Chapter 371 Devouring the Ice Codex

Chapter 371 – Devouring the Ice Codex

When he got the Divine artifact Doomsday Ice Staff, Fatty was only happy, not elated. However, at the sight of this skill book of some kind, he couldn't help but laugh loudly, just because of the few characters on the cover – Ice Mystery Codex.

The Ice Mystery Codex covered all ice spells, including forbidden spells. Once the Elemental Skill Book swallowed it, Fatty would be able to use all ice spells at will so long as the energy inside the Elemental Mystery Realm was sufficient.

Fatty now had three codices. The Water God’s Mystery Codex had been devoured by the Elemental Skill Book. The Evil God’s Treasure Codex was still in the Sky City warehouse. With this Ice Mystery Codex, Fatty didn’t want to be closefisted.

Fatty placed the Ice Mystery Codex on the Elemental Skill Book, and the latter burst with a blue light which then spread like water ripples, emitting the sound of the sea.

Encapsulated by the blue glow, the Ice Mystery Codex responded with a dazzling white light, as if resisting the Elemental Skill Book, and firmly kept the blue glow outside.

The sound of the sea rumbling became increasingly louder. As water energy within the Elemental Mystery Realm was quickly consumed, the blue light grew deeper and denser, gradually suppressing the white light.

When the blue light was about to succeed, the white light suddenly exploded. From the Ice Mystery Codex, a white figure broke through the shackles of the blue light and hovered in the air. Fatty looked up to see that this white shadow had the appearance of a person. She wore a white crown of thorns, with long white hair flowing out under the crown and falling behind her waist. Her long white robe was embroidered with the patterns of mountains and rivers of ice and snow, she held a staff on the surface of which was carved various ice monsters.

“How dare you devour my codex?!” As soon as the figure appeared, she looked down at Fatty with a frosty face.

“What the heck?” Fatty was frightened.

“I am not ‘what’! I am the great Goddess of Ice, Asatrya,” said the figure in a loud and clear voice as she puffed out her chest, apparently very proud of her name.

“What the fur is Ice Goddess, never heard of it.” Since the other party was just some kind of illusory figure, which Fatty had already seen a lot, he naturally didn’t take her seriously.

“Never heard of me? How dare you have never heard of me, the great Goddess of Ice? You lowbrow human!” Asatrya was furious, and big snowflakes began to swirl around her.

“Whatever you are, Ice Goddess, Snow Goddess, Fire Goddess,” Fatty muttered and swung his hand. The Elemental Sword Diagram flew out, spread open, and pressed Asatrya inside.

“What is this formation? It feels so familiar…” Confused, Asatrya looked around in a daze.

Looking at Asatrya whose head had gotten rigid due to the passage of time, Fatty pouted and sent the Sword of Fire shooting up towards Asatrya.

“Ah, I remember! This is that bastard’s, Wu Junxiao, weapon, the Elemental Sword Diagram. Brat, how is this in your hands? Who are you to that bastard?” When the Sword of Fire was about to hack at her, Asatrya suddenly remembered the diagram’s origin.

With a wave of her staff, a small ice shield appeared and took the strike. The sword only went 3 inches into the shield, not dealing any more damage other than leaving a white mark.

“So formidable?” Fatty was shocked and instantly thought of fleeing. Even the powerful Ice Phoenix had bled when struck by the Sword of Fire, yet Asatrya only needed a small shield to block it. This clearly demonstrated her strength.

“Kid, don’t be in such a hurry to leave.” Asatrya didn’t attack, loneliness was visible on her face. “Tell me, how did that bastard Wu Junxiao’s sword diagram fall into your hands? He practically considers that thing his child and wouldn’t let others touch it.”

Fatty made a strange expression. Just how long has Asatrya slept for that she doesn’t even know about the grand war thousands of years ago? Looking at her, she seems to have something to do with that fellow Wu Junxiao. An old lover maybe?

All sorts of strange thoughts floated in his mind, but his face didn’t show it. Since it was telling that Asatrya had some special feelings for the Elemental Sword Diagram, he told her about how Wu Junxiao had died.

“Dead? He’s dead? Hahahaha, good riddance!” Asatrya faced the sky and laughed so hard tears flowed out.

“Is it so funny?” Fatty was speechless.

“Is it not?” Asatrya barely managed to stop laughing as her voice suddenly turned icy, “I, the Goddess of Ice who was half a step short from the Legendary realm, was wounded by Wu Junxiao and died. Tell me, should I not be happy to hear the news of his death?”

“What?” Fatty’s face abruptly changed. He retracted the Elemental Sword Diagram and ran.

“Brat, you can't escape. Obediently hand over the Elemental Sword Diagram and Skill Book and I'll let you live, or I'll freeze your soul forever with a Legendary forbidden spell.” Asatrya leisurely floated behind Fatty. No matter how he ran, Stealthed, Accelerated, or ‘walked,’ he couldn't get rid of her.

Fatty summoned the Violent Ox King to help him stop her a little. However, a point of Asatrya’s finger turned it into an ice ox, and then a casual slap smashed it into countless shards.

“Fine, I’m not running.” Seeing that there was really no way to escape, Fatty stopped, turned around, and shrugged, indicating that he wouldn’t run anymore.

“Kekekeke.” Asatrya chuckled smugly. “Little fatty, in fact, I’m a very good person. As long as you hand over the Elemental Sword Diagram and Skill Book, I promise I won’t hurt you and will even give you certain benefits.”

“But these two things can’t be traded. I want to give them to you, really, but I have no way,” Fatty lamented with a sad face.

“Yeah, this is a big problem.” Asatrya frowned, subconsciously stamping her feet.

“Hmm?” A light suddenly graced Fatty’s eyes when he realized that Asatrya was standing on the Ice Mystery Codex.

The Ice Mystery Codex was sustaining a mist of hovering fine ice grains that wrapped around Asatrya's feet. Any action from her affected the ice below.

“So that’s what it is.” Fatty understood. Asatrya had said that she died to Wu Junxiao, so now she was just surviving off the Ice Mystery Codex. If it was destroyed or she was separated from it, she wouldn’t be able to escape death, just like Sigg and the other Demon Kings who relied on the Death Altar.

Fatty took out something from his inventory and threw it at Asatrya. Still thinking about how to strip the Elemental equipment, Asatrya only dodged subconsciously. In turn, the object smashed right in the middle of the codex below and a heatwave suddenly burst out, melting the ice grains at her feet, leaving only feeble wisps of mist still connecting with her.

“Fire Spirit Bead?” Screaming, Asatrya hurriedly waved her staff. A mass of ice mist appeared and tightly wrapped the Fire Spirit Bead, suppressing its fire energy as much as possible.

Ice and fire elements collided violently. Affected by them, red and white color took turns on Asatrya’s face and her body flickered, looking like it would dissipate at any time.

“Where did you get it?” With a face full of panic, Asatrya didn’t hesitate to consume the energy of her own body to release a series of ice spells at the Fire Spirit Bead to try and completely suppress it.

From the Fire Spirit Bead landing on the Ice Mystery Codex to Asatrya trying her best to suppress it, only a minute or two had passed. However, the situation took an abrupt turn during this short time.

While Asatrya had no time to care about him, Fatty flipped his hand and a pile of scrolls appeared. These scrolls were extremely valuable, all of them being Advanced spatial magic. Fatty’s heart bled to do this, but he resolutely tore and threw them at Asatrya.

As a dozen scroll spells fell on Asatrya one after another, a spatial storm broke out around her. Many of the scrolls manifested space-throttling cracks, some jointly formed a huge cage, and some formed a space passage to transfer the opponent away.

The offensive power wasn’t outstanding, but the moves were bizarre and hard to defend against. The negligent Asatrya, who had only focused on suppressing the Fire Spirit Bead, was almost torn to pieces by the spatial rifts that swept at her head, then firmly trapped in the space cage. Before she could break free, a whoosh sounded and she, along with the space cage, were directly transferred to an unknown place.

The spatial passage teleported away but left Ice Mystery Codex behind. Fatty was overjoyed. He rushed over to embrace the codex before slapping it onto the Elemental Skill Book.

A deep blue light once again burst out. This time, without any resistance, the Ice Mystery Codex was obediently devoured as it turned into a mass of white light that slowly merged into the Elemental Skill Book.


Asatrya quickly flew back just in time to see the Ice Mystery Codex being absorbed. Despair washed over her.

“Bastard, I will kill you!” Standing still in the air, Asatrya raised her staff in her right hand. “O’ wandering spirits of ice and snow between the heavens and earth, heed the call of I, Goddess of Ice Asatrya, come to me with your most cruel energy to freeze the enemy until the world is shattered – Great Curse of Ice.”


The space trembled. As Asatrya pointed at Fatty, ice energy so dense it was visible flocked over to him like a storm and finger-sized ice spirits appeared. They didn’t look at all relaxed and cheerful like the other spirits but completely frosty as if someone owed them hundreds of millions of gold coins and refused to pay.

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