Chapter 370 Level 69; Legendary Artifact

Chapter 370 – Level 69; Legendary Artifact

No matter what the Ice Phoenix said, Fatty ignored it all and single-mindedly controlled the Elemental Sword Formation while setting up the God Destroyer Crossbow, aiming it at the Ice Phoenix.

The ballista was two meters high, three meters wide, five meters long, and looked like a savage beast lying prone on the ground asleep, with the part where bolts were to be shot being its mouth.

As Fatty pressed the switch, the ballistae made a clicking noise, and the sleeping beast suddenly roared thunderously. The roar startled Fatty, who then saw the beast open a pair of blood-red eyes, staring at the Ice Phoenix trapped inside the Sword of Fire formation.

Stretching out its legs, the beast stood up with a series of creaking noises. A streak of light roamed all over its body, drawing a large number of fire elements into the various magical formations engraved on the surface.

“God Destroyer Crossbow.” Noticing the movement, the Ice Phoenix swept a glance and immediately screamed, “The God Destroyer Crossbow was already destroyed! How can it be?!”

The howling of the wind and a clap of thunder resounded as the beast slowly opened its mouth. A thunderstorm formed in the sky where lightning bolts struck down through the barrier of the Elemental Sword Formation with unparalleled pressure.

The God Destroyer Crossbows didn’t use physical bolts but magic stones, having space for 20 stones to be loaded at once. According to Karl, 20 magic stones only provided enough energy for one attack. Afterward, a refill was required for the next shot.

At the moment the mouth opened, the 20 magic stones burned at the same time and provided a huge amount of energy, which swirled around and along the body of the God Destroyer Crossbow, powering the magic formations. As the formations lit up one by one, all kinds of elements in the air outside gushed into the ballista. Gradually, a colorful beam of light was formed in the beast's mouth.

The Ice Phoenix let out a shrill screech with panic visible on its face. From its mouth, ice energy madly poured out and formed a big circular ice shield. The ice shield was engraved with a soaring white phoenix, sending out rolling chills that forced the flames around to retreat.


After gathering energy for half an hour, the God Destroyer Crossbow finally let out a loud roar, and a meter wide colorful beam shot at the Ice Phoenix, heavily crashing onto the ice shield.

Amidst another loud explosion, the ice shield broke into numerous pieces that flew in all directions before being melted in a blink by the turbulent flames. With the very same momentum, the colorful beam mercilessly pierced at the Ice Phoenix’s chest.

Compared to the Ice Phoenix’s body of a kilometer long, the light beam a meter wide was like a toothpick, only that this malicious toothpick was relatively long. After entering the Ice Phoenix chest, it went straight in and shot out from the back.

“Screeeeeech…” The Ice Phoenix cried painfully as white blood flowed from the wound. This shot took away roughly 2% of its HP.

However, the Ice Phoenix revealed an expression of joy. “It's not a perfect God Destroyer Crossbow! Whew, that nearly scared me to death.”

Fatty clicked his tongue in satisfaction for the ballista’s attack just now. Being able to hurt a powerful Divine beast like that just proved the two words ‘God Destroyer’ in its name. In perfect condition, perhaps it could really kill the Ice Phoenix.

Fatty inserted 20 more magic stones. The God Destroyer Crossbow in the shape of the beast roared loudly and started accumulating energy again. Meanwhile, the Ice Phoenix also began its retaliation. A slew of ice magic appeared out of thin air and flew towards Fatty, trying to break away from the fetters of the Elemental Sword Formation.

“Chop!” Fatty commanded Sword of Fire to severely hack down. The burning sword had been doing a good job, taking away a large amount of health with each fall.

The Ice Phoenix refused to show weakness. All kinds of ice spells froze the sword formation as Fatty felt his skill-releasing speed was slowed by a lot.

Half an hour later, the God Destroyer Crossbow shone brilliantly and gave a loud roar. A colorful light beam violently hit the Ice Phoenix, once again taking away a large amount of health.

“AAHH!” The Ice Phoenix screamed. In despair, it resorted to a forbidden spell, but Inky’s Electric Bolt and Wheat’s Petrification stopped the spell from ever seeing the light of day.

“I loathe…” After another attack from the God Destroyer Crossbow, the Ice Phoenix roared at the sky, its huge body swayed a few times before crashing onto the ground. Fatty, also plopped down heavily panting, he currently didn’t want to move a finger.

The fight had lasted for more than five hours, during which Fatty had been highly focused. As soon as he relaxed, exhaustion immediately took over and he just wanted to sleep and never wake up again. Taking pains to shake his head to maintain consciousness, he first retracted the Elemental Sword Formation.

With the fall of the Ice Phoenix, a mountain of things burst out, almost filling the entire mountain top of thousands of meters. At the same time, there was also the pleasant tone of the system.

System Notification: Congratulations, you have killed Divine beast Ice Phoenix. +3.08 billion EXP, +200,000 Reputation.

Whoosh. With the system prompt sound, golden light after golden light shone upon Fatty.

System Notification: Congratulations, you have reached level 61.
System Notification: Congratulations, you have reached level 62.
System Notification: Congratulations, you have reached level 69.

Killing a Divine beast, he incredibly rose nine levels, just a little away from level 70. Fatty felt quite surreal. He only regained his wits after giving himself a hard pinch.

“I've made BIG!” Fatty trembled in joy. Disregarding his tired body, he hurriedly scrambled up to check the loot.

The Ice Phoenix had left behind an array of beautiful, colorful items. Since time was limited, Fatty didn't bother to look at what they were. Instead, he stowed them first.

Half an hour later, Fatty lay down and breathed a sigh of relief after watching some ordinary equipment get reset by the system, disappearing along with them was the body of the Ice Phoenix. However, Fatty had already tossed Harvest and collected everything he could from the corpse while picking the loot.

With his legs crossed, Fatty lay on the ice and began to sort through the harvest. There were so many things that he could open a grocery store. Thanks to the Elemental Mystery Realm that allowed things to be temporarily stored, Fatty hadn’t had to bear the pain of seeing the system reset the gold coins.

“Blue Moon Necklace, Violet, DEX +30, HP +1%, additional skill Ice Fortress, can cast a snowstorm around the user to block the enemy’s attacks for 10 minutes. Not bad, you can stay.”

“Blue Gate Armor, Violet, STR +42, END +30, INT +35. What rubbish, what kind of armor adds strength? Out!”

“Butterfly Orchid Cloak, Violet, DEX +34, additional passive skill Iceal, has the stealth effect when in ice territory. Just barely. Whatever, you stay.”

Lying there, Fatty checked the properties of the equipment one by one, keeping those he felt to be decent and throwing the rest to the Elemental Skill Book.

As a Divine beast, the items dropped by the Ice Phoenix were undoubtedly good stuff. Most of them would be high-end goods on the market at the current stage of the game. If they were to be put up for auction, there would definitely be a stir.

However, Violet wasn’t what Fatty hoped for no matter how good the stats were. After half a day rummaging and his interest gradually declined, his eyes finally shone when he held a longsword with that felt cold to the touch.

Throwing dozens of Appraisals, the information of the sword was finally revealed-

Ice Soul Sword
High-rank Celestial Weapon
Level Requirement: 75
Attack: 260
STR +65
DEX +65
END +65
INT +65
Active – Ice Soul Storm Strike: Instantly launches 300 ice blades to attack the opponent, the damage of each equals to 1/10th of that of the Ice Spirit Sword.
Active – Frost Chop: With the user as the center, a layer of frost appears in a radius of 10 meters. The speed of all enemies within the frost layer is reduced to half. This does not affect the user. Duration: 60 seconds.
Active – Ice Sting: The user has three chances at stealth-and-attack every day. Duration of stealth: Unlimited, revealed once user attacks.
Class Requirement: Warrior, Knight

“High-rank Celestial weapon, awesome!” Fatty loved the sword so much he couldn't put it down, he simply hung it on him. Although Rogue couldn’t use swords, it didn’t prevent him from showing it off. High-rank Celestial longswords were very rare at the moment.

I wonder how that brat Xiao Jian will react when he finds out. Gotta milk him dry for it. Fatty thought.

A high-rank Celestial weapon was good, but Fatty still had expectations. After all, this was yet enough to be worthy of a Divine beast. At the end of the check, a cold-emitting staff as glittering and translucent as jade caught his attention.

This staff was nearly two meters long, thick at the top and thin at the bottom. The thickest part was as thick as a goose egg, while the thinnest part at the bottom formed a sharp point, seeming it could also be used for stabbing when the enemy approached. Atop the staff was a lifelike phoenix spreading its wings, looking beautiful as though carved out of the finest white jade. One of its claws grasped at the top of the staff while the other claw curled up, its two wings spread out, and its neck stretched up towards the sky. The appearance exactly resembled the Ice Phoenix.

Doomsday Ice Staff
Divine Artifact, unidentified.

The curt description made Fatty's heart itch.


A white light fell on the staff. Nothing happened.


Another light fell, still nothing. The staff refused to give Fatty any face.

“I appraise, I appraise, I appraise again, I keep appraising!” Fatty yelped, desperately throwing Appraisal on the Doomsday Ice Staff, but the weapon just lay there motionless without any response.

After throwing Appraisal over a hundred times in a row, Fatty finally let out a long sigh. His rank of Appraisal was still too low, identifying Celestial items was already the limit. Divine was only possible when he reached the grandmaster mastery.

Reluctantly pocketing the Doomsday Ice Staff, Fatty took out another object. As he looked at this book-like item, his mouth slowly spread sideways. Finally, he faced the sky and burst into crazed laughter.

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