Chapter 391 A Good Talk is Needed

Chapter 391 – A Good Talk is Needed

In the face of a Divine artifact, no one could sit still.

Since the invasion of the Demon race had all dynasties open their borders, players could now freely visit and leave other countries. No less than ten million had come to Sky City for this auction.

Almost all the top players in the server were present. How many experts were hidden among them, no one knew. There were many who weren’t afraid of these guild masters, each offering the price they could afford.

Seeing the price rise bit by bit, some people could no longer remain calm.

“4 billion1! Grandma, whoever dares to compete with me now, I'll scrap him first!”

The one talking was a messily bearded player. Yelling out the offer, his eyes viciously swept through the room.

“Who do you think you are? 4.001 million.” A player refused to comply and added a million gold coins.

“Your grandma!” The eyes of the bearded player flashed with a savage color. His hand quickly moved to unsheath his weapon.

“Like hell I’m scared!” The other player was no pushover either. He immediately stretched out his hand and three magic shields revolved around his body.

At the same time, around these two, at least ten thousand players were taking out their weapons. Anyone could see a free-for-all scuffle about to start.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please remain calm. Prosperity comes from harmony, no?” Fatty called out dryly. He looked at the increasingly heated atmosphere below in delight, without the slightest idea of stopping anyone. He even wished for them to just fight as quickly as possible.

Fight, fight, fight as loudly and lively as you can so I have a reason to detain you all.

Right at this moment, Liu Lan announced, “Fatty, City Lord Lin Xi is here.”

“Lin Xi? What is he doing here?” Fatty mumbled. Then, he saw Lin Xi stride into Holy Spirit Island with Reck’s welcome.

“Brat, making a fortune, aren’t you? Even putting up a Divine artifact for auction now,” Lin Xi said with a cold smile as he looked at Fatty.

“Poverty leaves me no choice. You see, I went to the Sun Dynasty to fight for my country and as a result, Sky City was beaten to this state. Since no one pays for my damages, I have to do it myself. If I don't sell something, I won’t even have anything to feed Sky City.” Fatty looked back at Lin Xi with tears in his eyes.

“Stop with your act. Just so you know, I'll take the Doomsday Ice Staff.” Lin Xi snorted.

Fatty immediately stood up and stretched out his right hand, the fingers rubbing together as he looked at Lin Xi with that knowing look.

Lin Xi understood that look. He contemplated for a while and held out a finger. “My Black Tortoise City will be responsible for providing half of the resources for the construction of Sky City.”

“Deal.” Fatty grabbed Lin Xi's hand, the tears in his eyes had miraculously disappeared.

“Then this auction?” Liu Lan asked.

“Can’t be carried out anymore anyway.” Fatty smiled ever so calmly.

Indeed. The guild masters below had joined hands and even called their friends, getting more and more players involved. In just the span of a few sentences said, more than 100,000 players had unleashed colorful skills and spells.

“Isn't it impossible to PK in the city?” asked TheFugitive.

“Oh, I've turned this restriction off,” Fatty casually replied.

Most of the players who could come to Sky City were those of status and strength, and all thought they were superior in both more than others. None wouldn’t let themselves be bullied without retaliation. When several AoE magic attacks involved a large number of players indiscriminately, the whole Sky City boiled.

“Kill, kill these bastards. How dare they compete for the Divine artifact with me!”

“Destroy them, and the artifact is ours!”

The eyes of the players below had gone bloodshot from the fighting. In response to this, the players of Sky City mysteriously disappeared, turning a blind eye to the riot below.

“What now?” Holy Paladin, Dark Lord, and the others looked at each other through the crowd and all saw greed in each other's eyes.

Now that a fight has already broken out, why would I spend that money? This was the idea of these guild masters.

With a loud shout, a dozen groups of players appeared. Like a sharp knife, they paved through the chaotic crowd and rushed towards Holy Spirit Island.

“Finally, they’ve finally started fighting! Grandma, I’ve been waiting for this for too long!” Fatty sprang up in ecstasy, watching as the torrents of players gradually approach Holy Spirit Island.

“Humph! How can a mere tattered Sky City be compared with my Storm City? The title ‘head of the seven neutral main cities’ should be my city’s!” SaintPetertheGreat thunderously charged with his people.

“What is a Divine artifact anyway, even ten of them can’t exchange for Sky City.” The goal of some guild masters wasn't the Doomsday Ice Staff, but Sky City.

Among these people, there were foreign guilds as well as the CN region’s own. In short, except for those that were friendly with Fatty, almost all the guilds on the scene set their targets to be the Doomsday Ice Staff and Sky City. They were no longer fighting each other but rushed towards Holy Spirit Island in a tacit understanding.

“You! What are you guys doing? This is Sky City! Retreat now, or don't blame me for not being courteous!” cried Fatty in an exaggeratedly weak manner.

At least 90% of the players who had entered Sky City took part in the siege on Holy Spirit Island, which was about 9 million. Even during the last expedition to the Sun Dynasty, the several legions deployed from both sides hadn’t even added up to this amount.

“Fatty, this won’t turn into being burnt from playing with fire, right?” Liu Lan was a little worried.

“What’s there to be afraid of? This is the moment.”

Thousands of well-repaired magic towers lit up simultaneously. Millions of lights shot out from above and connected to each other to form a super-large magical formation big enough to envelop the main city.

“Thunderstorm, this is the Thunderstorm Formation! Attention, everyone, you can only go out if you break this formation. Otherwise, we’ll be stuck here!” Someone recognized the formation.

Fatty chuckled evilly. The formation suddenly surged with lightning, and 49 thunder dragons meandered inside roaring.

Thunder rumbled as dazzling lightning flashed across the sky and struck the crowds. Every time a bolt fell, there would be unlucky people who got burnt black with smoke drifting out from their mouth, fatally injured if not killed.

“Darn this! BUG, absolute BUG!” someone yelled. The power of the Thunderstorm Formation was so terrifying that at least 100,000 people were struck dead in just a few minutes.

“Sky City Lord, open the formation immediately and let us out, or don't blame us for not being polite.” Someone's eyes flashed as they shouted out such words. Fatty simply ignored them. He stood with his hands behind his back and a sneer while looking at the crowd below.

There were thousands of magic towers, each burning a mountain of magic stones. Of the magic stones brought back by Fatty from the Demon realm, except for the part used to attack the Sun Dynasty, the rest was piled up in the magic towers.

“Pouring in such an investment, how can I be done with you if I don't get something out of this?” Fatty mumbled to himself.

The battle continued in chaos, with some attacking Holy Spirit Island and others attacking the magic towers. The Thunderstorm Formation might not have been able to suppress the sacred beast Heavenly Hound, but it was more than enough for these players who were only level 60 at most.


With a roar, a green dragon rose from the crowd and shot towards Holy Spirit Island. It was Holy Paladin whose hidden class was Dragon Knight, surprisingly.

“Don't be in disorder! Everyone attack Holy Spirit Island together and beat down Sky City, or else we will all die here!” Holy Paladin shouted.

“The Lord of Sky City has ulterior motives, he wants to capture us all. Everybody charge with me.” A giant bear over 100 meters tall stood up in the crowd. Covered in chain mail and holding a hammer over 10 meters wide, the bear quaked the earth with every step it took.

“Hidden class Druid.”

With the emergence of two hidden classes, more and more began to appear. Vampire, Holy Angel, Undead Knight… At least 10,000 players of hidden classes emerged and rushed towards Holy Spirit Island.

“Why are there so many hidden classes? Is there a queue to issue hidden class certificates?” Not only those on Holy Spirit Island but also the other players were shocked. Who here could have seen the simultaneous appearance of ten thousand hidden classes before?

“What horror is this, ten thousand hidden class players, ahh…” Fatty exhaled a long sigh and chopped down his hand. “Attack.”

Around Holy Spirit Island, numerous artillery appeared – crossbows, cannons, stone-throwers… At the same time, the lightning in the sky grew increasingly frequent as tens of thousands of bolts struck down every moment.

“Money Grubber, open up the formation and let us go, or don't blame us for leading the army to level your Sky City after we resurrect.” There was a furious roar somewhere. Since it was only one level, they might be upset, but they weren’t afraid.

“Then you need to be resurrected first,” Fatty casually said with his eyelids drooped.

“Ahhhh! Why am I still in Sky City, didn’t I respawn?”

As cries of terror rang out one after another, the players finally realized that something had gone wrong.

Every main city had a respawn point, and Sky City was no exception. On the way back from the Sun Dynasty, Architect Lin had used a large amount of materials to restore the respawn point of Sky City completely. Moreover, this one was a forcible respawn point.

No matter what nationality, no matter where their set respawn point was located, as long as one died here in Sky City, they would be resurrected in Sky City.

“Money Grubber, do you really want to make enemies with everyone?” Seeing their people in a cycle of resurrecting and dying at the respawn point, the guild masters finally couldn't bear it anymore.

“It's not that I want to oppose you, but you’ve all gone too far.” Fatty raised his eyes, seeming to have a little spirit.

“What do you want?” Holy Paladin tried to suppress his anger and asked. Fatty had expected this situation and was also ready for it; before they could reach Holy Spirit Island, they would be deleveled and wouldn’t dare to advance. Now it was indeed as he had calculated.

“You should pay some compensation for ruining my auction, no?” Fatty's face glowed red, his spirit growing.

“What kind of compensation do you want?” the guild masters asked.

“For normal players, each pays 100,000 gold coins self-redemption fee. As for you leaders, we need a good talk.” Fatty smiled.

1. TL note: the bidding price numbers from here on are different from raws as I changed them to make sense with the previous chapter.

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