Chapter 397 9th to Saint

Chapter 397 – 9th to Saint

A 12-meter-high, 5-meter-wide and 18-meter-long Sagittarius statue stood quietly on a low mountain, where the higher-ups of Sky City such as Fatty, Reck, and Lucas were gathered.

“Golden Lion Flag, the flag of the Demon royal family.” Reck recognized the flag high up in the Demon camp at a glance.

In front of Fatty was a water mirror half a meter wide that screened all kinds of situations in the Demon camp. As some Demon troops were training, Prince Bader and his generals assembled in Bader's tent to discuss something.

This was a small spell recorded in the Water God’s Mystery Codex. It allowed the caster to view any scene within a kilometer nearby at will, similar to the X-Ray function of the Crystal Maze of Terror.

“It seems they’re about to take action soon, we also need to speed up,” said Fatty at the sight of Prince Bader in the mirror holding the Earth Mystery Codex with a fervent face.

Since the other party had ten thousand troops, a head-on confrontation was naturally impossible. Otherwise, once Prince Bader found something wrong and just blew up the codex without a care, Fatty's plan would still fail even if the explosion couldn’t form a space channel. The only way right now was to lure Prince Bader out and then trap him with the Elemental Sword Diagram, timing for a fatal blow with the God Destroyer Crossbow.

“The Demon royal family are all very arrogant. You can try provoking him,” West suggested. From how this guy knew a lot about the Demon race, Fatty suspected that he had been to the Demon realm before, but since West refused to comment on this no matter what, he couldn’t pry.

While Reck and the other moved back with the God Destroyer Crossbow, Fatty swaggered into the vicinity of the Demon camp. His appearance immediately got a response from the Demon army and Prince Bader soon led his group of generals over.

“You still dare to appear in front of me?” Bader asked with a dark face.

“Why don’t I dare? Isn’t it just an Earth Mystery Codex? Without it, I can kill you with one hand,” Fatty gushed. Prince Bader was so angry that his head smoked.

“Little thief, a rogue who hasn't even reached the Saint realm, dares say he can kill me with one hand?!” Prince Bader's nose burst in fury. He threw the Earth Mystery Codex to a general behind him. “Come, let me see if you humans have the ability to back up all that big talk.”

“Tsk.” Fatty coldly snorted in disdain. “Come out and fight me if you have the guts. If you lose here and have your men all come at me together, I would be no match no matter how strong I am.”

“Your Highness, you absolutely can’t. Human beings have always been cunning and despicable, he must have arranged support outside to ambush you. It's better to send men to drag him here to be at your disposal.” A general stopped Bader.

“What? You don’t have the guts? And you’re still a prince? I spit on you. You don’t even dare take up a challenge from a human that hasn’t even reached Saint level.” Fatty acted as contemptuous as possible.

“Arghhh, damn human!!! You lot stay out of this, see how I handle him!”

Prince Bader went on the rampage and ordered his men not to leave the camp before he followed Fatty several tens of thousands of meters away from the Demon camp.

“Humph, I’m a Divine expert. There’s nothing I haven’t experienced in my life. So what if you have an ambush.” Prince Bader was very confident. If the other party had one or two Divine experts, they certainly couldn’t capture him. And if there were more than three, they would have directly rushed to the camp to kill him instead of going to all this trouble.

Fatty also didn't expect this Prince Bader to be so straightforward. Even if he didn’t want to resort to the Earth Mystery Codex, he still shouldn’t have handed it to his underlings so easily. Fatty needed to change his strategy since the priority was always to get the codex. However, if it was possible to injure or even kill a Divine expert, the benefits would be self-evident. Not mentioning the reward from the Central Dynasty Imperial Capital, the immense experience points alone would be enough to push Fatty into the level 90s.

Therefore, Fatty informed Lucas to go rob the Earth Mystery Codex. As for him, now that he no longer had to worry about the codex, Fatty rolled up his sleeves, preparing to trap Bader.

Stopping on a mountain, Fatty frivolously crooked his finger at Prince Bader, and the latter’s handsome little face immediately became livid. With a furious roar, a lance materialized in Bader’s hand and he charged towards Fatty.

Fatty scornfully smiled. A five-color glow appeared out of thin air and rolled, wrapping Bader within. At the same time, Fatty also disappeared from his spot, leaving only a myriad of sword auras thousands of meters across the sky.

“Not good! His Highness has been tricked.” The Demon generals in the camp who watched the battle through a magic mirror all paled in fright upon seeing their prince vanish in a flash of brilliant five-color light.

“Quick, think of a way to rescue His Highness.” The crowd of demons was thrown into turmoil. They instantly called the army and rushed to the place where Fatty and Bader had disappeared.

All of a sudden, some Demon soldiers running at the forefront fell, followed by those behind, one after another. Even several officers staggered and couldn’t stand straight.

“Poison…” One of the generals said with difficulty before he plopped down.

“Who is it? Who!? Come out! “ All of the remaining generals panicked. They were also starting to feel dizzy and hurriedly ordered the army to retreat.

“Easy.” Lucas appeared with Reck. He reached out his hand towards a Demon general who had collapsed on the ground and took out the Earth Mystery Codex, his face smiling brightly.

“When Fatty gets rid of that Prince Bader, we can transfer our Sky City army here and wipe out all these devils,” Lucas said.

“Despicable humans, you think you can deal with us Demon race with your meager force?” A voice rang out as a figure suddenly appeared in the air.

“Divine!” Reck and Lucas were frightened. Without a word, Lucas launched the Divine artifact Space Sonic with a point of his finger and took Reck into the secluded dimension.

“Want to run?” The Divine expert sneered. He waved his hand and as a powerful force poured out, the space trembled violently. Incredibly, the space was broken, forcing Lucas and Reck out from the dimension.

“Prison of the Great Earth.” The Divine figure softly breathed out those words. The land rumbled as 49 stone pillars rose from the ground and tightly imprisoned the two old men inside. No matter how Lucas worked the Space Sonic, he couldn’t escape from it.

“A Divine earth mage.” Reck and Lucas looked at each other. They had no choice but to place their hopes on Fatty.

“Elemental Sword Diagram.” The Divine earth mage looked at the spot where Fatty had previously disappeared.

Inside the Elemental Sword Formation, Prince Bader looked quite sorry at the moment. The sphere formed of the elemental energy in the sky was slowly rotating. With each rotation, five light swords would fall from the sky and strike Prince Bader viciously. Bader could still bear it if it was only the five light swords, but there were also a large number of flames, icicles, mountains, braches, and metal swords around that ceaselessly attacked and exhausted him. Many times, Bader was almost either penetrated by the wood branches, or smashed into a patty by the mountains, or scorched by flames, frozen by ice, or pierced by metal swords.

Shortly, Prince Bader's robe was tattered all over. He wore only a strange armor underneath, the protection function of which was particularly strong. The sword lights kept hitting it with sonorous metallic sounds but were unable to break it at all.

“Elemental Sword Diagram, you’re using the Legendary artifact Elemental Sword Diagram.” Prince Bader suddenly realized and his face became extremely ugly.

“You know of the Elemental Sword Diagram? You do have some knowledge,” replied Fatty.

“You think you can handle me just because you have a Legendary artifact? I shall show you what it is to be a Divine expert!” Prince Bader was furious. With a wave of his hand, the space suddenly cracked open and a long dragon roar resounded. A Demonic dragon over 50 meters long flew out to be mounted by Prince Bader.

“A Divine dragon knight, I see.” Fatty smiled coldly. He had some scruples before this, but now that Prince Bader was a complete sitting duck, Fatty could fire at him to his heart’s content.

Fatty waved his hands, sending more light swords from the sky to attack Bader. Although these swords couldn’t break through Bader's protection, they repeatedly struck back, forming a deadlock in the air.

“Master Karl.” Fatty cried out. Karl suddenly appeared behind him. Along with Karl’s emergence, the God Destroyer Crossbow was also revealed before Bader’s eyes.

“You think a tattered statue can deal with me? Go to hell!” Struck into a sorry state by the light swords, Prince Bader screamed and a dragon shield appeared in his left hand. The shield was golden in color, with dozens of sharp spikes sticking out all around. With a roar from Prince Bader, it flew out spinning at Fatty.

Fatty replied with a point of his finger and countless light swords suddenly changed their directions, raining down like meteors on the dragon shield. The shield buzzed as it flew for several tens of meters more before finally being smashed back by the swords. However, Bader managed to use this chance and got the Demonic dragon to escape the sword bombardment zones and hurtled towards Fatty.

“Heheh.” Fatty didn't move, while Karl laughed meaningfully. The tall Sagittarius archer suddenly moved. The light on its body slowly went out and a long cry came out from its mouth, after which a long arrow streaked towards Bader.

With terrifying momentum, the arrow drew a long light streak across the sky and struck the dragon shield. The shield only lasted for a second, then it crumbled, and right after that, the long arrow was lodged in Bader's chest.

“AHHHHH.” A wretched scream resounded. A bowl-sized bloody hole appeared on Bader’s chest as his whole upper body felt like it was bursting. Bader’s face was drained of all blood and his health almost bottomed out.

Horrified, Bader steered the Demonic dragon around to run, but where could he escape inside the Elemental Sword Formation? When millions of light swords descended, Prince Bader gave a final mad scream before his death.

System Notification: Congratulations. You have killed Divine expert Bader. +10 billion EXP, +500,000 Reputation.

System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached level 83.

System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached level 84.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached level 90.

System Notification: Do you accept the mission “9th enhancement to Saint”?

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