Chapter 386 Mortal Crash

Chapter 386 – Mortal Crash

Octahead's body of ten kilometers long was like a floating mountain range, its nine heads were like volcanoes erupting with spells of different attributes.

The Xuanhuang experts had the ability to rival Octahead, Fatty didn’t. His current strength was so poor that even dealing damage could already be regarded as a good job.

The Elemental Skill Book hovered in front of Fatty, flipping pages like crazy as it blasted out ice and water spells at Octahead’s own, annihilating each other in mid-air.

In the Elemental Mystery Realm, fire energy was most abundant, yet what Fatty lacked the most was actually fire magic spells. He had nothing else to choose from but ice and water.

The amount of ice and water energy in the Elemental Secret Realm steadily declined substantially as water and frost dragons appeared to entangle with Octahead’s water head. Occasionally, icicles would hit without dealing much damage, and the beast’s lost HP would be recovered in the blink of an eye.

Fatty smeared all kinds of poisons on the Elemental sword. Although these poisons weren’t much of a threat to Octahead, they managed to cause some trouble at least.

Octahead shrieked with all nine shaking heads and attacked more fiercely as time passed. The two sides got more heated the more they fought and it was now a life-or-death struggle between them, both just wanted to handle the other as soon as possible.


Octahead roared painfully as the dark attribute head in the middle was smashed by Iron Eagle. Countless blood lights twined around the marshal who had sent a blood eagle with a wingspan of over 20 meters to rip the head apart with its two claws and a shrill shriek.

Black blood sprayed in big masses where the head was torn from the neck. The excruciating pain had Octahead wallowing in the air, its huge tail almost shattering the surroundings.

The other eight heads hurriedly attacked and forced back Iron Eagle. The flesh at Octahead's ripped neck squirmed, and a moment later, a new head grew out. However, Octahead’s health was down by at least one-tenth.

“One head, one life. Let me see how many lives you have.” Lin Xi let out a long battle cry. Behind him was a hovering illusion of a huge Black Tortoise. Roaring, “Black Tortoise – Sea Ruling Punch!” he threw a punch that smashed the earth attribute head.

“Azure Dragon Tears the Sky!” Lei Ao also roared at this moment. An Azure Dragon emerged from thin air. Its head was as big as a mountain and its body so long that its tail was still in an unknown void. Flashing with exotic lights from its table-sized scales, the dragon issued a long scream as soon as it appeared and clasped a head with its two front claws, then viciously tore.

A wretched scream resounded. The thunder attribute head cracked and foul black blood poured out like heavy rain, dyeing the mountains below completely black.

The strongest three of the group had smashed three heads. While the other five deputy marshals couldn’t achieve the same thing, they still wiped out a great deal of Octahead’s health. Fatty’s harvest was pitiful compared to everyone else.

His biggest killer was the Elemental Sword Diagram, which could only be used if the other party was trapped inside. In the face of a huge and powerful beast like Octahead, the diagram was like a double-edged sword that would hurt Fatty if he wasn’t careful. Therefore, Fatty had been hesitant to use it.

Reck and Lucas both came to help. Lucas' space magic allowed his movements to be sudden and elusive, while Reck sprinkled tons of poison that made Octahead numb one second and dizzy the next. Together, the trio barely managed to keep the water head busy.

After the three smashed heads regrew one after another, Octahead’s eighteen eyes glowed with murderous light. Aside from the last time it had been defeated by the sacred beast Azure Dragon, Octahead had never been this seriously injured before. The successive injuries had triggered its rage.

The Sun Dynasty had a few Divine experts didn’t mean it couldn’t even provide a helper to Octahead. However, in the previous war with Xuanhuang Ancient Country, the Sun Dynasty had failed badly, resulting in most of their God-tier experts having to rely on the Shrine of Peace to survive – just like the five Demon Kings who depended on the Death Altar to prolong their existence, unable to come to help.

“You lot shall pay the price!” Octahead bellowed in rage and gave up attacking. In unison, the nine heads recited an incantation, and violent magic fluctuations spread through the air.

“That’s the Dark Blood Mantra.” Iron Eagle’s expression was that of shock and fear.

A huge, black hexagonal magic formation loomed over Octahead. The formation emitted monstrous demonic miasma and the sound of water was heard from inside where a deep red river flowed slowly. In this big river, numerous bizarre-looking monsters roamed.

“When darkness curtains, evil destroys the world!” Once the incantation was finished, Octahead roared. The huge magic formation collapsed immediately, and the heavens and earth turned into sheer darkness filled with only the sounds of hair-raising screams and howls.

Seen from a distance, it looked just like a huge black ball had firmly engulfed this area. Thunderous noises of a storm and misery could be heard ceaselessly, but nothing could be seen.

“Be careful, everyone!” Iron Eagle and the experts each launched their own nation to repel this horrible blood. The blood was extremely corrosive. Fatty witnessed a deputy marshal hit by it, and then in just a moment half of his health was gone accompanied by sizzling sounds.

“Noooooo, my Sky City!” Hiding in Lin Xi’s nation, Fatty looked at Sky City. At the moment, it was like the end of the world. Sky City was lifeless as if all living beings had been corroded into nothingness by the blood.

A bright mass lit up Sky City, which was the restarting of the Thunderstorm Formation. Blinding lightning and blood clashed with rumbling noises, but the lightning only erupted very briefly before it gradually dimmed down, unable to stop the gradual invasion.

“You really thought I would be sitting here waiting to die?” In the darkness, Octahead’s smug voice resounded. However, the strength in this voice was slightly deficient, obviously having a difficult time after casting this magic.

“Dark Blood Mantra. You must have prepared it for quite a long time?” asked Iron Eagle with flashing eyes.

“Hahaha, not very long. The preparation started once we knew you were coming and only finished just now,” a charming voice resounded from another place. The faces of the Xuanhuang experts immediately become ugly.

“Nine-tailed fox.”

“Yes, it’s me. I bet you never expected this, we have been waiting for you for a long time.”

Fatty looked over in the direction of the voice to see a monster no smaller than Octahead sitting on a high mountain. This monster was pure white, its nine tails wagging from side to side behind, looking very comfortable.

“One marshal, two city lords, five deputy marshals, Sky City, plus two treasures of the Elementalist. That’s a jackpot. It’s truly worth me coming all the way here.” The nine-tailed fox's voice wasn’t loud and was so full of charm that softly hit the ears, and made Fatty feel sleepy.

“Indeed a coquettish fox,” Fatty complained.

Two outstanding experts among the mythical creatures, plus an uncanny Dark Blood Mantra, the situation seemed extremely unfavorable to Fatty’s side.

“You think you can handle us with just a Dark Blood Mantra?” Iron Eagle sneered.

“What if you add us?” A dozen figures emerged in the darkness. These figures shone, apparently also very powerful experts.

“If you lot die, I bet your emperor will feel heartache?” The voice of the nine-tailed fox faintly drifted over, but it contained infinite killing intent.

Iron Eagle was noncommittal. Fatty was surprised to find a hint of sarcasm hidden in Lin Xi's expression.

There’s something here. Fatty pondered. Talking about cunning, Old Fox Lin Xi is no inferior to a nine-tailed fox. Since he dared to follow the army here, he’s obviously fully prepared.

“Unfortunately, I don't know whether you will kill us first or we will destroy your Nonatail City first,” Iron Eagle indifferently said.

“What?!” The nine-tailed fox turned pale.

“Kill, kill them, and then we rescue Nonatail City!” Octahead shrieked and was the first to attack.

The Dark Blood Mantra’s extensive damage forced everyone to launch their nations to resist and, as a consequence, drawing most of the energy of the experts. Not to mention, not all Divine experts had a nation, the five deputy marshals were never seen casting theirs.

The two sides began a fierce battle. Iron Eagle, Lin Xi, and Lei Ao expanded their nations to resist the Dark Blood Mantra. Octahead and the nine-tailed fox also deployed their own.

This was the first time Fatty got to see so many nations out at once. Iron Eagle's was a bloody space, in which many blood eagles soared; Lin Xi's was a vast stretch of soil – the Black Tortoise Nation; while Lei Ao's was the Azure Dragon Nation, a cyan space. Octahead's Nation was a territory of eerie colors, while the nine-tailed fox's was filled to the brim with pink.

“First, destroy Sky City,” Octahead issued an order.

“You nine-headed worm, don’t be such a bully!” Fatty raged. You are all God-tier experts, and you actually stoop to deal with us puny mortals?

Several figures rocketed at Sky City without saying a word. Lin Xi along with two deputy marshals hurriedly rushed after to intercept them, and they began an intense high-altitude confrontation.

A loud rumble was heard. Two figures had reached Sky City and began to attack the Thunderstorm Formation. Once the formation was broken and the blood from the Dark Blood Mantra rained down on the city, no one inside would escape the fate of losing a level.

“Bully!” Fatty was truly furious. “City Lord, send us in.”

Lin Xi took Fatty into Sky City. The instant he was back inside, Fatty immediately took control of the Holy Spirit Island and started burning magic stones prodigally.

“You dare attack my city?” Fatty gnashed his teeth. The space around Sky City fluctuated violently, the signal of a space jump.

“Don't let him escape!” Among the dozen figures, there were two space experts. They instantly cast magic to seal the surrounding space and prevent Sky City from teleporting.

“You can’t jump now, too dangerous!” Lucas hurriedly stopped Fatty.

“Who said I wanted to jump?” Fatty grinned, revealing two rows of white teeth. “Accelerate for me!”

The first-class main city, second only to the Imperial Capital, the huge Sky City, suddenly accelerated. Like a meteor in the night sky, bringing along the glow of lightning, it thunderously charged in a direction.

“Danger!” the nine-tailed fox shouted. Octahead's nine heads stiffened in the air as it watched Sky City getting closer and closer to itself. Within dense lightning, the shade of the city grew larger and larger, eventually shadowing all of its eighteen eyes.


Sky City and Octahead collided. A miserable screech rang out within the dark.

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