Chapter 387 Massacre of a City

Chapter 387 – Massacre of a City

Octahead's shrieks were particularly resounding in the dark. The shrill voice penetrated one's bones, making one shiver.

As a first-class main city, Sky City was colossal and weighty. A God-tier expert that could easily uproot a mountain top as it might be, Octahead had its limit. Upon being terribly slammed by Sky City at top speed, all the bones in its body burst with crackling sounds and all nine heads collapsed at the same time. When Sky City slowly rose and stabilized, appearing before everyone was only a mass of meat paste, plus nine basket-sized inner cores of different attributes rolling about wildly in the air.

“Dead? Just like that?” All the experts in the sky, including Iron Eagle, Lin Xi, and the nine-tailed fox, were in disbelief. Octahead, a powerful Divine expert who once had challenged the sacred beast Azure Dragon, the sacred beast protector of Sun Dynasty, died from a slight bump?

However, looking at the sky-blotting flying city, the nine-tailed fox secretly gulped. Not to mention Octahead, even if it bundled together with Octahead they wouldn’t be able to withstand such a collision.

“Retreat,” the nine-tailed fox ordered. Now that Octahead was dead, their side was simply no match for Iron Eagle’s, so its first idea was to withdraw.

“Want to run? Too late.” Iron Eagle issued a long roar, and a huge blood eagle soared aggressively towards the nine-tailed fox.

Even after having killed Octahead in a blow, Fatty didn’t feel very good at the moment. Sky City was in violent turmoil and many newly-built buildings had collapsed, making it another huge cost.

However, the benefits of killing a sacred beast were also hefty. More than half of the experience from Octahead was attributed to Fatty, the Lord of Sky City. Billions of experience points leapfrogged his experience bar as Fatty flashed five times in a row, gaining a full five levels.

Other players in Sky City also had their own gains, but the scattered experience wasn’t enough to level them, except for a few players who had been just a little short from leveling.

“Dead, dead!” Reck cried out in a pleasant surprise. Pulling Lucas, the two instantly teleported out.

Everybody’s eyes seemed to go dizzy as the nine big inner cores disappeared in a flash, and Reck and Lucas reappeared in Sky City.

“Hahaha, a sacred beast’s inner cores, and a poison attribute one to boot! Now I can refine a poison that can kill Divine experts.” Reck laughed loudly. As soon as he was done laughing, he called out, “There is still a nine-tailed fox over there. Fatty, run into it.”

“I say, old man, you think we can still afford it once more?” Fatty threw him a contemptuous look. The impact just now had damaged over half of the structures in Sky City and even consumed half of the magic stones Fatty had brought over from the Demon realm. Another clash would drain the rest of the magic stones. Without its energy source, Sky City would become useless in this war, and the loss would outweigh the benefits.

Reck also thought of this. He sighed and swallowed saliva as he looked at the nine-tailed fox.

“No rush. Without Octahead, the nine-tailed fox can’t win the fight alone, nor can it escape from Marshal Iron Eagle,” Lucas said.

Now that there was one less threat, the Xuanhuang experts fully displayed their might and forced the Sun Dynasty’s Divine experts led by the nine-tailed fox to repeatedly retreat. At the same time, the news that the army had approached Nonatail City arrived. That was when it suddenly dawned on Fatty. No wonder the NPC troops hadn’t been able to catch up with him after such a long time. It turned out they had marched for Nonatail City.

“Go.” Knowing that death would be inevitable if they continued fighting, the nine-tailed fox took a hard look at Sky City before an incantation was hastily chanted out from its mouth, and the Dark Blood Mantra suddenly changed.

The boundless black mist gradually diluted, but the dripping of blood rain became more intense. A black hole appeared in the sky, where two stark white skeletal hands over a kilometer long stuck out. These two hands were covered in dense bloodstreams, just like a person's hands that were stripped of their flesh leaving only blood vessels. At their emergence, the hands grabbed the edge of the hole and tore hard, expanding it.

“Blood Curse Evil Dragon?! Damn you!” Iron Eagle flew into a seething rage. He immediately gave up on pursuing the nine-tailed fox to return to Sky City, appearing quite apprehensive about the two big hands.

“Xuanhuang Ancient Country, just you wait for our Sun Dynasty's revenge.” In the darkness came the voice of the nine-tailed fox, who was taking the dozen men to leave in a hurry.

“Let's go, this Blood Curse Evil Dragon is beyond us.” Landing inside Sky City, Iron Eagle urged Fatty.

Seeing this kind of anxiety on Iron Eagle’s face for the first time, Fatty also panicked. He hastily operated the magic formation for a space jump.

The hole in the sky continued to expand before a hill-like dragon head poked out from it. Like the hands, this head had no skin and was covered in only blood veins that were still squirming. Just looking at it made people’s scalp tingle.

The dragon’s eyes were two deep holes in which two blood-red flames danced.


Out of the hole, the head swayed from side to side and seemed delighted to see the scene below. The mouth opened to issue a loud roar as the creature struggled hard to come out.

The space snapped with the sounds of glass shattering. In several minutes, the Blood Curse Evil Dragon had squeezed out more than half of the body. Only the lower half was still stuck inside the hole.

“What is this thing?” Fatty gulped hard in terror.

“Blood Curse Evil Dragon, a terrible existence exiled by the gods, surpasses the Divine level, but it is not the same as the Legendary realm, especially as an undead. Unless our Grand Marshal personally steps out, no one here can be its opponent. Since a Blood Curse Evil Dragon has been born, this is big trouble. The whole human race will soon face a catastrophe.” Iron Eagle’s expression was heavy.

“What’s there to fear? The Sun Dynasty is in front of us if there’s any. If it dares to go to our Xuanhuang, the four sacred beasts won’t let it off,” Lin Xi coldly said.

“Humans, it’s the Human realm. I smell flesh and blood.” When the Blood Curse Evil Dragon saw the floating Sky City, its blood-red eyes glowed with excitement.

“Woah, Blood Curse Evil Dragon! If we use its skeleton to refine the God Destroyer Crossbow, we will have a true weapon that can kill Divine experts.” In Sky City, Karl, who had been promoted to the rank of Blacksmith Grandmaster, gazed at the dragon in a trance.

“They ran just like that?” The space around Sky City fluctuated more and more violently, showing that the jump could be made right away, but Fatty looked at Octahead City not so far away with unwillingness.

He had come here for benefits but not gained any and instead consumed a lot of energy, and half the buildings in the city were destroyed. Fatty’s heart ached so bad. Now, in front of him was an almost resistance-less Octahead City. If he didn’t take the chance to pillage it, he’d rather die in the claws of the Blood Curse Evil Dragon.

“Is money more important or is life more important?!” Iron Eagle shouted.

“Of course it’s money.” The fluctuations around Sky City slowly subsided. Fatty gritted his teeth and drove Sky City towards Octahead City.

“You, you…” Looking at the dragon that was about to totally squeeze itself out the black hole, Iron Eagle was so furious he just wanted to slap Fatty to death.

“We even defeated a big boss. This is ours.” Fatty didn’t care. After a brief announcement, he lowered Sky City.

Which of the players with the guts to come here didn’t aim for war loot? And the most important thing was that they now had the chance to destroy a main city on the enemy’s side; it was worth it even if everyone died. With a stripped bare Octahead city right around the corner, who would care about a Blood Curse Evil Dragon? Before Fatty lowered Sky City to a low enough elevation, many players couldn’t wait and already released their flying mounts to rush into Octahead City.

“Since we’ve come here, there’s no need for such a hurry to leave, don’t you think? It's just a Blood Curse Evil Dragon, how can it be any trouble to you experts?” Reck smilingly flattered Iron Eagle whose expression looked quite ugly, then vanished with Lucas. With a flicker, they appeared inside the city lord manor of Octahead City.

“Slaughter the city!” shouted Fatty. He didn't rush out since whatever Reck and Lucas harvested would be used for Sky City anyway.

“Slaughter the city!” shouted the guild masters in unison upon hearing Fatty’s voice.

“Slaughter the city!” the remaining several hundred thousand players shouted at the same time, the sonic waves resounded all around. In teams, everybody charged towards Octahead City.

“For the glory of the eternal Sun Dynasty, for…” an NPC squad captain sang loudly to encourage his soldiers. A group of Xuanhuang players rushed over with a slew of bow and arrow skills, instantly turning this group of NPCs into corpses.

“Kill, for the glory of our emperor!” the remaining players and NPCs of the Sun Dynasty shouted at the same time and flooded out to battle the descending players.

With Sky City here, Octahead City's defensive measures didn’t kick up a fuss and was even attacked from time to time from above. The only thing the city had to rely on was the soldiers and players inside.

“Go die!” A group of Xuanhuang players rushed to a smithy, killed the blacksmith and kicked over the stove. The fire inside spilled out, and after a while, the whole shop was ablaze.

A group of players rushed to an alchemy shop. The owner had already vanished without a trace. Several fire mages conjured fireballs and lit the store.

Smoke billowed from all parts of Octahead City, and flames were raging into the sky in more places.

“Kill, kill!” More and more players rushed to the city lord manor and fought with their lives against the Sun Dynasty players and soldiers around.

Up to now, both sides had no intention of stopping, killing the enemy to the very last one was their only thought. However, this was the Sun Dynasty’s home field, which allowed them to respawn right inside the city after death. Moreover, the number of players here was much more than that of the Xuanhuang party. In their desperate counterattack, the Sun Dynasty repeatedly forced back the alliance of Xuanhuang guilds.

“Kill, kill! Fight to the death, death is not to be regretted!” roared the guild masters as they led their members in a mad killing spree.

“Oh wow oh wow, so many good things!” Reck and Lucas were all smiles when they appeared next to Fatty, obviously having robbed aplenty in their search in the city lord manor.

“You guys have cleaned out everything?” Fatty smiled. “Everybody, take the brothers to withdraw, leave the rest to me.”

Sky City slowly rotated. Under Fatty’s control, it flew right above Octahead city and slowly lowered.

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