Chapter 390 Big Guild Masters

Chapter 390 – Big Guild Masters

The announcement of an auction on the Holy Spirit Island where Fatty put up several pieces of equipment caused an uproar.

There was no need to say anything about the Celestial ones, the most striking was the Doomsday Ice Staff. Many came here just to witness for themselves the flair of this Divine artifact.

Clapping his hands, Fatty began the auction. The first item to be introduced was the low-rank Celestial Remiges Boots.

Remiges Boots
Low-rank Celestial equipment
Level Requirement: 60
Defense: 100
STR +30
DEX +35
Active – Soar: Fly freely in the air using the wearer’s mana. Duration: 10 minutes. Cooldown: 20 minutes.
Active – Illusion: Create 3 illusions, each having half the Attack stat of the original. Duration: 1 minute. Cooldown: 10 minutes.
Class Requirement: Mage, Archer, Rogue

This equipment was very practical and had decent stats to boot. Weren’t for the fact that Fatty already had the Elemental Equipment Set, he wouldn’t have auctioned it.

“The starting bid is 10 million gold coins. Everyone can start.” Fatty clapped his hands, signaling the crowd to start bidding.

There was a brief silence before fierce competition broke out.

Everyone knew the highlight of the show was the last artifact, the Doomsday Ice Staff, but every piece of Celestial was already extremely rare, no one was willing to give them up.

Competition got increasingly fierce as the price of the Remiges Boots climbed up to 36 million gold coins, a number that could never have been achieved before.

One reason was that the game had been going for such a long time now and players had spare money in their pockets. Another was that, now that the Demon grand army was coming, a good piece of equipment would increase their chances of survival in future battles.

“50 million gold coins, anyone else wants to bid? 50 million gold coins, going once, going twice, sold!” Fatty clapped his hands, and someone immediately led the winner over. Money for the item, the transaction was done immediately on-site.

Those who could participate in the bidding were masters of the major guilds. No one would care about this meager amount of money. The player took the Remiges Boots and switched into them on the spot before their eyes immediately fixed on the next item to be auctioned.

Next was the Bow of Malediction. Golden Scale TheMighty had been waiting for this. As soon as Fatty just called out the starting price of 10 million gold coins, the guy instantly raised it to 50 million and won it as expected.

The rest of the low-rank Celestial items were quickly auctioned off, and it was time for the high-rank Celestial Shield of Pride.

The Shield of Pride’s stats were perverse, making it a favorite for anyone who could use shields, such as Warriors and Knights. They wouldn’t exchange it even for the Doomsday Ice Staff.

“High-rank Celestial Shield of Pride, everyone can see its information. Auction begins, the starting bid is 50 million gold coins,” announced Fatty.

The final price of the previous low-rank Celestial equipment was only 50 million gold coins. The starting price of this Shield of Pride being 50 million simply showed how valuable it was. Hearing the price, more than half of the players lapsed into silence, but soon many started bidding.

“60 million gold coins.”

“61 million gold coins.”

“Stop wasting time, 70 million gold coins.”


Back and forth and back again, although everyone kept gold coins in reserve for the Doomsday Ice Staff at the end of the auction, no player who was qualified to equip the Shield of Pride could hold themselves back.

“One hundred million.” Storm City Lord SaintPetertheGreat who had been silent up until now suddenly made his first bid and pushed it to the climax.

“City Lord?” Some of his subordinates grew anxious. They had only come here for the Doomsday Ice Staff.

“No need to say, I know.” SaintPetertheGreat waved his hand. “In the future, Celestial will be mainstream, and only Divine artifacts will still be rare. However, this Shield of Pride is of great use to me right now. In my hands, it won’t be any less powerful than that Divine artifact.”

Hearing this, SaintPetertheGreat’s subordinates no longer said anything. SaintPetertheGreat looked at the Shield of Pride with an enigmatic smile on his face.

“100 million and one gold coins.” Someone increased the bid. Everyone looked over to see a guild master of a European country. Receiving the gazes of the crowd, this person returned with a slight smile.

“My friend, please add at least one million gold coins each time. We are all people with status here. Don't make a scene when you may not win the item in the end,” Fatty quickly said.

“There was no such rule just now,” this guild master retorted.

“I said it, so there is now,” Fatty said coldly. “If you are dissatisfied, feel free to leave. Don’t disturb others from bidding.”

“You!” The guild master stood up and pointed at Fatty as if wanting to say something, his face green one second and red in the next. In the end, he slowly sat down. “101 million gold coins.”

“What a pity. If he kept making a ruckus, we’d have a reason to arrest him.” Reck sighed. Next to him, Lucas also wore an expression of regret. HeadofGod and the others remained silent, quietly turning their heads away.

This kind of situation was exactly the reason why the auction was held in Sky City instead of the auction house in the Imperial Capital. If someone tried to cause trouble, Sky City's troops would be dispatched at once to blackmail some bail money.

Of course, outsiders didn’t need to know this. Fatty’s official explanation to the public was that he wanted to invite everyone to visit Sky City as a convenience to this auction.

The price of the shield rose steadily, breaking 150 million gold coins, 160 million gold coins, 170 million gold coins, and finally floating to 180 million gold coins.

There were only two bidders left at this moment, one was SaintPetertheGreat and the other was a player from the Africa region.

“185 million.” SaintPetertheGreat stared intently at his last opponent.

“186 million.” This player didn’t add much, only 1 million each time.

With a sneer, SaintPetertheGreat made a gesture. “190 million.”

“It's uninteresting to keep adding like this. If you can do 200, it's yours,” the other player suddenly said.

“Alright, 200 million it is.” SaintPetertheGreat immediately decided.

“Moneybags! Ah, moneybags! I seriously want to detain all these people and make their families redeem them back with gold coins,” sighed Fatty who had been driven crazy by the construction cost of Sky City.

“Great idea.” Reck looked eager to try. Even Lucas had to despise these two for this.

With the good start of the Shield of Pride, the Ice Soul Sword, which was also a high-rank Celestial item, sold for 220 million gold coins. Up to now, all five Celestial items had been auctioned for a total of over 600 million gold coins.

“Now is the moment everyone has been waiting for, the auction of the only Divine artifact in the system yet.” Fatty clapped his hands, motioning everyone to be quiet, and continued in a loud voice, “This artifact came from the high-rank Divine beast Ice Phoenix, so I don’t think I have to say much about its power. And because it is a Divine artifact, its information must be kept secret, so I didn't even do an Appraisal, so any friend who wins it can use it at ease. Alright, no more nonsense, the auction of the Divine artifact Doomsday Ice Staff will begin now. The starting price is one billion.”

One billion gold coins! This number hit the players below into a daze. This is not one billion copper coins, nor a one billion silver coins, but one billion gold coins! According to the current black market exchange rate, a gold coin is 20 RMB, so one billion gold coins are equivalent to 20 billion RMB. Who will be so stupid as to buy it?

“1.5 billion.” Well, there was actually someone. When the starting number just fell from Fatty's mouth, someone with a turban on his head raised the bid. It was easy to tell from his appearance that this player was Arabic.

“A friend offers 1.5 billion. Is there higher?” Fatty offered this player a praising look, causing the latter player to shiver.

“1.501 billion,” someone raised by one million.

“Why so petty?” A player stood up. “Two billion, anyone else?”

Boom! The whole scene shook. Two billion, what can't you do with that money, why must you spend it for game equipment? No matter how rich you are, you can’t waste money like this!

“Only two billion and already so arrogant?” A player dressed in a black robe with his head also covered in black opened his mouth in a dark tone. “I won’t add much. 2.1 billion.”

“Dark Lord, the leader of the second biggest guild in the Holy Dynasty of the EU region,” whispered those who knew him.

“Dark Lord, you aren’t very generous either.” Another person laughed. “Then I'll add another hundred million, 2.2 billion.”

“Holy Paladin, the guild master of the top guild in the Holy Dynasty of the EU region.” Someone immediately recognized this person.

“Cut the crap, 2.3 billion.” A blonde-haired blue-eyed female player stood up.

“Purple Rose, the leader of the no.3 guild in the America region.”

“2.4 billion.” A heavy voice came from a bearded male player.

“Heavy Armored Tarzan, the master of the second biggest guild in the America region.”


Every player who came to the auction had their share of satisfaction at the show which was worth the 10,000-gold-coin ticket price. Almost all the major guild masters in the server had gathered here to launch a fierce competition between the giants for this last artifact.

“Looks like we are all poor people.” East Gate BlowingWind scratched his nose with an awkward smile.

“Billions of gold coins for an artifact, only madmen would do it,” said Liu Lan.

“Not necessarily.” Fierce Dragon TheTalent solemnly stated, “The power of a Divine artifact can’t be underestimated, especially when it carries a forbidden spell. The winner will earn their expenses back in the future war with the Demon race.”

“Say, old man, if we rob them all, won’t we get rich?” Fatty was still obsessed with this matter.

“Find an excuse to make them cause a ruckus and arrest them. Don't you have that Soul Sealing Cross? Use it to threaten them, whoever doesn't pay will be killed to level zero.” Reck was even more excited than Fatty.

“Oh dear, it's not so easy to find excuses.” Fatty smiled bitterly.

“3 billion, who dares to compete with me?!” a burly player roared.

“Being loud doesn’t necessarily mean you’re capable. 3 billion and 1 million,” faintly said the female player called Purple Rose.

“You dare increase?!” The burly player immediately called out to Purple Rose.

“This is an auction. You think only you are allowed to increase the price?” Holy Paladin swung his arm. “3 billion and 2 million. Stop wasting our time, the penniless poor might as well scram while you can.”

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