Chapter 377 Tragic Massacre of a Species

Chapter 377 – Tragic Massacre of a Species

Whoosh! Fatty jumped down from a place and ran like crazy. After dragging a herd of Magic Crystal Ants around for several rounds, he found an empty area and immediately went into Stealth from there.

When he had just entered the magic valley, Fatty had found the Elemental Movement Arts useless, not because this place had any restriction, but because there were just too many Magic Crystal Ants. They were everywhere and there was no place to put his feet.

When he had used Earthwalk to get inside, the moment he had popped his head out, Fatty had been met with the jaws of a Magic Crystal Ant which had torn off half of his fat. It had hurt so much that he had cried out miserably, alerting the nearby Magic Crystal Ants. And then, Fatty had discovered that the Magic Crystal Ants had covered the place. To avoid disturbing anything, his only way out was underground.

In Stealth, Fatty wiped his sweat while being mindful of the surroundings. Not far from here was a mountain cliff with hundreds of varied-sized holes. The big ones were enough for people to enter, while the small ones were only half a meter wide.

Looks like I still have to go deeper. Fatty secretly nodded. The dense crowd of Magic Crystal Ants hot on his heels gave him a strong impetus for taking risks.

Of course, Fatty didn’t bother with the small openings. Spreading his wings, he flew to the vicinity of the largest one. The few Magic Crystal Ants guarding this hole had blue stripes on their backs, apparently quite high-ranking.

“Go.” Fatty summoned Inky, whose emergence immediately invoked screeches from the ant guards. Each ant flapped their three pairs of pale blue wings and charged like lightning, surrounding Inky. In just a short time, the poor pet was torn to pieces.

That was close. Fatty secretly clicked his tongue and felt lucky that he hadn’t acted on impulse. Those wings were definitely not just for decoration.

Having shredded Inky, the Magic Crystal Ants looked around, making sure there were no more problems, before lazily flying back to their posts. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Fatty had already slipped into the hole.

The passage wasn’t long and soon came to an end. Inside was a hall-like cave which obviously had been hollowed out and turned into an ant nest. Everywhere on the mountain cliff were connecting caves extending in all directions, this one that Fatty chose was only the larger of hundreds. At the very center of the bottom, there was a hill of magic stones surrounded by Magic Crystal Ants who were gnawing on them.

Seeing the stones that were regarded as strategic reserves in the outside world casually piled up here as food, Fatty's heart bled. He hated that he couldn’t rush over right now and kicked away those munching Magic Crystal Ants and bury his face into the pile instead.

“Remain cool, remain cool. There must be a vein of magic stones around here. You can't give up the whole forest for a tree,” Fatty said to himself.

However, since the Magic Crystal Ants made this their nest, it would be impossible not to disturb them anyway. A fight was inevitable.

“In that case, don't blame Lord Fatty for being cruel.” With a wave of his hand, the Elemental Sword Diagram flew out and spun as it loomed over the cave, restricting the space.

“Screeech!” A screech echoed from the depths of the cave. Apparently, a senior ant of some kind found something off and issued a warning.

“Too late.” Fatty chuckled evilly. The Elemental Sword split up into five light swords and stationed themselves in the Elemental Sword Formation.

Deep in the cave system, one screech after another rang out along with the sounds of rapid crawling. From outside, tens of millions of Magic Crystal Ants of various sizes, shapes, and colors rushed in from each hole, charging at Fatty with terrifying momentum.

With the protection of the Elemental Sword Formation, Fatty was arguably the one who was least afraid of a gang fight. He opened several gaps in the formation and let the ants flood in.

The Magic Crystal Ant's formidability lay in their seemingly endless quantity. By this virtue alone, they could even grind a Saint-tier expert to death. However, there was little threat with individual or small groups of Magic Crystal Ants. Them jumping into this massive guillotine called the Elemental Sword Formation was like stretching their necks asking for Fatty to hack them.

Wave after wave of Magic Crystal Ants pouring into the formation, only to soundlessly disappear into who-knew-where. In a short period of time, at least 100,000 Magic Crystal Ants had gone in the formation without even making a splash.

“Good stuff, really good stuff.” With the support of endless fire energy in the Elemental Secret Realm, Fatty could display the formation’s power to its fullest. At this time, the formation was a sea of fire, just like the sea of fire in that mysterious space, overwhelming and endless.

Numerous Magic Crystal Ants struggled in the fire. Their field of vision was full of flames, they didn’t know where to escape to. Moreover, huge swords of fire continuously hacked down from overhead. Any ant that flew up just a little would be cut in half instantly.

“How refreshing.” Watching his experience bar rocketing upward, Fatty beamed and danced. Each Magic Crystal Ant yielded little experience, only several ten thousand, but their quantity made it a different story. As long as he handled all of these ants, the 7th enhancement would be a sure thing.

He was just doing the 6th class enhancement mission but already jogging to level 70. Although most of this was thanks to the luck of killing the Ice Phoenix, it was well deserved for the risks he took by deciding to enter the Demon realm.

Half an hour later, there was no sound in the Elemental Sword Formation aside from the crackle of flames. The Magic Crystal Ants had all died, leaving behind numerous equipment.

System Notification: Congratulations, you have reached level 70.

When the sweet sound of system notification sounded by his ears, Fatty smiled with satisfaction. I should be the top player in the level ranking now, right?

“Kill, kill the Magic Crystal Ants, dig up the ground, clean up all the magic stones, and then return to the Human world and be a part in the war against the Sun Dynasty.” Fatty’s blood boiled with grand ideals as he once again opened several gaps in the formation.

This time, there was no Magic Crystal Ant influx. Fatty curiously craned his neck out to look, and there he saw the ants crowded around the edge of the cave watching him intently. In a certain direction, a Magic Crystal Ant the size of the Violent Ox King and covered in a purple shell was issuing angry shrieks.

“Turns out the boss is here.” Fatty wasn’t shocked or scared, he was pleased. Letting out a long battle cry, he sent the Elemental Sword Formation flying and down onto the purple Magic Crystal Ant.

The formation successfully shrouded the boss and at the same time tens of thousands of other Magic Crystal Ants. Operating the formation to separate the purple boss and other ants, Fatty began to madly chop down the Sword of Fire at the ordinary ants.

Spending over twenty minutes to extinguish the tens of thousands of Magic Crystal Ants and getting a little short from leveling up again, Fatty set his eyes on the purple ant. Special treatment was required for a boss. He first tossed Appraisal –

Purple Spirit Ant Lord
Saint Demonic Yao boss
Notes: The queen of the Magic Crystal Ants. It mutated by consuming magic essence and advanced to the Saint tier.

Incredibly, it was a Demonic Yao who had successfully achieved the 9th enhancement and was promoted to Saint. Fatty was struck dumb, this was a really huge discovery.

The Legendary realm was the highest, followed by Divine, Celestial, and then Saint, which was level 90 for players. At this stage, each advancement was a hurdle that had different requirements other than experience points, but something more special. Taking Lucas for example, he was stuck at the 8th enhancement for years before he could advance with the help of the Spatial Spoon. For the Purple Spirit Ant Lord to be capable of the Saint promotion, one could imagine how rare the magic essence it had consumed was.

“Lord Fatty shall make you spit out the magic essence!” When his thought reached this point, the surprise on Fatty’s face turned into fury. That kind of thing should be mine, Lord Fatty’s! How could they let a bastard like you swallow it?!

The sword of fire hundreds of meters long roared down upon the ant queen, and a myriad of sparks flew. The shell was extremely tough. This fiery sword that could injure the Divine beast Ice Phoenix only left a white mark on the ant queen.

However, seeing its health drop by at least 1%, Fatty felt a little assured.

A deafening screech resounded. The ant queen was furious to see its kin reduced to ashes. Its six pairs of eight-meter-long purple wings spread and like a purple meteor, it streaked towards Fatty.

“Woah there, still not yielding?” Fatty’s fury burned even more. He pointed a finger, and the scenery suddenly changed, the vast fire was instantly replaced by blinding sharp golden light. It was a golden sword, several dozens of meters long. Sword intent seemed to materialize as it whirled around the sword, reflecting its awe-inspiring might.

When the Purple Spirit Ant Lord was still confused by the sudden change from the fire sea to metal, Fatty roared “go!” and swords pierced out from underground, hurtling towards the boss.

A wretched scream echoed as three long swords penetrated the ant queen’s hard shell and stuck out half a meter from its back, while the other swords grazed past, slashing several deep wounds that sprayed purple blood.

Shrieking painfully, the Purple Spirit Ant Lord frantically turned and fled. It hadn’t even reached the enemy when many of its underlings were already killed and it was seriously injured. It found this fight impossible. The intelligence of a Saint Demonic Yao was comparable to humans, so it naturally knew what choice to make.

Only that, it wanted to escape but there was no way to! Trapped in the Elemental Sword Formation, even the Ice Phoenix hadn’t been able to escape, let alone the ant queen. Not caring about whatever was going on in the boss’s mind, Fatty pointed his finger, sending more long swords at it. In the sky, a massive sword – the true form of the Sword of Metal – also materialized and released sharp sword intent that slashed at the Purple Spirit Ant Lord.

A few minutes later, the ant queen was covered in countless wounds, and six pairs of wings were all cut off at their roots. It fell to the ground whimpering, looking extremely pitiful.

“I’m actually feeling pity?”

A surprised Fatty asked himself in curiosity. Hearing the cry of the ant queen, Fatty found himself unable to deal the final blow at all.

“Surrender to me and I’ll spare your life,” he said to the creature.

The Purple Spirit Ant Lord repeatedly nodded, but even nodding was very difficult right now. Fatty stuffed a few pills into its mouth. Seeing it get slightly better, Fatty took out the Crystal Maze of Terror.

“Order all your underlings to enter.”

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