed.

“Here they come.” Fatty could also see the numerous ships in the distance from Sky City. He smiled and ordered Sky City to start.

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