Chapter 359 Ice Bead at the Lake Bottom

Chapter 359 – Ice Bead at the Lake Bottom

As Fatty pondered a way to capture a few Demonic Ironkiss Crocodiles and earn some money, something suddenly happened in the river.

A Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile lazily emerged from the surface, and in a blink, at least ten thousand Demonic Ironkiss Crocodiles appeared in sight.

They had glossy black and bumpy skin, strong limbs, 10-meter-long bodies of which their mouths accounted for a meter. Between opening and closing of the jaws, sharp teeth collided in a series of loud clacking sounds.

Among the tens of thousands Demonic Ironkiss Crocodiles, a head nearly 100 meters long floated up the water like an island. Its huge mouth faced up to the sky and slowly opened.


Sonic waves kicked up towering cascades of water. Some normal Demonic Ironkiss Crocodiles around even fainted from the shock.

Startled, Fatty threw Appraisal.

[Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile King]
Mid-rank Demonic Yao boss

Notes: A powerful Demonic beast living in the big river of the Demon realm. With sharp teeth and a powerful large jaw, it can crush anything.

“Only mid-rank.” Fatty despised it from the bottom of his heart after getting a fright from the Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile King.

After the thunderous roar, the boss slowly climbed ashore. Disregarding Fatty on the bank, it went straight towards the forest.

Some powerful monsters in the forest such as the low-rank Demonic Yao Storm Berserk Wolf, Sinister Humanface Spider, and the huge Golden Mammoth… all scattered in panic.

The Golden Mammoth was so scared that it didn’t pay attention to the road and ran right into the Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile King. The latter opened its over-ten-meter long mouth and snapped, and the mammoth’s head burst like a watermelon before a series of cracking and chewing sounds were heard. Just like that, a Golden Mammoth ten meters tall was eaten whole by the Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile King without any resistance.

After swallowing the mammoth, the Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile King let out a satisfied howl and continued into the forest. Behind it was Demonic Ironkiss Crocodiles of all sizes that had also climbed ashore after their leader.

Fatty followed behind the Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile group. None of the crocodiles looked at him, as if he didn't exist. This ‘contempt tactic’ angered Fatty.

“Oh, wow, wow, not even sparing Lord Fatty a glance.” Fatty gnashed his teeth. After using the Multi-transform Protection Mask, Fatty was now a Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile.

After marching several dozen kilometers, the crocodile herd arrived at a valley where a deep-looking lake over a kilometer wide was located. The water was icy and Fatty could feel the bitter cold from several hundred meters away.

Around the lake, bones of both humanoid beings and monsters were scattered in a mix, forming a horrible scene.


At a distance of one hundred meters away from the lake, the Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile King stopped and issued a loud roar towards the lake.

Rumble… The lake abruptly rolled violently, the waves went up to tens of meters high. Then, a high-pitched cry even louder than the crocodile king’s roar came from under the lake.

A huge water pillar gushed into the sky and fell as rain. From the middle of the lake, three heads the size of large houses poked out, the six pairs of glowing blood-red eyes staring fixedly at the howling Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile King.

The three heads were covered in palm-sized blood-red scales, each scale gleaming with flowing blood light. On each head was a long horn, also blood-red in color like the finest blood diamonds, which stood straight and occasionally flashed with lights.


Looking at the beast emerging from the lake, the Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile King howled again, and then slowly moved back.

As the Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile King retreated, the lake beast slowly climbed ashore, reaching a length of nearly one kilometer. The powerful claws under its belly gripped deep into the ground – this was a mutant flood dragon with three heads.

[Three-Headed Blood Dragon]
High-rank Demonic Yao boss

Notes: A flood dragon living in the Demondark Forest. It once ate a strange herb and grew two heads. Three-Headed Blood Dragon is tyrannical in character and attacks all living creatures that near its territory.

The two massive Demonic beasts roared nonstop at each other. The Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile King violently whipped its tail, making the ground quake with every hit. Not to fall to a disadvantage, the Three-Headed Blood Dragon spat out fire, water and thunder spells at its enemy, blotting the sky with colorful radiance.

From the looks of it, the two Demonic Yao beasts had some kind of scruples, only yelling, just like two fighters in a duel circling each other, looking for opportunities to strike.

Fatty found this a little strange. Why would the Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile King come all the way here to look for a beef with the Three-Headed Blood Dragon? Moreover, the crocodile king is only a mid-rank; the dragon is a whole level above, why is it so afraid of the crocodile king?

Going like that for a long time, no matter how the Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile King tried to lure the Three-Headed Blood Dragon, it refused to leave the lake. Finally, both lost their patience. Letting a loud roar at the same time, they charged and violently rammed into each other.

The crocodile king simply bit, tore with its jaws, and lashed out with its tail, while the attacks from the Three-Headed Blood Dragon were much more beautiful. Spells of three attributes - fire, water, and thunder, were cast in succession. Each time they landed on the Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile King, the latter’s body would shake.

Since the Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile King was water-attribute itself, the water spells didn’t cause much damage, but the fire and thunder ones rendered it utterly miserable. Scorched all over and paralyzed from time to time, there was no intact spot on its body.

However, the Three-Headed Blood Dragon was not much better off. As a magic-type beast, although its melee skills were tough, they still fell short compared to that of the crocodile king. Large chunks of flesh were bitten and torn off the dragon’s body, blood gushed like a fountain and soon formed a blood spring on the ground.

While the two behemoths tore at each other, the rest of the Demonic Ironkiss Crocodiles plunged into the lake and scattered, seemingly looking for something. The water was so cold that just after entering, many of them were frozen into a mass of ice and slowly sank.

Although a large number of Demonic Ironkiss Crocodiles were frozen to death, even more successfully made their way down.

The Three-Headed Blood Dragon let out a loud roar of fury and whipped its tail, and several hundreds of Demonic Ironkiss Crocodiles were volleyed then fell to their death. The head that spewed water magic suddenly inhaled. Immediately, a vortex appeared in the lake, forcefully sucked in the crocodiles and crushed them into paste.

Seeing this, Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile King madly pounced with a roar to stop the slaughter of its little kin. The two giants once again tangled.

Too lazy to watch the savage fight, Fatty circled the lake and dived into it from another direction.

As soon as he entered the water, Fatty shivered all over and saw his health drop slowly but steadily. Popping a red pill into his mouth, he slowly sank.

The whole lake was gourd-shaped, with a small top and a large bottom. The scenery at the bottom of the lake seemed very beautiful as if an entirely different world with unknown depths. Fatty dived for more than ten minutes without reaching the bottom. The cold water kept growing colder and the supplement speed of the red pill was unable to keep up with the decline of his HP.

“Cold, so cold!” Fatty tremblingly took out the Crystal Maze of Terror and used the X-Ray function.

Darkness emerged on the mirror. The maze also failed to reach the bottom of the lake, there was only a ray of light in the deepest range it could reach.

“Seek riches in danger, down!” Fatty gritted his teeth and cast Elemental Guard, using the duration when 80% of the damage was offset to quickly dive down.

A sliver of light gradually appeared in his vision. Trembling, Fatty desperately stuffed red pills into his mouth and used Waterwalk.

The light came from a protective barrier. The barrier itself wasn’t big, only about 10 meters wide. Inside it, a bowl-shaped bead lay quietly in the middle, emitting a faint light.

“Bead? Stupid me!” Fatty smacked his forehead, the chagrin made him want to bump himself dead. From his inventory, he took out a bead about the same size as the one below, and the water around him immediately spread out, leaving space for a sphere that enveloped Fatty inside. Although the cold was still there, it was much less bitter, at least within Fatty’s acceptance level.

The Watervoid Pearl, given by the Black Dragon King in the Sea Territory of Evil.

Holding the Watervoid Pearl, Fatty slowly walked towards the light barrier. At more than ten meters from it, he fired a bolt with his crossbow. The bolt easily passed through the barrier, showing no sign of danger. Only then did he approach the barrier and slowly entered it.

Once inside, even with the Watervoid Pearl forcing away the water flow around and greatly weakening its impact, Fatty still couldn’t help but shudder from the chill. His whole body felt stiff and it was difficult to make the slightest move. Inwardly startled at this, Fatty again cast Elemental Guard and strode towards the bead.

The closer he got to the bead, the stronger the icy chill, so much so that even the double protection of the Watervoid Pearl and the elemental protective cover couldn’t stop it. Fatty felt like his blood had begun to stop flowing, and each step took enormous effort.

When Fatty finally reached the bead, he stretched out his hand. As soon as he grabbed it, a layer of white frost appeared on his hand and rapidly spread towards his elbow. Fatty immediately lost his sense of the hand.

“So cold?” Fatty desperately tried to put the bead into his pocket, but his right hand was stretched out straight and didn’t respond to his brains at all.

“Violent Ox King,” Fatty summoned the mount. The burning flames around its body instantly made the water around sizzle, but only for a moment before the flames were all extinguished. The Violent Ox King let out a wretched scream and became motionless. It was frozen to death.

“Hiss…” Fatty gasped at the scene. If it weren’t for the Watervoid Pearl and Elemental Guard, let alone taking the bead, Fatty would have turned into an ice sculpture before he even touched it.

Thanks to the short moment from the Violent Ox King’s emergence, Fatty's right hand regained some movement. He hurriedly took the pains to pocket the bead. With a ding of system notification, the thing finally entered his inventory.

Only now did Fatty have time to see what it was.

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