Chapter 392 Origins of Water and Wood

Chapter 392 – Origins of Water and Wood

Whether willing or not, the ordinary players paid the self-redemption fee of 100,000 gold coins each. Since there were nearly ten million people here, that meant nearly one trillion gold coins. Upon hearing this number, not only Fatty, but even Lin Xi was dumbstruck.

“Are you sure?” Fatty asked Bai Xiaosheng, eyes wide. The All-Knowing Sect was responsible for calculating the harvest this time, and everything went through Bai Xiaosheng first.

“Yes.” Bai Xiaosheng gulped. He was also frightened by the number.

“How can there be so much?” Fatty felt like it was a daydream.

“Not really, there are early ten million people after all.” The aged and experienced Bai Xiaosheng first regained his composure.

“What about those guild masters? How are we gonna butcher them?” HeadofGod and the others also felt quite blissful.

“Since we’ve offended them anyway, extort them as brutally as possible,” savagely said Fatty who had woken up from his trance.

Fatty had a good talk with the guild masters from all over the world. This talk was recorded in the history of the game. Fatty called it ‘a great conversation that laid the foundation for the fight of humankind against the Demon race,’ while the guild masters called it “robber-style talk, cunning extortion using any underhanded means possible.’

In any case, the conversation was happily conducted in a pleasant atmosphere – of course, according to Fatty. As for whether the guild masters were happy or not, he didn’t care.

After a long period of bargaining and working his butcher blade, Fatty finally ordered the Thunderstorm Formation to be opened. With pale faces full of fear, the guild masters rejoined their people and left in a hurry. Even the fiercest one didn’t want to linger a second to drop any cruel words.

“I’m rich!” Fatty laughed face up at the sky. Excluding the expenses, this harvest was nearly 500 billion gold coins. This number floated back and forth in his mind, knocking him dizzy.

Apart from the money, Fatty got many good things from the guild masters. He had stripped off all of their belongings except for the equipment they used.

“Now we’re really public enemy number one,” said East Gate BlowingWind with a pained smile.

“Public enemy then public enemy it is. The Demon army is attacking on a large scale, not like they’d dare to come here and attack my city at this kind of time.” Fatty pouted. He simply didn’t care.

With this harvest, plus half the construction of the city that Lin Xi had promised to undertake, Fatty could already see a future where a flying war fortress attacked wherever he pointed at.

“That’s right, my Lordship, how can someone so stingy like you would offer to take on the construction of half of Sky City for a Divine artifact? This isn’t like you,” Fatty probed as he suddenly remembered this matter.

“His Majesty has decreed that in order to reward the lord of Sky City for his contribution to the battle with the Sun Dynasty and to prepare for the future wars against the Demon race, the Treasury Department is hereby to audit the needs of Sky City construction, half of which shall be borne by the dynasty,” Lin Xi announced dryly.

Fatty fell on his back.

“Lin Xi, you are too cruel!!!” A long while later, Fatty’s roar resounded in Sky City.

Stingy as he was, Fatty naturally wouldn’t let Lin Xi trick away a Divine artifact so easily. The two had a heated argument for a whole afternoon before they finally reached an agreement. The Doomsday Ice Staff went to Lin Xi and Black Tortoise City would provide various resources to Sky City at a 10% discount.

Sending off Lin Xi, Fatty began to count the harvest he extorted from the guild masters. Immediately, a ball-shaped equipment attracted his attention.

This round equipment was foggy with light circulating inside, from which the sound of flowing water could be heard, like it had imprisoned countless rivers.

“This is the Origin of Water!” West, who was taken aback by the breath blowing by him, recognized it immediately.

Amazingly, this, the Origin of Water, the dream of every water mage, had been thrown to Fatty by some blind guild master who couldn’t recognize the treasure in front of him. Fatty carefully placed it on the Elemental Skill Book and saw a deep blue light shine. As the rumbles like tidal waves poured out from the skill book, the entire Holy Spirit Island was bathed in this deep blue light.

“Finally, another good part has been restored.” Fatty was overjoyed.

At present, the fire and water energy needed to repair the Elemental Mystery Realm had been fully gathered. Plus the Demon-Sealing Stele, it could be said that half of the restoration was done. As long as Fatty found the other three elemental origins, the reappearance of a Legendary artifact would be around the corner.

“I know where the Origin of Wood is,” West said.

“Where?” Fatty hastily asked.

“In Azure Dragon Mountain, northeast of Azure Dragon City, there’s a valley called Myriad Blooms where there’s an azure tree over thirty-thousand meters high. It should know where the Origin of Wood might be. I never told you because you weren’t strong enough before. Now you can go there,” West said.

“Azure Dragon Mountain, Myriad Blooms Valley.” Fatty kept the two names firmly in mind.

He wasn’t in a hurry to find the Origin of Wood. After giving instructions on the course of Sky City construction, he left for the Imperial Capital.

Seeing Fatty approaching, Rogue Mentor Sallip felt bitter in his mouth and he looked like he had constipation. He had given Fatty such a mission to let him suffer a little, but the latter contributed meritorious service and was rewarded handsomely because of it. Sallip felt very unbalanced.

“The class enhancement has been completed. Can you change my class now?” Fatty looked at Sallip.

Sallip nodded, and with a wave of his hand, Fatty went from a Magical Bandit to a Blood Killer.

“One more time,” Fatty continued. He had been level 70 for a long time now.

Sallip didn't even give Fatty the class enhancement mission this time and waved his hand to rank up Fatty. The mentor just wanted him to leave as quickly as possible and stop being an eyesore here.

Fatty wasn’t in the mood to make a fuss with Sallip either, he was really busy. Seeing his class successfully promoted, he didn't even learn any skills and went directly to the Teleportation Portal for Azure Dragon City.

Thousands of miles northeast of Azure Dragon City, there was a huge mountain called Azure Dragon Mountain, said to once be the home of the sacred beast Azure Dragon. There were many powerful monsters there. Summoning the Violent Ox King, Wheat, Inky, and the little Ice Phoenix he named Snowy, Fatty rushed into Azure Dragon Mountain.

Fatty didn’t employ the Elemental Movement Arts or Stealth even though it would be faster. Pushing forward all the way, any monster they came across all fell under the gang beating of Fatty and his four pets, giving him very little experience.

In every game, leveling always got slower and slower in the latter stage. After four days in Azure Dragon Mountain, Fatty didn’t even gain 10% experience for his current level. In anger, he stopped grinding and flew to the innermost part of the mountain.

In Azure Dragon Mountain stood a towering azure tree. Pillaring the heavens, its crown was like a sky-blotting umbrella, it covered half of the mountain.

“Hey old man, do you know where the Origin of Wood is?” Arriving at the tree, Fatty dispensed with all courtesy and yelled out.

A huge face 100 meters wide slowly emerged on the tree trunk, its turbid eyes were that of age-old experience. Looking at Fatty, the azure tree let out a long sigh.

“What are you sighing about?” asked Fatty.

“I sigh as I wonder why you’re trying to seek death?” A mouth appeared on the face that kept moving.

“How?” Fatty’s interest was piqued.

“Talking to me like that, aren’t you afraid I’d kill you? While you’re quite powerful, you’re still a little bit from me,” the azure tree said.

“I’m scared, but you can't kill me, at least not alone,” said Fatty. He had the strength to challenge the azure tree, although he would not necessarily be able to defeat it.

“Ignorance is bliss, indeed. Forget it, what am I doing being all competitive with a junior…? You want to find Wood Origin? There’s a little just under my feet. If you can take it, it’s yours. If you don’t have that ability, might as well leave soon as possible.” The azure tree slowly closed his eyes and fell into slumber.

“Right here?” Fatty looked at the foot of the tree. The azure tree trunk could no longer be measured by people’s embraces; it was simply a wall, a black wall. Looking around, one couldn’t see the curve of the tree at all, only a thick dark wall standing in front of them.

“X-Ray.” Fatty took out the Crystal Maze of Terror and cast X-Ray. Below the ground, the glass revealed nothing but a dense distribution of roots of unknown width and length intertwined to form a huge sphere, and inside the sphere was a small green tree over 2 inches tall.

From there, pure green air was sucked into the azure tree by the roots. The azure tree relied on these strange green whiffs to grow to its present stage.

“Wood Origin.” Fatty inhaled a deep breath. With a smile on his face, he disappeared into the ground using Earthwalk.

The azure tree that was originally as cool as a cucumber and didn't take Fatty the little ant seriously suddenly trembled violently. In just a blink, he couldn’t feel the existence of the Wood Origin anymore.

“What's going on? Who stole my Wood Origin?!” The azure tree opened his eyes. A big mouth full of fangs also opened on the rough bark and roared in rage.

“Hahaha, Wood Origin!” Fatty jumped out from the ground and laughed towards the sky. In a few flashes of his body, he disappeared into the distance.

“It's you! You little thief!” The azure tree was furious. Its crown clattered and countless leaves fell from the branches, plunging into the ground like sharp arrows. At the same time, the entwined roots underground danced like dragons as they shot out and attacked Fatty.

“Old man, you’re not a promise keeper, are you?” With the Wood Origin in his hands, Fatty was in such a good mood that he even teased the azure tree while fleeing.


The ground under the azure tree churned. Countless roots stuck out from the ground and rearranged into something like a pair of legs. Then, with a thunderous sound, the azure tree pulled himself completely up from the ground and chased after Fatty with his new legs.

Fatty looked back to see the azure tree hot on his heels. Crying mama, he ran like crazy. Just as how the azure tree had looked down on him, he was really no match for the tree right now. If they really started a fight to the death, it would be Fatty who would eventually be the unlucky one in the end.

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