Chapter 401 Set up a Formation, Kill the Monsters

Chapter 401 – Set up a Formation, Kill the Monsters

Without a doubt, it was a luxury for Fatty to use Sky City to do his mission and attack these monsters that didn’t even reach the Saint tier. The fact that he had just acquired a magic stone vein thickened his pocket and also his extravagance to use magic crystal cannons at will. If it had been his miser past, he who wasn’t willing to waste a penny would never use magic stones to fight this kind of monster.

One shot from a magic crystal cannon and the ugly Prue Beast let out an intolerably shrill scream like that of nails on a chalkboard. A big hole appeared on its body where blood freely flowed out.

Fuzzy masses squirmed on the monster’s body. As its ugly sarcomas burst one by one, thick black juice gushed out and dyed the surrounding seawater in an ugly shade of black.

Suffering such a serious wound, the Prue Beast only lost half of its health and wasn’t in fatal danger. As if it knew that it wasn’t a match for the strange fellow in the sky, the Prue Beast twisted its mud-like body and slipped into the sea.

“Don't go, eat another one!” Fatty had never felt so mighty bullying anyone with magic crystal cannons before. Staring at the Prue Beast sliding into the sea and nearly disappearing, he turned a magic crystal cannon, aimed at the little tentacle still visible on the surface and fired.

They were ten thousand meters apart, but this shot was cruelly accurate, straight at the Prue Beast’s body under the sea. As a miserable scream reached the ears of all in Sky City over the distance of ten kilometers, they saw that a hole had been vaporized on the sea surface, over 10 meters wide where there was no water, nothing. The injured Prue Beast, who had just received the shot, was completely dead this time, not even leaving a body behind.

System Notification: Mission progress: 1/10000.

Fatty blanked out for a moment, then angrily cursed out loud. One shot consumed 10 magic stones and two shots were needed to kill a Prue Beast. The system actually required him to kill 10,000 to complete the mission. That meant 20,000 shots, a lot of magic stones!

No wonder the time limit was one month. However, now there were only a little more than ten days left. Fatty's mission was in helluva trouble.

“Decide yourself, lose a level or consume 200,000 magic stones,” Reck angrily said.

“You serious? Like I even have to choose! I won’t waste so many magic stones even if I lose ten levels!” Fatty yelped.

Despite saying so, Fatty still wanted to complete the mission. The 9th enhancement at level 90 was the last goal of normal leveling. After that, ranking up from Saint to Celestial, from Celestial to Divine, and from Divine to Legendary, all demanded chance and luck and not levels. Besides, there was no level distinction beyond level 90 and up, so it was impossible to level from killing monsters anymore.

However, it was tremendously difficult for Fatty to kill 10,000 Prue Beasts in a dozen days. Regardless of whether there was enough time or not, Fatty was fully aware of the power of the magic crystal cannons. If they needed two shots to kill one Prue Beast, it was questionable whether Fatty could kill it himself.

“Motherf*cker! It’s trying to anger me to death!” Fatty was really unwilling to use the elemental energy in the Elemental Mystery Realm. In the mortal battle last time with Bader, although the hapless prince had been easily killed, a lot of elemental energy had been consumed to make that possible. Especially later when Fatty had used Eternal Frozen to escape the prison of the Divine earth mage, it had nearly exhausted the already limited ice energy. If it hadn’t been for the elements being able to convert among each other, it would be impossible to use ice magic now.

A hand raised and the Elemental Sword Diagram flew out, slowly rotating above his head. A myriad of sword auras burst out, leaving deep marks on a nearby magic crystal cannon.

Having Reck control Sky City, Fatty jumped off, spreading the Zephyr Wings to fly down. Once he landed on an ice floe, a dense chill immediately invaded his body. Fatty shivered and found his health slowly dropping.

“Your granny, this is pure cruelty,” Fatty muttered. He needed to not waste the time left to do the mission.

The Prue Beasts’ usual habitat was on the ice floes, except when they were hungry, they would dive into the sea looking for food. Fatty came at the wrong time, apparently, because it seemed just like lunchtime as there weren’t many Prue Beasts on this ice floe.

The scattered ice floes varied in size, the small ones were only the size of a house while the large ones were as big as an island except with ice all over, just like a glacier or snowfield.

Fatty went to the largest ice floe, which was obviously the stronghold of the Prue Beasts. Not only were there several Prue Beasts on guard, but there were also small Prue Beasts making babyish cries.

These little Prue Beasts were only fist-sized and pink in color. Their limp bodies were like lumps of unformed plasticine with short tentacles. They looked very cartoonish, much more preferable than the disgusting big Prue Beast just now.

“People all say that beauty starts at the age of eighteen, well now this is the true eighteen change,” Fatty mumbled to himself as he looked at these cartoon-like little Prue Beasts.

The big Prue Beasts who were taking care of the little ones immediately issued hoarse cries when they saw a strange-looking creature fall on their ice floe. Their liquid bodies practically flowed towards Fatty, the tentacles of different lengths bounced up, sending out some black sticky substance that came sweeping at him.

The Elemental Sword Diagram instantly activated and trapped the incoming Prue Beasts. With a point of Fatty’s finger, the Elemental Sword split and flew into five positions in the diagram, and a crimson sword of fire ripped through the air, viciously slashing a Prue Beast.

The vomit-like creature trembled all over. Thick black liquid spurted out from its body and spilled all over the ground as though spewing blood. A 7 to 8-meter-long slash appeared almost across its entire body, with traces of flame burning along the mark.

Fatty was satisfied to see that the slash took nearly one-tenth of the monster’s health. After all, the diagram was a Divine artifact now, he would doubt its authenticity if it couldn’t do this much. Since Fatty was willing to go to length, plus having sufficient energy support, the Elemental Sword Formation attacks began to grow fiercer and all five swords were deployed. To deal with this kind of monster, violence worked best.

Sword lights roared through the air in all directions and assaulted the monsters smartly. After a flame attack, without waiting for the power of the hot flame to disappear, another sword with an extremely cold breath hacked down on the Prue Beasts. The double effect of ice and fire “pleased” the monsters to the extreme, making them shiver all over.

The Prue Beasts only had one means of attack: to use their ugly tentacles to shoot black mucus, which could be considered a long-range attack. However, Fatty's long-range was much farther than them, so the pitiful monsters could only be beaten without being able to retaliate.

Ten minutes later, several Prue Beasts fell amidst miserable screams and dropped some items.

Trying to suppress his nausea from looking at the disgusting corpses, Fatty picked up the drops. They were all equipment with ice properties. Fatty couldn't use them, but there were people they’d be suitable for so he swept them all into his inventory.

After collecting the equipment, Fatty threw Harvest and a fist-sized white stone appeared in his hand with a ding. The white stone revealed its true face after several Appraisals.

Ice Soul Stone
Special material
Contains ice power and can be used to forge equipment or placed in magic formations to provide ice energy.

A stone that provided ice energy was, in essence, the same as a magic stone, but magic stones provided pure magic that could be used in formations of any attribute, while Ice Soul Stones could only be used in ice-attribute ones.

Using this kind of stone to forge or inlay into weapons and armor was a good choice. In general, ice and thunder were the players' favorite attributes since they could temporarily freeze or paralyze the enemy correspondingly.

Pocketing the Ice Soul Stone, Fatty tossed Harvest at every Prue Beast’s corpse, and sure enough, every one of them gave an Ice Soul Stone.

“This isn’t too shabby, huh?” Fatty was very satisfied, at least this yielded a decent harvest.

Fatty folded the Elemental Sword Diagram, letting the corpses inside fall on the ground. At this time, some Prue Beasts were already back from their hunt. Spotting their kin’s corpses, they shrieked and pounced on Fatty.

Fatty found it not very cost-effective to handle only a few Prue Beasts in one use of the diagram, so he simply packed up and brought these Prue Beast on a stroll around the ice floe.

This ice floe was super large with many Prue Beasts living on it, not to mention that there were Prue Beasts returning every moment. After wandering for less than 30 minutes, Fatty gathered a dense group of at least a hundred Prue Beasts behind him.

“If so, this mission is quite easy.” Fatty stopped, turned around, and sent out the Elemental Sword Diagram. The formation took in the whole group of Prue Beasts and the elemental swords started chopping like crazy.

Just as Fatty was having a great time slaying Prue Beasts, on the other side of the ocean, some players were gathering in a splendid hall in an argument.

“We must take revenge!” A player with a full face of messy beard smacked the table, his face flushed as if he had been greatly wronged.

“Of course this revenge must be taken, but we should see if it’s possible first. If we die due to not being strong enough, what’s the point? He can kill a Divine expert, force the Fire Phoenix to hand over the Fire Mystery Codex and even follow him. We can’t afford to provoke such a person,” said a relatively staid player who sat with a cup of coffee in one hand.

“He is doing a mission at the Sea of Ice. Once he completes it, he will become the first Saint in the entire server. We cannot sit still and watch him succeed.” A curvy female player wearing exposing clothes frowned.

“Now is our best chance. He’s away on a mission, and there aren’t many players in Sky City, only a few NPCs. If we take this opportunity to attack, not only can we kill him back to level zero, but also claim Sky City. You must have seen the power of that fortress. If there were no Sky City, how could he, a guildless player, dare to extort us?” a player wearing holy armor and glowing with a white holy light proposed.

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