Chapter 38 Fatty’s Wrath

Chapter 38 – Fatty’s Wrath

“Never push that fat ass rat against a corner. If you do, then you will regret being born.”

That was something said by one of Fatty’s past opponents, and that in and of itself was enough for people to visualize the wrath of Fatty.

“Lord Fatty’s wrath can incinerate the entire world.”

That was something Fatty had once said himself. Although there was no doubt a bit of exaggeration to the words, it still clearly showed that enraging Fatty was something very foolish. His little sister Qian Xiaoqian undoubtedly held an important position in Fatty’s life. That was why even though he was extremely capable and just got into a great spot, he still chose to retire for Qian Xiaoqian’s safety, then become a puny employee in Liu Lan’s company.

Although he had only met Purple Bell several times, the girl’s cuteness, naughtiness and some small actions such as calling him “Big Brother Fatty” made him feel like he was seeing a younger Qian Xiaoqian. When she was around fifteen or sixteen years old, all she did aside from going to school was lay about around Fatty. That was why he chose to help Purple Bell without any hesitation.

When he recalled how he promised that everything will be fine when he acts, but Purple Bell still ended up dying, and it was to save him instead of anything else, Fatty’s heart was filled with guilt. And if there was any emotion that he felt stronger than guilt at that moment, it was anger.

Yet, he did not let anger get to his head. Instead, his eyes seemed to be filled with a chilling look.

So what if it’s a Level 40 gold boss. If Death wants you today, you won’t live till tomorrow. Fatty thought coldly. He understood that he could not possibly kill the Phantom Blue Butterfly King by himself. However, he did have a thirty percent chance when working together with TheFugitive. Sometimes, people had to take the chance, even if the chance was as small as one percent, and this was a good thirty percent!

“Fuge, you done?” Fatty turned on his communicator.

“Haha, we just finished over here. Hehe, Brother Grubber, I’m telling you this confidentially. That Darksnow girl is so damn cute,” TheFugitive’s lecherous voice replied.

“Whatever. Come to the coordinates (12400,13892), there’s a gold boss.” With that, Fatty turned off his communicator.

“Gold boss? Seriously? Where did you find it? Hey Brother Grubber? Hello? Bro?” TheFugitive roared, but when he noticed that Fatty turned off his communicator, he hesitated only for a brief moment, then took his leave away from the two beauties and journeyed towards the coordinates Fatty gave him. Although beauties were important, TheFugitive would not have been able to get to where he is today if he was someone who forgot about everything else when faced with a beauty.

A few system notification sounds rang out, telling him that he had a few mails in his inbox. Fatty knew who they were from without thinking, so he chose to ignore them. I have to kill this boss monster to get even for Purple Bell.

Although this Phantom Blue Butterfly King is a gold boss around Level 40, it shouldn’t be as strong as its level indicates. Otherwise, Purple Bell shouldn’t have been able to receive the mission at her level, and I would have been killed ages ago, and not be here thinking of how to kill it.

It has high damage and flies very quickly. Its main attacks are using its razor-sharp wings to slice, flap to bring up a whirlwind, and that proboscis attack. The only skill I’ve seen right now is the one that can snare enemies from a distance.

Although Fatty felt like what he saw was definitely not the extent of what the boss monster can do, it shouldn’t be hiding too much. It was merely hiding one or two extra skills at best.

While Fatty pondered about how to defeat it, the monster did not stay idle. It spread out its beautiful wings, soared up into the sky, then dove towards Fatty once more.

Fatty snorted. Since he was a rogue, although he couldn’t match the Phantom Blue Butterfly King in speed, his small-scale maneuvers capabilities were something the boss monster could not compare up to.

Right as the wings were about to touch him, Fatty bent backwards and performed The Matrix, narrowing dodging the attack. The wings scrapped past Fatty’s nose, and the wind with it flew past Fatty’s hair. He got so close to the pair of wings that he could see the beautiful patterns on it in detail.

Combo Attack!

Fatty did not immediately get up. As the boss monster was flying past him, he chucked his dagger into his left hand and pierced upwards into where the boss monster’s wings connected with its body.




Since it was a critical zone, not only did the attack break through the monster’s defense, it dealt critical damage, dealing nearly 300 damage.

Although that was nothing when compared to its over ten thousand HP, it was able to prove that Fatty had the chance to break through its defense, meaning that he had a chance of actually killing the monster.

When Fatty’s dagger stabbed into the Phantom Blue Butterfly King’s weak spot, it trembled. However, it’s speed caused it to be unable to stop. As it moved Fatty, the dagger left a deep wound in the area.



Blue blood dripped down the monster’s body, while numbers rose up above its head one by one. There’s a DoT as well? I guess the game is really well made. I suppose if a wound is deep enough, even the bleed DoT is enough to kill a monster.


A powerful aura radiated from the boss monster. I guess it’s really angry now.

“You mad bro? That’s good. Come, show me what a high level boss monster like you can do,” Fatty crooked his fingers at the monster provokingly, then drank a red potion before he turned away.

Countless blue glitter spread out from the boss monster.

“This again?” Fatty snorted coldly, then activated Rooster Squawk, increasing his movement speed by 30%. He quickly retreated got out of the area in time.

That AoE covers around a 5 meters radius or so. Fatty estimated the range of the skill, then just as he wanted to move, he had a bad feeling, and instead forced his body to take a step to the side.


The blue glitter which had originally spread out actually condensed together and formed a line that shot towards where Fatty stood previously, and reached over twenty meters away from the monster.

So it can change the skill to single target and double the range. Fatty immediately figured out what was going on as he continued to move about to prevent being snared by the Phantom Blue Butterfly King.

The boss monster seemed more anxious when it missed its attack. It spread its wings out, causing raging wings to blew through the area, quickly forming a cyclone in front of it before it sent the cyclone over to Fatty. The cyclone broke leaves, branches and swept up dust wherever it passed through.

“Damn it! Why isn’t TheFugitive here yet!?” Fatty ran around the trees to avoid the cyclones.

“Brother Grub, hold on, I’m coming!” TheFugitive sprinted through the forest. However, since they had been rather far away from Butterfly Ridge, they were unable to get there immediately.

Meanwhile, two more figures sprinted beside him. They were Liu Lan and Darksnow.

“Hurry up! It’s a gold boss monster. I can go and try my new skill!” Darksnow urged.

Damn fatty, why did he turn off the communicator? Did something happen to him? Liu Lan was even more worried even though she knew that Fatty would be fine while in game, and could respawn even if he died.

“I want to log on!” A fifteen years old girl shouted urgently in a large house in real life.

“No,” a middle-aged woman stood in front of the girl. “Your father set the schedules that you must rest at this time of the day. You can’t go against his decision.”

“Auntie Liaaaaaaaan.” The girl acted in a manner asking to get spoiled. “Just a little bit, a very short while. I’ll log off after saying a few words.”

“No.” The middle-aged woman stood firm. “You must listen to your father for your health.”

“Big Brother Fatty…” the girl muttered to herself, while her eyes began to water.

Countless butterflies flew around in the dense forest. Trunks fell down left and right as the huge cyclone chased after Fatty.

At that moment, Fatty was in a terrible state. He had several cracks in his leather armor. Not only did he have to avoid the cyclone, he also had to pay attention to avoid being snared by the Phantom Blue Butterfly King.

“Damn TheFugitive,” Fatty cursed quietly as he chugged down more potions.

The difficulty of a Level 12 rogue fighting a gold boss around Level 40 or so was unbelievable.

The cyclone finally dispersed half an hour later. The entire forest seemed tattered and ruined. Meanwhile, Fatty sat on the ground and panted heavily. After sprinting for half an hour, he was completely knackered even though he was rather fit.

As Fatty panted hastily, he took out a rabbit leg from his bag and applied Cooking on it, then begun to eat his barbecued rabbit leg in front of the boss monster.

Fatty’s actions once again infuriated the boss monster. It flew up into the air and dove towards Fatty, this time, it was like a huge steamroller.

“This again!?” Fatty cursed and stuffed more of the rabbit leg into his mouth as he dodged. Fatty did not feel like he would lose to the monster if it was just a competition based on skill. However, he could only dodge left and right when the monster was using brute force.

After the chase when around for a while, neither were able to do anything against the other. Fatty had no chance to damage the Phantom Blue Butterfly King, and the boss monster was unable to catch up to Fatty either. So, they finally stopped running around and looked at each other.


Fatty spat on the ground after finishing the rabbit leg. He was very reluctant to just back away like this.

“Again!” Fatty took a deep breath, then begun to put on a more serious expression. Even though the cyclone’s strong and the snare is powerful, it can’t kill me, and that means that I can definitely kill it. Only its death can sate my rage!

A good killer doesn’t have to be powerful, but he has to know how to use the environment to turn the tables and put himself in a more advantageous spot. Only by using his environment to put himself in the best situation possible would he be a successful killer.

Fatty slowly stepped back. The Phantom Blue Butterfly King did not chase either, perhaps because it felt like it couldn’t do anything to Fatty. It merely allowed Fatty to put some distance between them and disappear into the night.

“Let’s start here…” Fatty muttered coldly when he finally came back out of stealth.

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