Chapter 362 Conspiracy

Chapter 362 – Conspiracy

The huge formation began operating. Streaks of blue light shot straight into the sky until they blotted out the big black sun in the sky, and violent spatial fluctuations were sent out. Several low-ranked demons nearest to the formation suddenly bellowed wretched screams before they were twisted into paste by the fluctuations.

The rest of the demons all retreated hastily when a loud boom echoed. As the formation ran at full capacity, the surrounding space shook and rippled like waves, and the scenery was changed.

Originally, the formation was surrounded by plains, but now in one direction was a series of islands surrounded by seawater. On the islands, there were various trees, monsters, and human players. This place was right in front of them, yet far away, separated by a thin layer of ripples like water waves that made it seem within reach.

“Success, it’s a success!” As if feeling the formation running, the players behind the ripples suddenly cheered. There were several thousands of them, all of short stature. Under the lead of some players, they all flocked over around another similar formation.

“Sun Dynasty,” Fatty lightly spat out. One look at this group of players and it was as clear as day who they were.

The formation on the other side was much smaller than the one here in the Demon realm, only over 10 meters in diameter. Seeing the space barrier had finally opened, the leaders on that side bowed and looked as if they were about to say something. Demon King Sigg impatiently waved his hand and a spatial ring fell through the layers of ripples onto the small formation.

“Quickly build the Teleportation Portal. When it’s completed, I will lead a large army to help you conquer the Xuanhuang Ancient Country,” said Demon King Sigg in a patronizing tone. Right after that, the space froze and the surrounding scene faded until the two sides could no longer see each other. The formation gradually stopped running and the light gradually dimmed.

“Despicable and lowly human beings, if it weren't for the need of your cooperation in the construction of the portal, how would I, Demon King Sigg, stoop to speak to you… Oh, in only such a short time, an incredible ten thousand magic stones were consumed, it’s too much, we must apply to His Majesty for more resource allocation…”

The five figures then slowly disappeared from sight, only Demon King Sigg's whisper still echoed. Fatty’s heart jumped at the information. In a short time only enough to say a sentence, the formation had actually consumed ten thousand magic stones. This consumption was truly monstrous. Fatty thought the ten thousand magic stones he stole from Demon City was already a huge amount, but now he knew it wasn’t even enough to transfer anything much.

However, Fatty perked up again upon thinking about the various materials in his inventory, which he obtained by cutting corners during the formation construction.

The Sun Dynasty colluded with the demons to set up a teleportation route, this news must be reported as soon as possible. Fatty found a place to log off, then pulled Qian Xiaoqian out from the game as well and told her to go to Sky City to inform Reck.

“Damnable, damnable! You dared to speak to me like that, I definitely won’t spare you.” On an island of the Sun Dynasty, FierceGaleAgainstMountain reached out and picked up the ring thrown over by Demon King Sigg with a ferocious face.

“Alright, no time for nonsense. Gather people to build a portal asap, and when we have conquered the Xuanhuang Ancient Country, we’ll certainly be able to form an army with their resources. That’s when we shall conquer both the Demon and Human world,” a small player next to him said in a deep voice.

“Quick, gather all the space mages, transport all prepared materials over and start building.”

When Fatty logged on again, the unrelated personnel around the formation were being dismissed. There was no such thing as salary in the Demon realm. It was always the greatest honor for low-ranked demons to be distributed work. Having worked for seven days in vain without one bit of return, Fatty would have gone on a wild slaughterfest if it weren't for the materials he secretly snuck into his pocket.

Looking at the super large formation that covered an area of over three miles, Fatty chuckled evilly. It wasn’t a bad thing to leave this teleportation formation here. So long as they had the one on the other side blocked, it would be just like catching turtles in a jar, they could kill as many demons coming out from it.

Next, Fatty speedily headed for the place where the five Demon Kings had appeared in the scene back then. Once he found the Death Altar, over half of the missions in the Demon realm would be complete, and the rest would only be some personal work.

The place with the background of the five Demon Kings hadn’t looked far away, but that was only ‘looked.’ In reality, it was several thousand miles away which took up a lot of Fatty’s time. He had to bypass various garrisons on the way, otherwise, a low-ranked demon running around would have no other result but to be captured and punished.

It was obvious from the increasing Demon troops on the way that he was getting closer to the Death Altar, which also meant more danger. Just as Fatty was sneaking trying through a forest, he was found by a member of the Demon Pupil clan.

About 100,000 members of the Demon Pupil clan were recruited by Fierce Bull in the authority given to him by the five Demon Kings, spreading out with the Death Altar as the center. Fierce Bull didn't know that Fatty's goal was the Death Altar, but he subconsciously felt this was an efficient method, just like casting a net to catch fish. Unexpectedly, this scored him a lucky hit as Fatty swam right into the net.

Fierce Bull was overjoyed when he received the news. Although Fatty had disappeared right after that and the Demon Pupil clansmen couldn’t find any other traces of him, Fierce Bull was confident he could catch this damned human and clear his name.

Thinking that reporting this news wouldn’t be as valuable as delivering the guy to the higher-ups, Fierce Bull didn’t inform the Demon Kings but secretly used the token of authority given to him by them to deploy a million troops from the barracks and quarantine the area.

“The other party is an Elementalist, good at using the Elemental Movement Arts. A bit of negligence will give him the chance to escape. Keep your eyes open and attack him on sight. Kill him, and you’ll have done a great job,” Fierce Bull lectured the soldiers.

All players who died near the Death Altar would be resurrected in the altar. As long as Fatty respawned there, he’d be like luscious meat delivered right to their doorstep to be eaten clean by the five Demon Kings.

“F*ck, almost got caught.” Fatty, having changed into a new look, was striding on the road in high spirits. Now that he had changed into a high-ranking demon, none dare to stop and check him even when he brazenly swaggered around and threw slaps when it was convenient. Along the way, he had slapped at least a dozen demons at the level of squad captain and the other party didn’t even dare to fight back. Fatty never felt so refreshed.

After walking a long circle, Fatty finally spotted the silhouette of the Death Altar. It stood towering amidst billowing black smoke in the form of countless ferocious skulls, from which the sounds of whining and struggling as well as winds that smelled of death emitted, cold to the bones.

“OK, mission complete.” Fatty marked the altar’s location on the map, turning to leave.


The black smoke suddenly rolled violently. Dozens of black lights shot up, one after another, from the altar. The Demon guards around all shouted and raced towards the altar with weapons in hand.

Soon, he heard the sounds of fighting in the black smoke. There were nearly a hundred demons rushing over, yet all of them were handled in less than a minute.

A group of people rushed out of the black smoke. Fatty instantly recognized one was actually that player, Wild Dancing Wind. At the moment, she was in a messy state and the equipment she wore was incomplete. Obviously, she had been killed and they had dropped.

“Damn, Death Altar? Didn’t it return to the Demon realm? We were resurrected in the Demon realm?” Wild Dancing Wind was frightened to realize that she was at the Death Altar, as her face abruptly changed.

The horn sounded in the distance, alarming all demons in the vicinity. They quickly flocked over and surrounded the new human group with raised weapons, ready to attack.

“Wait a minute! I’m Wild Dancing Wind from the Wind family, one of the four great clans of the Wind Forest Flame Mountain. My family has an agreement with your Demon King, you cannot attack us!” Wild Dancing Wind hurriedly shouted on seeing the coldly gleaming weapons around.

“Wild Dancing Wind from the Wind family, one of the four great clans of the Wind Forest Flame Mountain?” Fatty almost jumped. No wonder this Wild Dancing Wind has been acting so strange, so she is a spy.

Now that Fatty thought about it, he finally understood some of Wild Dancing Wind’s behavior.

The surrounding demons were all those who came back from Heavens Scar and could understand the human language. Hearing her words, some immediately reported the news. Soon, someone came to handle this.

“How did you get here?” a disgruntled voice rang out, it was none other than Fierce Bull. He had been loitering around the Death Altar waiting for Fatty to be killed and respawn here. Upon hearing that there were humans resurrected at the Death Altar, he came running only to see Wind Dancing Wing’s group and not Fatty. His elation instantly turned into depression, hence his impolite tone.

“We were ambushed by the people of Xuanhuang and all died. Last time in Heavens Scar, I endowed my soul in the Death Altar, so I was resurrected here,” Wild Dancing Wind explained simply.

“I see.” Hearing that there was no valuable news, Fierce Bull nodded and turned to walk away with his hands behind his back.

“Hey, General, we…” Recognizing Fierce Bull to be the general that once guarded Hero City, Wild Dancing Wind hurriedly asked him how to return.

“Go in that direction and you’ll see the entrance to Heavens Scar.” Fierce Bull impatiently pointed in a direction.

Whoosh whoosh… Several black lights once again lit up in the Death Altar, followed by the emergence of River Scholar and some players who Fatty didn’t know.

With the precedent of Wild Dancing Wind, the demons stationed around didn’t make a move and instead watched coldly. Once respawned, River Scholar took his people to rush towards Wild Dancing Wind. Behind him, another group of players threw attacks at him without hesitation.

“Bastard, this is the Demon realm! Do you all wanna die?!” Wild Dancing Wind screamed. The priests behind her hurriedly threw Healing and slowly pulled up River Scholar’s HP.

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