Chapter 369 Plotting against the Ice Phoenix

Chapter 369 – Plotting against the Ice Phoenix

When the massive Ice Phoenix arrived at the top of the ice mountain, Fatty secretly lamented. The Ghost Phoenix’s group had been all mighty and arrogant when they had come here finding trouble, which made Fatty think they had been very sure of victory, but now, it didn’t look the case.

The Ice Phoenix felt something off as soon as it landed. A closer look verified this as in the ice cave below, its egg was gone and there was only one big fat fellow.

A long, furious screech resounded. Instantly, the whole mountain shook and countless ice shards flew around chaotically. With a spray from the phoenix’s beak, a vicious cold blast blew into the hole, landing right on Fatty.

Fatty didn’t even have the chance to use the Elemental Movement Arts. He just stood there watching dumbly as his whole body froze and turned into a human ice sculpture.

Hatefully swatting open the ice hole with its claw, the Ice Phoenix grabbed out Fatty and threw him to the ground.

“Audacious human, you actually dare to run into my place and steal things. Where is my child? Hand it back and I’ll let you have a clean death,” said the furious Ice Phoenix.

“Gone.” Surprisingly, Fatty could still talk even when frozen. The Ice Phoenix apparently had planned to interrogate him.

“Gone?” The phoenix’s expression grew ugly.

“Ghost Phoenix and the others sent me to steal your child. They led you away so as to create the opportunity for me. After I got it, I passed it back through the teleportation method. It’s now in the hands of Ghost Phoenix,” Fatty lied at random, palming off the disaster to someone else.

“Bastard, how dare you trick me? Why would Ghost Phoenix want to steal my child?” The look in the Ice Phoenix’s eyes worsened.

“It said it’d use your child to threaten you and exchange for an important object that benefits some kind of plan.” Fatty babbled, adding salt to what he’d heard from the fire alliance.

“They also want that thing?” Upon this, the Ice Phoenix suddenly calmed down and snorted in disdain.

“What’s that thing exactly?” Fatty asked at once.

“Humph, that you don't need to know. Human, I’ll only repeat for the last time, give me back my child and I’ll let you go, or prepare to be an ice sculpture here for the rest of your life.” The Ice Phoenix looked at Fatty in wait.

“I really don't have it.” Fatty made a distraught face. “I teleported it to the Occult Flame Palace as soon as I got it. They should be boiling it already, or maybe frying.”

“Not in your hands, huh? Then it’s useless to keep you.” Saying this, the Ice Phoenix raised a talon and mercilessly stepped down.

Crack! Like shattered glass, Fatty was broken into numerous pieces, his two eyes each rolled out more than ten meters, still maintaining that look of disbelief.

“Damnable human, damnable Ghost Phoenix!” the Ice Phoenix cursed.

A gust of cold wind swept Fatty’s crushed pieces away and far down the mountain. The Ice Phoenix slowly lay down on the ice pit, abruptly coughing. As large chunks of blood mixed with flames were spat out, they immediately exploded in the air. The Ice Phoenix looked battered and exhausted.

Having been ganged up on by the Ghost Phoenix’s group then jointly casting the forbidden ice spell, although the Ice Phoenix’s injury wasn’t life-threatening, its health had dropped to a critically dangerous point.

The Ice Phoenix opened its mouth and took in a deep breath, and a chill gushed out from the small hole below the ice cave, forming a column of cold air that rushed straight up and merged into the phoenix’s body. The Ice Phoenix slowly closed its eyes and began to recuperate.

System Notification: The criteria for Death Transformation has been reached. Would you like to transform?


Fatty whose body was scattered in all directions chose to transform. A moment later at the foot of the ice mountain, a black fog rose, revealing a skeletal beast with two long tusks.

It was fortunate that he had been thrown down, otherwise, transforming right under the Ice Phoenix would be suicidal. Fatty silently appreciated his luck.

“Looks like it vomited blood.” The moment when his eyes had rolled down, Fatty had seen the Ice Phoenix coughed out blood. He couldn't help a sinister laugh remembering this as an evil thought was birthed in his guts.

Fatty didn’t dare to act rashly, though. One reason was that this form was inconvenient to attack with, and the other was that even though vomiting blood, the Ice Phoenix wasn’t an existence Fatty could afford to provoke. At this critical moment, there was only one word: wait.

This wait went on for two days. After a simple treatment of its injury, the Ice Phoenix immediately called friends and gathered some experts of the same rank on an expedition to the magma world for retaliation on the fire alliance.

“Finally.” Once the Ice Phoenix left, Fatty immediately climbed to the top of the ice mountain and began to prepare his plan.

A day later, the Ice Phoenix staggered back to its nest with countless wounds. Large patches of snow-white feathers fell from the scorched areas all over its body.

“Damnable Ghost Phoenix, when I recover, I will kill you.” It wasn’t hard to see that the Ice Phoenix must have suffered a lot. This time, the injury was even more serious than last time. After all, they had fought in the other party’s home field.

Glancing at the pit without finding anything wrong, the Ice Phoenix slowly flopped down, ready to absorb the chill to cure its wounds. Just at the moment when it was lying down, a sudden incident happened.

Lights flashed at the top of the ice mountain, and right below the Ice Phoenix, hundreds of wrist-thick vines grew out and madly coiled around the phoenix. When that took place, a large amount of poison was injected into the Ice Phoenix through the sharp spikes along the vines.

This was the first attack of the super large trap Fatty had taken half a day to set up. It covered the whole mountain top, consisted of paralysis, binding, attacking, blood-sucking, and many others. Fatty believed that even if the Ice Phoenix was unscathed when it fell in, it would still have to pay some price to come out.


The Ice Phoenix threw its head up with a long screech, and its body instantly erupted with a terrifying cold so strong that all the vines were frozen stiff, and when the wind blew, they turned into powder and scattered in succession.

The Ice Phoenix glared at Fatty who had just come out and opened its wings to fly. However, as it took off the ground, its body swayed and fell in a sudden lack of strength.

This was the second attack prepared by Fatty, a poison given to him by Reck, claiming to be able to kill even Mega Dragons. Although it didn’t kill the Ice Phoenix, the creature suffered a serious injury and its health dropped by a chunk.

Furious, the Ice Phoenix spat out an ice bomb the size of a basketball in Fatty’s direction. Just when it was about to hit Fatty, he smiled and suddenly disappeared. And then, the Ice Phoenix found itself in a strange space.

Nothing else existed in this space, with the exception of a skyful of flames and the incessant sound of clanking swords.

“Elemental Sword Formation – Sword of Fire, execute!” With Fatty’s shout, a huge flame sword appeared in the sky and viciously chopped down at the Ice Phoenix.

This was the third obstacle prepared by Fatty, the Elemental Sword Diagram.

For this trip into the Demon realm, Fatty was well prepared. There were no less than a pile of varied scrolls as well as powerful offensive tools. With the help of these things, Fatty had prepared a luxurious banquet for the Ice Phoenix.

First was the trap, the most frequently used trick in his book, daubed with a variety of drugs. As expected, the Ice Phoenix fell right into it.

Then it was the Elemental Sword Diagram, which had been deployed in advance to welcome the Ice Phoenix and cooperated with the first trap to firmly imprison the target, preventing it from escaping and spreading the news.

Once these two had been arranged, Fatty had begun to prepare offensive measures. Naturally, the first would be the Elemental Sword Diagram. With the support of the newly absorbed ice and fire energy, Fatty could unleash at least a dozen powerful attacks, which probably would heavily injure the Ice Phoenix.

The second round was 58 Advanced fire magic scrolls, which he had obtained from Demon City. 28 of them were AoE and 30 were single-target.

The third was the God Destroyer Crossbow. During the defensive battle in Hero City, Fatty had trapped a Demonic dragon and brought it back to Sky City where it had been skinned and diced by Karl, who then had managed to barely repair the ballista. Although it hadn’t been recovered to its original level, the single-attack of this ballista was the strongest in Fatty’s possession at present.

Finally, he had used the Fire Spirit Bead to plug the small, chill-providing hole below, directly cutting off the Ice Phoenix’s life support.

The rest were all odds and ends, such as his three pets, and some strange props.

A large amount of fire element absorbed in the magma world finally came in handy. The Ice Phoenix’s ice attribute was suppressed to the lowest by the fire, especially when the creature was already heavily injured and poisoned. It couldn’t even display 5% of its full power.

“Despicable human!” the Ice Phoenix roared.

Ignoring it, Fatty raised his hand and 58 scrolls flew out at the same time, heading for the Ice Phoenix.

These Advanced fire scrolls included AoEs like Fire Ocean, Burn the Rivers and Boil the Seas… as well as single-target spells such as the Hand Of Flame and Fire God Arrow. With a shout from Fatty, the 58 scrolls exploded at the same time, and a series of fiery red hexagonal magic formations appeared in the sky.

System Notification: You have used an Advanced Fire Scroll – Fire Ocean, covering an area of 1000 meters and dealing 1300 damage per second for 60 seconds.

System Notification: You have used an Advanced Fire Scroll – Burn the Rivers and Boil the Seas, covering an area of 1500 meters and dealing 3,000 damage per second for 35 seconds.

System Notification: You have used an Advanced Fire Scroll – Fire God Arrow, dealing 35,000 damage.

Below the Ice Phoenix body was surging flames and above its head was constantly chopping swords. The surroundings were dozens of rotating magic formations, a huge flaming hand, a hundred-meter-long fire arrow, a fire chain as thick as a bucket, and all sorts of attacks coming out and mercilessly raining on the Ice Phoenix.

“AHHHH!” The Ice Phoenix roared at the peak of its rage, yet was unable to struggle out of the sword diagram’s suppression. After two fierce battles in succession, the Ice Phoenix's health had already been less than 10%. Fatty's series of attacks had just knocked out 1% more.

“Despicable human! Let me go and fight me alone if you have the guts!” the Ice Phoenix bellowed.

“Let you go and fight you alone? Are you stupid or you just think that I’m as stupid as you?” Fatty disdained and simply focused on operating the Elemental Sword Array. Fire swords of a hundred meters long continuously bombarded the Ice Phoenix, chopping out wounds so deep that bones could be seen.

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