Chapter 388 Demon-Sealing Stele

Chapter 388 – Demon-Sealing Stele

Octahead City was destroyed.

When the huge serpent Octahead died, the nine-tailed fox fled, and the massive Sky City slowly descended, the destruction of Octahead City was already final.

The whole city, along with millions of NPCs and players, including their city lord, all perished.

When the system notification rang out all over the world, all the players in the game were appalled. To destroy a main city in one battle, just how overbearing, how domineering is this?

This wasn’t a player's base, nor a small city, but the first-class main city tied with cities such as Azure Dragon and White Tiger, and it had disappeared, just like that. Moreover, the other party hadn’t even deployed their main army. It was heard that the original target was Nonatail, another first-class main city of the Sun Dynasty.

However, currently, Nonatail City was still fine. Although it was attacked, it steadily held out in the end. On the other hand, Octahead City was destroyed.

When Octahead City was destroyed, there were Sun Dynasty players that captured the event and released it on the forum, accusing the players of Xuanhuang of cheating. In a picture, a grand city with tens-of-meters-high walls stretched for hundreds of miles, and countless soldiers and players stood on the wall, which could be said to be a very solid defense.

However, above it was another main city, which in appearance looked more like an island. This vast island, the size of a main city, was pressing down little by little, inch by inch at a slow speed. No matter how the players below screamed, whined and cursed, it kept going firmly until Octahead City was completely flattened.

Gold streaks rose in Sky City as at least a hundred thousand players leveled up, and some more than one time. Since the Sun Dynasty colluded with the Demon realm in contract, they had become the antithesis of mankind. Killing any one of them would be rewarded with experience, not to mention killing millions of NPCs and players in one crush.

Of course, most of the experience was taken by Fatty, the city lord of Sky City. As golden glows rose up from his body continuously and the sound of system notification kept ringing by his ears, Fatty was satisfied to the core. He just wanted to fly Sky City to fly to Nonatail City and destroy it too.

The ruins of Octahead City were full of all kinds of dropped equipment. Without Fatty needing to say anything, the players madly rushed down and began a sweep.

It was a pity that the Serpent Octahead was only an enemy and not a monster, or else it might have dropped a Divine artifact of good quality.

“Revenge, revenge!” No matter in reality or in-game, the people of a certain country collectively protested. On the one hand, they protested against Star Fantasia for allowing cheating and on the other hand against their own side to be so useless as to let a main city be destroyed.

About their protest, Star Fantasia didn’t provide any reply at all, simply ignoring them. In the game, the clan heads of this country gathered at their imperial city in a discussion to plot the destruction of the Xuanhuang Ancient Country.


At moments like these, there would always be some party pooper to ruin the mood. After a struggle, the Blood Curse Evil Dragon finally squeezed out the black hole and excitedly roared wildly in the sky.

“Let's go.” Hearing the dragon’s roar, Fatty remembered that they were still in danger. Without delay, he immediately took control of Sky City, getting ready to space jump.

Serpent Octahead and the nine-tailed fox were all mountain-sized beasts, but compared to the Blood Curse Evil Dragon, they were like dwarves. The dragon was a million meters long and endless at a glance. Its two skeletal wings blocked out the sun when spread and covered the entire Sky City in their shadow.

Roaring for a while, the Blood Curse Evil Dragon finally calmed down and looked at Sky City, the corners of its mouth drooling with blood-red saliva.

If Octahead City was still in existence, it could have shared some attention from the dragon, but now there were only hundreds of thousands of players in Sky City, which naturally had all of its focus.

“Delicious flesh and blood!” The Blood Curse Evil Dragon dove down with a shriek.

In what seemed to be just gently flap of wings, the dragon appeared right above Sky City. A huge claw as big as a small town descended and grabbed towards Sky City.

“Scram!” There was a shrill eagle cry, followed by a huge blood eagle that flew out from behind Iron Eagle and slammed itself into the huge claw. With a screech, the blood eagle collapsed, while the huge claw shrank back. Sky City trembled nonstop, and many already damaged buildings crumbled completely.

The Blood Curse Evil Dragon let out a small sound of exclamation, seemingly curious why those people could block it. Then, its two wings swept up a gale that whirled around Sky City. With a momentum that seemed set to destroy the world, the gale blew until the sky turned black and objects spun in a mess. Sky City, which could directly flatten a main city, was now like a little boat rolling in the storm inside this gale.

Faint lights lit up on the magic towers one by one and quickly formed a protective barrier around Sky City. This was Sky City’s specialized defense formation.

With crackling noises, the space around Sky City snapped and a black hole gradually cracked open. The flying city plunged into the black hole in a flash, about to jump away.

“Still wanna run?” The Blood Curse Evil Dragon’s voice rumbled. One of its claws suddenly stretched out and grasped the air around Sky City, crushing the space and forcing out the city that was already halfway into the black hole.

“This is horrible!” Everyone was shocked beyond terrified.

“Strange,” Lin Xi muttered to himself.

“What's the matter?” Lei Ao turned and asked.

“The Blood Curse Evil Dragon should be more than just this. Looking at it now, if we dare to make a gamble, we should be able to kill it,” Lin Xi said.

“Maybe something’s happened?” Iron Eagle also realized.

“Look! What's on its back?” a deputy marshal called out.

On the Blood Curse Evil Dragon’s back was a black object up to ten thousand feet high, firmly occupying the place like an ancient, evil mountain. This black object was cuboid-shaped, covered in dark clouds so it couldn’t be seen clearly. However, the random drifting of the dark clouds revealed a word that seemed to be ‘Seal.’

“Could that be… the Demon-Sealing Stele?” Iron Eagle suddenly exclaimed.

“Demon-Sealing Stele?” Fatty looked up at once but only saw dark clouds, he couldn’t see the word at all.

“You lot also know of the Demon-Sealing Stele?” The Blood Curse Evil Dragon stopped attacking at this.

“It's really it!” Fatty couldn’t hide his excitement. The Heavenly Hound had actually tricked him that the stele had ended up with the Dragon race, apparently trying to send him to his death.

“How is this stele with you?” Fatty pressed down his excitement and asked in a solemn tone.

“How would I know?” At the mention of the stele, the Blood Curse Evil Dragon seemed to be suffering some unspeakable injustice. “I was inside my secluded space, when suddenly one day, the space was torn open. I was about to rush out when a thing was thrown on my back and almost broke my bones and tendons. If it hadn’t been for my powerful strength, I woulda been killed by this thing. It fell on my back and took root there. I couldn't get it off and have to carry it everywhere. If you get it off me, I'll spare your lives.”

“Thrown?” Fatty and the experts exchanged glances and tacitly understood. When the Demon race had robbed the stele at the beginning but had no way to destroy it, they must have thrown it into another space, and this unlucky Blood Curse Evil Dragon happened to be in its path.

“I can help you get it off, but you have to let my friends go first,” Fatty said after a deep breath.

“Help me get it off first, and I'll let you lot go,” the Blood Curse Evil Dragon cunningly replied.

“That won’t work, what if you go back on our agreement? We are no match for you.” Fatty resolutely refused to back down.

“What if you can't get it down?” The Blood Curse Evil Dragon's concern wasn’t unreasonable.

“I know what you want. I'll take you to a place where there’s plenty of fresh flesh and blood, you can eat as much as you like.” Fatty made up his mind to take the dragon to Nonatail City. If it weren’t for the distance, he would have loved to take it to the imperial city of the Sun Dynasty.

After bargaining, the Blood Curse Evil Dragon finally agreed to go to the place where Fatty said to have lots of fresh flesh and blood. Letting Reck take charge of Sky City, Fatty flew onto the dragon's back. The Blood Curse Evil Dragon was made entirely of bones, but it was covered in sticky and slippery blood as if it had been soaked in blood for a long time.

“So this is the Demon-Sealing Stele, the most important thing in the Elemental Secret Realm.” Fatty approached the stele. The dark clouds automatically rolled out of his way to make a path.

Under the stele, Fatty was like an ant beside an elephant. He reached out and gently stroked it, and the stele suddenly shook as if it had finally met its master.

Looking closely, the Demon-Sealing Stele was covered in blood, and under the blood were various pictures of a towering mountain that rose into the clouds, suppressing many strong experts under it. These strong experts included demons, monsters, and even humans.

“Lad, can you really get it off?” Feeling the stele which had never once been successfully removed no matter how hard it tried now actually shaking, the Blood Curse Evil Dragon was full of hope. The Demon-Sealing Stele was no plaything, it suppressed the dragon’s power to half of the normal amount. If it hadn’t been for the fact that Iron Eagle and the other experts had too much to worry about, no one could be sure if the dragon would still be alive right now.

The Blood Curse Magic Dragon was extremely fast, it arrived at Nonatail City in a blink of an eye. Seeing the huge figure suddenly appearing above, the nine-tailed fox was thunderstruck. How the hell did this fellow come here?

Arriving at Nonatail City, Fatty took a deep breath. The Elemental Skill Book flew out in a five-color light, and at the center of the light, a fist-sized hole slowly emerged.

The moment the hole appeared, the Demon-Sealing Stele buzzed violently, then shrank to the size of a palm before flying directly into the hole – the entrance of the Elemental Mystery Realm – and settled down inside.

The dark clouds around the stele dispersed, replaced by a five-color halo. Gradually, the Elemental Mystery Realm began to change.

“Lad, not bad, you did a good job.” Feeling the stele disappear, the Blood Curse Evil Dragon faced the sky and issued a loud roar, then snapped its jaws towards Fatty.

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