Chapter 365 Emperor Occult Flame

Chapter 365 – Emperor Occult Flame

The Fire Dragon acted as if it didn’t hear the Ghost Phoenix’s ridicule, swinging its tail as it flew around under the nest.

In fact, if Emperor Occult Flame came in person to ask for a favor, the Ghost Phoenix wouldn’t mind giving him some blood. However, since he dared to send people to scheme against it, the Ghost Phoenix didn’t mind teaching him a lesson either.

The Ghost Phoenix slowly rose and preened its glossy black feathers before spreading its wings, leaping out of the nest and flying towards Emperor Occult Flame's palace. Overjoyed, the Fire Dragon followed behind the Ghost Phoenix in a caring and attentive manner like it was an underling.

The Fire Dragon was a kilometer long, and the Ghost Phoenix was even bigger. Its wingspan alone was almost the same length as the dragon's body. From time to time, black fire sparks danced on every inky-black feather of the phoenix.

The whole underground world was ridiculously vast and full of fiery magma as far as the eye could see. All kinds of fire beasts roamed around, occasionally one could see them fighting each other.

The palace of Emperor Occult Flame was at the bottom part of the magma, quite some distance from the ground level. When the Ghost Phoenix haughty stopped in the air, the tactful Fire Dragon plunged into the magma to provoke Emperor Occult Flame.

Fatty lazily leaned on one side, ready to watch the drama. God-level battles were rarely seen. If he could find a chance to push one or even both of them to their death somehow, the benefits would be immeasurable.

A little while later, a furious roar echoed from below. The magma suddenly churned and bubbles emerged, and then it was like surging tides in the sea.

When burning magma splashed in all directions, Fatty frantically pulled back a distance while watching a palace slowly rise from the magma river.

The palace was made entirely of fiery Fire Crystal Stone, over 100 meters high, with a length and width of 3 kilometers. It was ornately decorated with various figures such as dragons and phoenixes with flames bursting forth from it like fireworks. Unfortunately, there were many damaged areas around the palace, apparently caused by the previous battle between Emperor Occult Flame and the Frost War God.

“Who dares to come to my Occult Flame Palace and make a fuss?” a voice came from the inside. The 20-meter-high gates rumbled open and a line of twenty people or so walked out.

They were all dressed in fiery red armor and carried weapons such as blades and swords, each over two meters tall with savage faces.

After this group appeared, they split to both sides in two neat rows. And then, another individual walked out.

He had long fiery hair that floated behind his back, eyes like stars, and sharp eyebrows that went all the way to his temples. He wasn’t as tall as the armored troops, but he possessed an imposing presence comparable to that of a mountain. His hands were empty, casually hanging on both sides of his body. He also wore a piece of fiery red armor, from which swarming fire energy continually circulated and bursts of fire from time to time would splash out.

In addition to the flames, there were occasional palm-sized ice pieces that popped out from various parts of the man’s body. Whenever the ice appeared, his face paled a little before the ice evaporated. Apparently, this man was Emperor Occult Flame.

Walking out of the door, Emperor Occult Flame swept a glance around and smiled coldly to see the Fire Dragon, but he had yet to say anything when he suddenly noticed the Ghost Phoenix next to the dragon, and his face changed immediately.

“So Lord Ghost Phoenix has arrived, please forgive me for not properly welcoming.” Emperor Occult Flame bowed slightly to show his respect for the Ghost Phoenix.

“Emperor Occult Flame, do you know what sin you have committed for coveting Lord Ghost Phoenix’s blood?!” shouted the Fire Dragon.

Under the glance of Emperor Occult Flame, the Fire Dragon’s might shrank a little. At the moment, it had reduced its size to 10 meters and flew around noisily.

“Fire Dragon, when did I ever had such an idea on Lord Ghost Phoenix? Don’t try to sow discord through nonsense talk.” Emperor Occult Flame coldly looked at the dragon.

“You dare to say you haven't?” The dragon grabbed Fatty and said to him, “You, talk.”

Helpless, Fatty could only narrate it all over again.

“Where are those two?” Emperor Occult Flame asked.

“Those two bastards dared to plot against me, so I ate them,” said the dragon.

“So, it all originates from your one-sided words. Does that mean I can also say you covet Lord Ghost Phoenix’s blood?” Emperor Occult Flame sneered.

“Bastard, you mean I framed you?” The dragon was furious.

“Fire Dragon, you think you can challenge me just because I’ve been injured from the battle with the Frost War God?” Emperor Occult Flame suddenly stepped forth.

“What do you want to do?” The Fire Dragon panicked and hurriedly retreated away from Emperor Occult Flame.

Seeing the Fire Dragon’s performance, let alone Fatty and the Ghost Phoenix, even Emperor Occult Flame's underlings booed. However, the dragon was red all over so no one could tell if it was blushing. Hiding behind the Ghost Phoenix, the dragon kept shouting and cursing, not befitting a Divine expert at all.

“All right,” the Ghost Phoenix finally spoke, its huge head slightly tilted. “Kid, you said that Emperor Occult Flame sent you. Is there any evidence?”

“It's those two, not Emperor Occult Flame,” Fatty corrected. While he hoped they’d fight, he didn't want to be killed before the fight.

“They were Emperor Occult Flame's men, of course, they did it at his command,” the dragon chimed in.

“Fire Dragon, you’re seeking death!” The furious Emperor Occult Flame stepped forward, spreading his five fingers and made a pressing down motion.

Poof! With a painful scream, the Fire Dragon was smashed into the ground, its head completely stuck in the hard ground, only its body outside twitched nonstop.

How is that possible? Fatty’s eyes bulged in shock. The Fire Dragon is also Divine-tier, yet easily pounded by an injured Emperor Occult Flame, how can the difference between them be so big?

“Emperor Occult Flame, you’re trying to kill this dragon to seal the secret!” The Fire Dragon’s voice came from the ground. It struggled hard but couldn’t break free from the suppression of Emperor Occult Flame.

“Alright, let it go. I believe you’re not that stupid,” said the Ghost Phoenix. With a cold snort, Emperor Occult Flame pulled back his hand.

The Fire Dragon pulled its head out of the ground and puked out fire to relieve its stomach discomfort. It stared at Emperor Occult Flame, as its pupils rolled around, obviously having some evil idea.

“Since you’re here, Lord Ghost Phoenix, please come in. I have something to discuss with you,” Emperor Occult Flame invited, simply ignoring the dragon.

“Good, I happen to need to talk to you as well.” The Ghost Phoenix nodded. Its body suddenly shrank until it was only five to six meters long and flew after Emperor Occult Flame into the Occult Flame Palace.

“Damn it, damn it!” Seeing Emperor Occult Flame ignore it, the Fire Dragon fumed.

“Why don't we go find the Frost War God and have him deal with Emperor Occult Flame…” Fatty whispered to the dragon, as his right hand made a cutting gesture.

“Okay. Humph, I don't believe I can’t finish that bastard.” The dragon's eyes swirled around, and it suddenly said, “Wait, even if I’m not invited, I can just go in by myself. Let's go, go check how bad his injury is.”

Ignoring the glare of the two lines of sturdy fellows at the door, the Fire Dragon leisurely flew in. Fatty wanted to follow but was immediately stopped by the guards. Inwardly cursing, he looked around, then went to a concealed place and used Earthwalk.

The Occult Flame Palace was a completely different world inside, apparently furnished with spatial spells as the space was no smaller than that of a town. The roads and the rooms were in good order but damaged – many rooms were ruined, the ground full of potholes, some places still manifested long icicles. Obviously, the battle with the Frost War God also left the Occult Flame Palace with some serious damage.

The palace didn’t lack plants, some of which were even plant-type Demonic monsters. The plants were full of ripe fruits but had no one to pick after the death of the majority of the population here.

Since no one wanted them, Fatty didn’t act courteously. Like a storm blowing through an orchard, the fruits on the trees all disappeared eerily in his wake.

“I didn't come for nothing this time.” After collecting over twenty kinds of fruits, Fatty smiled with satisfaction and looked up.

At the very top was a bowl-sized pearl radiating very hot light that shone to all corners. Just like sunlight, it allowed the plants to thrive.

“Good stuff.” Fatty involuntarily drooled at the sight of this pearl.

Fatty looked around. Emperor Occult Flame and the Ghost Phoenix should have gone to the largest and best preserved hall for discussion. Since no one was around, Fatty spread his wings and slowly flew upward.

Flying a kilometer high, Fatty found himself unable to resist the heat emitted from the pearl even if he were to use Elemental Guard. It seemed like the heat emanated from within and could not be reduced by the elemental barrier.

“Go, pick that for me.” Fatty summoned the Violent Ox King and pointed at the pearl. With a growl, the mount’s hooves erupted in flames and it shot off.

Fortunately, the heat was within the tolerance of the Violent Ox King. Otherwise, Fatty could just give up on the pearl. Flying with all its might, the ox finally approached the pearl.

When looking from below, the pearl was only the size of a bowl, but its real size was a full 10-meter-radius. Under Fatty’s order, the Violent Ox King flew to the top of the pearl and viciously stamped its hoof.


The pearl didn’t even budge, but the whole space shook.

The roar of Emperor Occult Flame instantly echoed, “Who dares to touch my Fire Spirit Bead?!”

Fire Spirit Bead? Fatty suddenly had an idea. He gritted his teeth and took out the Ice Spirit Bead. Sure enough, a thin layer of ice quickly appeared around his body and spread outward. In the blink of an eye, his limbs went stiff and were on the way to be frozen.

At this moment, a burning hot force suddenly seeped into Fatty's body. The Fire Spirit Bead’s generous light sent fire energy into him, and with his body as the battlefield, the two forces began a struggle.

Up and down, back and forth, the two energies happily traded blows, ignoring Fatty’s misery. In one second he was covered in frost, the next he was so hot and sweaty he could blow fire out of his mouth, and then he was half-frosty and half-red like a cooked lobster.

“Take me up.” Per Fatty’s order, the Violent Ox King got under him and flew him up.

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