Chapter 372 Inferno Abyss

Chapter 372 – Inferno Abyss

A layer of ice half a meter thick formed on Fatty’s body, firmly sealing him inside. From a glance, it looked as if Fatty had grown out of ice.

As countless ice spirits danced around Fatty, they not only froze his body but – as Asatrya had said – also his soul. At this moment, Fatty had already died yet still not flown to a resurrection point. This showed just how powerful this forbidden ice spell of Asatrya was.

After freezing Fatty thoroughly from inside out in one move, Asatrya panted heavily, mercilessly glaring at him before a long sigh escaped her lips.

“Unbelievable. I, Asatrya, actually will die in the hands of the Elementalist in the end.” Asatrya's body slowly faded like a cloud of smoke, drifting off with the wind and finally dispersing, leaving only an ice block over two meters tall standing there.

Szzz. The fiery Fire Spirit Bead fell to the ground and melted the surrounding frost into water.

His eyes wide open, Fatty dully looked as this happened. He was frozen with his soul trapped here by the forbidden spell, and could only obediently remain in the ice. Unless someone could break the effect of the spell for him, Fatty wouldn’t be able to respawn even if the ice outside was broken.

In his despair, Fatty was left with no other choice, he logged off with a sigh. Fortunately, this option was still available, otherwise, he might become the first player to be toyed to death by the game.

When he logged on after eating, Fatty found himself moving. He was now on the back of a demon who was running fast. In Fatty's view was only a head of fiery long red hair fluttering and nothing else could be seen, which didn’t give him a clue about where this demon had come from or where it was going. There was nothing he could do about it either, he was frozen, so his eyeballs naturally couldn’t turn.

But soon, Fatty knew what was going on. What else would that huge, fiercely burning, totally-made-of-Fire-Crystal-Stone palace that soon came into view be if not the Occult Flame Palace? And the main hall was still tattered from Fatty’s pillaging earlier.

“Brat, I bet you didn’t expect this, huh? In the end, you are still in my hands.” The demon carrying Fatty threw him to the ground and turned around. It was indeed Emperor Occult Flame.

Emperor Occult Flame looked both glad and angry. Glad that he didn’t only find the Fire Spirit Bead after having followed his connection with it, but had also conveniently captured Fatty. Angry because a mighty Divine expert like himself had to creep into the Doomsday Ice Field for this, which had been a smear to his status.

Fatty couldn’t answer, and he also didn’t want to. Since he was dead anyway, anyone could do whatever they like to him, he didn’t care.

“This… the Great Curse of Ice?” The Ghost Phoenix was taken aback and its expression grew serious.

“The Great Curse of Ice?!” All the demons and Demonic creatures around all paled in fright. The power of the Great Curse of Ice was nothing that the meager Eternal Frozen forbidden spell could compare to. Although the notoriety of Eternal Frozen was spread far and wide, it was just a powerful magic spell. Meanwhile, the Great Curse of Ice wasn’t. Once hit by it, there was little chance of recovery.

“Throw him away.” The Ghost Phoenix looked full of reluctance. “I haven't heard of anyone who can recover from the Great Curse of Ice. His soul and body are frozen, it’s useless.”

“How unlucky.” Emperor Occult Flame kicked Fatty aside. “Since he’s useless, I’ll keep him here as a decoration. Anyway, the Elemental Skill Book and the Elemental Sword Diagram are in there. Don’t even think about taking them.”

“Alright, time for the main business,” the Ghost Phoenix said in a low voice.

“All the Divine-tier ice energy collected is here.” A demon Fatty had never seen before said. Obviously, he was also a Divine expert.

“Let's head to the Inferno Abyss.”

The massive Occult Flame Palace rumbled and shrank to the size of a grain of dust. The magma under the ground slowly gushed out, filling up the empty spot it left and removing all traces.

Inside the palace, next to the Demon experts, Fatty soon heard their plan clearly from their constant discussion. It turned out that there was a strange place in the magma world where all the fire elements here originated from called the Inferno Abyss.

The Inferno Abyss had existed since the appearance of the underground magma world. For a long time, countless powerful experts wanted to hunt for the treasures inside, but none had successfully entered it except for a mythical beast Black Kirin. About what was something inside, the Black Kirin had kept its mouth shut after coming out, but it was obvious that it had gained huge benefits. Although it had been powerful before entering, it had been only a Divine beast, but after coming out, it had become a Legendary beast.

The reason why others couldn’t enter the Inferno Abyss was because of the strong seal on the entrance. It was unknown who set it up, but the Demon Emperor had once gathered a dozen Divine experts, and together with his Legendary-tier power had still been unable to open this seal. However, the strongest thing had its weakness, and the weakness of this seal lay in the fact that all of its strength was based on the fire element. The solution of the Ghost Phoenix’s group was to blow up Divine ice power at the seal, hindering its operation for a moment of time so that they could slip in.

The previous battle years ago when they attacked the Doomsday Ice Plain, one of them secretly snuck in to absorb the Divine ice power here. For countless years, they reckoned they had absorbed a good amount enough for their plan and decided to come here at last.

The Occult Flame Palace flew rapidly in a set direction amidst burning magma. The temperature was so extreme it completely distorted the space. Aside from the Divine experts, the underlings of Emperor Occult Flame sweated profusely, so much so that sweat flowed in streams from their pores.

After flying for an unknown period of time and distance, the palace finally stopped after a call from the Ghost Phoenix.

Here, there was no magma, only the steaming hot fire elements that twisted all space and light. If it weren't for the Divine experts protecting the Occult Flame Palace, even the Fire Crystal Stone that the palace was made of wouldn’t have escaped the fate of being incinerated into gas.

“What rich fire element.” The fire Demon experts all inhaled deeply, their expressions intoxicated.

“It's a pity the temperature here is so high that even we can't stay here for a long time. Otherwise, as long as we cultivate here, we can get twice the result with half the effort compared with other places,” stated the one Fatty didn’t know.

This Divine expert was a Demonic beast assuming the appearance of an earthworm, more than one meter long, with many circle patterns and disgusting barbs. At this moment, it had a fist-sized ball on its head, inside of which were countless glaciers as well as numerous ice Demonic monsters like ice wolves, ice tigers, and even ice giants. All seemed to have been killed and had their souls sealed inside.

This ball was what they were going to use to blast and disrupt the seal, containing Divine ice energy collected by these experts for thousands of years. It was so strong that once it exploded, even any of them would be frozen and insta-killed if hit.

Not far up ahead, a magic formation over 100 meters wide was in effect. The formation was three-dimensional and comprised of many small formations that, at first glance, looked dense and almost entirely occupied the big formation.

Behind the magic formation was a dead gray space where the air billowed and no one could see clearly what was beyond.

“According to incomplete statistics, this seal is made up of 108,000 small fire formations. Each has the power to injure or even kill us if they explode. We must be careful,” the Ghost Phoenix warned.

“That makes it simple,” the earthworm-like Demonic expert said. “Careful, everyone, I'm going for it.”

Emperor Occult Flame controlled the Occult Flame Palace back several kilometers until the seal became only the size of a grain of rice in their view and the earthworm-like expert called for a stop. Then, it carefully made the ice ball on his head fly out.

The ball flying speed wasn’t fast, it was wobbly like a fly without a head. This was the result of the two elements’ confrontation as the overwhelming fire energy here seriously hindered the existence of the ice energy.

The earthworm-like expert had a hard time controlling the ice ball, which was telling from its sweaty head. It murmured something from its mouth, and the more sweat flowed, the faster the reciting speed. Finally, with a shout from the earthworm demon, the ball finally broke through the blockade of fire elements and approached the formation.

“Explode!” cried the earthworm, and the ice ball suddenly burst into a huge mass of misty white fog along with all sorts of sounds like the roaring of tigers, the howling of wolves, and the chirping of birds… sweeping through the entire magma world.


Space-blotting mist covered up the area and the space fluctuated violently. Pitch-black cracks emerged and dense cold winds blew out from them. The Divine experts inside the Occult Flame Palace immediately saw their vision turn black and coughed out blood as the clash between two elements swept over them.

“Go!” shouted the Ghost Phoenix as it endured the pain.

Without needing reminders, Emperor Occult Flame controlled the Occult Flame Palace through the turbulent magma straight towards the formation like a meteor.

Bearing the brunt of such a close explosion of enormous Divine ice energy, the seal trembled violently and was immediately disrupted. Even though it quickly resumed operating, Emperor Occult Flame seized the opportunity and flew through it.

“Did we pass?” asked the dragon nervously. Its sight was still a stretch of fiery red that seemed no different from the magma world.

“I don't know,” Emperor Occult Flame replied. Suddenly, his face changed drastically.

“Not good!” the other experts yelled at the same time.

The moment the Occult Flame Palace passed through the formation, a powerful force suddenly came crashing down on it. The palace emitted unpleasant cracking noises as if being crushed.

“Brace yourselves!” shouted the Ghost Phoenix. It then spread its wings while turning into a tiny phoenix and shot outside.

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