Chapter 367 Killing the Frost War God

Chapter 367 – Killing the Frost War God

Flames floated everywhere in the Occult Flame Palace, every inch was full of irascible fire elements. Without any delay, Fatty’s location was betrayed by these fire elements.

“Run, brat, keep running.” The voice of Emperor Occult Flame was like the frost of winter and his eyes flashed with a hint of fanaticism as he looked at Fatty.

“Torture him slowly.” The Ghost Phoenix also couldn’t suppress the excitement in its heart.

“Kid, hand over the Elemental Skill Book and the Sword Diagram, and this Lord Dragon will give you a comfortable death.” The Fire Dragon had been blaming itself for not having captured Fatty the first time he had seen him.

“Elemental Skill Book and Elemental Sword Diagram only makes two, but there are three of you…” Fatty pretended to ponder.

Whoosh. The Ghost Phoenix and Emperor Occult Flame simultaneously turned to the Fire Dragon, whose mouth twitched a little before yelping, “Fine, but you have to give me a corresponding compensation.”

The Fire Dragon alone was already out of Fatty’s league, not to mention the other two even more powerful fellows. Outside was surging magma that rendered escape impossible, so Fatty just sat down on the spot and took a rest.

“First, assemble troops to go to the Doomsday Ice Plain. As for this human, we will slowly grind him later,” proposed the Ghost Phoenix.

The Elemental Skill Book and Sword Diagram were undroppable equipment that even Legendary experts couldn’t forcefully rob unless they had props that could break their binding state with the owner. Unfortunately, none of them here had that kind of prop, and they didn’t want others to know, so they had to detain Fatty first and figure it out slowly.

Under the control of Emperor Occult Flame, the Occult Flame Palace slowly shrank to the size of a room and then carried the group to fly away.

Fatty was thrown in a corner, held up by the arms by two demons for fear that he might escape using the Elemental Movement Arts. He dangled like playing swing, happily watching the others travel everywhere to assemble troops.

As for the Fire Spirit Bead, Emperor Occult Flame demanded for it to be returned, but Fatty refused to budge no matter what, shouting “Just kill me if you have the guts!” and all. Emperor Occult Flame was so furious his nostrils puffed out smoke, but there was nothing he could do to Fatty.

Demonic Eye Flame Beast: resembles a burning fireball that grows up to 100 meters tall and covered in bizarre eyes. Heartburn Grass: a kind of Demonic plant monster born with fire attribute. Occult Flame Palace visited two places and sought out these two Divine experts.

“The Doomsday Ice Plain has six Divine experts. Can we do it with only five of us?” The Demonic Eye Flame Beast’s flaming body shook violently with buzzing sounds. Fatty observed carefully but couldn’t see where its mouth was located.

“The Frost War God only has half power left and can be ruled out,” Emperor Occult Flame said with a smile.

“That’s a human,” the Heartburn Grass looked at Fatty and suddenly said. This over 20-meter-tall creature had five or more leaves and used its roots to walk.

“That’s right. This brat had the nerve to run rampant in my palace. I’m saving him to give him a good time later.” Emperor Occult Flame didn't mention the Elementalist matter. Fatty eyes swirled around and he also kept quiet about it, at which the Ghost Phoenix heaved a sigh of relief.

“Human, tasty when cooked.” The Demonic Eye Flame Beast’s coarse and plummy voice made Fatty very uncomfortable.

“I bet you don’t have a wife,” Fatty said very definitely.

“How do you know?” Everyone was stunned.

“With this virtue, would anyone want to follow it?” Fatty’s face was full of disdain.

“Don't stop me, I want to roast him!” The Demonic Eye Flame Beast raged and its flame body spewed up dozens of meters high, nearly roasting Fatty for real.

Flying for most of the day amidst noisy quarrels, the group finally arrived at a desolate plain.

The reason it was described as desolate was the scarcity of not only animals but also plants on this plain. There were only some shrubs, the highest being 7 or 8 meters.

As soon as they entered the plain, the flames in the Occult Flame Palace visibly shrunk by a chunk, suppressed by the cold.

“Doomsday Ice Plain, humph!” Emperor Occult Flame pulled an icy face as the plain reminded him of how he’d been struck by the Frost War God’s forbidden spell.

Arriving here, such a huge thing like the Occult Flame Palace naturally wasn’t needed. Emperor Occult Flame stowed it and the group continued on foot. Fatty still enjoyed the first-class treatment of being carried by two demons.

The deeper they went, the colder the temperature and eventually, snow began to appear. After over 300 miles into the plain, icicles could be seen everywhere.

Thousands of miles of ice and snow, ice pierced out in all directions and snowflakes drifted lazily. Such beautiful scenery it was.

“This world and our world of fire each have their beauty.” The Ghost Phoenix sighed with emotion.

Their goal here was to seize something in the Doomsday Ice Plain. What it was was unknown to Fatty, but it was obviously nothing simple, otherwise, it wouldn’t have to mobilize five Divines together, including the Ghost Phoenix who was half a step into the Legendary tier.

They didn’t swagger in but marched quietly towards a determined location.

A round fortress over 300 miles wide appeared in front of everyone. The fortress was made fully of ice, glittering beautifully translucent.

Frost War Fortress, the stronghold of the Frost War God.

At present, there weren’t many people in this fortress, only a few stood guarding at the entrance gate.

“The Frost War God is definitely recuperating inside. We must kill her before others come to her aid,” the Ghost Phoenix said.

“Then what are we waiting for?” Emperor Occult Flame was the first to make a move. With a boom, a huge fireball struck the fortress and fine cracks immediately appeared.

“Enemy attack!” the meager amount of soldiers at the entrance could only let out a cry before they were killed by the scattered falling flames.

“You guys watch him,” the Ghost Phoenix ordered before spreading out its wings. A massive black firebird appeared in the sky and screeched, sending countless black flames raining down from the sky.

While Emperor Occult Flame and the Ghost Phoenix attacked, the others didn’t sit idle either. The Fire Dragon turned into its original size of a kilometer long and without using any skills, it simply rammed itself at the Frost War Fortress. The Demonic Eye Flame Beast and the Heartburn Grass spewed numerous flames that surrounded the fortress.

“Emperor Occult Flame, how dare you come! Bastard, so many of you?!”

The Frost War God, who had been healing inside her fortress, flew into a rage and flew out, wanting to fight with Emperor Occult Flame. However, she was immediately frightened upon seeing the other four Divine experts.

“Lord Ice Phoenix, help!” The Frost War God let out a shrill scream as an attack from the Ghost Phoenix smashed her from the sky to the ground.

Under the bombardment of all five God-tier experts, the Frost War Fortress was quickly torn apart and slowly vapored into mist within surging flames.

The Frost War God wore a white battle robe and held a long sword in her right hand. She possessed long blue hair that floated elegantly. At this moment when she struggled to stand up from the smash, another attack from Emperor Occult Flame fell on her.

Boom! The Frost War God's body was blown up high, and before she could fall to the ground, the Fire Dragon seized the chance for a tail whip.

The area within a 300-mile radius all turned into flames. Towering icebergs in the zone began to melt under the blazing temperature of the fire, and the water slowly formed a vast ocean.

“Ice Freeze!” The Frost War God finally got some time to use a skill. A circle of finely crushed ice crystals appeared around her, meeting the attacks of the Demonic Eye Flame Beast and the Heartburn Grass.

Amidst a series of cracking sounds, over half of the ice crystals were gone, but they successfully blocked the two attacks.

“Thousand Miles in the Red!” Emperor Occult Flame shouted. The burning flames on the ground suddenly rose up tens of meters, rising along with the temperature, so hot it could burn a hole in the sky.

“Occult Flame, go die!” The furious Frost War God charged at Emperor Occult Flame with her sword.

Emperor Occult Flame didn’t flinch. A fire spear emerged in his hand and parried the Frost War God’s sword.

“Screeech…” A long whistling came from the distance. Fatty looked over and saw a huge black figure like dark clouds flying rapidly towards them.

“It's Ice Phoenix.” The Ghost Phoenix sneered, obviously having no good feelings about the other phoenix.

“Kill the Frost War God first.” With a low roar, the Fire Dragon spat out a bowl-sized dragon ball that struck Frost War God on the back.

Poof! The Frost War God coughed out a mouthful of sparkling white blood. She turned around in anger. “A little loach dares to attack me?”

“I dare not only attack you, but I’ll even kill you.” The dragon burst into laughter and then recited a string of incantations.

“Dragon language spell.” The Frost War God’s face abruptly changed. She let out a roar and a huge ice sword gradually condensed into shape above her head.

“Forbidden Spell – Ice Sword Tears the Sky.” As the Frost War God pointed a finger, the gigantic ice sword hacked towards the Ghost Phoenix and the others.

“Forbidden Spell? So quick? “ Fatty was a little surprised. The casting time of this forbidden spell was even shorter than that of Advanced magic spells.

“Hide!” The Ghost Phoenix’s face slightly distorted. Its body quickly shrank and it fled from the spot.

Poof. When the ice sword chopped on the ground, it didn’t cause any earth-shattering impact, but only kicked up some dust.

“We’ve been tricked!” The Ghost Phoenix was enraged. The Frost War God had tricked them and was currently using this chance to escape their encirclement.

“You stay.” Just as the Frost War God was about to fly off, a fiery red whip appeared out of thin air and heavily lashed at her, sending her flying backward into the middle of the fire sea.

“Heartburn Grass.” The Frost War God gnashed her teeth on the verge of going crazy.

After this small delay, the Frost War God was once again surrounded. The five fellows raised their weapons and unleashed their most powerful skills to bombard her.

“Then let's all die together.” Looking at the incoming attacks, the Frost War God let out a despairing chuckle. A burst of strong ice energy suddenly rippled out.

“Run, she’s self-destructing.” The others were prepared for this. After an alert, they scattered and fled several kilometers away.


The Frost War God disappeared. In her original spot, an ice force so dense it seemed it could freeze even souls, erupted and swept out.

The Ghost Phoenix was pleased to see the explosion, but it then remembered something and its face abruptly sank. “Oh, no, the human!”

While Fatty had been some distance from the battlefield, it wasn’t safe enough. The Ghost Phoenix looked over. At the moment, however, the area was covered in misty ice energy and no one could see any trace of Fatty.

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