Chapter 378 Back to the Human World

Chapter 378 – Back to the Human World

After all the Magic Crystal Ants in the Fantastic Valley climbed into the Crystal Maze of Terror per the order of the Purple Spirit Ant Lord, Fatty hurriedly pocketed the maze and began exploring the terrain.

The cave wasn’t large, shaped like an irregular circle about 50 meters wide. The ground was covered with a layer of shining magic stones.

Generally, magic stones were collected and cut according to a standard, like how big and how heavy a piece should be, while the ones here were all raw ores connected as a whole.

The ground was jagged and pitted with holes of different sizes sloping downward – gnawed out by the Magic Crystal Ants. Fatty chose a small hole at random and measured it. The result had him astonished – it was at least seven or eight meters deep.

If nothing else, how many fist-sized stones can a block of seven to eight meters high and one meter in both length and width be cut into? This cave has an area of 50 square meters, then what about other places hidden underground of this valley? Fatty wanted to faint.

Fatty sat in the center of the cave, lying in front of him was the recuperating Purple Spirit Ant Lord, screeching nonstop as it directed its clan members to mine and transport magic stones to Fatty. Putting the stones into his inventory and feeling the heftiness of the package, Fatty breathed a sigh of relief. With this, the capital for the construction of Sky City was at least half met.

Fortunately, he hadn’t killed the Purple Spirit Ant Lord, or else he’d have to collect so many magic stones by himself. Even this many ants had to use nearly three days to collect all the stones, it was unimaginable how long it would take Fatty to do it alone.

The package was filled with hills of magic stones. If anyone else saw this, they might just be frightened to death. Fatty looked forward to Grandmaster Reck’s reaction when he saw these stones.

Searching every corner of the Fantastic Valley up and down, left and right, and making sure that there was not even a grain of magic stone left, Fatty issued a long scream. He then jumped onto the Violent Ox King and rode away.

The delay in the Demon realm had been long enough, it was time for him to return to the Human world and submit his class enhancement mission. And now that he had reached level 70, it was time for the 7th enhancement quest.

“Attention, demon incoming! On a mount, it should be a high-ranked demon.” Not far from the valley exit, a line of 20-something people lay prone in the bushes on both sides of the road.

“Be careful. Ready, fire!”

Per the command of the group leader, all kinds of skills rained down on Fatty in a frenzy, completely enveloping him.

Boom! A mass of flames erupted around Fatty. When the flames dissipated a moment later, he had disappeared along with the Violent Ox King.

“Where is it? Dead yet?” The group of people craned their necks to look. There were only traces on the ground from the various attacks and no corpse as they had expected.

“World of Ice and Snow.” A low voice sounded by their ears, followed by a sudden change in the environment. The winds howled as patches of palm-sized snowflakes fell from the sky, and a layer of clear white appeared on the ground within minutes.

“Brr, s-so cold.” Some shivered nonstop and couldn’t even hold onto their weapons.

“Ice magus?” Everyone’s face was ugly. They found themselves stiff and their movement greatly hindered. The most dangerous thing was that their HP kept declining.

“It’s you guys?” After trapping the other party with World of Ice and Snow, Fatty was about to order the Violent Ox King to kill them when he recognized these people.

These were all humans, dressed in tattered rags and looking to be in a sorry state, were the unlucky fellows who Fatty had seen resurrected at the Death Altar some time ago.

“Money Grubber?” At this point, some players also got Fatty’s identity via the system prompt.

“Why are you all so… wretched?” Seeing their miserable appearance, Fatty couldn't help but pout.

This was just like when fellow townsmen met, their eyes full of tears. Hearing Fatty's question, the eyes of the line of people reddened. The guild master of the group, Storm In A Flip, grabbed Fatty’s hands, choking, “It's a long story…”

In the beginning, they had rushed out of the Death Altar, then also wandered into the underground magma world by mistake. When the Ghost Phoenix’s group had blown up the ice ball at the seal, it had thrown the whole space into turmoil and caused the magma to erupt in chaos like the apocalypse, this group of players barely managed to escape with great difficulty.

Since exiting through the tightly blocked entrance to Heavens Scar was impossible, they could only run randomly around the Demon realm, where they were treated like pests, everyone shouted and tried to kill them. Just like that, they got here after many casualties.

Fortunately, the Demonic monsters here did drop equipment, else they wouldn’t even have the equipment to change.

“What are you guys gonna do now?” asked Fatty.

“What else? It’s impossible to return to the Human realm for a while, so we can only linger around here until we find a chance to sneak back,” Storm In A Flip bitterly said. “But I heard that Wild Dancing Wind got back to the Human realm. Don't know how, I sent someone to inquire about it but didn’t find anything.”

“Of course you wouldn’t.” Fatty smiled. “They cooperated with the demons, so the demons naturally wouldn’t make it difficult for them.”

“What?” The entire group was appalled. “They cooperated with the demons? How is that possible? The demons have a crush on them? Do the five Demon Kings have such a heavy taste for people like Wild Dancing Wind?”

“What the hell is going on in your head?” Fatty was between laughter and tears. He explained to them from the beginning.

“I see, so she’s a spy.” Hearing about the true identity of Wild Dancing Wind, these players immediately flew into a rage, clamoring to raze her.

“How did you get in? Did you also resurrect at the Death Altar?” Someone suddenly remembered.

“I'm here for a mission.” With a wry smile, Fatty talked about the story between him and Sallip, causing them to sigh with emotion.

“The entrance to Heavens Scar must be sealed shut now. How are you going to get back?” Storm In A Flip asked.

“It's kinda simple. We have a free Teleportation Portal right here.” Fatty grinned, revealing two rows of white teeth.

Fatty's plan was indeed simple, he’d mix into the Demon army and teleport along with them to the portal in Sun Dynasty. As long as he got there, he got plenty of ways to return to Xuanhuang. However, this wouldn’t work for Storm In A Flip and his group, because they didn’t have tools like the Multi-transform Protection Mask.

Fatty also didn’t intend to put them into the Elemental Mystery Realm either, it was full of fire energy right now, it wouldn’t be long before they were baked alive inside.

“There is actually a way to take you back, but you have to die once,” After some hesitation, Fatty slowly spoke.

“Go right ahead.” The players were actually excited to hear that they could return to the Human world after dying only once.

“I have a piece of equipment that can temporarily imprison the soul. After you die, I will take your souls inside, and when we return to the Human world, I will find a force respawn point to release you,” said Fatty. If he didn’t find a forced respawn point, they’d fly back to the Death Altar and it’d be a failure in one fell swoop. As for the forced respawn point, Fatty had long thought it over – there was one right in the Sea Territory of Evil.

“Great. Then we’ll count on you, Brother Grubber. We will thank you abundantly later.” Storm In A Flip quickly made a decision.

The others had no objection, dying once to return wasn’t a huge price.

The Soul Sealing Cross could only imprison souls for three days before automatically releasing it. Fatty had to determine when the Teleportation Portal would be opened before plans could be made.

“I think it’s soon.” Walking on the road, Fatty told Storm In A Flip.

It had been over half a month since the demons transferred resources to the Sun Dynasty. Gathering all of their forces to build the Teleportation Portal, the Sun Dynasty end should be completed by now.

The line of people turned east and west, traveling through twists and turns to the place where the super large Teleportation Portal was set up, then waited for three days. The portal was surrounded by Demon troops, there wasn’t a gap they could slip through.

“Seems that it should be soon. Everybody be ready,” Storm In A Flip alerted. The so-called ‘ready’ meant preparation for suicide.

A burly figure with two straight horns appeared in the air. Dressed in a fluttering blood-red cloak, Valiant Bull looked imposing.

Valiant Bull could be said to be very smug right now. Within the stipulated time given by Lord Sigg, Fierce Bull hadn’t been able to find Fatty. Had it not been for the intervention of the other four Demon Kings, Sigg would have thrown Fierce Bull into the snake cave. Avoiding punishment as he might, there was no way Fierce Bull could reclaim his position, and he was now but a subordinate under Valiant Bull. Meanwhile, Valiant Bull was appointed as one of the captains of the five armies advancing into the Human world this time.

In the sky, Valiant Bull coughed, and immediately the originally noisy troops below quietened down. Slowly scanning all the troops, until a long time later, (from what Fatty could see, he must have scanned them one by one to take such a long time) he opened his mouth to speak.

“The Teleportation Portal is about to operate, our great Demon race is about to launch an attack on the Human realm. You lot are the pride of the Demon race, you shoulder the mission of flattening the Human world. Demon warriors, follow me, Demon General Valiant Bull, under the protection of the Great God of Darkness, under the wise guidance of His Majesty the Demon Emperor, and under the command of Their Royal Highnesses, the five Demon Kings, to trample on the Human world and plunder everything that can be plundered!”

“Trample on the Human world and plunder everything!!!”

Millions of Demon soldiers swung their arms and roared thunderously. The smug Valiant Bull raised his chin and laughed loudly.

“Very imposing.” Fatty clicked his tongue.

With a click, a blue light shot up from within the Demon army, drawing a huge magical pattern in the air. As the blue light slowly traced the pattern, the ground rumbled.

“The teleportation is about to start. Everyone, now,” Fatty hurriedly said.

“Comrades, to go home!” Storm In A Flip bellowed and pushed a knife into his belly.

“To go home!” The 20-odd players committed suicide one by one. Fatty used the Soul Sealing Cross to take their souls inside, then transformed himself into a standard Demon soldier.

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