Chapter 382 The Heavenly Hound Corps

Chapter 382 – The Heavenly Hound Corps

Sky City flew faster than the troops marching on the ground, so after approaching Octahead City, it wasn’t in a rush to attack but just floated in the air for a little.

The Sun Dynasty took this opportunity to prepare their flying troops. Sky City posed too great a threat that they found it impossible to go against. Even if Sky City’s offensive power hadn’t been so strong, a fortress out of their attack range would give anyone a headache. And the allure of Sky City was too great. At the moment, what they strived for was not a way to defend Octahead City, but to win Sky City regardless of the cost.

“With Sky City, we can get rid of the predicament of insufficient resources and gain a ticket in the competition for world supremacy.” Several family heads had gathered to discuss. “Therefore, send the most powerful flying troops of your clans. No matter what, we must capture Sky City. When the other clans heard the news, they all started to head over here. Our forces will be much stronger then.”

Fatty and the ones in Sky City were still waiting for the army below to catch up when the opponent flying troops already began a suicide attack.

Teams of either NPCs and players on flying mounts charged like crazy against the current of attacks from Sky City. White lights flashed in the sky as bodies fell like dumplings falling into a pot, yet this couldn’t put an end to their steps. Some even lost dozens of levels until they could no longer ride their mounts, and only then were they forced to stop.

This lasted for one hour, during which an estimation of at least 100,000 players had died in mid-air, but the bitter return was only getting within a kilometer outside Sky City at best and consuming a large number of its arrows.

“A real warrior, dare to face the free fall…” sang Fatty in a poetic rush on the Holy Spirit Island.

“Its defense is very strong.” In Octahead City, the faces of the clan heads didn’t change one bit at the death of over one hundred thousand people as they stood in a clearing, squinting at Sky City.

“The stronger the better, otherwise it’s useless to capture it.” A clan head spat a mouthful of saliva on the ground.

“What's the use of being strong, anyway. When its energy is used up, it’ll only be a big target that can’t run.” Another head sneered.

“The Heavenly Hound Corps is coming soon. We must exhaust their energy as much as possible to clear the path for the army.”

“Damn it, if the Heavenly Hound weren't training in another place, they could have teleported here directly. What’s worse, most of our space mages were deployed for the cross-border Teleportation Portal, or else we could have set up another portal to transfer them.”

“It is useless to say anything now. Keep sending people to attack. Even if we can’t get close to them, we can consume their ammunition.”

“Some are coming to die again. Watch how I shoot them dead through the heart,” declared TheFugitive as he eyed the tens of thousands of players riding over on flying mounts.

“Don't attack, let them in,” Fatty suddenly said.

“Why?” The players around were surprised.

“We don't have much of arrows in reserve, we need to save as much as we can. I have a hunch that there’s a fierce battle coming,” Fatty explained.

The players around all nodded and passed down Fatty’s order. Apart from those standing in their posts, teams of players began to assemble. The Knights mounted up, the Warriors polished their weapons, Archers and Mages readied their supplies, and the Rogues disappeared in the wind. A kind of excitement before the coming of war spread out and permeated the atmosphere.

“They finally figured it out.” Seeing Fatty no longer stopped the enemies from approaching Sky City, Iron Eagle nodded.

“Well, this kind of plan is too simple, after all.” Lin Xi smiled indifferently.

Seeing that Sky City no longer fired, the rushing Sun Dynasty players bit the bullet and kept going, because ready to greet them were hundreds of thousands of Xuanhuang players.

Now that all guilds were in their mature stage, each large and famous guild had basically tens of thousands of members or even hundreds of thousands. Of those who Fatty had pulled into Sky City, there were already several in the top ten of the four main cities, easily gathering an army of hundreds of thousands.

In front of hundreds of thousands of players, the enemy party of merely ten thousand was like a stone thrown into the sea, disappearing quickly without kicking up a wave. Seeing that Sky City no longer continued unnecessary consumption, the Sun Dynasty below no longer sent people to attack. Both sides entered a quiet period of wait.


White lights lit up in Octahead City, introducing the appearances of soldier groups in the Teleportation Portals. The soldiers then immediately flew up and hovered above Octahead City.

From Sky City, Fatty could see clearly that they flew up relying on the mounts under them. This kind of mount was very strange, looking like a dog the size of an ox, with colorful fur and also a pair of wings that enabled it to fly.

“It's the Sun Dynasty's Heavenly Hound Corps.” Iron Eagle’s face was chilling.

“I wonder how strong they are compared with our Flying Eagle Corps and Flying Dragon Corps,” mused a general next to him.

“Weaklings,” Iron Eagle spat with ascendancy.

The Flying Eagle Corps was one of the five legions under Iron Eagle, while the Flying Dragon Corps was the top flying legion among the five armies of Dragon, Tiger, Lion, Leopard, and Eagle.

“Everybody, into your positions. The big boss is coming,” Fatty said cheerfully and clapped his hands.

All of the portals in Octahead City were still flashing. Each time they did so, a group of Heavenly Hound soldiers emerged and silently flew to line up in the air.

“Hey, have you guys noticed something?” Bai Xiaosheng suddenly said. In order to become one of the heroes in the war to destroy the Sun Dynasty, Bai Xiaosheng had even disregarded his Hero City and brought his subordinates here.

“What's the problem?” Fatty asked in surprise.

“After all that killing, we still don't have a red name,” Bai Xiaosheng pointed out seriously.

“Isn’t that normal? What’s so strange about it?” Fatty blinked in confusion.

“This illustrates a matter.” Bai Xiaosheng wanted to keep the atmosphere in suspense but then found that the surrounding faces weren’t looking good. With a smile, he said his guess, “This means that the Sun Dynasty which colluded with the Demon race has become traitors to mankind. Killing them not only has no punishment but even yields rewards.”

“That’s right, I would have forgotten if you didn’t mention it. My experience has really increased,” Liu Lan exclaimed.

“Really, so good?” Fatty was stunned. He immediately pulled out a pet egg from his inventory, the Ice Phoenix pet egg.

Since he had stolen this egg, Fatty had been busy and thrown the fact that he had such a good thing to the back of his head. After level 70, he could now have three pets at once. Taking the egg out, he cut his finger and dripped a drop of blood on it.

Crack, crack… Chill whiffed out from a little crack that appeared on the eggshell. Then, a piece of shell fell out, where an ice blue beak stuck out, followed by a small white fluffy head.

Curiously using Rogue’s Eye and getting the Ice Phoenix’s information, HeadofGod stammered, “Ice, Ice Phoenix egg?”

“Ice Phoenix? This is a Phoenix?!” TheFugitive pounced at the little Ice Phoenix.

Bang! A thin layer of ice appeared on TheFugitive. His body immediately stiffened and fell to the ground.

“Screech!” the little Ice Phoenix issued a few screeches of satisfaction and staggered towards Fatty.

“So powerful when it’s still so small.” All the players around were envious.

“Hahaha…” Cradling the little Ice Phoenix in his hand, Fatty’s fondness increased the more he looked at it. The little thing nuzzled against Fatty’s palm, a pair of beady eyes looking at him that surprisingly showed intelligence that wasn’t any lower than Wheat.

“Attention, they’re approaching.” A voice moved everyone’s interest in the Ice Phoenix back to the upcoming battle.

“The Sun Dynasty’s population can’t compare to us, and their standing army is less than us as well. However, as the only flying army in their country, their Heavenly Hound Corps reaches a terrifying number of 1.5 million. It won’t be an easy defense for Sky City.” Iron Eagle, as his name implied, commented in a stone-cold aloof tone.

“Any war has casualties. If there’s no Sky City, we will lose more.” Lin Xi was even more ruthless.

“City Lord Lin will certainly make a prominent marshal if you join the army.” Iron Eagle glanced at Lin Xi in surprise.

“If a great war happens, I will have no fewer troops than you, Marshal,” Lin Xi indifferently said.

Roughly 1.5 million Heavenly Hound troops together with several hundred thousand players who could still fly formed an army of more than 2 million that stormed towards Sky City.

“Fight!” When they entered the attack range of Sky City, Fatty issued the attack command.

The sound of bolts rippling the air resounded in everyone’s eardrums, and the turrets attacks were blinding to look at. For a moment there, the players in Sky City lost their sight and hearing at the same time and their world was nothing but silence.

When they finally regained their senses, the scene immediately startled them. The over 2 million charging enemy troops were missing one-fifth in a single round.

“This is horrifying.” Some players swallowed hard.

“With this weapon in hand, I ask, who is the hero?!” shouted TheFugitive.

Such a result actually brought City Lord Fatty to bitter tears. The bombardment just consumed almost half of the resources he had gotten from Lin Xi, and tens of thousands of magic stones were gone.

“To fight wars is to burn money. Whoever is willing to burn more wins the final victory,” Bai Xiaosheng comforted.

“If this motherf*cker war won’t get me enough compensation, I will slam Sky City into their Imperial Capital.” As the corner of his mouth violent twitched, Fatty dropped malicious words.

The soldiers of the Sun Dynasty were indeed loyal. After so many were destroyed by a single blow, they still remained unfazed. Suddenly, they spread out to attack Sky City from all directions.

“Attack at will,” Fatty commanded.

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