Chapter 379 First Battle

Chapter 379 – First Battle

As a super Teleportation Portal crossing the two worlds of Humans and Demons, the start-up took a very long time, but it just gave Fatty the chance to mix in. Easily killing a Demon soldier to take its place, Fatty honestly stood to wait in line.

After half an hour, the super-large formation officially activated with a deafening shrill sound. The scenery around changed into a thin light screen, seeming to display the Human world.

A loud cheer came from the other side. On the light screen, cheering players of the Sun Dynasty could vaguely be seen. Valiant Bull swung his arm with a smile.


Over 5 million Demon soldiers entered the Teleportation Portal to be transmitted to the Human world. Every time a light flashed heralded 500,000 soldiers at the consumption of hundreds of thousands of magic stones.

And for this, aside from exclamations, Fatty only had more exclamations.

The figures of the five Demon Kings appeared in the distant sky. Since something like the Death Altar was impossible to be transferred through the Teleportation Portal, they would remain to guard the entrance to Heavens Scar while there’d be other experts going to the Human world.

After waiting for about ten minutes, it was Fatty’s group’s turn. With a uniform cry, five hundred thousand Demon soldiers stepped into the portal. In just a blink that the light flashed, Fatty already found himself in another place.

The humid air, familiar players and the sound of waves in the distance were all proof that he had left the Demon world and arrived at the Sun Dynasty in the Human world.

The Teleportation Portal here was similar as that on the other side. Blue lights were projected to form a strange magic formation in the sky. All around were NPCs and players from the Sun Dynasty, and the air was also filled with people of their special professions – Yin Yang Masters – to protect the portal.

Following the regiment to the nearby station, Fatty suddenly felt something wrong about this. The Central Dynasty of Xuanhuang Ancient Country had long been informed that a portal connecting to the Demon realm was built here, but why had they not sent anyone to destroy it, and let the demons pass through so smoothly?

Fatty disappeared into Stealth without notice and slowly pulled out from the demon station area. A few minutes later, a loud explosion relieved Fatty of his doubts as the Teleportation Portal was completely destroyed.


A scream resounded from some unlucky fellow who was crushed when the space tunnel was blown to pieces.

“What's going on?” Valiant Bull, who had already been transferred, stared at the flattened portal in horror.

The explosion did not stop. One boom after another echoed; this came from the camp where the Demon soldiers were stationed. The number of five million Demon soldiers suddenly dropped to less than one million in a short half-minute explosion.


“You dare trick us?!”

Narrowly escaping, several Demon commanders looked to the people of the Sun Dynasty with blazing hatred, especially Valiant Bull who regarded this battle to be his chance for promotion. In the end, his millions of troops were nearly wiped out before it even started. Valiant Bull gnashed his teeth in fury, he just wanted to attack the Sun Dynasty immediately.

And most importantly, the scream just now was the voice of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Baali, the grand commander responsible for coordinating all five regiments this time. Spatial attacks were inherently strange and unpredictable, and their power was terrifying. The damage caused by the collapse of such an ultra-long-distance cross-border portal was even more astonishing. If Baali was killed as a result, none of the demons present, and even the five Demon Kings who carried out the plan, would be exempt from blame.

Barring the residual sound of the explosion, the scene was completely silent. No one knew how such a thing could have occurred.

Suddenly, three cannon shots echoed, and in the distance, there was a loud battle cry. A bright yellow dragon flag fluttered high and countless human soldiers appeared in Valiant Bull’s field of vision.

“Enemy attack!” The shrill cry was especially loud in this situation. Jolted awake, the experts in charge instantly ordered their underlings to stop the advance of the Xuanhuang army.

“How could this be?” Seeing the unstoppable momentum of the Xuanhuang army, all the Sun Dynasty players were dumbstruck, unable to figure this out no matter how hard they thought.

“The portal was so tightly protected no one should be able to approach it, let alone sneak in. Who did it?” The guild leaders were so furious their lungs bloated.

“Didn’t they say the Xuanhuang army was still wandering in the East Ocean, how did they come here? Could it be the Sea Territory of Evil?” This was just unbelievable to the Sun Dynasty people.

“What are you still doing? Counterattack!” Some people shouted. Only now did the Sun Dynasty and Demon officials regain their wits and hurriedly ordered the troops.

“Spatial magic carried out by dozens of Space Saint Magus at the same time is indeed powerful.”

Behind the Xuanhuang army, many generals floated in the air. Surprisingly, the lords of Black Tortoise and Azure Dragon, Lin Xi and Lei Ao who Fatty was very familiar with, were also among them.

“Luckily we have the Divine artifact Sound Sonic on our side,” commented an old mage with a smile, his long beard hanging down his chest.

Behind these generals, a huge space channel stood imposingly like a black hole, from which a steady stream of Xuanhuang soldiers rushed out into battle after a little formation rectification.

At the same time, there were various warships, chariots, and battleships sending rumbles over the space.

The sky-shattering noise unintentionally overwhelmed the enemy, not to mention that the Demon army was already in tatters from the explosion. The Sun Dynasty and Demon army coalition were repeatedly beaten back. In less than minutes, on the ground lay millions dead.

Blood dyed the ground red and flowed into the sea, turning the water tens of miles red. All aquatic life dove into the bottom of the sea, frightened by the murderous intent above.

“Kill, for the glory of the Great Dark God to shine upon the whole world!” Valiant Bull roared, killing a way through with his regiment of only tens of thousands left.

“Illuminate the whole world with the glory of the God of Darkness!” At the same time, the other four regiment captains growled. They quickly assembled the remaining troops and gathered with Valiant Bull, before rushing towards the Xuanhuang army like a black tide.

“For the glory of the Sun Dynasty.” The ministers of the Sun Dynasty also tried their best to organize a resistance. Millions of players and NPC soldiers joined the Demon army. After retreating over forty kilometers, they finally managed to barely stand firm and even managed to organize several counterattacks.

“The Demon race isn’t anything to worry about,” stated Lin Xi calmly.

“Destroy the Sun Dynasty completely and wipe its name off the map.” Lei Ao was aggressive.

“Kill!” The rest of the generals stepped forth in unison, as murderous auras erupted from them, kicking up a towering wave, and even made the whole ocean shiver.

“Hello, everyone,” an uncoordinated voice suddenly sounded. The murderous intent was ruined and dispersed in a blink. Lin Xi and Lei Ao didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry.

“This brat has actually come back alive,” said Lin Xi upon seeing Fatty pop out.

“Oh poor little me…” Fatty flew over and hugged Lin Xi’s thigh. “In the unfamiliar Demon realm I was pursued and hunted, narrowly escaped with my life to complete the mission. If it weren’t that Demon King Sigg had been kind enough to build a cross-border Teleportation Portal, this little one wouldn’t have been able to return. How bitter is my life, ahhh…”

With a bang, Lin Xi kicked Fatty into the sea, then lightly flicked his trouser leg and continued to talk to the people next to him like nothing had happened.

“Ah, Ciy Lord Lei is here too.” Fatty quickly emerged from the sea and looked at Lei Ao with bright eyes.

Once again, after being kicked into the sea by Lei Ao this time, Fatty came over to greet them properly like a good boy.

“I narrowly escaped with my life to deliver the information and make this all possible. Won’t I at least get any reward?” Fatty pestered Lin Xi.

“Don't look at me, go to His Majesty.” Lin Xi waved his hand in dismissal.

“Not you then who? I gave you the information.” Fatty was dead set on Lin Xi.

“Evidence?” Lin Xi turned his eyes.

“You, you… you’re a city lord, how can you play dirty?!” Fatty couldn’t breathe right.

“You are Money Grubber? You’ve done a great job in this. Your Majesty will not mistreat you,” said a general next to Lin Xi after watching Fatty and Lin Xi bicker with a smile the whole way through.

“Hah! I knew His Majesty was generous and would not be stingy like someone. Of course, he wouldn’t mistreat us poor people.” Fatty immediately laughed while throwing a glance at Lin Xi.

“This surprise raid is thanks to the help of Black Dragon King, which also allowed us to blow up the Teleportation Portal. His Majesty is well aware that these are all your credit,” the general continued.

“So that’s what it is.” Fatty understood. This portal was too important to the Sun Dynasty. It seemed so easy to blow it up, but the process actually wasn’t at all.

“Fatty, you’re back?” A man emerged from the black hole. It was Reck.

“What are you doing here instead of… there?” Fatty nearly said ‘Sky City.’ He hurriedly pulled Reck to a corner to whisper.

“For benefits, what else? National wars have many places to profit from.” Reck laughed, looking even more like he was inviting a beating than Fatty.

“Guess what I got in the Demon realm?” Fatty couldn’t wait to show Reck.

“What can you get? The Demon princess?” Reck disdained.

“Your old head is full of obscene thoughts.” Fatty quietly showed Reck magic stones. Reck was immediately stunned silly.

“Ma-magic stones, so many magic stones?! Oh Heaven, am I seeing things?” Reck rubbed his eyes hard, and after confirming the result, he didn't even ask about where the magic stones came from and instead grabbed Fatty. “Go call Lucas, we’re returning to Sky City.”

“What for? Don’t you want benefits anymore?” Fatty asked curiously.

“It takes skills to grab benefits,” Reck said mysteriously. “You see those fellows? They never show in normal battles, but now everyone has popped out. If we don't have the skills, how can we beat them to the benefits?”

“Then, your plan is…?”

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