Chapter 376 Magic Stone Vein

Chapter 376 – Magic Stone Vein

A huge monster descended from the sky, slamming on the Elemental Sword Diagram with a harsh, crunching sound. Under attack, the diagram sent out numerous big light swords that hacked at the monster.

Screaming miserably, the monster as tall as 100 meters, covered in long black fur, having the strength of the 7th or 8th enhancement, was ground by the sword formation, leaving only a ground full of meat paste.

“Whew…” Letting out a long sigh of relief, Fatty packed up the Elemental Sword Diagram and flopped to the ground. In front of him was a long mountain range, ancient trees and plants, and roaming monsters. He was apparently somewhere deep in some mountains. This was where the rift that the huge head had chosen send Fatty.

“Rawwwr!” A roar echoed, accompanied by the emergence of a tiger over 10 meters long, covered in golden stripes, with a golden pointy horn on its head. It pounced at Fatty the moment it appeared.

“How dare you!” Fatty yelped and his body vanished on the spot.

Bang! The tiger pounced on nothing, its sharp claws scratching out a big pit on the ground. Shaking its head from side to side without finding any trace of Fatty, the tiger dejectedly growled. It turned, wanting to leave.

“Frozen.” A fat figure appeared a dozen meters away from the tiger. The excited tiger was just about to open its mouth to roar when suddenly a thin layer of ice materialized around its body and firmly froze it.

“Ice spells are really useful.” Fatty nodded. With the Ice Codex devoured, Fatty could release ice spells at will. These control skills worked wonders on group PK, especially the several forbidden spells. As long as Fatty was willing to spend the energy within the Elemental Mystery Realm, unleashing them wasn’t impossible.

Freezing the tiger in one move, Fatty threw Appraisal and got its detailed information.

Golden-Striped Tiger
Mid-rank Demonic Yao monster
Notes: An ordinary monster in the Fantastic Gold Mountain.

“Fantastic Gold Mountain?” Fatty frowned at this familiar name, he was certain he had seen it somewhere before.

But where could I have seen the name of a place in the Demon world?

Unable to remember for the moment, Fatty got a headache. He felt so clearly that this was an important piece of information but couldn’t recall where he had seen it before. The map obtained in Demon City didn’t have this name, so it was obviously outside the scope of the one-tenth map.

Fatty walked in a random direction while pondering, but the more anxious he was, the harder it was to recall anything. After killing a two-headed snake, he saw a bizarre-looking mountain peak and it suddenly came to mind.

Back then, when Reck had presented the original one-tenth map to the emperor of Xuanhuang Ancient Country, the emperor had rewarded him a tattered map, which had angered Reck so much that he had thrown it to Fatty after coming back. Fatty had studied the map for a while without finding any similar terrain, but now it suddenly dawned on him that it was also of the Demon world.

Fatty excitedly took out the map and found the words ‘Fantastic Gold Mountain’ in it. Tracing it, his next destination should be the Fantastic Valley.

“Fantastic Gold Mountain, Fantastic Valley, interesting.” Folding the map, Fatty heading for the Fantastic Valley. Now that he had landed here, he’d feel bad not checking out what was up with this map.

While Fatty was exploring in the Demon realm, the Human realm hadn’t been peaceful either. Upon receiving the news that the Demon race and the Sun Dynasty had colluded, City Lord Lin Xi of Black Tortoise City didn’t delay and reported it to the Central Dynasty right away. As a result, after sending several Saint-tier experts to investigate the situation, Xuanhuang assembled an army of millions in the East Ocean to cross the sea and flatten the traitors of humankind – the Sun Dynasty.

“Fatty, we're going to make a fortune, a fortune! You take your time playing in the Demon world.” In the calls, HeadofGod and others couldn’t hold back their excitement to finally be able to set foot in the Sun Dynasty territory again.

“Burn, kill, rob, plunder! Don’t forget to do my share!” This was what Fatty shouted in reply.

The war between the two dynasties was no laughing matter, many things would be involved. Currently, the army of Ancient Xuanhuang Country was still assembling and debating whether to go the round way or directly pass through the Natural Barrier. According to reports from the other side, the Sun Dynasty was rushing to build a huge Teleportation Portal, and at the same time mobilizing all troops and players in the country to create a defense line. Their announcement: the number of Xuanhuang people coming would be the number of Xuanhuang people dying there.

In this kind of war, generally the decision-making went by the top-brass of the countries and had nothing to do with the players, they only needed to wait and kill. Millions of players had gathered over at the East Ocean, waiting for an order to wipe out the Sun Dynasty.

“Damn it, ugh, damn it! I want to go back!” Fatty screamed. During such a war between the two countries, there’d be so many places to take advantage of and make a fortune. Pitifully, he was occupied by missions and couldn’t go back now, and even if he could, it was still impossible to pass the entrance to Heavens Scar. Since the five Demon Kings were furious due to his brazen appearance in the Demon realm, they had sent troops to surround the entrance so tightly that not even a mosquito could fly past.

Hissss. A well-disguised python suddenly poked its head down from the tree, its sharp fangs dripping saliva. Fatty disdainfully swung his hand and the Elemental Sword shot into the python's mouth, twisting all of its internal organs to pieces.

Thud. The python ten meters long and as thick as a bucket fell from the tree. With practiced movement, Fatty collected a bunch of materials, then dug out two pieces of snake meat and roasted them brown.

“Too bad, if I got a Fire Codex, all this hassle coulda been skipped.” Chewing the stringy snake meat, Fatty wondered who possibly held the Fire Codex.

The deeper he traveled into the mountains, the more monsters he bumped into and the stronger they were. Just now, a golden-furred ape of the 8th enhancement had suddenly jumped out and nearly torn Fatty apart. Had it not been for his quick hand that had thrown out Frozen and imprisoned the monster for a few seconds, he would have been transported to some resurrection point now.

After countless pains and hardships, Fatty finally arrived at the area where the Fantastic Valley was marked on the map. As soon as he reached this place, his scalp was on pins and needles from the shock. He was close to turning around and leaving.

In front of him was a herd of no less than 10,000 giant ants, at least one meter long, firmly blocking the entrance to the valley, allowing no one to enter.

These ants looked just like ordinary ants, only that they were large and their shells were black, which looked particularly solid. Amongst the ordinary ones, there was an ant with a super large head and special patterns on its body. It was obviously a captain of some sort among the ants.

Magic Crystal Ant
Low-rank Demonic Yao monster
Notes: The overlords of Fantastic Valley. Used to be an ordinary ant, however, it feeds on magic stones in the Fantastic Valley, resulting in a mutation that gives enormous strength and solid shells. Some can even use magic.

“Feeds on magic stones in the Fantastic Valley?” Fatty nearly screamed. There are as much as ten thousand of Magic Crystal Ants guarding the entrance alone, and certainly more inside. And these hundreds of thousands or even millions of Magic Crystal Ants all use magic stones as their food! Just how many magic stones are there in the Fantastic Valley?

No wonder the emperor had only rewarded Reck this tattered map and nothing else in return for a map with such strategic value. If one can get the magic stones inside, what more could they need?

“Kill, kill, kill, rob clean!” Fatty mumbled. The corners of his mouth twitched and suspicious shiny liquid could be seen trickling down.

So embarrassing! Wheat, who was squatting beside Fatty, quietly moved away and pretended it didn’t know the guy. Inky in the sky dumbly looked at Wheat then at Fatty, unable to understand why Wheat wanted to move so far away and even hid itself in the bush.

Fatty regained his senses a long time later. He wiped the saliva off his mouth and issued a loud howl, then pocketed the two pets and vanished on the spot.

If this had been other people, Rogues would have Stealthed inside and the other classes would fight their way in. It was a lot simpler for Fatty. With just a ‘walk,’ he passed through the lazily yawning Magic Crystal Ants outside and entered the valley.

Re-appearing in an area, Fatty didn’t dare to act rashly. Looking in from outside, this valley wasn’t big, but there was more to it inside. There were four to five sets of overlapping annular hollows, each set was separated from the others by at least a kilometer.

In every hollow, there were tens of thousands of Magic Crystal Ants. Some lay there motionless with their big bellies up, apparently full from eating too many magic stones; some opened their mouths wide and gnawed on something with crunching sounds; more were in lines carrying things.

“My poor heart…” When he got a clear look at what the Magic Crystal Ants were chewing, Fatty painfully clutched his chest, his face pale. What were those fist-sized or head-sized pieces if not magic stones!

“On behalf of gold coins, Lord Fatty kills you!” Seeing a Magic Crystal Ant with red stripes lazily crawl up and gnaw at a magic stone the size of a human head, Fatty couldn't bear it anymore. He threw Frozen on the ant and followed with a good kick that sent it flying to an unknown faraway place.

Screech! Body in the air, this Magic Crystal Ant shrieked shrilly. In an instant, all the Magic Crystal Ants in the Fantastic Valley stopped what they were doing at once and turned to look in Fatty’s direction.

“Passing by, it’s a misunderstanding.” Fatty bowed, his face full of smiles. He had only remembered where he was now.


Deafening shrieks rang out from all parts of the valley as the Magic Crystal Ants erupted in fury. With murderous intent, they brandished their big pincers while charging at Fatty. In years they had never seen such an arrogant guy. Sneaking into their territory and stealing some magic stones was one thing, but this fellow actually dared to openly provoke their kin. If they didn’t kill him, they’d have no face to face their Magic Crystal Ant clan ancestors.

“Kill, kill, kill him, tear him apart, boil out his oil to light the heaven lanterns.”

That was what their shrieking seemed to say as a black, dense mass of Magic Crystal Ants raced over in unison. Fatty paled in fright at the scene. Without a word, he continuously Earthwalked toward the bottom of the valley.

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