Chapter 361 Super Teleportation Portal

Chapter 361 – Super Teleportation Portal

As Fatty snooped around for the whereabouts of the Death Altar, meanwhile, Fierce Bull packed up and set out.

Falling into Fatty’s frame-up and then being ordered to give an answer within three days, Fierce Bull had long nursed a bellyful of anger. As the commander of the Demonic Abyss Bull army, he had never once tasted such fury before. His blood had boiled at the sight of Valiant Bull so triumphant that his chin was practically up in the air.

Fierce Bull didn't know who the other party was, but they obviously had the ability to manifest their appearance as a demon. There were too many equipments that could change appearances that Fierce Bull couldn’t figure out what exactly it was that they used. Relying on himself alone to find them was simply looking for a needle in a haystack. However, after Fierce Bull carefully interrogated the soldiers who saw Fatty enter the Demon world, he got a rough idea.

“What, you’re saying it was the heir of the Elementalist?” In a huge palace inside the Death Altar, Demon King Sigg stared at Fierce Bull.

“Yes. According to my investigations, it’s that boy. During the battle in Hero City, we could have taken down Hero City had it not been for his Elemental Sword Formation protecting the City Lord Manor,” Fierce Bull firmly said.

“Pass down my order, deploy all legions and notify the other four other Lords to search for him.” Demon King Sigg immediately shouted. They had coveted the two pieces of Elemental equipment for a long time now.

“Yes, Your Highness!” Someone immediately heeded the order.

“Wait,” Sigg stopped his underling, stroking his chin to think for a moment. “Just go invite the four other Lords here first.”

The other four Demon Kings arrived shortly after. After learning about the matter, everyone was visibly jubilant. They agreed upon a decision after a secret discussion.

“Let’s not make this into a fanfare. Send someone to search for him secretly lest we alert that group of bastards, otherwise, they’ll definitely come for a piece of the pie. Fierce Bull, I'll leave this matter to you. If you handle it well, I'll have you reinstated. If not, go to the Snake Cave yourself.”

“Yes, Your Highness, I will do my utmost to obtain the Elemental Skill Book and Sword Diagram,” Fierce Bull loudly said in exultation.

Sigg motioned his hand in dismissal. Fierce Bull hurried out of the palace with a token given by Sigg and took a group of troops along with some Demon Pupil members.

No equipment was omnipotent. The members of the Demon Pupil clan could easily see through the alterations made by using such equipment thanks to their racial endowments. As long as a Demon Pupil member found traces of Fatty, Fierce Bull firmly believed that he wouldn’t let the human escape.

Fierce Bull didn’t only utilize the Demon Pupil members in the army. Using the names of the five Demon Kings, he had the Demon Pupil clan send more from their clan to join the search.

“Not here either.” Thousands of kilometers away from Fierce Bull, Fatty unhappily opened the map and followed a small path to the next place where the Death Altar might be.

After he had left the freezing lake, the cooldown of the Multi-transform Protection Mask had passed, and Fatty again changed into a low-ranked demon to look for the Death Altar.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to change into a higher-ranked Demon, but that he couldn’t speak the Demon language; it’d be troublesome if he bumped into a friendly and talkative demon.

After a long journey, Fatty didn’t find the Death Altar at the first suspected location. According to the character of the five Demon Kings, he reckoned they wouldn’t place the altar too far from their camp after having suffered such a huge setback in Heavens Scar.

Stowing the map, Fatty sighed and continued towards the next suspected area.

Up ahead, a line of low-ranked demons were transporting something. Huge earthworm-like Demonic creatures were carrying various items, each was the size of a hill, as they slowly moved in a neat queue under the supervision of many higher-ranked demons on both sides, who yelled and whipped from time to time to urge the monsters forward.

A gust of wind suddenly whooshed past his ear. Fatty quickly dodged, and a black thick whip snapped on the ground. Looking back, he saw a demon who seemed to be a captain, scowling and pointing at him, shouting something.

Fatty was speechless. He wasn’t walking on the road again, how did he still meet this kind of trouble?

Seeing no response from Fatty, the anger on the demon’s face deepened. He rushed over, grabbed Fatty by the collar and dragged him.

Then, someone immediately handed Fatty a rein and at the same time kicked him towards one of the earthworm-like Demonic creature carrying stuff. Apparently, Fatty was caught to be a driver.

The Demon race is indeed savage, just randomly grabbing people for labor. Fatty inwardly despised. However, he still obediently got on the monster and directed it to follow the team.

During this, Fatty furtively checked the items on the monster’s back and found that they were only building materials. In the Human world, heavy materials used in the big cities were usually stored in spatial equipment. Only those that couldn’t be stored that way would be transported with manpower. The Demon realm was obviously under-developed regarding refining spatial items, otherwise the delivery of their goods wouldn’t be this slow.

Following the demons for nearly a day, Fatty was so hungry that his chest was stuck to his back. The cavalcade finally reached its destination.

It was a bustling base with at least ten of thousands of Demons busying about. A large number of various materials were stored, all of them were purely for construction, there wasn’t a single strategic-based material.

“Are they gonna build a palace or something?” Fatty mumbled in contemplation. Taking advantage of the unloading, he disappeared into Stealth and went offline to fill his stomach.

After eating some random things, Fatty logged on and was instantly shocked by what he saw.

A huge magical formation was looming in the air. The formation was hexagonal and had a radius of ten kilometers, its boundaries couldn’t be seen at a glance. On the projection of this formation on the ground, over a hundred thousand demons were busy transporting all sorts of materials in and arranged them in accordance with what looked like a certain rule. Obviously, this formation was yet complete and still under construction.

Whoosh! A gust of wind blew by his ear. Fatty didn’t even have to look to know that some demon had itched to see him lazing around again. With a sigh, he scurried under the whipping to join a group of demons carrying materials.

Spacebreak Spirit Crystal? This is a teleportation formation! Passing by a node in the formation, Fatty suddenly spotted some familiar stones. He pondered for half a day and remembered that Lucas had used these same stones when he had set up the Teleportation Portal for Sky City.

Spacebreak Spirit Crystal, a kind of magic stone especially used to break through space, was extremely rare and only sparingly used on the cores of large teleportation formations. From the looks of this one where a node already had roughly ten Spacebreak Spirit Crystals, the total number was no doubt unimaginable.

Fatty might look rich, but the cost of the Spacebreak Spirit Crystals used in this formation alone was enough to bankrupt ten of him. His hand carrying the materials trembled slightly, and Fatty couldn't wait to rush over and rob all of the crystals.

“Strange, does the Demon realm lack Teleportation Portals to the point they must spend such a high price to build this one?” Fatty was puzzled.

Sky City and Black Tortoise City are hundreds of thousands of miles apart, yet they didn’t need this many Spacebreak Spirit Crystals when building a large Teleportation Portal. Does the Demon Emperor have too much money that he has nowhere else to spend other than building a straight route from the palace to this place?

Suddenly, Fatty’s heart jumped in the realization of a possibility. The main usage of the Spacebreak Spirit Crystals is to break open space. If the quantity is enough, then what about the space between the Human and Demon world?

If the Demon realm is really planning to teleport straight to the Human realm, then this problem is huge. Thinking to this point, Fatty hurriedly lowered his head and carefully placed the materials in his hands in the designated place.

Perhaps the Demon world had been peaceful for too long now, or because no human had entered it to stir up trouble, the high-ranking Demon officials didn’t strictly check the personnel who came and went to build this formation. In fact, there was nothing to check as any damage done before completion would have no serious consequences except for exposure. Once the formation started to come into operation, the protective power poured into it would be very terrifying and wouldn’t be something one or two people could destroy.

The formation in the sky was only a mirage from a scroll to direct the construction of this super-large teleportation formation, and the real one was being built on the ground. All kinds of materials poured in like waterfalls. Suppose Fatty could get his hands on all of the materials to build this formation, he’d have enough to rebuild at least half of Sky City.

Lord Fatty’s heart is aching. Fatty's face twitched as he watched the materials merged little by little into the formation. He hated that he couldn’t drag Sky City over to plunder everything here, including the demon labor inside.

The construction took a total of seven days. Afterward, all the demons were dismissed to stand outside. In the sky, several huge figures suddenly appeared. They were the five Demon Kings who brought the Death Altar back to the Demon realm.

There they are. Fatty's eyes narrowed. He immediately memorized their background. Barring anything unexpected, the place where they were should be where the Death Altar was located.

“Your Royal Highnesses, according to your orders, this super formation is finally complete. Please check.”

The demon in charge of the construction hurriedly kowtowed and respectfully reported to the five Demon Kings.

“Good, very good! You did a good job building it.” In the air, Demon King Sigg said in satisfaction, while the other four Demon Kings also let out “Keke” weird laughs.

“Come, let us check if there’s any problem.” One of the Demon Kings pointed a finger, and the huge formation buzzed. A pale blue light slowly lit from the outermost edges of the formation and became brighter bit by bit.

“Luckily I didn’t rig it,” Fatty whispered. Except for sneaking some materials into his pocket, he didn't do anything else to the formation. Otherwise, it would still be in vain with the five Demon Kings here. It was indeed better to wait for the final result and see what they really wanted to do with it.

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