Chapter 363 Ground Magma

Chapter 363 – Ground Magma

While Fatty wasn’t acquainted with most of the players that had just arrived, he found them familiar as everyone had taken part in defending Hero City together.

Wild Dancing Wind’s words startled the leader of the other party. He immediately waved to stop the rest.

“Motherf*, we are still being respawned at the Death Altar!” Everyone turned pale upon realizing the situation.

After Wild Dancing Wind, the demons didn’t flock over to attack and instead remained on the spot eyeing the players intently, ready to strike once something went wrong.

“Come on, let’s get out of here.” Ignoring Wild Dancing Wind for now, this group of players immediately rushed towards the outside.

“Wait, why aren’t the demons attacking us?” Someone finally realized the disparity.

“That's because we are on the Death Altar. Leave its range, we’re as good as dead,” Wild Dancing Wind quickly replied to the topic.

As she finished talking, the demons around began to mobilize, causing these players to immediately believe what she had said.

Once they were out the altar territory, the Demon troops began an aggressive siege. Having no time to care about Wild Dancing Wind, the other group plunged into the nearby forest and quickly disappeared from sight.

“Well, let's go.” With a sigh of relief, Wild Dancing Wind took her party members towards the entrance to Heavens Scar.

“Wild Dancing Wind, River Scholar, and the Sun Dynasty people?” Fatty sneered. He again logged out and told Qian Xiaoqian about this.

The space barrier between two worlds cut off all communication, otherwise Fatty wouldn’t have to go offline to talk to Qian Xiaoqian.

Now that he had the location of the Death Altar, Fatty's tasks were mostly completed. Next on his list would only be private work.

Following West's instructions, Fatty traveled towards a grand canyon, wondering when West had come to the Demon world, because most of the small paths in the direction he had given Fatty were right on the mark.

The canyon was called the Groundrift Grand Canyon because it was full of rifts; the narrow ones only 2-3 meters wide and around 10 meters long while the big ones could reach 10 meters in width and several hundred meters in length. Without exception, every rift was bottomless.

Boas, vicious birds, Demonic apes, all sorts of Demonic creatures came and went from the rifts, running around and fighting each other. Occasionally there were a few blood-sucking maneater vines darting out from underground and coiling around Fatty. This was truly a zoo of Demonic monsters.

Whoosh! A Demonic vine as thick as a wrist suddenly shot out and wrapped around Fatty's calf. On the upper half, sharp spikes popped out to dip into his flesh.

With a flash of cold gleam, the Elemental Sword sliced the vine in half. The lower half quickly shrank back while the upper squirmed on the ground like a snake. Fatty picked up the fallen half and put it into his inventory. This was also a material.

The area West had shown Fatty directions to was deep in the canyon, but he hadn’t said anything about what was in it. Along the way, Fatty broke through various Demonic obstacles and acquired quite a variety of specialties before he finally arrived at the bottom of the canyon.

“Whew!” Fatty heaved a long sigh. The more he traveled, the more stronger monsters appeared. Up until the point he had no choice but to avoid confrontation and barely managed to pass through.

Appearing in front of Fatty at the moment was a giant scorpion, three meters tall and nearly ten meters long, pitch black with only a gold thread running from its head to its tail.

The tail hooked high up, the swaying pincers flashed with a metal luster, as the pair of eyes stared fixedly at Fatty, seemingly ready to pounce.

[Gold Thread Scorpion]
Advanced Demonic Yao boss
Level: 75

Notes: A creature that lives in the Groundrift Grand Canyon. Tyrannical and murderous, it attacks all creatures invading its territory.

“What exactly is in this place?” Fatty helplessly summoned the Violent Ox King, the two pets, and finally the Elemental Skill Book, getting ready to flee for his life.

A wisp of flame flew out from the scorpion’s mouth – it was unexpectedly a fire monster. Fatty moved the Elemental Skill Book to shield him. Upon contact, the flame was instantly absorbed by the book.

Fatty then controlled the Elemental Sword to fly at the Gold Thread Scorpion. The latter’s pincers reached out, wanting to trap the sword.

“Die!” Fatty shouted. The Elemental Sword suddenly split into five swords that aimed at the scorpion's eyes and mouth. With a shriek, the creature let out a loud roar as it grabbed two of them with its pincers, its tail swept away one, and its mouth bit on another. Only one word successfully penetrated its left eye.

The Gold Thread Scorpion roared in pain, and black blood flowed from its left eye. This sword was the Sword of Fire, not only blinding the eye but also gushing with fire energy that almost baked its head.

Hurriedly letting go of the two swords in its pincers, the scorpion tried to pull out the Sword of Fire. Fatty took this opportunity to summon back all five swords. At the same time, Wheat, Inky, and the Violent Ox King launched attacks.

Wheat started with Scatterstone Rain. A dozen stalagmites emerged from the ground and struck the scorpion’s abdomen, but the damage wasn’t desirable. Inky cast Electric Bolt and only sapped way a sliver of health but managed to paralyze the scorpion for a while. Only the Violent Ox King’s attack was able to wipe out nearly one-tenth of the scorpion’s health.

“Well done!” Fatty shouted. He disappeared into Stealth and crept toward the boss.

Deadly Poison, Ambush, Assassinate, Paralyze… A slew of rogue skills were cast as smoothly as flowing water, looking incomparably beautiful. Ever since he had started to rely on the Elemental Skill Book and Diagram, Fatty seldom fought like this anymore. This fight had stirred a seething excitement in him.

Ten-something minutes later, the Gold Thread Scorpion was in a horrible state. One of its big pincers was broken, its tail was completely chopped off, and there were scorch marks all over its body.

Bam! Wheat froze the scorpion with Petrification. Immediately, the master and three pets pounced in unison. With a wretched screech, the boss’ remaining little health hit rock bottom. It died with a thud, leaving a pile of items.

At the top of the pile was a black sickle-like weapon, in the center of which a gold thread ran along its body. One could tell right away it was from the tail of the Gold Thread Scorpion. Fatty threw Appraisal–

[Scorpion Sickle]
Violet weapon

A very good weapon. Fatty placed it into his inventory. Under it was a pile of gold coins, plus all kinds of equipment with poor stats.


Whoosh. A fiery demonic nucleus appeared in his hand, fist-sized, with a bright luster and a hot but gentle current flowing inside. Even though the scorpion was a high-rank Demonic Yao, its nucleus was smaller than that of the mid-rank Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile King.

After cleaning up the loot, Fatty looked around and found a rift from which hot air billowed.

While there were many cracks around, only this one was special. Dragging the Elemental Sword, Fatty proceeded carefully into the rift, behind the Violent Ox King.

It was dark inside, but luckily he had a flame-ridden mount. He hadn’t come across any monsters, but it was getting hotter the further he went. Later, the heat left him no choice but to use water magic to cool himself, and he was close to resorting to the Ice Spirit Bead.

It took Fatty over half an hour to exit this tortuous rift. As soon as he exited, he collapsed on the ground panting.

Aside from the Violent Ox King, Wheat and Ink had already been pocketed.

Before him was a fiery red world. Fiery red stones, fiery red plants, fiery red Demonic monsters, and surging magma flowing in a long, wide river.

“Does this place link to the Earth's core?” A bizarre idea manifested.

Fire Demonic monsters weren’t anything good-tempered. At the sudden sight of a strange guy, they roared all at once. Closest to Fatty, a lizard-like monster with six long legs and two horns speedily crawled towards him.

“Pounce!” Fatty pointed at the monster and ordered the Violent Ox King. As a fire beast itself, this was the perfect place for the mount to display its might.

The Violent Ox King mooed at the top of its lungs and stamped its four hooves. Instantly, the entire ox sprang forth and rammed into the lizard-like monster, sending it flying into the river of magma.

This Demonic monster struggled to climb out of the magma, from which also over ten other Demonic creatures half a meter long with black spots on their beetle-like shells, emerged.

“Too bad there’s no ice spell,” exclaimed Fatty regretfully. In a place like this, water and ice spells were the most effective, especially ice spells that could slow down the opponent's speed.

With the rapid page-flipping of the Elemental Skill Book, water spells flew out in succession at the monsters. Water blades, water arrows, water bombs, water dragons, and even Advanced spells like Skyful of Waterclouds and others were used one after another, killing a beetle-like monster in less than ten minutes.

This clearly demonstrated the advantage of the Five Elements Skill Book. As long as there was enough energy in its reserve, any skills recorded inside could be used at will.

Transforming into a water mage, Fatty carried out a one-sided slaughter. In just half an hour, he killed 40 to 50 Demonic monsters and collected over 30 demonic nuclei.

Unfortunately, some of the corpses fell into the magma, otherwise, he could have obtained more.

Killing for more than an hour to clear up all monsters in the vicinity, Fatty stopped for a rest. The Demonic monsters here were only so-so. The highest was only a mid-rank Demonic Yao boss of Warcraft, which the Violent Ox King trampled to death.

“No wonder West made me come here, it’s where the underground magma is. Since I devoured his Water God’s Mystery Codex, and I should get him something as compensation,” Fatty muttered to himself.

After a quick rest, Fatty stood up and went up along the magma river. He threw all the Demonic nuclei he got at the Elemental Skill Book, converting them into energy, then used the elemental energy to cast water spells to cool himself down. Therefore, he didn’t feel very hot.

The deeper he traveled, the more powerful monsters there were, and the harder the fights became. Just as Fatty was at a deadlock with a centipede-like creature, a group of humans came in through the rift where he had come in. They were the unlucky bunch who had been resurrected at the Death Altar earlier.

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