Chapter 375 The Fire Origin

Chapter 375 – The Fire Origin

Speaking until this point, the huge head roared furiously. The roar was like a thunderclap as it violently shook the sea of fire.

Fatty could imagine how this story must have ended: the Black Kirin got what it wanted and successfully advanced to the realm of Legendary, but didn’t help the huge head leave this space per their agreement. This could be understood, though. If such a powerful monster was to be released, there’d be no place for the Black Kirin and others to act all high and mighty.

“Human, help me out, and I shall give you benefits you can’t imagine.” When the roar finally ceased, the huge head stared at Fatty.

“Let's talk about the benefits first.” Fatty’s head spun with ideas as he began to consider what conditions he should make.

“I saved your life, isn't that enough?” Obviously, the huge head was a wise fellow who knew about bargaining.

“Of course not. You saving me was only the premise of our cooperation, just this alone is not enough to make me go to such lengths…”

After an intense tug of war between Fatty and the huge head, they sealed the deal with the huge head paying Fatty two essence sparks from the Fire Origin.

The Fire Origin was the origin where all fire was born, including the massive fire sphere and this huge head beast right here. No matter how hard the Divine experts competed for that sphere, the Source of Fire, in fact, was only the outer manifestation of the Fire Origin, and the Fire Origin resided in the very core of the Source of Fire, being only nine sparks.

One spark had given birth to this huge head, one had gone to the Black Kirin. During the time since the existence of the Fire Origin until now, three sparks had drifted out and turned into the massive sphere and the sea of fire. Now, there were only four left. After bargaining and coaxing, Fatty got one for himself and one for West. As for the remaining two, the huge head refused to give them out no matter what.

In addition to the Fire Origin, he also got to collect thousands of powerful Demonic flame monsters for his Crystal Maze of Terror, as well as about a million fire demonic nuclei.

Watching the huge head casually throwing out demonic nuclei, Fatty just wanted to faint. In the past, every nucleus or inner core required enormous hard work and care to kill a powerful monster, but now, a million of them just came so easily. Fatty’s inventory naturally couldn’t store this many nuclei, but he was fortunate to have on him the package that the Black Dragon King had given that allowed him to store a lot of things.

Fatty had no plan to throw these demonic nuclei to the Elemental Skill Book. He could use them to create powerful equipment and also exchange for a lot of gold coins.

In this trade, since the huge head had given Fatty so many benefits, he certainly should do something in return. Now all he needed was to find a chance to break the seal formation and give the huge head a chance to leave this place.

Ever since it had been born, the huge head was already in this space. It had no clue when the seal had appeared, only knew that the seal absorbed the energy of this whole space to block the entrance. Unless impacted by an external force, it would never stop. Meanwhile, all monsters in this place were fire-attribute and there was nothing they could do to impact the seal that also used fire energy, so they placed their hope in the outside world. This was the main reason why the huge head made a deal with Fatty.

“Those guys are no good, just like that Black Kirin. It's already kind of me not to eat them.” The huge head made a muffled sound and brought Fatty to sink into the bottom of the fire, sneaking into the Source of Fire.

Although the Source of Fire was only a kilometer wide, its internal space seemed endless, with four palm-sized white flames floating in the center.

“Is this the Fire Origin?” Fatty wanted to walk over for a closer look but was immediately rolled back by a tentacle.

“You want to die? This is not something you can approach!” the huge head anxiously scolded.

The huge head stopped when it was still a long distance away from the core. At this time, Fatty still hadn’t seen its whole body, only the big head was revealed. Its big mouth suddenly opened and spat out a thread of fire. As thick as a wrist and as nimble as a finger, the thread spun gently around a Fire Origin, grabbed and pulled it back.

Incredibly, sizzling sounds like ice melting in magma rang out as the huge head reached out a tentacle made of pure flame and made slight contact with the Fire Origin. When the tentacle finally returned with the Fire Origin, it had been melted by nearly 100 meters.

“Quick, how are you planning to take it?” The head asked Fatty. Promising him was one thing, but whether Fatty could take it away was another matter. As far as it could see, Fatty didn’t have this ability.

Seeing the smug smile which the huge head didn’t even try to hide, Fatty gave an indifferent smile and flipped his hand. The Elemental Skill Book appeared before him and volleyed through the air to catch the palm-sized Fire Origin.

With a sizzle, the Fire Origin disappeared. At the same time, a red light burst from the skill book, as blinding as a small sun, giving off intense light and heat.

“What is this?” The giant head was dumbstruck.

Fatty didn’t have time to answer the creature because, at the moment, he was dumbfounded by the changes in the Elemental Mystery Realm. Last time in the East Ocean Natural Barrier when Wu Junxiao had let the Elemental Skill Book devour the Water God’s Mystery Codex, it had only repaired the book with a little change in the Elemental Mystery Realm. But now, devouring the spark of Fire Origin immediately turned the realm upside down.

The ice element born from consuming the Ice Mystery Codex had been expelled to a corner and the fire element now reigned. Countless Demonic flame monsters – flame dragons, flame tigers, flame phoenixes, flame kirins… appeared out of thin air, all formed from pure fire energy.

A huge sun had emerged in the sky, with a small white flower faintly flickering inside it, this was the Source of Fire that had yet to settle completely. Hot light shone upon the entire realm, pushing the rest of the elements to the corner.

Boom! A fiery light burst out from the Elemental Skill Book. Just like the last sliver of darkness disappeared when the morning sun rose slowly, a fist-sized fiery red ball jumped up from the skill book like a fire elf cheering and jumping.

System Notification: Congratulations. You have restored the Elemental Mystery Realm by 20%.

“Awesome!” Fatty was ecstatic. Every cloud indeed had a silver lining, giving him this chance to completely repair the fire system of the book. In this way, as long as he got the rest of the Metal, Wood, Water, and Earth Origins, the restoration would be complete.

The huge head couldn’t help but exclaim in amazement. It had never been out of this space and therefore couldn’t imagine the powerful equipment outside. Seeing Fatty easily digest a Fire Origin, it didn’t hesitate to pull another one over.

Fatty stored this Fire Origin in the Elemental Mystery Realm instead of letting the skill book eat it to save it as a gift for West. The fellow would absolutely love it.

“In a far away place, I feel a space the same as this one. I hate its smell, I think it may have something helpful to this stuff of yours,” said the huge head, who had slightly grasped the nature of the Elemental Skill Book.

“A smell that you hate?” Fatty understood. That must be ice or water energy. Is there an ice space or water space around? The Doomsday Ice Plain, maybe? The more he pondered, the more he found this idea plausible.

“Okay. I'm going to send you out. You must remember our agreement,” the huge head reminded Fatty.

Having gained such great benefits, Fatty certainly wouldn’t go back on his promise. Besides, the huge head had forced Fatty to make a death oath.

“If you can take me out, why can't you go out yourself?” Fatty asked.

The huge head pointed to its own body. Under the huge head was only billowing fire that connected to the sea of fire. Every time it moved, the flames in this space surged with it.

“I can't open the seal, I’m only capable of connecting to some spatial rift, and I must mobilize the power of this sea of fire to do it. I can’t go anywhere,” the helpless huge head replied.

Fatty was speechless. This fellow was even more pitiful than the artillery team cooking chef1.

The five Divine experts were still trying desperately to near the Source of Fire and gain just a little bit of energy from it. The huge head mocked, “Let them play. When I leave this place, they’ll have this whole space as their playground.”

The huge head took Fatty to the entrance where they had come into the Source of Fire. The area was chaotic, with long and short rifts connecting to other planes opening and closing with occasional strange sounds coming out from them.

Arriving here, even the huge head had to be careful. It swung the thousands of tentacles on his head, smacking those rifts to stabilize them, before using one tentacle to deliver Fatty to the edge of a rift.

“Be careful,” said the huge head to Fatty. Then, it issued a roar that vibrated the entire space. From the Source of Fire, violent fluctuations spread out. Caught off guard, the Divine experts were repeatedly swept back while vomiting blood.

“What's going on?”

“What’s happened?”

Being pushed away from the Source of Fire, their faces clouded over and they seemed to hesitate whether or not to continue moving forward. And the fact that the Fire Dragon still not showing even at this moment finally caught their attention.

“Where is that Fire Dragon?”

“Damnable lizard, could it have gotten into the Source of Fire?”

As the Divine experts made wild guesses, a loud noise came from a distance. The rift next to Fatty slowly expanded, the sound of roaring came from it. He wondered where this spatial rift led to.

“Lord Ghost Phoenix, Emperor Occult Flame, guys, buh-bye, and take your time, I have already taken the Fire Origin.” Fatty laughed heartily as he deployed the Elemental Sword Diagram and whooshed into the rift.

“It's that damnable human!”

“Wasn’t he frozen? How did he come back to life?”

“Damn it! What the hell is Fire Origin? Is it different from the Source of Fire?”

“Go after him! Whatever he has taken, we take it back!”

The Ghost Phoenix took the lead to charge at the rift where Fatty had vanished into. Emperor Occult Flame and the others aggressively followed.

“Ladies and gentlemen, since you are here, might as well stay.” With a vicious grin, the huge head danced its thousands of tentacles and stopped the Divine experts.

1. This is a meme based on figurative meaning of phrases. PG13 from this point on!!!

Artillery chef: 1. wears green hat (in Chinese that equals to being cheated on), 2. can only watch as another guy fires the cannon (do his wife), 3. carry the pot (equals to taking the blame, like even though the other guy do his wife, he has to say it's him to hide the fact that he's cheated on), and 4. cook for that other guy.

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