Chapter 380 Aerial Fortress

Chapter 380 – Aerial Fortress

At the other end of the black hole tunnel, tens of thousands of soldiers firmly guarded the teleportation formation, in the middle of which were dozens of space mages with Lucas holding the Space Sonic in the very center.

A large number of magic stones were burning. Thick pure energy surged from them into the formation, maintaining the stability of the black hole. Waves of soldiers stepped into the formation and passed through the black hole to the other end in the Sun Dynasty.

If they wanted to move Sky City here, Lucas was a must. As the last wave of soldiers passed and the formation gradually dimmed, Fatty and Reck immediately ran over to pull Lucas aside and muttered a few words.

Then, the tens of thousands of guards around saw Grandmaster Lucas wave his hand, opening a space portal into which the trio entered in turn.

“If we get Sky City out, would nobody rob it?” Fatty was worried.

“Of course there will be.” Reck was relaxed. “But as long as our strength is sufficient, we destroy whoever tries. Who will dare to rob it then?”

Lucas cast his magic several times in a row and the three soon reached Sky City. As soon as they arrived, Lucas took half of the magic stones from Fatty and drilled himself into the control center of the city.

“Bro, look what I brought you.” During this free time, Fatty ran to West.

Seeing the white Fire Origin, West faced the sky and laughed, “Good, good! Lil’ Bro, thank you so much! With this, I’ll soon regain my power and gun for God realm.”

West opened his mouth and swallowed the Fire Origin. A thick white flame emerged from West's body, as condensed erratic fire elements burned so fiercely that West's face twisted.

West gritted his teeth and sweated like rain until over ten minutes later, he gave a loud roar and a red glow appeared on his body, thoroughly integrating with the Fire Origin.

“Great! It won't be long before I reach Saint-level, and it's not impossible to hit the Divine either.” West was overjoyed.

After Fatty exited West’s lair, Architect Lin quickly approached and grabbed Fatty, starting to complain about the shortage of resources. In the time Fatty was gone, the outer defense of Sky City had been built. Although the weapons weren’t comparable to that of the main cities like Black Tortoise, they still made an insurmountable gap that was impossible for players to cross.

“Kid, get ready for action.” Lucas came up from underground and called out to Fatty.

In a place Fatty couldn’t see, a great number of magic stones burned, releasing billows of energy that traced along the magic formations that Lucas had sketched in advance. Waves of space fluctuations began to loom over the entire city.

“Everybody brace yourselves, jump starting!” From Sky City's control hub, Lucas shouted and deployed the Sound Sonic. The fluctuations around Sky City grew even more violent. Along with an ear-piercing sound, Sky City shook and began the space jump.

Fatty’s vision suddenly flashed for a few seconds. When everything was clear again before him, he found that Sky City had appeared in a new place.

“Epic, I just jumped 250,000 miles at a time.” Lucas let out a whoop of admiration before he again operated the Space Sonic.

At the core magic formation of Sky City, mountains of magic stones burned fast. Every jump burned a considerable amount of magic stones to ashes. Were it not for the vein of magic stones that Fatty had emptied, such a luxurious activity would only be a dream, and they’d have to instead rely on the old method of letting Sky City slowly fly.

After jumping ten times in a row, Sky City appeared on the coast of the East Ocean where the sea was the surging and the waves rolled up hundreds of meters. In the distance, a white light curtain connecting the sea and the sky – it was the light curtain around the Natural Barrier.

“Jump, one more and we are there!” Lucas cried excitedly.

The continuous space turbulence had everyone in Sky City shocked speechless. Such a huge city doing space jumps? What the heck?!

In another rumble of vibrations, Sky City appeared on the other side of the Natural Barrier, on the shore outside the Sun Dynasty.

“This… Sky City?!” Suspended over the sea watching the war, Lin Xi, Lei Ao and the other generals of Xuanhuang were horrified. Some who were still in the dark on the details immediately issued orders to call over troops and besiege Sky City.

“Don't panic, everyone. It's one of your own.” Lin Xi hurriedly stopped them.

“Don't worry about them, just charge and grab!” Fatty shouted.

At this moment, there was no longer any need to jump. Sky City started to slowly fly in the direction of the Sun Dynasty, casting a shadow over the entire island below. Both of the sides at war were frightened and immediately retreated, fearing this was the enemy's war tool.

Currently, only less than one-tenth of Sky City construction had been completed, but the completed areas were all well-equipped. Turrets and cannons flashed as they began a slaughter.

A rain of arrows and bombs covered the ground completely, leaving no one alive in their wake. Millions of soldiers, players, and demons from the Sun Dynasty’s side – which made half of them – disappeared after two rounds of bombardment.

Owing to the fact that the enemy all gathered in one place and also the terrifying power of Sky City, such great killing efficiency was achievable. One could imagine all the war weapons of Black Tortoise City attacking at the same time and produce the same result.

“What on earth?” Both the enemy players and NPCs were completely dazed. How were they going to win against such a thing?

“Sky City, that is Sky City!” A Demon captain suddenly shouted, his tone full of terror.

“Sky City? Sky City, the head of the seven neutral main cities?” The other military officers remained transfixed a little before they looked at each other and shouted at the same time, “Withdraw!”

If the Demon army desperately resisted, they would face complete destruction even after causing certain damage to the Xuanhuang army. But if they fled now, the incomplete encirclement around them would make it difficult to destroy them all.

As soon as the Demon troops withdrew, the Sun Dynasty was left alone and had no choice but to withdraw also. The sight of millions of troops rushing to retreat at the same time like flowing water was spectacular. In the face of this, all the soldiers of the Xuanhuang Ancient Country started pursuing at once without needing any order from the higher-ups.

From an aerial view, one could clearly see a long line moving rapidly, which was the picture drawn by the stark contrast in the situations of the two sides. The sound of fighting was ceaseless, but most of the corpses were soldiers of the Sun Dynasty.

Fatty controlled Sky City to follow the line and attack occasionally, every attack reducing tens of thousands of enemies to ashes. Seeing this, those who had ideas of turning back to fight were scared out of their wits and fled in misery.

“Kill, kill, kill!” Behind, Lin Xi and the commanders finally ordered a full-scale attack. Millions of soldiers were divided into six long lines, tightly biting on the tail of the fleeing enemy troops, tearing off pieces of flesh and blood.

Not far ahead was a small city of the Sun Dynasty. There weren’t many soldiers stationed inside and its defense force was pretty much next to nothing. Not to mention that at the moment, those soldiers were frightened by the frantically fleeing army plus the huge approaching Sky City in the air. Immediately, all the NPCs with the players there hurried to escape, leaving an empty city.

“Stop, don’t press an enemy at bay.” A marshal in charge of the battle plan ordered the soldiers of Xuanhuang to stop attacking and began to arrange them around the small city. As for the players, they were still hot on the opponents’ heels and only stopped when a grand army came to their aid.

“No more?” All hyped as he controlled Sky City, Fatty suddenly found that the soldiers below had stopped and also hurriedly stopped. While Sky City was powerful, it was only a main city and couldn’t go against the force of an entire dynasty.

“Marshal of the East Expedition Army, Iron Eagle, requests a meeting with the lord of Sky City.” After arranging the troops around the small city, Iron Eagle immediately took some of his men to Sky City. However, as a courtesy, they didn’t come up and instead all floating in the air outside.

“Fatty, open the door.” Compared with the polite Iron Eagle, Lin Xi didn't have such a good temper. With a shout, he directly flew up, wanting to land down in Sky City.

“Enemy attack!” A shrill cry resounded inside the city, and dozens of turrets suddenly aimed at Lin Xi.

“Damned Fatty, roll out here!” Lin Xi stretched out his foot. However, he didn’t dare to defy the huge turrets in the end and could only shout from outside.

Lin Xi was a Divine expert who had the power of the sacred beast Black Tortoise backing him. However, a Divine expert also had certain limits. If all of these turrets fired at once, one round could beat Lin Xi into a sorry state.

“Ahaha, if it isn’t City Lord Lin Xi. It's been a long time, I hope you’ve been well?” Fatty laughed and as he walked out from the Holy Spirit Island and properly greeted Lin Xi.

“Damned Fatty, do you want me to shut down the teleportation line between Black Tortoise and Sky City?” Lin Xi threatened.

“If you dare to close it down, I dare to move my Sky City to Black Tortoise City.” Fatty refused to back down.

“You can try. As long as Lord Black Tortoise has no opinion, I don’t either.” Lin Xi sneered.

Fatty threw Lin Xi a savage glare. Since the guy had a sacred beast behind him, indeed there was nothing Fatty could do.

Ignoring Lin Xi, Fatty welcomed Iron Eagle and his group inside. Iron Eagle cut to the chase and asked Sky City to help attack the Sun Dynasty.

“Benefits?” Fatty rubbed his fingers.

“None,” Iron Eagle answered simply. “You want benefits, you catch it yourself. Whatever you can get is yours. If you get nothing, you only have yourself to blame for being incompetent.”

“Then what if I get all of it?” Fatty probed.

Everyone else all laughed. Lei Ao said, “If you’re not afraid to explode from overeating, you can go ahead and try.”

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