Chapter 39 You’re Late

Chapter 39 – You’re Late

The stars shone brightly as the world seemed silent.

Fatty let out a sigh after he moved away from the Phantom Blue Butterfly King’s territory and took out his trusty ole’ Blacksmith’s Tool.

Why was virtual reality called that? That’s because there were often things that were more realistic. What would someone do if they meet a monster they had to kill, but were unable to kill? Would they call over a group of people to wreck it? Or would they use things in their surroundings to create all sorts of tools to kill the beast?

The second method was undoubtedly more suitable for Fatty, and that made him very well suited to a virtual reality game.

After Fatty replenished his Vigor, he swing the pickaxe and begun to dig a hole in the ground. Tsk, you can summon a cyclone, fly faster than I run, and have a snare skill, so let’s try fighting on the ground!

After a bit more than an hour, Fatty finally finished setting up the trap. Since Trap skill was now at the Intermediate level, the traps he created were more powerful and steadier, most likely enough to endure the boss monster for a while.

Normally speaking Trap was a skill that rogues could only learn after getting their second class enhancement. However, Fatty managed to gain it by luck in the Beginner’s Village, which helped him out a lot. In fact, he relied on Trap to win quite a few boss fights.

After doing so, he took a short break. He wanted to turn on the communicator to hurry TheFugitive along, but stopped himself. TheFugitive was definitely going to come since he knows that there is a gold boss. If he didn’t arrive yet, it was definitely because he was too far away.

At the same time, Fatty did have a subconscious wish of killing the Phantom Blue Butterfly King by himself to take revenge for Purple Bell.

When he arrived in front of the Phantom Blue Butterfly King once more, the boss monster’s health bar was full once again, and there were no wounds at all. Yet, it still remembered Fatty. When it saw Fatty, it immediately soared down at Fatty with a gust of wind, while its body seemed to glow as if it was getting ready to use the snare ability again.

“Come here, c’mon!” Fatty retreated while hooking his index finger to provoke the monster.

The Phantom Blue Butterfly King naturally could not tolerate such insult. If it was able to make a sound, it definitely would be failing and cursing “Filthy scum, take this!”

Fatty retreated in a very smart manner. He did not just sprint in a straight line, and instead ran left and right based on the location. Meanwhile, he also had to be careful of avoiding the boss monster and also ensure that he didn’t run too far so that the Phantom Blue Butterfly gives up on chasing him.

The boss monster was furious by Fatty’s second appearance. Its razor sharp wings brought calamity to the already devastated woods. Not only did leaves and branches fall down, some of the trees were even cut in half.

Soon, Fatty got a lot closer to the trap. He began to move even more carefully, while he pondered about a way to lure the Phantom Blue Butterfly King into the trap.


Winds gathered, and the monster sent a cyclone at Fatty.

Fatty ran way from the trap in shock. The cyclone was too powerful, and it was definitely enough to destroy the trap he spent so long setting up.

The cyclone chased closely behind Fatty, and left the ground completely empty wherever it passed thourhg. All of a sudden, many butterflies were awakened by the raging winds once again and flew into the sky. This time, they moved even further away before landing down to rest again. I guess this Phantom Blue Butterfly King isn’t liked at all. Its subordinates aren’t even bothered to come and help.

At that moment, the trio of TheFugitive, Darksnow and Liu Lan. TheFugitive might actually arrived a lot earlier if it wasn’t because the latter too were too slow. However, there were also several dozen other people there aside from them.

“Xu Quan, what are you here for?” Liu Lan frowned with a question.

“Lil’ Sis Lan, I heard that there’s a gold boss here. It’s too dangerous with just the three of you, so I brought people over to help,” Xu Quan, also known as Peerlessprodigy in game. It was apparent that they heard TheFugitive earlier and found out about the gold boss.

“Help? Help your ass. You just want to steal it,” Darksnow was never nice to Xu Quan, and Xu Quan understood very well that he could not actually offend her, so he just chose to ignore her instead, and merely smiled towards Liu Lan.

“Uhm… alright,” Liu Lan hesitated for a moment. The monsters here are rather high leveled, and a gold boss should be like Level 40 or 50. The three of us plus Fatty shouldn’t be able to handle it. I’ll just let them help, then give Fatty all the drops. I’m the guild master, so I have the right to do that.

Xu Quan smiled proudly when he saw Liu Lan nod, then ordered his subordinates to lead the way. Misty Waterfall will kill a gold boss today!

TheFugitive frowned, but felt like it wasn’t the right place to make a comment. So, he nodded towards Liu Lan, “Take your time, I’ll stealth in and see first. Brother Grub turned off his communicator, I don’t know what might be up.”

“Alright then. Damn fatty, why the hell did he turn off his communicator,” said Liu Lan. They were too large a group, and would definitely cause the monsters to attack them. This was a correct decision as Fatty spent a long time in the afternoon when he journeyed in with Purple Bell.

TheFugitive immediately did as he said he would and disappeared from sight.

“HURRY UP! After we kill the boss, everyone will get a share of the drops!” Xu Quan immediately hurried his subordinates in fear of the gold boss dying before he gets there.

Darksnow twitched her mouth and cursed quietly.

The Phantom Blue Butterfly’s cyclone was not what was troublesome, what was troublesome was that it could actually attack at the same time. This caused Fatty to feel like he was trapped between a rock and a hard place.

When he drank down another red potion, he noticed in a depressed manner that he only had a mere 10 potions left. Normally, he would always bring several hundred around with him. However, the rainbow butterfly’s poison was too annoying, so he already used over a hundred per hour while farming in the morning, and ended up nearly consuming his stack during the fight against this very boss monster due to how annoying it is.

Fine. Only ten left. Fatty will fight with back against the wall today. This isn’t going to end until only one of us remains! Fatty swung the potion vial in his hand furiously. His dagger wasn’t going to be of use in the current situation, so he already put it away. Instead, he held a potion in each hand, so that he would always be able to drink one as fast as possible.

When the cyclone became even fiercer, Fatty did not dare to remain on the spot. He would only run around. Meanwhile, the boss monster chose to charge over from the side to kill Fatty even quicker, causing it to arrive before the cyclone.

This is a chance! Fatty thought to himself, then sprinted towards the trap.

He ran in front, with the Phantom Blue Butterfly King chasing behind him, and the soaring cyclone behind it.

Fatty was far slower than the Phantom Blue Butterfly King when they ran in a straight line, so the monster caught up with Fatty in just a matter of a few breaths.

It rose its wings up high, while a hint of joy seemed to flash across its eyes. Just as it was about to attack, Fatty turned around with a smug look.

“Get your ass down there!” Fatty stopped running. He grabbed one of the Phantom Blue Butterfly King’s leg and yanked down.

Boom. The ground cracked, and Fatty rolled into the hole along with the monster.

The monster was outraged and tried frantically to flap its wings. However, the hole was too small, so its wings were completely stuck.


A gold light seemed to slice through the darkness as Fatty begun to attack with Frostfang.

Even though its wings were stuck, the monster was not afraid at all and began a close quarters fight with its proboscis and six legs.

The cyclone raced over but remained on the ground level without even touching Fatty, who was in the pit at all. In the end, it finally dispersed, leaving countless branches and rocks falling into the pit.

The Phantom Blue Butterfly King’s body lit up at the same time. A layer of blue dust lifted off its wings and floated around the pit.

The snare skill can’t be used at the same time as its other skills. Fatty understood what was going on. The moment he saw the butterfly activate the skill, he dodged to the right and disappeared.

Fatty had dug several caves within the pit, and each of them had a turn at the entrance which was his defense against the snare.

Now, because of all the preparation, the powerful ability was completely useless. Although the monster was able to limit Fatty’s movements, the pit was too small, and the caves were too tiny. It could not effectively attack Fatty at all. After a few failed attempts, it finally tried to turn and leave.

Yet, due to the size of the pit, the Phantom Blue Butterfly King could barely turn around, so spread its wings out to fly was unthinkable. The only way to get back up was to crawl up.

Since this was a trap Fatty used an hour to design and set up, escaping was no easy task. The pit itself was around five to six meters deep, and it would take rather long to get back up.

The insect monster used its six legs to slowly dig into the wall and crawl up, then, when it finally reached the opening and gotten half of its body out, it tried to spread its wings to fly off. That was something Fatty could not tolerate at all.

“Didn’t you know that a crafty rabbit has multiple holes? You wanna fly? Well, Get your ass back down there,” Fatty was one step ahead. He looked at the monster with a menacing smile, bent down and picked up a huge log with both hands and smashed it onto the Phantom Blue Butterfly King.

The monster tumbled back down into the pit once more.

The log was something Fatty had hung at the top of the pit so that it would fall down after the Phantom Blue Butterfly King falls down. However, that section was ruined by the cyclone, so it didn’t fall. However, its being on the ground still came to use.

The monster itself was slightly dizzy when it hit rock bottom once more. It tried to crawl up, then noticed a darkness in front of its eyes as things began to fall on it.

“Tsk, you think you’re amazing, you think you’re the shit? You think you’re great and powerful just because you’re a gold boss?” Fatty swung his pickaxe furiously. Soon, he destroyed the area around the pit, causing a lot of soil to fall down and fill the hole.

“Phew,” Fatty put his pickaxe away and let out a long sigh before he sat down onto the ground. Although the second attempt did not last too long, he was always in a highly concentrated state, so he was dead tired.

“Brother Grub, Brother Grub!” TheFugitive finally arrived. “Where’s the gold boss? Let’s kill it.”

Before Fatty could reply, a pillar of gold light shone onto him, and a nice ring sounded out by his ear.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have slain the gold boss Phantom Blue Butterfly King. +300000/2 EXP. +1000 Reputation.


System Notification: Congratulations. You have reached Level 13.

Man, as expected of a gold boss. That’s really some nice reward. I guess my EXP reward was cut in half because I didn’t fight it properly at all. But even so, I still reached Level 13.

“Gold boss? Over here,” Fatty pointed at the gold light around him.

“Brother Grub, you’re terrible!” TheFugitive wailed, then leaped onto Fatty.

The moment the Phantom Blue Butterfly King died, the entire Butterfly Ridge trembled. Countless butterflies flew towards where the Phantom Blue Butterfly King had been. Another butterfly appeared where the boss monster was. This new butterfly was several times larger than an average butterfly and was extremely beautiful with its colorful wings.

“Why did the monsters fly away?” All of the members of Misty Waterfall were rather confused when they saw the butterflies, who were dead set on attacking them previously, leave.

“Hurry up, what are you guys waiting for? It’s good that they left. We’ll go full speed ahead and kill the gold boss!”

Without the monsters blocking the way, Liu Lan and her group finally arrived at where Fatty was. She saw Fatty sitting on the ground, while TheFugitive was crying his eyes out.

“Fatty, you alright?” Liu Lan let out a sigh of relief and asked.

“Of course I’m fine,” Fatty looked up with an honest smile.

“Where’s the gold boss!?” Xu Quan looked around and couldn’t help but ask.

Heh. Fatty chuckled.

“Sorry, you’re too late.”

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