Chapter 394 Half a Main City

Chapter 394 – Half a Main City

After the Elemental Skill Book and the Elemental Sword Diagram were promoted to Divine artifacts, Fatty thought of the Elemental Sword and armor set. Since he had been busy running around all the time and hadn’t had the time to upgrade them, they were still only Gold-tier.

Upgrading them was quite simple, he only needed enough elemental energy, which was exactly what the five-color light circulating on the Elemental Skill Book was emitting a large amount of right now. In front of Lin Xi, Fatty upgraded the Elemental Sword and armor set to Violet.

Above Violet was Celestial. This tier required not only elemental energy but also various materials.

Re-equipping his gear, Fatty asked Lin Xi about the other mystery codices.

“Oh, those?” Lin Xi pondered before saying, “There are nine books that correspond to the nine major attributes. Their names are different, but they are all commonly called by their attribute plus ‘magic book.’ These books are truly priceless treasures, comparable to Divine artifacts. Very difficult to get.”

Fatty was baffled. No wonder the Elemental Skill Book and the Sword Diagram were all originally Legendary artifacts, it turned out each of them was the fusion of at least five Divine artifacts.

“But I do know the whereabouts of one of them, the Fire Magic Book,” Lin Xi nonchalantly said.

Dumbstruck, Fatty looked at Lin Xi, waiting for him to continue.

Sure enough, Lin Xi revealed a smile. “However, this information was hard-earned, so I should sell it for a good price, should I not?”

Advanced NPCs weren’t easy to trick like the ordinary ones. Fatty never regarded Lin Xi as an NPC, but a wily old fox. Lin Xi knocked on the table in quick contemplation and said, “I know about the agreement between Wu Junxiao and the Black Dragon King. And I guess Old Lei must have given a condition to you. Mine is the same as his.”

Hearing this, Fatty breathed a sigh of relief. He had been afraid that Lin Xi would demand something exorbitant. If it was just the Source Origin, however, Fatty didn’t care how many people wanted in on it. He didn’t have the power to compete for it anyway.

Lin Xi had once seen the Fire Mystery Codex, aka the Fire Magic Book, used by someone. It was the Fire Phoenix in the deepest part of the Mountain of Flames.

“Fire Phoenix? Legendary sacred beast?” Fatty sprang up in shock.

“Not Legendary. In fact, the Fire Phoenix was a Legendary beast ten thousand years ago, but it underwent nirvana a thousand years ago and its strength has yet to be restored,” Lin Xi explained.

“I see.” Fatty’s head spun with all kinds of ideas, thinking about what he should do to pry the Fire Mystery Codex from the hands of the Fire Phoenix.

Leaving Black Tortoise City, Fatty went to Sky City and sought West. When Fatty said he wanted to go to the Mountain of Flames to find the Fire Phoenix for the Fire Codex, West shook his head.

“Too difficult. You know that a magic book is equivalent to a Divine artifact. Since such a thing is so rare, how can it give it to you?” West said.

“Why don't we use the Source Origin as bait?” Fatty intended to maximize the advantage of the Source Origin.

“The Source Origin isn’t ours. If you can really master it, you can use it to exchange for things. However, now it’s but a scourge. Who knows what kind of trouble will occur while it’s still here?” West bluntly rejected the idea.

“Imperial decree! Lord of Sky City, please accept.” A sharp voice reverberated in the city, startling Fatty. He hurriedly led West and the other citizens to Holy Spirit Island.

A middle-aged man in a brocade robe holding a golden scroll stood in the yard, waiting for Fatty’s group to come over. The man cut to the chase without saying stuff like ‘one had to take the imperial decree on their knees.’ He opened the scroll and read aloud, “In appreciation to the Lord of Sky City for his contribution in the war against the Sun Dynasty, the reward is half of the resources for the city reconstruction. I hope for Sky City Lord’s continuous efforts and contributions that the name of our Xuanhuang Ancient Country will be eminent throughout the two worlds of humans and demons in the future.”

After reading the decree, the middle-aged man folded it and handed it to Fatty, then took out a palm-sized brocade box from his chest. “All the resources are here. Please check it, City Lord.”

Seeing the box, Lucas' eyes flashed. “What a big spatial storage! This kind requires a space mage of the Divine tier to refine.”

Fatty opened the brocade box, which was densely packed with storage spaces; each space was the size of a plaza. There were several tens of thousands of them filled with various construction materials.

“Thank His Majesty for rewarding me so. I shall do my best for the dynasty.” It cost nothing to say a few nice words, so Fatty expressed his patriotism loudly to the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man smiled with satisfaction. After saying some encouraging words to Fatty, he led his entourage and left.

As soon as the middle-aged man left, Fatty jumped up. “Ahaha, half a main city worth of resources! We’re going to flourish!”

Architect Lin rushed over right at this moment. Upon the sight of the brocade box in Fatty's hand, his eyes immediately lit up. “Give it to me. With these materials, I can build the city defense structures in less than a month.”

Fatty eyed him suspiciously. “This is only half the construction resources. You can actually build all the defense structures without cutting corners?”

Snatching the box, Architect Lin replied with scorn, “Have you ever seen a master architect who gets to his position by cutting corners? Although this is only the resource for half of a main city, it’s more than enough for the defensive structures; it’s not like we need to build all the houses.”

Fatty now understood. Half a main city mentioned in the imperial decree included everything in the city, such as streets, restaurants, teahouses, and other facilities. But leaving out those things for now and only building war facilities would save a lot.

Cradling the brocade box to his chest, Architect Lin turned to leave, but after two steps, he then turned back around to say, “Your Lordship, you should start looking for an energy source, or else we won’t do with just buildings.”

Here came the headaches again. Magic stones weren’t something that could be found if you wished for it. If it hadn’t it been for the magic stone vein being in the Demon world, it simply wouldn’t have fallen into Fatty’s hands.

“Aren't you going to the Mountain of Flames to find the Fire Phoenix for the Fire Codex? There’s a vein of magic stones right there,” said West.

“You think I can get it right under the nose of the Fire Phoenix in its territory?” Fatty looked displeased.

“What if you do it with this?” West pointed toward the sky and drew a circle with his hand.

“You mean to drive Sky City there?” Fatty suddenly realized. “Brother, I didn't think you could be so smart. Lord Vermillion Bird was so right to seal you in the Fire Valley and save so many people from your harm.”

At the mention of being suppressed in the Fire Valley, West’s face instantly turned upset.

Thanks to a spark of the Fire Origin, West had returned to the 8th enhancement and currently was moving towards the 9th enhancement – the Saint tier. If he succeeded, he would be able to exploit the power of the Fire Origin to reach the Celestial tier, and then whether he could advance to the Divine tier depended on his own efforts.

Speaking of which, Fatty remembered that he was now over level 80, it was time for class enhancement again. Since Sky City had routed a Teleportation Portal to the Imperial Capital, Fatty directly teleported there and went to the transfer hall.

“Dear Mr. Sallip, long time no see. I hope things are okay with you?” Fatty smilingly went up to Sallip who was changing a player’s class.

Sallip shivered at the voice. Hurriedly sending the player off with a few words, he growled at Fatty, “Damn Fatty, what are you doing here?”

Fatty smiled, “What am I doing here? Then what do you do here?”

Sallip made a strict face. “I am here to change classes for people. If you aren’t changing classes, please leave. Don't waste my time.”

Fatty clapped his hands lightly. “That's right, I'm here to change my class.”

“You just changed your class, change what…” Sallip's face was full of disdain, but without finishing his sentence, Sallip suddenly screamed, “Eighth enhancement?! How is that possible? You only turned 7th a few days ago, and you’ve already reached 8th?!”

Sallip desperately shook his head, stubbornly convincing himself that he had seen wrong.

“All right, don't deceive yourself and get my class change quickly, I'm busy.” Fatty patted Sallip.

Sallip stared at Fatty for a moment, then suddenly grinned. “Just the right time, I have a mission here that’s just right for you.”

“What? I still have to do a mission?” Fatty eyes went wide.

“You don’t need to, but don't think about advancing then,” Sallip said and looked at the ceiling, not saying anything else.

Fatty suddenly remembered that this fellow was the mentor responsible for his class. Since the other had his Achilles heel, Fatty had to bow his head. He asked between gritted teeth, “What mission?”

Sallip smiled and handed Fatty a map. “Well, this is where a Demon army is located. You go scout them out, find out if there are any experts.”

Investigate the Enemy Situation: A Demon troop has suddenly appeared south of Xuanhuang Ancient Country, posing a great threat to the dynasty and must be eliminated as soon as possible. Go find out their specific situation, how many soldiers there are, and what experts they have, then report back. Time limit: 24 hours.

Investigating the Demon army was certainly not something normal Rogues could handle and required professional players like Fatty. Groaning, he accepted the mission and looked through the skill list. The 6th, 7th, 8th enhancement skills looked good, but the majority belonged to sneak attack types, which Fatty now rarely used as they weren’t fit for his situation.

Regarding being stealthy, Fatty had the Elemental Movement Arts, the restriction of which had been lifted when Elemental Skill Book had become a Divine artifact. Not only could it be used unlimited times a day, but it now also allowed the user to stay in some elemental substances for a short time. Regarding attack, Fatty had the spells in the Elemental Skill Book and the Elemental Sword Diagram. He could just bombard the enemy with a torrent of skills or directly slam the Elemental Sword Formation on them, and they’d be heavily injured if not killed.

Fully armed with means of escape and attack, Fatty didn’t need anything else. Not to mention that learning higher level skills cost an increasing amount of gold coins. For instance, an 8th enhancement skill right here cost 100,000 gold coins. A pauperized Fatty was unwilling to spend on this kind of tuition.

With a roar, Fatty charged out of the Class Enhancement Hall on the Violent Ox King.

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