Chapter 396 The True God Destroyer Crossbow

Chapter 396 – The True God Destroyer Crossbow

No one could have expected the Demon Emperor would employ such an extreme method, going so far as to detonate a mystery codex. As Prince Bader said, in order to make such a book, it required a Legendary mage of the same element, enormous Divine energy, and even more manpower to collect all kinds of magic spells and record them in the book.

A mystery codex could exhaust the life of a Legendary mage, and they might still not be able to produce it. Therefore, there were only nine mystery codices for nine magic elements. No one would spend so much energy to make an identical one except the first people to make them so as to leave something for later generations, because when one had that ability, they could just directly go rob a mystery codex with their Legendary-tier strength.

Upon hearing about Prince Bader’s plan to explode the Earth Mystery Codex to cause space chaos, and then the Demon race would at the same time open a passage larger than all other cross-realm teleportation routes to let the Demon army completely into the Xuanhuang Ancient Country, Fatty shuddered in shock.

At present, most of the Central Dynasty’s attention was on the Demon troops that had already appeared in the Human world, plus those that were aggressively attacking Heavens Scar, where all strategic materials were streaming to. If the Demon race successfully implemented their plan here, the unsuspecting Xuanhuang Ancient Country would definitely suffer a lot of losses and might even lose some main cities.

Aside from the Imperial Capital and the four main cities, Xuanhuang Ancient Country’s vast domain had many more small cities, either player guild bases or system-controlled, housing hundreds of thousands to millions of NPCs and players. A sudden raid of demons and these places would inevitably suffer a disaster.

Most crucially, if Prince Bader exploded the Earth Mystery Codex, where would Fatty find another to upgrade his Elemental Skill Book to Legendary?

When Prince Bader said it was not yet time to detonate the codex, Fatty quietly left the Demon camp and flew back to the nearest city with a Recall Scroll, and then quickly transported to the Imperial Capital.

“What? Blow up the Earth Mystery Codex? “ Sallip trembled as the dagger in his hand narrowly flew past Fatty’s head and lodged at the doorpost.

Sallip quickly reported the news to the higher-ups, and then an order from above was issued that Fatty was to deal with this matter.

“Me?” Fatty pointed to his nose. Seeing Sallip nod heavily. he crossed his arms in an ‘x.’ “I’m not going.”

“Why not?” Sallip didn’t understand. According to Fatty's character, he would desperately charge in immediately wherever there were benefits, but this time he actually refused. The rogue mentor wondered if the sun was rising from the West today.

“If that Prince Bader is a real prince and sent on this kind of mission, his strength certainly can’t be weak. He is at least Divine-tier, no? You want to make me, a little rogue who hasn’t even reached the Saint tier, deal with a Divine expert. Isn’t that just suicidal? I’m not going unless you find a Divine expert to help me.” Fatty pouted, refusing to comply no matter what.

“South, south… South is Vermilion Bird City. Go to the lord of Vermilion Bird City.” Sallip came up with an idea for Fatty.

Fatty hurried to Vermilion Bird city. Hearing that the lord of Sky City was paying a visit, the Vermilion Bird City Lord was very eager to welcome him in. However, hearing about going to deal with the Demon race, this beautiful city lord sighed.

“Not that I don't want to go, but I can't leave Vermilion Bird City at the moment. The Demon troops at Heavens Scar are attacking very aggressively. More than 100,000 soldiers are dying every day, so a large number of experts are transferred there. I have to guard the city and be ready to awaken Lord Vermilion Bird to deal with our enemy at any time. I really can’t leave.”

Seeing Fatty’s unwilling expression, the lord of Vermilion Bird City smiled. “I think the situation in the other three main cities would be similar to mine. Majority of the experts from our four main cities have been deployed to Heavens Scar, and even many experts from the Imperial City too. Otherwise, a few Divine experts can easily destroy them and conveniently gain a Divine artifact like the Earth Mystery Codex, who would refuse that chance?”

Without the help of Divine experts, Fatty dared not charge in there to die alone. When he came back to Sky City in a gloomy mood, even the wily Reck didn’t know what to do upon learning the news.

“Your Elemental Sword Diagram has ranked up to Divine. Can't you trap him?” Reck was also unwilling to leave alone a mystery codex right in front of their eyes without doing anything. He brainstormed hard for a workable plan.

“What's the use of trapping him but still unable to kill him? I’m not Wu Junxiao who can imprison a Divine expert and take him flying around, or else I would just trap him and fly to Vermilion Bird City. Besides, if we force him into a corner and he disregards everything to explode the codex, we are all doomed,” said Fatty.

“Makes sense.” Reck nodded, then sighed. “Unfortunately, I haven't been able to develop the poison that can kill Divine experts. Otherwise, how can this Earth Magic Book escape our grasp?”

Just then, a thunderclap resounded out of the blue, and a huge pillar of lightning over ten meters wide slowly formed above Sky City.

“Who is doing such evil things to be struck by lightning?!” Fatty exclaimed in fright.

A miserable scream echoed. Fatty opened the city lord’s monitor function to see Karl flailing his limbs while cursing and looking up at the sky.

“Fatty, come help! Master Karl has created a true God Destroyer Crossbow. When a Divine artifact is born, it’s detested by Heaven. If it fails to withstand the Heavenly Tribulation, not only will the crossbow be destroyed, but even Master Karl will suffer.” Lucas appeared in a flash, grabbed Fatty and Reck, then teleported beside Karl.

“Oh? The city lord is here. Hurry and open the Thunderstorm Formation, or this baby will be lost forever from us.” Seeing Fatty appear, Karl rushed over and hugged Fatty tightly like he’d met his savior.

Thunder rumbled in the sky as more and more lightning emerged and merged into the pillar. Gradually, the lightning pillar became so bright it seemed ready to strike at any moment and smash Sky City together with the crossbow.

Everyone in Sky City shouted in shock. Architect Lin came running in a hurry and asked loudly what had happened. Some guild players stationed in the city started to evacuate after being notified by Fatty.

“It’s too late to start the Thunderstorm Formation. Is there any other way to resist it?” Lucas said in a heavy voice.

“Other way?” Fatty suddenly thought of something and the Elemental Skill Book flew out. Compared with the lightning pillar dozens of meters wide, the ordinary-sized book seemed so fragile that it would be torn apart with just a touch.

“Go.” The skill book flew into the air and gradually approached the lightning pillar. In front of the nervous gazes of the people below, they came into contact.

With a sizzle, the lightning pillar shook, and then quickly shrank at a speed visible to the naked eye. The Elemental Skill Book emitted a blinding light as a steady stream of thunder energy was sucked into it and stored in the Elemental Mystery Realm.

“So strong?!” Everyone’s jaws dropped.

About ten minutes later, the huge pillar towering above Sky City was gone without a trace. Some lightning sparks arced on the Elemental Skill Book before everything slowly returned to silence.

“Hahaha, my God Destroyer Crossbow, the real God Destroyer Crossbow.” From below came the guffaws of Karl.

Having no time to see the changes in the Elemental Mystery Realm after absorbing the thunder energy, Fatty fell to the ground where he saw Karl shouting while holding a statue.

The statue had a human upper body and a horse lower body. It was indeed the Sagittarius centaur of the twelve constellations. Its hands were separated, the left hand in front and the right hand behind, slightly bent, as if drawing some kind of super powerful bow, but the hands were empty, with no bow or arrow.

“Where’s the bow, the arrows?” asked Fatty.

Karl grinned and stretched his palm to Lucas, asking for 1,000 magic stones, then stuffed them into the Sagittarius' mouth.

A dazzling light shot out of the Sagittarius' eyes. As the eyes glowed, various strange magic runes all over the Sagittarius lit up one by one until it became a luminous body. Elemental energy in the vicinity surged frantically and flocked to the Sagittarius.

After half an hour, a neigh could be heard from the Sagittarius. A bow suddenly appeared in the left hand and an arrow in the right. Bow drawn and arrow inserted, the statue aimed at the front.

“Who wants to try its power?” Karl said proudly.

“Shoot at that.” Fatty pointed to a high mountain far away.

Karl patted the Sagittarius on the head. A brilliant light flashed and the arrow whizzed from the bow. When the light went out, the bow also disappeared.


Even from so far away, Fatty could feel the distant shockwave. The moment that the arrow in the statue's hand disappeared, the upper half of the gargantuan mountain ten kilometers high exploded. A massive mushroom cloud rose and rubble flew in all directions.

“Hiss…” Fatty gasped and looked dumbly at the remaining half of the mountain. No wonder it’s called God Destroyer Crossbow. An arrow shot from that even a God can be destroyed.

“How about it? What do you think?” Looking triumphantly at the stunned crowd, Karl felt that his many days of exhaustion had finally paid off.

Gulping, Fatty regained his wits and cried out, “Master Karl…”

“Please call me Blacksmith Grandmaster Karl,” Karl raised his head and declared proudly.

“What? Have you been promoted to Grandmaster?” This news was even more shocking than that arrow just now, and everyone around looked at Karl in pleasant surprise. Getting a shy nod from him, everyone was thrilled.

These days, powerful experts were everywhere, but there were few able second profession experts. A blacksmith grandmaster would bring not only honor but also amazing benefits to Sky City.

“Heheheh, good, very good, hahaha!”

Fatty suddenly burst out laughing. Reck first frowned, but then also laughed out loud.

“The God Destroyer Crossbow has appeared at just a perfect time. Grandmaster Karl, you’ve rendered meritorious service. What do you want? As long as Sky City has it, don’t hold back,” declared Fatty.

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