Chapter 4 The Furious Rooster

Chapter 4 – The Furious Rooster


System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached Level 1.

After half an hour of relentless combat, Fatty finally reached level 1. That was tough…

He added all five of his free stat points from the level up to Dexterity. Why not Strength? Dude, I’m a rogue, have you ever seen rogues not adding stats onto Dexterity? What’s more, my Strength is already higher than some warriors even if I don’t invest any stat points into it.

He then equipped a pair of straw shoes which gave Defense +2. Good, I finally don’t need to wore that pair of shitty shoes around. To be fair, when the hen dropped the straw shoes, Fatty was extremely surprised. This hen is pretty amazing, it actually had a pair of shoes on it. Just where the heck was it hiding them?

Thus, Fatty checked the corpse of the hen over and over for a long time. However, even when the hen disappeared from his hands into raw data, he was still unable to find the hen’s ‘bank’. When the surrounding players saw him refuse to even let the corpse of the hen go, they could only sigh, “People are going mad with poverty now. They aren’t even letting a dead chicken go.”

At that moment, even East Gate BlowingWind  stepped away from him instinctively.

“Ugh, being a chicken is truly better than being a person in this era. But this is only made out of straw!?” Fatty gasped. However, that was just Fatty being an idiot. Were straw shoes supposed to be made out of gold?

Since the game had already been running a while, more and more people began to log in, causing the number of hens to fall short of the players’ kill demands. Thus, Fatty decided to buy some red and blue pots[1], then go and get rich somewhere.

“Ho? A rooster? This is rare. This is the first one I meet after killing such a large number of hens!” Fatty turned around and saw a huge rooster staring at his back muderously, while the two hens he just killed begun to fade into white light. 

The rooster stood fifty centimeters tall and was only just taller than Fatty's knee.

“Wow, you’re pretty amazing,” Fatty prodded the rooster with his wooden sword.

The rooster squawked, then flapped its wings and flew up to an average person’s height, before dashing down towards Fatty. This completely shocked Fatty, so he could only move towards the side, causing the rooster to peck him on the shoulders instead, allowing a blood red “-20” to rise from the top of his head.

“Damn, is this the legendary Boss?” Thinking that, Fatty immediately became filled with energy. He turned around and thrust his wooden sword towards the rooster.

As the rooster was just ending its attack, Fatty successfully pierced his sword into the rooster’s wings, but only a “-5” rose from the rooster’s head.

“F*ck, this is way too hard,” Fatty shrunk back, then quickly retreated. What the hell. -20 vs. -5, and I might not even have as much health as it. Just how the heck am I supposed to beat it?

Retreat when the enemy advance. Fatty changed his approach and lured the rooster towards other players instead. However, perhaps because Fatty had killed way too many hens, the rooster merely focused on him and him alone and disregarded the other players completely. The only time it would even pay attention to the other players was when someone came to attack it, but when that happened, all it did was turn around and easily dispatch the player, before continuing to relentlessly pursue Fatty once again.

Insane! This is seriously insane!

A strange scene was seen at Beginner’s Village No. 1044239. A fatty ran in the front; followed by a mighty rooster chased after him; which was followed by a group of players who all shouted tough words, but did not dare to get anywhere near the rooster; then finally, a group of squawking hens chased after the players.

“Big Bro, hurry. Kill the boss at the village entrance!”

“Hurry up and get over here. It’ll be stolen by other people if you’re late!”

Some people even called other people over while they chased after the hen.

“Damn it, damn it. F*ck, even a tiger gets bullied by a chicken when it’s down,” Fatty’s temper rose after running around the village a few times. He immediately turned around, and stopped running away, then stared at the rooster.

“A soldier can be killed, but not insulted,” Fatty yelled. However, just when the rooster thought that Fatty was going to man up and fight to the death with it, Fatty turned around and ran back into the village, before turning around once more to stare at the rooster.

“Get in here. Get in here if you can. If you get in, then I won’t fight back.”

“Come on in. Weren’t you getting cocky from chasing me around? Come on in.”

“I’m leaving if you aren’t coming.”

“Oh wow, poor you. You got killed by a chicken.”

“It’s the eighteenth one now. Anyone else? Hurry up! Kill the boss and get the drops!”

Fatty laughed at the other people’s misfortune at the village entrance. In fact, he was the one who had initiated the whole thing by shouting, “There’s a boss here. Kill the boss and get the drops!”

Thus, the entire Beginner’s Village was riled up. Everyone nearby came to join in the fun, and since they were all still level 0, they really didn’t lose much experience upon death.

“Oh wow, a hundred something people already died… You guys are so dumb, you can’t even deal with a chicken with so many people,” Fatty continued to mock them.

“Ugh, you. Yes, you, that fat rogue over there. Tell me your name. Solo me out there if you dare!” An explosive beastman warrior pointed at Fatty and cursed. If it wasn’t because of the two players beside him holding him back, he most likely would have rushed out to fight Fatty to the death already.

Since Fatty had chosen to hide his IGN from the very beginning, other people really wouldn’t know what he’s called if he didn’t choose to tell it to others.

“Oh wow, isn’t this the warrior who was raped the first, second and third time by the rooster? Zeze, you’re so strong. As expected of a man who can do it ten times a night. You are actually still so energetic after getting f*cked by the rooster so many times,” Fatty continued his mockery.

The warrior was originally farming nearby, and when he heard Fatty shout his catchphrase of “Kill the boss and get the drops”, he immediately went over, only to get instantly killed by the rooster. Yet, he didn’t give up, and immediately rushed over after respawning, only to get killed again. That time, it caused him to lose all of the experience he just earned, completely pissing him off to the point of running out to try and kill the boss again. Thus, a cycle of him respawning and getting killed by the boss begun, and ran for a good four or five times. What’s more, he was the rooster’s first, second and third player kill.

Everybody in the surroundings laughed, while a few female players snorted at Fatty with flushed faces.

“Stop holding me back. I’m going to hack this bastard to death,” the beastman warrior struggled to get out of his two friends’ restraint as he stared at Fatty with a murderous gaze intense enough to melt a glacier.

“Friend, you should be more pleasant with your words. Don’t speak so outrageously,” one of the players holding the beastman warrior back looked towards Fatty darkly. “We are War Axe, War Lance,  and War Shield of the Beastman Team. Friend, what is your name?”

So they have nearly identical names. They are probably friends from another game that came to play together.

“Oh, so you’re the Three Beasts. I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Fatty leaned back on a poplar tree in a delinquent-like manner. “As for my name? I’m called Not Gonna Tell You.”

“You…” War Axe of the Beastman Team charged forward, only to stop himself. It was clear that he was very annoyed that players couldn’t fight each other in the village. “Friend, we now have a grudge between us. You had better watch out in the future.”

“Whatever,” Fatty waved his hand without care as if he was getting rid of a few flies. “Kill the boss and get the drops. Hurry and kill the boss. First come first serve, you won’t get anything if you’re late.”

“Friend,” it was clear that East Gate BlowingWind wouldn’t stand the ruckus Fatty was causing anymore. “Shouldn’t we think of a way to kill this boss? Just letting it block the village gate isn’t going to work. We all have to level ourselves up.”

“Oh, whatever. Kill it if you want. I’m going to walk around the village for a bit,” Fatty immediately turned around to leave.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Lord Fatty hasn’t lived long enough yet. Can’t you tell that the chicken is damn smart? It flies away the moment there are a lot of people, then starts to attack when there are less people. Over a hundred people already died under its beak. There was even a case where a player, who seems to have had very high health, didn’t get pecked to death initially. Yet, the chicken just jumped on the player and scratched him with its two talons. Man, his face was left with so many scratches when he died a painful death underneath the pair of talons. Wasn’t that when everyone who wanted to kill the boss and get the drops hesitated? Death isn’t scary. What’s scary is being scratched to death by a chicken on your face.

Fatty commented silently in his heart. You peeps who didn’t even reach Level 1 wants to kill the boss? Are you kidding me?

East Gate BlowingWind clearly did not expect Fatty to just turn away like that without hankering after the boss’s drops at all. Thus, he silently praised Fatty in his heart, while turning back to the boss. No matter what, he did have to kill the boss.

However, when he looked at the murderous rooster and myriad of hens behind it… East Gate BlowingWind couldn’t feel any confidence at all.

  1. Red pot = Health Potion; Blue pot = Mana Potion
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