Chapter 393 Divine Promotion

Chapter 393 – Divine Promotion

In terms of strength, Fatty wasn’t a match for the azure tree, but in terms of escape speed, it was absolutely the other way around. In less than five minutes, Fatty used Accelerate in addition to Earthwalk and vanished without a trace, leaving behind the azure tree monster roaring in rage and wildly attacking, causing a calamity upon the monsters in Azure Dragon Mountain.

Entering Azure Dragon City, Fatty found a quiet place and had the Elemental Skill Book devour the Origin of Wood. After a burst of emerald light, wood energy began to appear in the Elemental Mystery Realm, next to the original fire and water energy.

The fiery red fire element, deep blue water element, and emerald green wood element now each occupied territory with clear boundaries. Although in terms of total mass, the fire energy was more than that of wood and water combined, the three could still be considered a tripartite balance instead of fire being the only dominant factor.

At this point, it was only lacking the metal and earth origins. If they could be found and absorbed by the Elemental Skill Book, then the Elemental Mystery Realm would be completely restored, and the Elemental Skill Book and Sword Diagram would return to being the Legendary artifacts they were before.

Moreover, with abundant elemental energy backing him, Fatty would have no trouble using the magic spells in the book. When that time came, no matter who he faced, throwing a steady stream of magic attacks could surely smash the opponent to death.

Azure Dragon City looked busy. Not only players but even NPCs had also started training hard to prepare for the moment that the war with the Demon race officially began.

“Since City Lord Money Grubber is here, why don't you come and have a drink with me?” Fatty was preparing to leave Azure Dragon City when a voice directly transmitted to his ears. He didn't see anyone, but he knew who it belonged to.

When Fatty stepped into the city lord manor, Lei Ao was sitting in the hall drinking tea. Dispensing with courtesy, Fatty came over and poured himself a cup before sitting down on a chair, waiting for Lei Ao to speak.

In a manner, Lei Ao and Lin Xi were peas in a pod. They wouldn’t be early without benefits and wouldn’t spare anything a second glance if it wasn’t of benefit. Since Lei Ao suddenly called him over, Fatty had no doubt that the guy had something that he wanted him to do.

After finishing a cup of tea, Lei Ao still didn't speak. Fatty couldn't help it and said, “I say, Your Lordship, if there’s anything you want to have this little me do, you can say it now, or I'm taking my leave.”

Placing the cup on the table, Lei Ao shook his head. “If anything, you are also a city lord now. Why are you still acting like such a scoundrel?”

Fatty pouted. “Oh please, say quickly if you have something. I'm still very busy here.”

Lei Ao wryly shook his head. He poured all the tea leaves in the cup into his mouth, chewed them for a while and swallowed before slowly saying, “I know you are collecting elemental origins to repair the Elemental Mystery Realm. Let’s make a deal.”

“What kind of deal?” Fatty squinted. He knew it was never easy to make a deal with an old fox like Lei Ao.

“I'll help you get the Origin of Metal, and when all the experts unite to get the Source Origin, I want a share.” The cup went round and round in Lei Ao's hand as the city lord looked at Fatty, waiting for his answer.

“The experts? Who are they?” The Source Origin was right inside Sky City, but there was nothing Fatty could do to it, otherwise, he wouldn't have to go everywhere to seek elemental origins. Now that he heard someone was setting their eyes on the Source Origin, he immediately was on his toes.

“At that time, someone will find you. Just don't forget me.” Lei Ao flung out a tiny sword just over half an inch long. The sword was golden in color, emitting extremely sharp sword intent that could cut space into pieces.

Origin of Metal. Fatty's eyes were instantly focused. He summoned the Elemental Skill Book then grabbed the golden sword and smacked it onto the book.

Countless sword auras shot into the sky as an illusory but murderous longsword flew out from the Elemental Skill Book and rotated around Fatty in a sonorous metallic hum.

Inside the Elemental Mystery Realm, huge golden swords emerged from the ground with their tips pointing upwards, releasing sharp intent that could pierce through space.

The Elemental Skill Book slightly shook before it returned to normal as the sword intent disappeared. Stowing the book, Fatty nodded. “If there will be such a time, I’ll make sure to invite City Lord Lei. After all, we are all of the Xuanhuang family.”

Everyone knew full well in their hearts the credibility of this so-called ‘family.’ Seeing Lei Ao nod and pick up his teacup, Fatty tactfully got up to leave.

The trip to Azure Dragon City had not only earned Fatty the Origin of Wood, but also the Origin of Metal. Now, only earth was left, which made Fatty think of Black Tortoise City.


“The Origin of Earth? There is, yes.” Lin Xi fiddled with the Doomsday Ice Staff for a long while before he continued, “What will you give for it?”

Fatty was speechless, this Lin Xi was really a direct one.

Looking at Fatty's eye-rolling expression, Lin Xi smiled. “I guess you don’t have anything good on you anyway. How about this, if you help me get another Divine artifact, I’ll give you the Origin of Earth.”

Fatty couldn't help but shout, “City Lord Lin, don't forget you still owe me four conditions!”

In order to get the Dragon Revolution Herb from Fatty, Lin Xi had promised him four conditions. However, Fatty hadn’t used any.

Lin Xi blinked. “Do I?”

Fatty sneered. “You tell me.”

With a sigh, Lin Xi took out something in the shape of a mountain peak. This miniature mountain was less than three inches tall with yellow smoke around it. From the way Lin Xi looked when holding it, the object seemed very heavy.

Lin Xi handed it to Fatty with a fake smile. Fatty reached out to receive it, only to feel like a real mountain had suddenly weighed down on him. His whole body dropped and his shoulders emitted a bang – dislocated.

“So heavy?” Fatty was shocked.

“This isn’t very heavy.” Lin Xi tapped his fingers. “This is just a sliver of Earth Origin. A whole piece would have crushed you alive.”

In front of Lin Xi, Fatty dropped the heavy miniature mountain on the Elemental Skill Book. The book instantly trembled, and a huge mass of dirt-yellow fog spread out.

With the appearance of this fog, the Elemental Skill Book trembled nonstop. Right afterward, green, red, gold, and blue emerged, forming a small sphere in the air that merged with the yellow fog.

Ten-something minutes later, the five colors completely combined into a five-color ball.

Pop! The ball burst and turned into a five-color light band that flowed through the barrier of space into the Elemental Skill Book.

Inside the Elemental Mystery Realm, earth-shaking changes were taking place. In this originally home field of fire energy where the others were sidelined, all five elements now gathered and danced excitedly, forming a sphere.

The five-color sphere hovered at the very top of the Elemental Mystery Realm. With every round it spun, the most abundant fire energy decreased by a little, while the other four all increased by a little. After thousands of spins like this, the sphere suddenly vibrated slightly and the five colors were evenly distributed, unable to tell which was more or less.

Some unknown symbols appeared on the sphere, which were the manifestations of the devoured Water God’s Mystery Codex and the Ice Codex. With this energy sphere and these two codices, Fatty could now freely use the spells recorded in them without having to worry about mana shortage.

After the balance of the five elements was reached, five threads of different colors floated out from it and blended into the space. The sky suddenly had a sun, and the heat from it shone on the land. Dried-up rivers began to flow again. High mountains rose up one by one with beautiful greens on them.

Apart from the absence of animals, the entire Elemental Mystery Realm was now no different from a small world.

System Notification: Congratulations on completely repairing the Elemental Mystery Realm and successfully obtaining the Divine artifacts Elemental Skill Book and Elemental Sword Diagram. +10 billion EXP. +100,000 Reputation. Do you accept the mission “Legendary Artifact Upgrade”?

System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached level 73.

System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached level 74.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached level 82.

As colorful lights drifted around Fatty, he watched with trembling cheeks as one golden light after another fell upon himself.

The complete restoration of the Elemental Mystery Realm ranking up the Elemental Skill Book and Sword Diagram to Divine was something he had expected, what he had never expected was that it would give so much experience.

A full 10 billion experience points rocketed Fatty to level 82, leading the second place by nearly twenty levels.

“The sufferings finally pay off…” Fatty hugged the Elemental Skill Book and blinked hard but failed to make that ‘tears of joy’ expression. But, just what the hell is this “Legendary Artifact Upgrade” mission?

Looking at the mission description, Fatty's nose almost blew up in anger. In order to rank up the Elemental Skill Book and Sword Diagram to Legendary, five skill books – that was, the elemental mystery codices – must be gathered. If this could be achieved, not only would the two pieces of equipment be promoted to Legendary, but also all the magic spells in those codices, including ultimate forbidden spells, would be available to Fatty.

“There's no f*cking end to it!” Fatty raged. Being able to restore the Elemental Mystery Realm was already heaven-defying luck. Now this thing still wants five elemental codices? Are you sure you aren’t just trying to make things difficult for me?

“Divine artifacts, ahh…” Lin Xi’s eyes showed envy. He just wanted to rob the artifacts right from Fatty's hands.

In the whole server, the number of Divine artifacts was limited, unless they could slay Divine monsters and get them to drop, but the probability of that was also very pitiful, not all Divine monsters would drop a Divine artifact.

The Ice Phoenix had dropped the Doomsday Ice Staff because firstly, it was already an outstanding beast among Divine beasts. Secondly, the huge strength gap between Fatty and the Ice Phoenix had made it a leapfrog challenge. And lastly, Fatty soloed it.

The promotion of the Elemental Skill Book and Sword Diagram to Divine artifacts didn’t increase the number of their skills and functions very much. Their power improved by a lot, though. If Fatty worked the Elemental Sword Diagram at full force right now, it could trap and grind a Divine expert alive.

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