Chapter 366 Demolition

Chapter 366 – Demolition

The Fire Spirit Bead, with a radius of 10 meters, hovered at the very top of the palace, like a small sun that emitted burning hot light.

Fatty was slowly flown on the Violent Ox King’s back towards the Fire Spirit Bead, his left hand holding the Ice Spirit Bead. Ice shards and flames flashed across his body alternately, his skin was red then white. His face was twisted in pain as Fatty intimately experienced the simultaneous taste of extreme ice and fire.

In the distance, a flame rose up – it was Emperor Occult Flame. As the precious treasure that provided all the heat in the Occult Flame Palace, the Fire Spirit Bead absolutely couldn’t be touched.

Asides from battle, the Fire Spirit Bead had been hanging there for a long time. Since no one had touched it for so long, Emperor Occult Flame had even forgotten that it could be taken away as well.

While repeatedly urging the Violent Ox King, Fatty finally approached the bead. Under the eyes of a furious Emperor Occult Flame, Fatty waved his hand. The Fire Spirit Bead suddenly shrank until it was only bowl-sized a moment later and like the Ice Spirit Bead, it fell into his hands.

“You’re dead,” Emperor Occult Flame’s tone was cold. Not wasting time on nonsense, a flame flared.

A book flew out in front of Fatty. This book was one meter long and half a meter wide, with the lights of five colors flashing alternately – the Elemental Skill Book.

Poof. The flame immediately disappeared upon hitting the Elemental Skill Book, not even a spark came out.

“Elemental Skill Book.” The eyes of the Ghost Phoenix behind them lit up. With a loud screech, the phoenix expanded to its original size.


The whole Occult Flame Palace quaked. If it hadn’t been for the space expansion magical formations, the Ghost Phoenix would have burst the palace this time.

The huge Ghost Phoenix spat, and a black fireball several dozen meters in radius roared out towards Fatty. At the same time, its two claws grabbed at him.

“Elemental Skill Book? Elementalist? Human? “ A series of information quickly flashed in Emperor Occult Flame’s mind. He roared loudly, his long fiery red hair dancing wildly in the air. Then, his body turned into a streak of fire that flew right through the black fireball that the phoenix had spat out.

“He’s actually that Elementalist. So, he’s human and that’s the once Legendary artifact Elemental Skill Book!” The Fire Dragon also thought of this. It gazed at the book in front of Fatty drooling. However, with the Ghost Phoenix and Emperor Occult Flame here, it stood no chance at all.

“I run.” Putting the Ice Spirit Bead and Fire Spirit Bead into his inventory, Fatty’s body flashed and disappeared on the spot. No matter how the Ghost Phoenix and Emperor Occult Flame searched, they couldn’t find any trace of him.

“That’s right, the Elementalist has the Elemental Movement Arts that can walk through any place with elemental properties!” Ghost Phoenix and Emperor Occult Flame exclaimed at the same time and instantly rushed out of the palace to search the whole underground magma space.

“Who knows, maybe I can find it first,” muttered the Fire Dragon. Since Ghost Phoenix and Emperor Occult Flame couldn’t cover the entire underground world, the dragon also chose a direction and began to search as well.

“That was a close call.” While everyone searched everywhere, in the hall where the Ghost Phoenix and Emperor Occult Flame had held their discussion, Fatty’s head popped out.

He had just used the movement arts to ‘walk’ out of the Occult Flame Palace, and then ‘walked’ back. Fatty had reached this hall after he had run out of the usage times for today. Everyone thought that he had fled far away with the Fire Spirit Bead, but no one could have expected that he'd be so bold as to run back into the most dangerous place.

After the battle with the Frost War God, the Occult Flame Palace didn’t have many personnel left. Now that all of the remaining soldiers had been sent to search for Fatty, there was only him, incredibly, in this entire palace.

“I take, take, take, take it all.” All the furniture in the Occult Flame Palace were carved out of Fire Crystal Stones which contained abundant fire energy. At the moment when there was no one else here, Fatty seized the opportunity and let the Elemental Skill Book madly devour everything.

Tables, chairs, floor tiles, beams, doors,… anything that could be pried off, Fatty threw it all to the Elemental Skill Book. The book also lived up to his expectations; no matter how much was shoved in, it only took a moment to convert everything into pure fire energy.

At this time, if one checked the Elemental Mystery Realm, one would see a serious imbalance of elements as the whole realm was full of burning fire energy, while the other four elements were pushed pitifully to a corner.

With a rumble, the biggest, most luxurious, and also most important hall in the Occult Flame Palace collapsed, and the falling bricks and tiles almost buried Fatty. Having no time to complain, he desperately stuffed the Elemental Skill Book with all kinds of rubble.

The other party spent an entire day searching for Fatty, virtually looking through every corner of the underground magma world, offending several mythical fire beasts and nearly getting into a fight with them.

“Nothing.” The Ghost Phoenix’s expression sank, making its black-feathered face even gloomier.

“No trace!” Emperor Occult Flame was seething. Losing sight of the two Elemental artifacts was one thing, but losing the Fire Spirit Bead was something that couldn’t be made up for.

“I didn’t find him either.” The Fire Dragon flew back with its tail drooped.

“It's all your fault.” Emperor Occult Flame suddenly looked at the dragon. “If it wasn’t you who took him into my palace, how could he have had the chance to steal my Fire Spirit Bead?!”

“What makes you think I brought him in?” the Fire Dragon argued. “He snuck in by himself. If you don't believe me, you can ask your underlings.”

Emperor Occult Flame called in his men to ask, and indeed they didn't let Fatty in, Fatty himself snuck in.

“The Elemental Movement Arts!” Emperor Occult Flame stressed these words out of gritted teeth.

“The temperature of the heat from the Fire Spirit Bead is very high, how did he near it with his strength? Is he also a fire creature?” asked the dragon.

“Didn’t you notice? When he was stealing the Fire Spirit Bead, he held another bead in his left hand,” the Ghost Phoenix suddenly said.

“The Ice Spirit Bead, the one that belonged to the Frost War God.” When Emperor Occult Flame recalled this, his face grew even more ugly.

“Frost War God? Humph, it seems their water line wants to start a war with our fire line. That’s fine, we just happen to need a lot of water element, and now we have an excuse.” The Ghost Phoenix regained its calm, only that its tone was even more gruesome.

“Lord Ghost Phoenix, what about my injury?” Emperor Occult Flame said.

“Let’s go, go to the fire vein and expel the eternal ice in your body,” the Ghost Phoenix decided right away.

With that, the Ghost Phoenix took Emperor Occult Flame and the Fire Dragon and dove straight into the magma, going downward. Emperor Occult Flame's underlings went back to the palace, only to find that the grand hall had been torn down.

“Who? Who did it? Come out here!” The over twenty demons went on a rampage, the anger added a flush to their already fiery red faces. They had searched all over for the enemy, yet during that time, their home had been demolished.

The demons meticulously searched through the palace for half a day and were helpless to find that the space inside the palace was really too large. As long as the other wanted to hide, they alone couldn’t find him.

“Take the palace into the magma first, let His Highness personally deal with him.” Determined, the demons operated the still working magic formations in the Occult Flame Palace and make it sink deep into the magma.

Fatty couldn’t see the situation outside, or else his little face would definitely pale. The lower the palace sank, the higher the temperature. Those with insufficient strength would be incinerated into ashes at the slightest contact.

Using the Crystal Maze of Terror to monitor the surroundings, Fatty kept carrying out his demolition plan bit by bit. The fire energy in the Elemental Mystery Realm kept growing denser to the point that there were flames everywhere.

As the Occult Flame Palace had descended more than 3 kilometers in silence and finally reached the bottom, it stopped with a rumble. Fatty was alarmed by the quake and wanted to escape, only to find that there was nothing but hot flowing magma outside, which could burn him into ashes judging from its temperature.

“What a disaster, how did you get down here?!” Fatty wailed while brainstorming for an escape method.

“Brothers, watch the door, don't let the brat escape. When His Highness is done, he will deal with him.” The demons lined up at the palace entrance, each grasping their weapon and vigilantly waiting for Fatty to jump out to his death.

Not far away outside, thunderous sounds could be heard. The Ghost Phoenix was currently only a little more than one meter, the Fire Dragon looked even more pitiful as a finger-sized snake curled up in one wing of the phoenix, while Emperor Occult Flame sat cross-legged in the magma, his body from time to time emitted a strong ice energy that even caused the surrounding magma to freeze.

“Heh, as expected of the forbidden Eternal Frozen Spell. Its aftereffects can even freeze the underground fire vein.” Fire and water were incompatible. Even the Ghost Phoenix’s face changed to see the weight of the ice energy plaguing Emperor Occult Flame.

“If I hadn't been careless, I wouldn't have been hit by this Eternal Frozen.” Emperor Occult Flame spat out a mouthful of bloodstained ice. The ice flew out over ten meters before it melted.

“Frost War God, heh. Looks like they also set their eyes on that thing.” The Ghost Phoenix sneered, seeming to think of something.

Half an hour later, Emperor Occult Flame roared out loud as his body suddenly shot out countless fine ice shards the size of rice grains. Tens of thousands of them erupted all at once, sparkling like a beautiful starry sky.

Trembling as he expelled the ice, Emperor Occult Flame almost fainted due to the pain. A large amount of fire energy poured into his body, barely filling up the injuries on him.

“Frost War God, I shall let you taste the fury of the Fire God!” Emperor Occult Flame gritted his teeth.

“Your Highness, you have finally returned.” Seeing Emperor Occult Flame at the door, the over 20 demons watching the palace entrance were so excited they nearly cried.

“What's the matter?” Emperor Occult Flame had a bad premonition from their manner.

“Please see for yourself.” One of them pointed inside.

Looking in the direction of the finger, Emperor Occult Flame's face turned red, then white, then blue, and finally black.

“Good, good, good,” Emperor Occult Flame repeated the word thrice and asked with a dark face, “Who did it?”

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