Chapter 398 Devouring the Earth Mystery Codex

Chapter 398 – Devouring the Earth Mystery Codex

System Notification: Do you accept the mission “9th enhancement to Saint”?

Fatty was a little stunned. So the 9th class enhancement mission was automatic instead of requiring the players to go to the Class Enhancement Hall and get it from their class mentors.

Fatty hit “Yes” and immediately there was a ding in his ears.

System Notification: You have accepted the mission “9th enhancement to Saint”
Mission Requirement: Go to the Sea of Ice and kill the ice Demonic beast Prue Beast.
Time limit: 1 month
Mission Details: The Sea of Ice is one of the most beautiful places in the world, but it’s occupied by a group of ugly Prue Beasts. Kill them and restore the beautiful Sea of Ice to its original peacefulness. If the mission cannot be completed within the time limit, the player will lose one level.

The penalty for failing to finish the task within the time limit was very serious. Fatty pondered for a moment before he nodded to himself and pocketed the Elemental Sword Diagram.

Thud thud. The corpses of Prince Bader and the Demonic dragon fell to the ground in succession. The Divine earth mage who trapped Lucas and Reck instantly stared wide. Rubbing his eyes incredulously, he carefully looked at Prince Bader's body and then at Fatty, pointed at him, stammering, “You, you…”

“Can’t believe I could kill your prince?” Fatty grinned. He took a quick glance and put down his hanging heart upon finding that Reck and Lucas were still alive and well.

“I will kill you!” The Divine expert was angry and anxious. Following Prince Bader out, one of his tasks was to find a suitable place to detonate the Earth Mystery Codex and open a passage between the Human and Demon realms, while the other was to protect Prince Bader. Although Prince Bader was also a Divine expert, he had too little actual combat experience as a prince, unable to fully exploit his Divine strength at all.

Originally, the Divine earth mage had thought that although the other party could trap Prince Bader in the formation, Fatty who wasn’t even a Divine expert, would only able to deal limited damage to the prince, which would still be within his control and he could rescue Prince Bader at any time. Who could have expected Prince Bader would become a corpse in the blink of an eye?

As this Divine earth mage made his move, the land began to rumble and quake. Mountains emerged and encircled Fatty, viciously closing to squeeze him in the center.

Earthwalking out from the mountains, Fatty looked at the Divine mage in surprise. The skill just now was extremely powerful and if used on the battlefield, could smash at least several tens of thousands of soldiers to death.

The Divine mage didn’t care that his first move failed and quickly recited an incantation. A slew of earth awls flew out, looking just like Wheat’s Scatterstone Rain but much more powerful.

At the same time he conjured the earth awls, the mage raised his right hand and pointed at the sky. Instantly, there was a loud whistle accompanied by meteorites the size of millstones with long fire tails that came crashing down at Fatty.

Casting two Advanced spells in succession, the mage didn’t stop here. He waved his magic staff and the earth suddenly shook. An earth dragon slowly climbed out of the ground, swayed its not-very-flexible head and roared, pouncing at Fatty.

After three Advanced spells, the mage felt a toil on him despite his Divine strength. Just as he caught his breath and prepared to cast a fourth attack, Fatty moved.

A point of his finger sent the Elemental Skill Book flying out, right after which a water mirror appeared in front of the earth awls. When the latter hit the water mirror, they disappeared.

Smoothly moving his feet, Fatty avoided the meteor rain and again pointed a finger. The roaring earth dragon stopped abruptly as a layer of white frost appeared on its body, and there was a series of cracking sounds before the 20-meter-long dragon crumbled into a pile of lumps.

The Divine mage looked at Fatty in bewilderment. Although these three spells weren’t his best, they were still Advanced magic. Fatty could dodge the meteorites, understandable, but the two others being broken with just a lift of hand and feet were beyond his imagination.

Strongly shaking his head, the Divine mage gnashed his teeth and began to chant. With each spell he recited, an Advanced earth magic attack would appear. The land cracked and closed, meteorites madly fell from the sky, earth awls flew out from time to time, and occasionally some special earth spells wreaked havoc in this area.

The power of each of these spells couldn’t be looked down upon. Fatty would lose half his life if he was to even be grazed by them. But to the horror of the Divine mage, that many attacks were thrown out at Fatty only to be either blocked or dodged. No matter how powerful they were, it was useless if it couldn’t hit him.

In fact, the Divine mage was muddled. His strength was much higher than that of Fatty. If he used low-level spells that he could insta-cast, he would soon have beaten Fatty into meat paste. But, his mind was too set on powerful magic. The more he saw Fatty still safe and sound, the more desperate he cast all kinds of Advanced spells.

Reck and Lucas also watched with heads full of sweat but were reassured to find that Fatty was doing well. Tightly trapped in the earth prison of the Divine mage, they were unable to escape even with Lucas' space magic.

“Fatty, here, here.” Reck suddenly remembered the Earth Mystery Codex in his possession and hurriedly waved at Fatty. After having trapped them, the Divine mage had waited for the result of the battle between Prince Bader and Fatty without thinking of taking back the codex.

Fatty’s eyes lit up. Appearing inside the earth prison with Earthwalk, he received the Earth Mystery Codex from Reck’s hand and pressed it onto the Elemental Skill Book.

A yellow haze emitted from the Elemental Skill Book while the Earth Mystery Codex quickly turned into a pile of flowing sand and disappeared into the Elemental Skill Book.

“Remove the prison of the earth.” Fatty waved and the earth prison soundlessly disappeared. Lucas immediately opened a spatial portal to bring Reck to leave.

“You all die!” With Prince Bader dead and the Earth Mystery Codex no longer, the earth mage wouldn’t be able to escape the death sentence as the Demon Emperor would definitely not spare him. He completely went crazy and sang a string of incantation loudly. The land violently quaked as cracks appeared, and crimson lava erupted from the cracks.

“Armageddon! That’s a forbidden spell!” Fatty exclaimed. After the Earth Mystery Codex was devoured, he basically knew all of the earth spells that existed within.

“How is that possible? Don’t forbidden spells take a long time to prepare?” Reck and Lucas paled. The surrounding space was currently interrupted by strong magic fluctuations. If Lucas insisted on going through the space portal, it was possible that he would be torn up by spatial turbulence inside.

“If the caster consumes their own vitality, the spell can be cast in a shorter time,” Fatty stated in a grave tone.

Within the radius of a kilometer around the Divine mage, the sky disintegrated and the earth crumbled, as lava gushed out from the ground, the space was turned upside down. The scene was like the apocalypse.

“Eternal Frozen.” At this critical moment, Fatty opened the Elemental Skill Book and released the forbidden ice spell Eternal Frozen.

The reason why the Elemental Skill Book could become a Legendary artifact was that no matter what kind of magic, as long as it was recorded inside and there was enough elemental energy to support, it could be insta-cast.

If the Divine mage wasn’t being so desperate to cast the forbidden spell Armageddon right now, he still had a chance to evade. However, the obsession of killing the three humans in front of him had taken over his rationality and prevented him from noticing the other party’s action, or subconsciously he didn’t think the other three people could pose a threat to him.

The forbidden ice spell almost exhausted the ice energy reserve in the Elemental Mystery Realm. Fortunately, after the five elements were fully gathered, ice energy could be derived from the energy system to supply the spell.

A breath of extreme cold emerged between the heavens and the earth. Reck and Lucas shuddered all at once, feeling like they had suddenly fallen from a warm spring into an ice world.

Everything stopped moving, including the Divine mage. The falling meteorites bizarrely froze in mid-air, spewing magma solidified in shape, and the space was no longer turbulent. Everything froze.

Kah… Creak… A small sound could be heard from the Divine mage’s body where a thin layer of ice had crystallized. With his spell interrupted in the middle of chanting, the backlash immediately showed on the Divine mage. Blood flooded out of his mouth, nostrils, and ears.

“Let’s go, Eternal Frozen can't kill him,” Fatty whispered to Lucas. If he was strong enough, Eternal Frozen could have frozen the Divine mage forever, but now seriously injuring him was the best result and there was still some distance from killing the enemy.

Without delay, Lucas opened a space channel. The trio jumped into it.

Rumble! After Fatty’s group was gone, the Divine mage shuddered and all the ice crystals melted. He only spat out a few mouthfuls of blood and lost less than a third of his health, still alive and kicking.

“Arghhhh!!! Whoever you are, I swear I’ll kill you!!!” The Divine mage shouted.

“Ahhhhh! Jackpot, jackpot!” At the same time, Fatty was also shouting. After Lucas brought them back to Sky City using several casts in succession, Fatty immediately took out the Elemental Skill Book.

During the battle, Fatty hadn’t had time to check the Elemental Skill Book. Now that he carefully went through it, he found that its power had increased immensely after devouring the Earth Mystery Codex. Dirt-yellow lights circulated on the book surface. He flipped it open to see almost all earth spells recorded inside.

“The Elemental Skill Book is really perverse. If all the mystery codices are collected to promote it to Legendary, I wonder if you can bombard a Divine expert to death with magic spells.” West sighed with emotion upon hearing about Fatty’s adventure.

“Alright, next we wait for Sky City to be constructed, and then we’ll go to the Mountain of Flames to discuss things with the Fire Phoenix. Once I get the Fire Mystery Codex, I’ll go to the Sea of Ice for my mission,” Fatty decided.

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