Chapter 368 The Ice Phoenix’s Nest

Chapter 368 – The Ice Phoenix’s Nest

When the sky of frost and snow finally cleared up, Fatty had disappeared. The two demons who had been guarding him were discovered shivering covered in a thin layer of ice.

“Where’s the human?” Emperor Occult Flame angrily questioned.

Two demons exchanged glances, unable to provide an answer.

“Useless trash!” Emperor Occult Flame wished he could just slap these two to death, but when recalling that he didn’t have many underlings left and was still at war in this place, he held back the idea.

A sudden long screeching sound alerted everyone of the arrival of a phoenix that wasn’t any smaller than the Ghost Phoenix. A great exasperation could be heard in its voice, “Ghost Phoenix, how dare you come to my Doomsday Ice Plain and kill my people!”

“Why the bullshit when the killing’s already done?” The Ghost Phoenix coldly replied. “Ice Phoenix, since you are here, might as well leave your life.”

“Hahahaha!” The Ice Phoenix burst into laughter as if it had just heard something funny. A wave of visible cold air spread out and froze the surging flames around in the blink of an eye.

The flames weren't snuffed out but were directly frozen like dancing ice. This just showed how strong the Ice Phoenix’s ability in ice magic was.

“Rarrww!” A booming roar echoed. A giant that could reach 100 meters tall, covered in long white fur, and had hair that was also snow-white came running over in long strides with a huge axe in his hand. His momentum was thunderous, each step several hundreds of meters away from the previous. In a few jumps, the giant came before the crowd.

“Why, you underground fire world, wants an all-out war with our Doomsday Ice Plain?” The giant shouted.

“The Ice Plain Giants and the Frost War God were all killed by them. What is this if it’s not war already?” The Ice Phoenix commented in rage.

“Then let’s fight.” The giant swung his axe that was as big as a hill and volleyed it toward the Ghost Phoenix.

“Screeeech!” Along with a long and sharp whistle, a dense distribution of fist-sized ice spheres appeared in the sky, each containing a large amount of ice elements and like a bomb, they’d explode once they touched the Ghost Phoenix and its group. As tens of millions of ice spheres burst and strong cold air blew out, everyone except the five Divine experts were turned into ice sculptures.

“Achoo!” Running very far away from the battlefield, Fatty let out a big sneeze. Had it not been for his quick reaction, he would have been frozen into a lump of ice too.

This battle was even more intense than the previous one. And when two more experts of the ice plain came to join the fray, it pushed the fight to new heights. Nine Divine experts, every move of which was packed with enormous power, flattened all the ice within a radius of several hundred kilometers. Some places turned from snowy cold to scorching in less than a second, ice and fire filling the heavens and earth.

“So intense.” Fatty sighed. God-tier experts were rarely seen, but now there were suddenly nine in one place and fighting hard to boot, providing Fatty with an extremely enjoyable show.

However, this kind of battle was also a common cause of collateral damage, and there was no benefit to standing here watching. And Fatty didn’t do anything non-profitable.

“Ice Phoenix came from this direction.” Taking a last look at the intertwined Ghost Phoenix and Ice Phoenix in the sky, Fatty disappeared.

Over a thousand miles away from the battlefield, there was an ice mountain. It was as high as ten kilometers and made up entirely of ice. The slope was steep and almost impossible to climb. At the first sight of this mountain, Fatty believed firmly this was the nest of the Ice Phoenix.

Fatty spread his wings and slowly flew up. The place was already cold, and the temperature still dropped after he took off. When Fatty was a kilometer up from the ground, the cold nearly froze him.

Chilling cold winds shrieked and hurt like a knife when they blew on his face. Fatty had no doubt that if he stopped moving now, the cold would only take a while to freeze him to death.

When flying to a height of three kilometers, Fatty could no longer stand the temperature. There wasn’t only cold wind here, but also ice rain. Each drop landing on his body could compare to a piercing arrow, dealing unspeakable pain, and his health would decline.

“Forget it, I’ll just use a few more.” Fatty generally tried not to use the Elemental Movement Arts as much as he could due to the limited number of usages per day, considering it a life-saving last resort. Now it looked like he had no choice but to use it.

Clinging to the ice slope, Fatty appeared kilometers above in a blink, and then made two more Waterwalks, and successfully appeared on the top of the mountain.

Whew! Fatty had just emerged when a cold gale blew past. He shuddered and his health dropped by a large chunk, nearly frozen to death. Up here, the violent cold winds mixed with dense ice rain with ice drops as big as a fist instantly shaved off Fatty's health until it was in the red zone.

“Mama! Freezing me to death.” Fatty sneezed loudly again, his face purple from the cold.

The top of the mountain had a radius of several thousand meters and was concave, forming a pit. The pit was barren inside, barring some scattered feathers.

“The Ice Phoenix feathers?” Fatty threw Appraisal on a feather and the specific information was displayed.

Ice Phoenix Feather
Advanced sewing material
Can be used to make Ice-resistant equipment

“It’s indeed the nest of the Ice Phoenix.” Fatty was overjoyed, and then he grew distressed. Apart from a few feathers, there is nothing here. This trip is in vain.

Fatty refused to believe his bad luck and searched every corner. Indeed, there was nothing else here, as if it was only an ordinary ice cube that the Ice Phoenix liked to sleep on.

“Feathers will do.” Fatty comforted himself as he collected all the feathers. “Hmm? No, there's something else down there.” He suddenly noticed something strange with the pit bottom and took a closer look. There was something below the ice surface.

Pondering for a bit, Fatty took out the Fire Spirit Bead and quickly threw it on the ice. A sizzling sound was heard as billows of thick mist rose from the forever frost-covered mountain top.

It was a fact that the temperature of the Fire Spirit Bead was terrifyingly high. Although the temperature at the top of the mountain was very low, the compressed heat in the Fire Spirit Bead instantly vaporized all the surrounding ice into steam.

The vapor rising into the sky was condensed into ice, rained down, and then was vaporized again. In such a cycle, the speed of ice melting wasn’t fast, and it took a long time to melt out a hole big enough for one person.

Fatty jumped down and continued to use the Fire Spirit Bead to melt the ice. The hot temperature made it easy for the ice to melt, but the natural cold here made the water freeze quickly. After Fatty was several meters into the pit, his path above sealed by ice.

He went ten meters deep to finally reach the bottom of this passage. Weren’t for the excellent transparency of the ice, Fatty couldn’t have discovered the strange thing about it.

This was a huge space no smaller than the Occult Flame Palace. The ice layer between it and the mountain pit was over 10 meters thick. If it weren’t for the Fire Spirit Bead, Fatty wouldn’t have been able to get in even if he found the problem.

Compared to the bare mountain top, this place didn’t look any better, with only some feathers messily scattered on the floor, but in the middle of these feathers quietly stood a large egg a dozen meters high.

“The Ice Phoenix’s egg?” The elated Fatty hurriedly tossed Appraisal.

Ice Phoenix Egg: The egg of Divine beast Ice Phoenix of the Doomsday Ice Plain, conceived for 3000 years and will soon hatch.

As expected, it was the Ice Phoenix’s egg and moreover about to hatch. Without any hesitation, Fatty swung his hand, taking the egg into his inventory.

“I’m rich, I’m so rich!” Fatty happily estimated how much he could sell a Divine beast egg for.

“Wait, West said there’s a Fire Phoenix in the Mountain of Flames. If I can get its egg as well that’d make a perfect pair. Oh, there is also the Ghost Phoenix, I wonder if it has any eggs. The Fire Dragon shouldn’t have any… What about that Ice Plain Giant?” Fatty listed one by one, wishing he could just drag them all to the Human world for auction.

Even with the Ice Phoenix Egg in his possession, Fatty didn’t let the feathers off. These were also good stuff, the equipment made from them wouldn’t have to worry about sales.

When cleaning up the feathers, Fatty actually discovered an entirely new world once again. Just below the egg, there was a fist-sized hole emitting a chill. He had just gone to pick up a feather when his hand made contact with the chill and was immediately frozen into ice, nearly cracking into pieces.

“Could it be this place has an underground ice vein system?” This wasn’t an unrealistic idea, given how the underground magma world had a fire vein.

Fatty had heard of the fire vein, the place under where the magma flowed, but he hadn’t heard of an ice vein, only water vein.

Fatty placed the Elemental Skill Book at the hole and instantly saw whiffs of pure ice energy being sucked into the book. Ice was also water, so the ice energy absorbed was gradually converted into water energy, which then fought for space with the fire energy inside the Elemental Mystery Realm.

Too much fire energy had been absorbed in the Occult Flame Palace, which had caused an imbalance in the element system. With this new large amount of ice energy, the water slowly balanced the fire element, giving the other three more room to live.

“Absorb it, absorb it hard!” Repairing the Elemental Skill Book required too much elemental energy that couldn’t be sought. Now that he had run into such a good opportunity, Fatty wondered if he’d be struck by lightning if he didn’t make the best out of it.

As ice energy gushed into the Elemental Mystery realm, a light-blue light flashed on the Elemental Skill Book that entwined with the fiery red light printed on it. The other three lights – golden yellow, dirt yellow, and emerald green – were still very dim and completely suppressed by these two that they were only faintly visible.

While Fatty happily absorbed the ice energy, the battle far away was also reaching an end. Although the Ghost Phoenix’s group had raided and killed the Frost War God, the Doomsday Ice Plain was, after all, the home field of their opponents. Lending a hand from the ubiquitous ice energy around, the Ice Phoenix’s group jointly cast the forbidden ice spell Eternal Frozen, heavily injuring and nearly killing the fire party.

Watching the enemies flee in a sorry state, the Ice Phoenix laughed loudly. Suddenly, its body trembled and it almost fell. Knowing that its injury was very serious, it hurriedly bid goodbye to the others and flew back to its nest.

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