Chapter 40 Save me

Chapter 40 – Save me


Liu Lan was dumbstruck, while Xu Quan had a shocked expression on his face. Money Grubber can solo a gold boss around Level 40 or 50 and win? No wonder he kill stole the Knight Commander from right underneath the eyes of the four guilds.

Fatty turned on his communicator and tried to call Purple Bell to come over, only to see her status. His expression changed drastically. Purple Bell is already offline?

He also had a few messages in his inbox, which were all Purple Bell telling him not to take any risk. What’s more, she even said that she would go over again if Fatty doesn’t return.

But… Why is she offline? Did something happen?

Fatty expression was sullen.

“I’m Peerlessprodigy, the Vice Guild Master of Misty Waterfall,” Xu Quan walked up to Fatty and introduced himself. “Brother Grubber is truly amazing for having such strength. Do you have any interest in joining a guild?”

“Yeah, of course. I wanted to join a guild a long time ago,” Fatty calmed himself down and nodded like an honest fellow.

“Then how about joining Misty Waterfall? As one of the four largest guilds in Black Tortoise City, not only are we powerful, we also have many beauties. What’s more, our guild master, Willowinthewinds, is the number one beauty in Black Tortoise City,” said Xu Quan, and also praised Liu Lan while doing so.

Although Liu Lan didn’t like Xu Quan, she did want to hear Fatty’s reply. If I can get him in the guild, not only will it strengthen our guild, more importantly, I can watch over him and prevent him from going around and getting involved with random girls.

“Misty Waterfall?” Fatty pretended to think long and hard. “That’s a very strong guild. Your guild master is indeed a rare beauty, but… I’m just a puny rogue, why do you want me to join?”

Liu Lan made sure to not to react to Fatty’s praise on the surface, while she was beyond happy inside. Xu Quan looked at Liu Lan, then smiled, “Brother Grubber is too humble. Ignoring everything else, just killing a high level gold boss by yourself is truly admirable. What’s more, Brother Grubber kill stealing the Knight Commander in front of all the four largest guilds shows how patient Brother Grubber is. Any guild would fight over you!”

“So basically, what you’re saying is that I’m a handsome, marvelous, fabulous, intelligent, genius, inspiring, majestic, magnificent, just, noble, honorable and impressive super master?” Fatty’s eyes lit up.

The moment Fatty spurt out his words, Xu Quan was completely stunned. Darksnow pretended to puke on the side, while some of the Misty Waterfall members were completely speechless.

This damn fatty. Liu Lan smiled.

“Ugh, you can say that,” Xu Quan forced himself to answer. I’ve seen shameless people, but never anyone this shameless before.

“But… Vice General Manager Xu, you said that Lord Fatty is a shameless and useless bastard. My existence is just a waste of food, and if I died, I would just be a piece of trash that’s wasting space. What’s more, nobody would bother with me even if I became a male prostitute. You still remember that, don’t you?” Fatty sat on the ground, looked up as he asked “innocently”.

“What? Y-You’re Qian Ye!?” Xu Quan took a few steps backwards in shock.

What? He said that to Fatty? Fatty’s my guy! Nobody can scold him apart from me! Liu Lan looked murderously at Xu Quan.

“Hi Vice General Manager Xu. Long time, no see,” Fatty smiled with a squinting of his eyes.

Xu Quan forced himself to continue when he felt Liu Lan’s Evil Eye, “U-Uhm, I was being an idiot them. Please accept my apology.”

The fact that Xu Quan chose to directly apologize in front of Fatty caused the latter to be put on the spot. Fatty couldn’t exactly act outrageously or get mad.

“Heh, Xu Quan, since the boss monster has been killed, then what are you still here for? Do the others not need to farm?” Liu Lan interrupted and told Xu Quan to leave.

“Then, alright…” Xu Quan tried to think of a way to salvage the situation.

“Guild Master, we found a boss monster,” a player cheered.

“A boss? Where?” Xu Quan immediately disregarded Fatty. “Everyone, follow me. Kill the boss and get the drops!”

“F*cking hell, that’s Lord Fatty’s slogan. When did that bastard learn it?” Fatty was speechless.

“Fatty, don’t get mad. Xu Quan isn’t capable of saying anything nice, so don’t get on his level,” Liu Lan comforted.

“N-No, I’m not angry,” Fatty shuddered and felt a hint of danger when he heard Liu Lan speaking like that.

“What happened? Are you sick?” Liu Lan asked caringly when she saw Fatty shudder.

“N-No, I’m not sick. I’m just still a bit excited about killing the boss monster,” Fatty wiped off a bit of sweat, then answered frantically.

“Oh, did the boss monster drop anything nice? It’s a gold boss, so there was definitely something nice!” Liu Lan exclaimed in excitement. “Damn fatty, I’m warning you, if you don’t hand up the good stuff, then you’re dead.”

“Yes-yes. Of course we have to give the good stuff to our Boss Liu,” Fatty nodded. F*ck it, this is Liu Lan, she’s finally acting normal.

“Brother Grub, you’re my blood brother. Please tell me how you got with Willowinthewinds,” TheFugitive whispered lecherously into Fatty’s ear.

“Screw off. Me. With her? Do you think I want to die!?” Fatty roared softly in TheFugitive’s ear.

TheFugitive chuckled, then stood up.

“Fatty, isn’t it time for you to hand it over?” Liu Lan reached out her hand.

“I didn’t get it yet,” Fatty smiled wryly, then pointed at the ground. “It’s all being buried underneath.”

“Wow, Brother Grub, I finally understand how you killed the gold boss. Wow, you really are my idol now,” TheFugitive showed a fanboy look when he understood.

“Hehe, of course. Who do you think your Lord Fatty is?” Fatty put on a smug look on his face.

“What? Why is it underground?” On the other hand, Darksnow was confused.

“Ha, Little Darksnow, you don’t understand, right? Come, let’s go where there is nobody else. Your Big Brother Fugitive will explain it to you properly. I can even show you a real-life demonstration,” TheFugitive walked over perversely.

“Damn fugitive, go and die!” Darksnow raised her hand and launched a series of TheFugitive’s head, causing his low rogue health bar to drop like a rock.

“Alright, stop messing around,” Liu Lan was annoyed, but at the same time, she also found the situation rather funny. “Hurry up over here to help me. Don’t let the system time everything out.”

The four people worked hard together to dig through the ground. Although Fatty found it rather simple to bury the Phantom Blue Butterfly King, trying to dig whatever the boss monster dropped was far more difficult.

“Damn fatty, why did you have to dig such a deep pit?” Liu Lan cursed in annoyance with dirt on her face.

“How could I have trapped the gold boss if I didn’t dig so deep?” At the start, Fatty argued back confidently. However, as they dug deeper and deeper, Liu Lan became angrier and angrier, so Fatty intelligently chose to remain silent, and let everything go in one ear and out another.

A round of commotion sounded out from afar. It was a signal that the Misty Waterfall people started to try to kill the boss. However, that only lasted for a short while before silence claimed the forest once more.

Beep. Beep.

Liu Lan’s communicator rang. She accepted the call, then soon after, her expression changed.

“Xu Quan and the others all died,” Liu Lan actually had a smug on her face when she put down the communicator.

“Shit, you’re supposed to be the guild master. You are actually laughing when your entire guild just got wiped?” Fatty exclaimed.

“Pfft, Xu Quan said such bad things to you!” Liu Lan argued. “I wanted to send him back to the respawn point but now I do feel better since he died by the boss monster’s hand. As for the others… Wait, no, I should act like this.”

With that, she clasped her hands, “My poor guild members, rest in peace. Your guild master is dedicating a moment of silence to you.”

“Birds of a feather truly flock together,” TheFugitive remarked.

“You speak too much!” Darksnow glared at him. “Hurry up, I want to see the damn good drops.”

Yet, even though she said that, Darksnow still looked back and forth between Fatty and Liu Lan, while thinking of something herself.

“Wow, so pretty,” after a long while, they finally dug to the bottom. The first thing that came into their sights was a blue butterfly that looked like a crystal statue.

The butterfly was the size of a palm. It looked like it was sculpted from blue sapphire. Its wings were spread out, while there was a watery glow around it.

“Fatty, I want,” Liu Lan said coquettishly.

Fatty shuddered and felt cold wind blow against him on the hot day, while goose bumps appeared forth on his skin,

“Uhm, boss. Look, it’s a mission item,” Fatty pointed.

Only then did Liu Lan notice that, so she reluctantly handed it over to Fatty.

Sealed Butterfly

Mission Item

The lonely soul of the blue butterfly. Unsealing it will give the blue butterfly the freedom of happiness.

I guess this is Purple Bell’s mission. But I wonder why she suddenly went offline.

They dug a bit deeper but did not find anything. Not even a single bronze coin. After digging through the pit, Liu Lan looked at Fatty in confusion. Fatty instantly felt a chill down his spine.

“Wait a min’, don’t be too surprised, it might be because this was a mission monster, so the only thing it drops is a mission item. Don’t worry, there’s another boss over there, I’ll get the great drops for you from that,” Fatty endured the chill and quickly explained.

“Heh, then you’re forgiven this time,” Liu Lan smiled like a blooming lotus in front of Fatty.

For a split second, Fatty seemed to get lost in her beauty, and only came back to his senses when TheFugitive patted his shoulder.

“Brother Grub, let’s go and kill the boss?”

“Huh? Oh, let’s go,” Fatty answered absentmindedly.

“Hehe, Brother Grub, you’re poisoned?” TheFugitive chuckled lecherously and whispered in Fatty’s ear.

“Poisoned? What poison?” Then Fatty understood. “F*ck, what the heck. Just who do you think is Lord Fatty? Mortal love? What a joke!”

“Fatty, hurry up, what are you dallying around for?” Liu Lan turned back and shouted.

“Yes, yes, I’m coming.”

When the four of them arrived at where the boss monster was, Fatty noticed that it was the same place. It was the same tree where the Phantom Blue Butterfly King was. However, this time, countless butterflies danced around it. There was no chance of them getting to fight the monster alone.

“Uhm, let’s not do this?” Liu Lan hesitated.

“There’s no way for us to fight this,” TheFugitive frowned. “Even if Brother Grub can solo the boss, it has so many lackeys, there’s no way it would solo him.”

“Uwahh, my boss! My legendary drop!” Darksnow called out softly.

“Let’s retreat,” Fatty thought about it for a moment, then nodded. The difficulty previously cannot be compared to what they faced now. He understood very well that only a fool of a boss would fight alone when it has lackeys to call on.

“C’mon Fatty, I’ll go and turn in the mission with you.”

“Ah? I have to wait for someone else to turn it in. The mission belongs to that person, I’m just helping,” Fatty replied.

“Oh? Who is it? What’s their name? A guy or a girl?” Liu Lan asked casually.

“Purple Bell, it’s Wind God’s World’s little sister, I think you know her,” said Fatty.

“DAMN. FAT. TY!” Liu Lan roared in anger. “I told you not to team up with female players, not to get too close to them, not to hook up with them, not to get blinded by their beauty. You actually dared to help her do a mission? What do you think you’re doing? This is SEEKING DEATH!”

“Ahhh. Fuge, save me! Darksnow, save me!” Fatty wailed.

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