Chapter 399 Fire Phoenix

Chapter 399 – Fire Phoenix

To discuss things with the Fire Phoenix naturally wouldn’t go like ‘you give me the Fire Mystery Codex and I’ll give you the corresponding benefit.’ Not to say Fatty, even the Fire Phoenix itself wouldn’t agree to that.

After half a month, Architect Lin came to announce that all war facilities in Sky City had been fully constructed. Fatty immediately made an announcement and started Sky City.

Fatty gritted his teeth as a huge amount of magic stones were burnt and the city space jumped, disappearing on the spot. After several jumps, it appeared not far outside Vermilion Bird City.

Seeing a huge city suddenly emerge above their heads, not only the players, but even the Vermilion Bird City guards got a fright. The Vermilion Bird City Lord flew out in person with a huge Vermilion Bird shadow behind her back to confront Sky City.

“Money Grubber, what the hell are you doing?” Seeing that it was Sky City, the Vermilion Bird City Lord let down her guard a little but remained cautious. The Vermilion Bird illusion flew around above her head, screeching at Fatty.

Fatty flew down and bowed to the lord of Vermilion Bird City. “Passing by, I’m just passing by. Please don’t panic.”

“Passing by? Where are you going?” No one would feel comfortable with a huge fellow hanging above their heads like this. The Vermilion Bird City Lord didn’t relax, she stared fixedly at Fatty, ready to strike at one wrong word.

“City Lord, please relax. How could I attack Vermilion Bird City?” The more Fatty tried to reassure her, the more uneasy the Vermilion Bird City Lord felt. At this moment, the sounds of neat footsteps rang out from inside Vermilion Bird City. The city guards arrived and all raised their weapons, aiming at the sky.

Scratching his nose, Fatty smiled wryly. “Don't be so nervous, City Lord. I'm just going to the Mountain of Flames for a chat with the Fire Phoenix. I'm really just passing by, I'm leaving now.”

“Chat with the Fire Phoenix?” The lord of Vermilion Bird City looked at Fatty suspiciously, then it suddenly dawned on her. “I see, you’re going to ask for the Fire Mystery Codex?”

“That’s right, City Lord. But I’m not asking for it, I’m just borrowing. After I read it, I’ll return.” Fatty stressed with a smiling face as if he were the most sincere person in the world.

“Borrowing?” Vermilion Bird City Lord seemed to have heard the funniest joke in the world, she even ignored her image and burst out laughing in front of the crowd below. “Hahahaha I’m dying, can you please don't be so funny? Borrowing? Who do you think will believe you?”

Fatty didn’t feel one bit embarrassed. He swung his sleeves in style and said, “At least, the Fire Phoenix will believe.”

“The Fire Phoenix will believe.” The lord of Vermilion Bird City chewed over this sentence several times, then looked at the sky-blotting Sky City with a nod. “Whether it believes or not, I do.”

“So, beautiful lord, since your friend is passing by, would you like to provide some assistance?” Fatty rubbed his fingers.

Looking at Sky City above her head, then at Fatty who was wearing a sinister smile, the lord of Vermilion Bird City sneered. “Why, do you think having Sky City gives you the power to make a scene in my Vermilion Bird City?”

“No, no, no, no, you can’t say that.” Fatty repeatedly waved his hands. “You see, what is in the Mountain of Flames? A lot of good things, right? You give me some money to support the trip, and then I will divide the good things in the Mountain of Flames equally between Sky City and Vermilion Bird City. What do you say?”

“That’s worth considering. It's just…” Vermilion Bird City Lord eyed Sky City suspiciously. “You think Sky City can handle the Fire Phoenix?”

“Would you like to come and see?” Fatty flicked his fingers.

Now, when the whole Human world was in turmoil, Vermilion Bird City Lord needed to guard her city and couldn’t leave, but she could still use magic to watch the situation in the Mountain of Flames from the distance. Hearing Fatty say so, she nodded after thinking for a moment. “It must consume a lot of magic stones to jump Sky City. I’ll give you 30,000 magic stones, but as you’ve said, half of your harvest in the mountain will go to me, including the Fire Phoenix.”

“I can’t go on an empty promise,” said Fatty.

“Men, bring up 15,000 magic stones,” Vermilion Bird City Lord ordered.

30,000 magic stones were enough to make Fatty carry one trip of labor, and this was still an incidental gain. Receiving 15,000 magic stones, Fatty bid good-bye to Vermilion Bird City Lord, and then with a shout from him, Sky City trembled and vanished in front of the eyes of millions of players.

“A mobile main city, a war fortress, ahh…” Vermilion Bird City Lord sighed.

Sky City’s emergence in the vicinity of the Mountain of Flames immediately scared the monsters below into frantically fleeing. Such a huge mass suspended in the air was like the end of the world had arrived. Whether intelligent or not, these monsters had only one thought, that was to escape.

Driving the city slowly into the depths of the mountain until he spotted a huge paulownia tree 1,000 meters on the highest peak, Fatty shouted, “Is Lord Fire Phoenix home?!”

At the top of the paulownia tree, there was a huge nest over 1,000 meters wide made of paulownia wood and in the nest, a bird just as huge with feathers of five colors raised its head and looked at Sky City in shock.

“Sky City.” A long time later, the Fire Phoenix spat out these words with difficulty.

“Hahahaha, Lord Fire Phoenix, sorry to disturb you.” Fatty stood on the edge of Sky City in a carefully kept distance from the phoenix, bowing in courtesy.

“You are the Lord of Sky City? Heh, Sky City, the head of the seven neutral main cities, destroyed by the God of Light thousands of years ago and fell into another dimension. I never expected it would be found by a little guy like you who even became the city lord. Tell me, what have you come to my Mountain of Flames for? “ The Fire Phoenix scanned Fatty several times with a hint of mockery in its eyes.

Fatty clapped his hands, not at all caring about the contempt, and said slightly, “This little one is Money Grubber, the lord of Sky City and also the heir of the Elementalist.”

“Like I care if you are a five-elementalist or six-elementalist1… What?! The heir of the Elementalist?!” The Fire Phoenix wanted to taunt Fatty a little when its face suddenly changed. It opened its long and narrow phoenix eyes, staring intently at Fatty.

“Yes, I was lucky to enter the eye of Teacher Wu Junxiao and receive the legacy of the Elementalist. Therefore, Lord Fire Phoenix, you should know what I’m here for by now.” Fatty laughed.

“You want the Fire Mystery Codex? No chance in hell!” The Fire Phoenix screeched and suddenly flew up from its nest. A huge colorful, beautiful bird appeared before everyone.

Legend had it that the color of the phoenix's feathers was composed of the five doctrines – Benevolence, Righteousness, Manners, Wisdom, and Trustworthiness. Fatty carefully observed but didn’t see a single word. Apart from its beautiful feathers, it didn’t look any different than other birds.

“Whether there is a chance isn’t up to you, but me.” With his hands crossed behind his back, Fatty looked at the angry phoenix who had rushed to the edge of Sky City and faced him at the same elevation. “I don't have time to waste on you, so just give me the answer; are you gonna give me the Fire Mystery Codex or not?”

“In your dreams!” With a scream, the Fire Phoenix blew out a huge flame from its beak. Mixed with meteors and whatnot, the fire blasted at Sky City.

“Fool.” Fatty coldly snorted and waved his hand. The nearby Karl had long been impatient. Upon Fatty’s signal, he smacked the fully loaded God Destroyer Crossbow and activated it.

Boom! A beam shot from Sky City and mercilessly pierced the Fire Phoenix’s chest, flying out from behind. Big patches of flaming blood sprayed out from the Fire Phoenix who screamed and almost fell.

“What is this? Divine artifact?!” screamed the Fire Phoenix as it looked at the strange-looking Sagittarius crossbow.

“Although it’s not a Divine artifact, it can seriously hurt you. This is the God Destroyer Crossbow,” Karl solemnly introduced.

“God Destroyer Crossbow? How is that possible?! The God Destroyer Crossbow has been destroyed long ago!” The Fire Phoenix repeatedly shook its head and denied in disbelief, but Fatty didn’t intend to give it time to believe. He issued a command, and a thousand magic crystal cannons in Sky City turned their muzzles in unison and fired at the phoenix.

The biggest reward from the emperor were these magic crystal cannons, which couldn’t be bought with money. One could imagine the support from His Majesty for Fatty just by the 3000 magic crystal cannons provided.

One thousand magic crystal cannons attacked at the same time, lighting up the sky. A thousand bowl-sized light beams converged in the air into one over 10 meters wide, viciously hitting the Fire Phoenix in the chest.


The Fire Phoenix screamed wretchedly, as its body was sent flying thousands of meters away. In its chest was a bloody hole over 10 meters wide, where blood gushed out without end. The Fire Phoenix’s HP instantly dropped by two-thirds.

“Only so much health?” Fatty sighed. That’s a Divine expert for you. With a wave of his hand, another one thousand magic crystal cannons with preloaded magic stones turned at the same time to aim at the still rolling Fire Phoenix in the air.

Seeing more cannons rotate when its body was barely steady, the Fire Phoenix immediately felt a chill from the bottom of its heart. It hurriedly cried for mercy, “Stop! I surrender, I surrender! I’m willing to hand over the Fire Mystery Codex!”

“Making me waste so many magic stones, a Fire Mystery Codex can't save you,” Fatty said coldly as he looked at the miserable phoenix.

“Oh Heavens, have I sinned in my sleep or something? I only picked up a Fire Mystery Codex, alright? Sob sob sob, who would dare to bully me like this before nirvana? “ To Fatty's surprise, the Fire Phoenix burst into tears.

“Cough, every time the phoenix goes through nirvana, it will forget the previous life, so after every new hatching, it’s a new start. This one shouldn’t have hatched for very long, his age is equivalent to a four or five-year-old child,” West explained.

“You’re saying we are bullying a child?” Fatty looked at West in shock.

When West nodded, Fatty immediately yelped, “If I knew this I would have come here a long time ago, just a wimpy kid! You there, Fire Phoenix, quickly surrender and hand over the Fire Mystery Codex and all your reserves, or we will smack your butt!”

1. Raws for Elementalist is five-elemental sage.

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