Chapter 400 The Sea of Ice

Chapter 400 – The Sea of Ice

The Fire Phoenix pitifully handed over the Fire Mystery Codex, which Fatty immediately tossed to the Elemental Skill Book. Just like devouring the other mystery codices, a red glow burst from the elemental skill book and fire magic spells appeared inside.

Having finished with the codex, Fatty smilingly turned to the Fire Phoenix. The latter shuddered and asked fearfully, “What else do you want?”

“You are a sacred Divine beast.” Fatty stroked his chin. “A Divine beast would carry a Divine artifact.”

“Don't be too greedy!” The Fire Phoenix screeched shrilly. “I gave you the Fire Mystery Codex, why won’t you let me go?”

“Tch, tch, tch.” From Sky City, TheFugitive came over and sized up the Fire Phoenix. Only when the five-colored feathers on it all stood on end did he say, “Little phoenix, follow this brother and I’ll give you sugar.”

The Fire Phoenix ignored TheFugitive and shouted at Fatty, “Those who are too greedy don’t get to die old. Since you got the codex, hurry and leave.”

Fatty didn't say anything to that. He gently waved his hand, and one thousand magic crystal cannons lit up, silky lights flowing along the strange magical runes on their surfaces.

“Ahhh! Don't fire! Wait!”

The Fire Phoenix harbored extreme fear of the magic crystal cannons. It wouldn’t be afraid it was mature with true Divine strength, but it had just been reborn from nirvana not long ago, therefore its power wasn’t enough to cope with the cannon bombardment.

“Say it, what else do you want?” said the phoenix listlessly with a drooping head. It decided to succumb to the threat of the magic crystal cannons.

“I want you.” Fatty said simply.

“Ahhh, don't! It won’t work out for a human and a beast!” The Fire Phoenix trembled all over, its wings folded, and its whole body fell down. Only until it was close to the ground did it spread its wings to stabilize its body and slowly climb up.

A burst of laughter rang out in Sky City. Fatty threw the Fire Phoenix a vicious glance. “With you looking like that? You’re not Lord Fatty’s type at all!”

“What’s wrong with my looks? “ Hearing that Fatty despised its appearance, the Fire Phoenix got mad. It spat a mouthful of saliva mixed with fire at him.

“Okay, okay, okay, you are very beautiful.” It seemed that both women and female animals were very concerned about their looks. After getting the Fire Phoenix to calm down with much difficulty, Fatty raised a finger. “Follow me, and I’ll give you half, no, a sliver of Fire Origin.”

“Fire Origin? You have it?” The Fire Phoenix's face was full of disbelief, but its rapidly swirling eyes betrayed its thoughts.

Without nonsense, Fatty opened the Elemental Mystery Realm and a trace of Fire Origin wafted out. The Fire Phoenix inhaled a long breath, intoxicated. A long while later, it opened its eyes and said, “Indeed the breath of Fire Origin. I once advanced to Legendary rank because I got a sliver of Fire Origin. Where did you get it?”

The Fire Phoenix's eyes were glued to the entrance of the Elemental Mystery Realm. Fatty closed it and asked the Fire Phoenix, “So?”

“Deal.” The Fire Phoenix was straightforward to extend its huge talon and smashed down on Fatty.

Fatty climbed out from the talon-made pit in a sorry state. As he spat out the soil in his mouth, he saw that the Fire Phoenix had already uprooted the entire mountain with the paulownia on it and moved them into Sky City. After the phoenix was done arranging its nest, Fatty came over. “I say, lil’ phoenix, since you are now a member of our Sky City, you should spare a thought for our city, right?”

“I suppose.” Lying prone in the nest, the Fire Phoenix poked out its head and stared at Fatty. “Go ahead, Great Lord, what else do you want? But I must tell you first that I really have no Divine artifact.”

Fatty rubbed his hands and smiled shyly, “Don't worry, I don't want your artifact. But you have lived in this Mountain of Flames for so long, you must know what good stuff there is in here? Like veins of magic stones…”

“Let me think.” The Fire Phoenix pondered hard for a moment. “There seems to be a large vein of magic stones below, but can you get it out of the magma under the whole Mountain of Flames?”

“As long as there are enough gold coins, there’s nothing I cannot do.” With a wave of his hand, Fatty lowered Sky City. When they were a certain elevation from the ground, he led the Fire Phoenix, Reck, Lucas, and West to jump down.

“A magic stone vein? Ours!” Upon the news about the magic stone vein, everyone’s eyes shone in unison, especially Lucas. Operating Sky City consumed a tremendous amount of energy each second. It wasn’t noticeable during ordinary times, but when it came to emergencies, the consumption of a move like space jump had to be calculated in piles of magic stones.

With two Saint-tier experts in the party, it was quite simple to open a path underground. Fatty called out the Elemental Skill Book to cast a simple earth crack, and a seemingly bottomless crack hundreds of meters long, over 10 meters wide, appeared in the ground. Then, Lucas arranged a magic formation to redirect the spewing magma away.

“Too bad we don’t have anything like the Occult Flame Palace, or else we could go straight down.” Fatty suddenly missed the Occult Flame Palace and also the Occult Flame Emperor and his group. He wondered if they had gotten out of that space.

The temperature of the underground magma was extremely high, any average player would be incinerated to ashes before they could even approach. However, it was a problem if the number of people going down was lacking and they couldn’t mine the magic stones as fast as possible.

“About this, I can call some companions to help,” the Fire Phoenix fearfully spoke up.

“Then hurry up, what are you waiting for?” cried Fatty.

The Fire Phoenix didn't answer and just looked at Fatty expectantly. Fatty thought for a little and snorted. He opened the Elemental Mystery Realm and took out the Fire Origin that was yet to be consumed completely, handing it to the Fire Phoenix.

The phoenix opened its beak, sucking in this thin line of Fire Origin with a face full of intoxication like it was drinking the best wine in the world. A five-color flame suddenly lit up on its body. When the flame gradually extinguished, the Fire Phoenix opened its eyes and let out a long, clear screech.

Countless fire monsters in the Mountain of Flames were summoned by the Fire Phoenix to mine magic stones, especially some monsters in the underground magma, who were also captured by the phoenix.

A steady stream of magic stones was transported into Sky City and stored in various areas where energy was needed. Looking at these magic stones, Fatty couldn’t close his gaping mouth.

“Fatty, didn't you say you would share good stuff with Vermilion Bird City?” Liu Lan reminded.

“I’m already nice enough to give her half of the Mountain of Flames. What else would she ask for?” Fatty replied without turning his head.

This vein of magic stones was even bigger than the vein Fatty had mined in the Demon realm. After all, it ran through the entire Mountain of Flames and took three days to harvest the majority. Originally, Fatty wanted to empty it, but Reck reminded him that some places in the mountain needed the support of magic stones, and, there would be an earthquake in the mountain without any. Only then did Fatty stop.

“Think again, maybe there’s other good stuff that hasn't come to mind.” In Sky City, Fatty squatted in front of the nest of the Fire Phoenix and urged earnestly.

“No, seriously, there’s nothing else. Only this is valuable, the others are all worthless ores.” The Fire Phoenix buried its head in its wings, refusing to look at this city lord.

“Geez, what a pity. Let’s go, return to Vermilion Bird City.”

Sky City once again arrived at Vermilion Bird City. The Vermilion Bird City Lord came out with a smile, and the two quickly reached an agreement.

Vermilion Bird City paid the remaining 15,000 magic stones and would send personnel to quarry the Mountain of Flames, but half of their total harvest would go to Sky City.

Although the Mountain of Flames originally belonged to the Xuanhuang Ancient Country, it was an independent territory of the Fire Phoenix. Vermilion Bird City couldn’t get any advantage from it despite being the neighbor. Now that they gained half of the mountain for no reason, the Vermilion Bird City Lord naturally wouldn’t bother being verbose with Fatty. They quickly signed the agreement.

“Next, to the Sea of Ice! So far? Seems like we must space jump the city over. “ Fatty opened the world map he got from the Vermilion Bird City Lord to check the location of the Sea of Ice and was surprised to find that it was millions of miles deep into the East Ocean.

“Money burner.” Everyone rolled their eyes upon hearing Fatty’s decision to space jump Sky City. This Fatty already forgets who he is after getting some magic stones. Millions of miles away, doesn’t he know how many magic stones it would take to jump over?

“Then jump.” To everyone's shock, the never generous Reck actually supported Fatty.

“Was your brains burnt by the Mountain of Flames?” Lucas looked dubiously at Reck.

“You’re the burnt one.” Reck glared blackly. “If I’m right, very few people have come to the Sea of Ice. That place has had dense ice elements for a long time now, so it’s certainly accumulated a large number of magic stones. Even not much, it’s still more than enough to supply space jumps.”

“What are we waiting for, then? To the Sea of Ice!” Lucas immediately shouted.

One knew not the value of necessities when they weren’t in charge of a family. Fatty often worked outside and left Reck and Lucas in charge of Sky City, so they were much more meticulous than him. Upon hearing that there were magic stones to get, the two unanimously decided to help Fatty with his mission in the Sea of Ice.

Sky City could travel up to over 300,000 miles every jump. After five jumps, the scene around the city had changed completely. Beneath was a boundless ocean with countless small islands scattered like stars. These islands were all white crystal clear without any impurities.

“This is the Sea of Ice, the islands are all ice floes. Look, that’s a Prue Beast.”

The pure scenery was ruined by a monster covered in outlandish sarcomas. It slowly crawled out of the sea and onto an ice floe like a puddle of mud. It looked just like a painting of exquisite landscape suddenly being smacked with a lump of poop, and ugly black to boot. Everyone’s faces abruptly changed.

“Lower and kill it.”

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