Chapter 395 Earth Mystery Codex

Chapter 395 – Earth Mystery Codex

The Demon race had built over a dozen cross-realm teleportation routes in the Human world, none of which were in the territory of Xuanhuang Ancient Country, but this didn’t mean they had no intention to attack Xuanhuang. The army in question had snuck in from other areas, bearing the task of setting up a frontline base in Xuanhuang.

Not far from this Demon army, Fatty pocketed the Violent Ox King and carefully Earthwalked over.

Advanced Elemental Movement Arts: an additional skill of the Elemental Skill Book, the upgraded version of Intermediate Elemental Movement Arts. Can be used unlimited times per day, consuming 100 elemental points to cross a distance of 5,000 meters max. It also allows the user to stay in any elemental substance for a short time of 30 seconds max, consuming 100 elements of energy per second.

Elemental points were equal to mana points. With the support of the Elemental Mystery Realm, 100 element points were negligible and 30 seconds were enough for Fatty to blend in. In a discreet corner, he took out the Multi-transform Protection Mask, and a quite aristocratic demon appeared in the camp.

Fatty leisurely walked around the camp. The hierarchy of the Demon race was very rigorous, low demons couldn’t provoke high demons since even blocking the path of high demons could get them executed. As Fatty wandered about, although the demons who saw him had some doubts about this unfamiliar demon, none dared to question his identity to his face.

After a tour around the Demon camp, Fatty calculated the number of Demon soldiers according to the size of the camp and counted a full 100,000 troops. In addition to that, there were also a large number of various Demonic monsters.

Having checked the number of Demon soldiers, Fatty swaggered towards the tent in the very center where all the top brass of the barracks gathered. Outside the tent was a straightly erected 100-meter-high flagpole, flying a black flag 10 meters long and 6 meters wide that fluttered in the wind, embroidered with a golden-haired lion roaring with its head high.

If Fatty had any knowledge about the ethnic variety of the Demon race, he would know that this golden lion flag represented the Demon royal family, so the chief officer of this camp was at least a prince. In other words, the people inside were most likely all nobles.

Two rows of guards stood in front of the tent. Raising his chin, Fatty walked towards the tent entrance. He was only ten meters away when a Demon guard stopped him.

“You blind? How dare you block my way!” angrily said Fatty with a resounding slap.

The Demon guard was shocked. Touching his face, he looked at Fatty carefully in disbelief. “You dare to hit me?”

The Demon guards around all looked over in surprise as if seeing something out of this world.

“That’s right. How dare you block my path?! You want your tribe to be doomed?” Although he felt something off about this situation, Fatty still threatened very domineeringly.

“Demons are getting more and more presumptuous these days. A low-ranked demon actually dares to speak about dooming the tribe of a higher demon.” The camp entrance opened. A demon wearing a purple-black robe and a golden crown came out from inside, followed by eight demons walking behind him.

“Your Highness.” Seeing this demon coming out, the lines of guards immediately knelt down to pay their respects.

“What tribe are you from?” The demon waved his hand, motioning the guards to rise before looking at Fatty. Over two meters tall, the demon gave off a commandeering feeling when he spoke to Fatty.

Fatty felt clearly now that something was wrong. The appearance he currently assumed was of an aristocrat who he had seen bullying lower demons back in the Demon realm. Because of just a look, the model of this appearance had dug out the eyes of that low-ranked demon, so theoretically, his identity should be very high.

But at the moment, this so-called ‘His Highness’ was calling him a low-ranked demon, which meant this appearance that was of nobility in Fatty’s view couldn’t even compare to the status of the guards, not because of their job, but simply because he was inferior in identity.

That said, this highness’ status was definitely even more unusual.

Fatty glanced at the demon with an uneasy heart. “Who are you?”

“Audacious! How dare you not kneel upon seeing His Highness Bader?” Clank clank. The guards drew their weapons at the same time and pointed at Fatty.

His Highness Bader? Fatty pondered, only two could be addressed ‘highness’ in the Demon race, one was a real prince, and the other was a Divine expert. And for this demon to be able to employ high-ranked demons as his guards, his identity was evident.

They actually sent a prince, it seems like they’re scheming something big. However, just this only 100,000 troops can be flattened by the players alone, assuming there are no Divine experts, so what are they doing here?

Thinking to this point, Fatty laughed. Spitting at Prince Bader with contempt, Fatty turned and left.

Being suddenly spat on his face by a low-ranked demon, Bader froze. Not only him, but all surrounding demons were also dumbstruck. They had seen their fair share of revolts of low-ranked demons in the Demon realm, but this was the first time they had seen such an audacious lower demon.

“You, you dare spit on me?!” Bader stammered, still unable to come to terms with the fact that he had been spat at by a low-ranked demon.

“Catch him, don't let him escape!” The demons behind Prince Bader regained their wits and screamed out in harsh voice. Some even flew up and charged at Fatty.

“Don't kill him, capture him alive. I must torture him,” grimly ordered Prince Bader who wiped his face clean with a pure white handkerchief.

Turning east and west, Fatty took advantage when the demons didn’t pay attention to go underground. Looking at the chaotic scene above as the whole camp searched for him without finding any traces, he was very smug. As Fatty was about to come out, his body suddenly felt tight. The surrounding soil suddenly became harder than diamond, not letting him drill out of it.

“What's going on?” Fatty was frightened. This was the first time he came across this kind of situation.

The land around Fatty gradually shrank and condensed into a huge earth ball that rumbled up from the ground. Wrapped inside the ball, he couldn’t escape no matter how he tried Earthwalk and could only move a little at a time.

“Well dang, I finally met my bane.” Fatty understood now. The other party must have some kind of tool that could restrict earthwalk abilities.

“Hide, hide again, let me see where you can hide.” Outside, Prince Bader held a dirt-yellow book and murmured something. A strong wave of earth magic fluctuation was transmitted from him, making the earth ball more and more solid until finally, it was like a rock.

“Humph, no matter who you are and what your intention is, if you dare to insult me, you must bear my fury.” Prince Bader sneered.

“The Earth Mystery Codex truly lives up to its reputation of being one of the nine great elemental magic books, but of course, it’s also thanks to having a strong owner,” the demons around hastily buttered up Prince Bader.

Prince Bader enjoyed this very much. He accepted the flattery with a smile on his face before he slowly spoke, “Men, come! Put him at the gate of my tent. I want to watch him die slowly inside.”

Yelping excitedly, a few demons rolled Fatty outside Prince Bader's tent. Being rolled back and forth and stopping with his head towards the ground, Fatty felt very oppressed as bouts of dizziness assaulted him, but he could hear their speech very clearly.

“Earth Mystery Codex.” Fatty was overjoyed, someone was sending the pillow to him right when he was sleepy. He had just planned to collect the mystery codices, and they delivered the Earth Book right to his door.

With his head down, Fatty drilled down bit by bit, moving only a few centimeters at a time, but he kept moving. After drilling for five or six hours, Fatty heaved a long sigh and finally emerged from the earth ball.

The skill Prince Bader had used was called Ball of Confinement, which formed a solid earth sphere to imprison the opponent. However, the Elemental Movement Arts were too perverse, it still squeezed him out little by little despite such a restriction.

Fatty drilled down and directly went underground after coming out. Having scruples about the Earth Mystery Codex in Prince Bader’s hands, he didn't dare remain underground for too long. In a few flashes, he Earthwalked out from the ground and snuck over quietly.

“When the plan with the Sun Dynasty failed and my eldest brother was almost torn apart by the ensuing chaotic space storm, my imperial father was very angry. He has sent me personally this time just in case. We’re only allowed to succeed,” Prince Bader said.

“Your Highness, what do we do?” a Demon general asked.

“Who said we must use a Teleportation Portal to enter the Human world?” Prince Bader, with a triumphant smile on his face, patted the Earth Mystery Codex. “As long as one’s power is great enough, they can directly break through space. My father had me bring the Earth Codex over to find a suitable place and detonate it, and then we will be able to use frantic energy of the explosion to open the passage to the Demon world.”

Hiss… Everyone gasped in shock at the news, including Fatty. Detonating the Earth Mystery Codex? What determination from the Demon Emperor! There are only nine such magic books in total for each attribute, one destroyed means one less permanently. If the Earth Codex is really detonated, then no one will be able to ever witness it again.

“Humph, look at your reactions. A mystery codex is nothing. As long as we have a Legendary-tier earth mage, we can make another Earth Mystery Codex.” Seeing the surprised faces of the generals around him, Prince Bader snorted. The generals immediately applauded one after another and praised the wisdom of His Royal Highness Prince Bader.

“But Your Highness, is it really possible to open a passage to our Demon world by just detonating the Earth Codex?” a general asked aloud what was on the mind of everyone present.

“Of course not.” Prince Bader gently closed the codex with a confident smile. “On the other side in our Demon world, there are three Divine space mages and a space artifact Forgotten Nation waiting. Once we detonate this book here, they can take advantage of spatial chaos to cast open the passage. And at that time,” Prince Bader stood up and continued, “our great Demon army will descend into the Human world entirely, and Xuanhuang Ancient Country will be the first to go down.”

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