Chapter 389 Hubbub in the Human Realm

Chapter 389 – Hubbub in the Human Realm

Nonatail City was also destroyed.

The nine-tailed fox fled as over ten millions of NPCs and players in the city were killed.

The destruction of two cities in a single day in an interval of less than one hour made the players in the entire system go crazy.

“Stupid idiots!” In the imperial city of the Sun Dynasty, the emperor was trembling in anger. Below were two rows of aggressive civil and military ministers.

“Revenge, revenge! First destroy their four main cities, then destroy their imperial capital!” the crowd shouted in unison.

“Destroy how?” The emperor’s chilling eyes swept around, and the place lapsed into silence.

“Your Majesty, we have to contact the Demon realm.” A long while later, Fortune Battle Fence’s voice rang out. The emperor nodded almost imperceptibly.

“We are pests, we do harm…” Running freely through the mountains, Fatty felt extremely happy.

This time, the attack on the Sun Dynasty had not only earned him a great deal of wealth and experience but also wiped out the enemy’s two cities. Most importantly, the Demon-Sealing Stele was found.

With this stele, once the energy of metal, wood, water, and earth was fully collected, the Elemental Mystery Realm would be completely restored, and so would the Legendary power of the Elemental Skill Book and Sword Diagram.

Legendary artifacts! Thinking about it, Fatty felt just incredible.

“Fatty, well done.” Hearing the praise from his friends through the communicator, Fatty smiled shyly.

Sky City had returned to floating above the East Ocean. All the officers such as Iron Eagle were there, apparently taking this place as their headquarters.

“Fees! Accommodation, tea, mental damage compensation!” cried Fatty towards Iron Eagle.

Ignoring Fatty, Iron Eagle solemnly said to the crowd, “Notify everyone, we must return home as soon as possible.”

“Why? It’s not every day we get to come over, why don’t we take the opportunity to attack their imperial city and destroy their Sun Dynasty?” someone asked.

“During our attack on the Sun Dynasty, 13 cross-realm teleportation routes have appeared all over the Human realm. In addition to the one that we destroyed here, the other 12 already transported quite many Demon experts leading tens of millions of Demon soldiers into the Human world. Not only that, the Ancient Battlefield outside the Imperial Capital has been in disorder recently. Seems like someone couldn’t bear the loneliness,” Iron Eagle said.

13 cross-realm teleportation routes? Everyone gasped. Just what kind of resources is this? The construction of one cross-realm portal alone already costs at least billions. 13 of them are tens of billions of gold coins. Especially, some of the materials just aren’t something money can buy.

“His Majesty ordered us to return as soon as possible and prepare for the coming war. At the same time, emissaries have been sent to various countries to join hands and take advantage of this massive invasion of the Demon realm to completely destroy it. If possible, we will fight to the Demon world.” Iron Eagle sounded a little excited.

“Hit the Demon realm and destroy the Demon race!” some officers couldn’t help but shout.

“Back home.” Signaled by a wave of Iron Eagle’s hand, several hundreds of space mages released magic in unison, conjuring a huge Teleportation Portal above the sea. One by one, teams of Xuanhuang troops stepped into the portal and appeared on the shore of the East Ocean, and quickly marched out to various places to set up defenses.

There had been news that from the three teleportation routes in Europe, more than 8 million Demon soldiers thunderously swept out across some small countries, killing nearly one million players.

There were four teleportation routes in the American region that channeled out ten neat Demon legions. Fortunately, the players there were alert enough. Although several big cities were breached, the number of casualties of players wasn’t great.

There were three Teleportation Portals in the Africa region, where all sorts of Demonic monsters flooded out. Many small towns were submerged by the overwhelming Demonic swarms, only a few imperial cities were still struggling, but on the verge of crumbling as well.

There were two teleportation channels in the Australia region. Not many Demon troops appeared there, but several hundred Demonic dragons came out roaring, blotting the sky and plunging half of the region into darkness.

“Why is there no route in our CN region?” Fatty curiously asked.

“A cross-realm Teleportation Portal is not easy to build. We have Heavens Scar that connects us to the Demon world, so there’s no need for such a large-scale portal. The Demon army is advancing into Heavens Scar as we speak. They intend to kill their way here from there,” Bai Xiaosheng answered.

“Oh, by the way, was my news delivered to Marshal Ferotiger?” Fatty suddenly recalled Ferotiger’s mission to have him locate the Death Altar. He had phoned Bai Xiaosheng and asked him to pass the result to the marshal.

“Of course. I heard that Marshal Ferotiger personally took people to the Demon realm, but I don't know what happened in detail,” Bai Xiaosheng said.

“Fatty, what do we do?” HeadofGod and the others asked. Now that the war between humans and demons drew nearer and it was doomed to be a catastrophe, those without the ability were absolutely unqualified to participate in this game.

“Grind and level as fast as possible. It’s best to reach the 9th class enhancement before the final battle begins,” Fatty said. Currently, the majority were around the 6th enhancement, and that was still thanks to killing the Sun Dynasty soldiers. This simply wasn’t enough to keep up with the requirement of a grand war.

Spending a good amount of magic stones, Sky City jumped back to the area of Xuanhuang Ancient Country. Before that, the Black Dragon King had sent people to deliver a hundred billion gold coins worth of resources as well as many powerful sea monsters to station in Sky City, forming the first standing army of the city.

The Black Dragon King also knew about the Demon troops crossing the realm, and he absolutely thought that this was an opportunity to break the Natural Barrier. All kinds of resources were sent in a steady stream to form an endless supply for Fatty.

“Great. With these resources, I can build the second defense line.” Architect Lin was elated. The resources pillaged from Octahead City along with those from the Black Dragon King amounted to hundreds of billions of gold coins in value.

“How long will it take to build the whole fort?” Fatty bit the bullet and asked.

“One year. As long as you give me enough resources, I can build it in one year.” Architect Lin raised a finger and shook it.

“Alright, you wait, I definitely will give you enough resources.” Fatty was also anxious. The war was beginning soon. If Sky City wasn’t rebuilt well, it wouldn’t be a match for the enemy.

System Notification: Player Money Grubber is auctioning in Sky City of Xuanhuang Ancient Country: low-rank Celestial Remiges Boots, low-rank Celestial Bow of Malediction, low-rank Celestial Cloud Spirit Wand, high-rank Celestial Shield of Pride, high-rank Celestial Ice Soul Sword, Divine Doomsday Ice Staff.

Boom! The entire CN region shook. Not only them; all the players in the game boiled.

At the current stage of the game, superb Violet equipment were mainstream and occasionally, the lucky ones or those with status could get one or two Celestial as a pretty facade. As for Divine artifacts: don't even think about it. Now that Fatty was auctioning five Celestial and one Divine artifact, everyone was going crazy.

Who is this person? This was the question everyone wanted the answer to.

As for the players in the CN region, they once again were reminded of the name Money Grubber.

“Fatty, you are crazy! You're auctioning the Divine artifact?!” Fierce Dragon TheTalent immediately messaged. “How much is the Doomsday Ice Staff? I'll buy it.”

Fatty’s only answer was to participate in the auction in Sky City and then he turned off the communicator. He knew the sensation caused by this, and it was exactly what he wanted. When these Celestial and Divine artifacts were auctioned off, he would have raised quite some gold coins to rebuild Sky City.

“Moneeeeeeyy!” Fatty howled to the sky. After so long a struggle, I’m still a poor man.

Countless players came to Sky City, not only players from the CN region but also foreign players. The Demon world’s large-scale attack had shaken the countries. After urgent discussions, national boundaries were all opened and since then, players were able to move freely around all countries without any restrictions.

The lively crowd made the normally quiet Sky City suddenly very bustling. In large open spaces, groups of players could be seen sitting on the ground. Many came for the artifacts auctioned, while others came especially to see what Sky City, the head of the seven neutral main cities, looked like.

“Fatty, the number of people is increasing. If we don't limit it, it’ll affect the construction.” Liu Lan ran over to inform.

After returning from the Sun Dynasty, the Fierce Dragon Gang, the Great Four Gates, Misty Waterfall, and the other guilds all stayed in Sky City, leaving only a group of players to guard their own bases. When the war started, there was bound to be bloodshed. Even the four main cities were getting all jittery, let alone their small bases. They would be the first to suffer when the Demon troops crossed the border.

“Charge them. 10,000 gold coins to enter the city.” Fatty waved his hand.

“What? 10,000 gold coins entry fee?!” In the only Teleportation Portal in Sky City, several players looked pale. Outside the portal were squads in perfect phalanxes tightly surrounding it.

“That’s right, 10,000 gold coins. You can come in and visit if you pay, please return if you don't,” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord shouted with his halberd on his shoulder.

“Is this your house or what? You say pay and we have to pay?” Some were displeased.

“Hey, you're right, this is my house.” Jiangdong’s LittleOverlord thrust his halberd into the ground, “Pay or leave. Don't get in the way here, there are still many people coming.”

The players who came in early gloated over the latecomers’ misery. Some turned to leave with a cold snort upon hearing about the fee; those who wanted to enter the city had no choice but to pay the 10,000 gold coins.

“Charge?” In a flash of white light, a blond man appeared in the portal. He revealed a faint smile when he heard about the 10,000 fee.

“It's SaintPetertheGreat!”

“Lord of Storm City!”

There were sounds of alarm in the crowd, apparently some recognized the man's identity.

“This is the city lord of Storm City? They’re both city lords and Fatty’s status is higher, but look at them, this guy looks elegant and polite, much better than that greedy Fatty.” The female players of Rainrevelers chattered. Their leader, Rainbow Watcher, listened with a wry smile.

“Lord of Sky City?”

“Lord of Storm City?”

Fatty and SaintPetertheGreat looked at each other across a distance.

“Huh? Where did you get your hair dyed? That’s a really bad skill, the color’s starting to fade,” Fatty suddenly said.

SaintPetertheGreat’s face sank.

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