Chapter 358 Framing

Chapter 358 – Framing

Since the fall of Hero City and the five Demon Kings led all troops to retreat to the Demon realm, Fierce Bull hadn’t had it easy.

First, he had been reprimanded by the five Demon Kings, though fortunately, they all knew that he could only bow to the situation at that time. Moreover, it wasn’t like they’d get any benefits out of punishing Fierce Bull, so they let him off after a scolding.

Right after that was the punishment from the Demon Emperor. Although according to Fierce Bull, he was in no way responsible for the loss in Hero City, he was still held responsible as the supreme leader in the city at that point in time.

However, thanks to the five Demon Kings, he wasn’t severely punished and was only fined some gold in addition to the condition that he rendered more meritorious service to make up for it.

Fierce Bull had just heaved a sigh of relief when the admonition from his clan arrived. Despite being the current head of the family, Fierce Bull didn’t hold absolute dominance as many were stronger than him either in strength or background. Therefore, the bull was drowned by a torrent of abuse from his clan.

What Fatty heard just now was Fierce Bull having a heated conversation with his clan people.

“I don't care whatever reason you have, you must take responsibility for tarnishing the reputation of our Demonic Abyssal Bull clan,” the other sounded very harsh as they spoke in human language. It seemed the human language had become common among Demon nobles.

“Responsibility, responsibility! Fine! I’ll take the damn responsibility! Tell me, what responsibility would that be?” Fierce Bull simply threw all care to the wind. You want money? Already submitted it to the Demon Emperor. Troops? I’m already starting from scratch to render meritorious service to redeem myself, I have no manpower. Do what you please.

The other party obviously hadn’t expected Fierce Bull to suddenly become so… carefree. He had talked for several hours only to be rewarded with a sneer from Fierce Bull. After all, he who was bald wasn’t afraid of being grabbed by the hair. In the end, the other demon was chased out of the tent in a flustered state.

“Fierce Bull, don't be so arrogant! You shall meet your downfall sooner or later.” The person who came out was thin and looked to be only in his twenties. Exiting the tent, he turned around and pointed inside while shouting loudly.

“Valiant Bull, you don’t have the qualification to decide my ‘downfall.’ Get the hell out of here now, or I don't mind sacrificing you for our Demon race and send you to confront that human who’s just entered the Demon world.” Fierce Bull stepped out of the tent and looked at the young Valiant Bull with a cold smile.

Valiant Bull face’s changed at this threat. He trudged out of the camp while still spouting curses. Fierce Bull watched until Valiant Bull disappeared out of sight before he walked back into his tent with a sigh. Fatty’s eyes craftily swirled around, then he quietly Earthwalked out of the camp.

“Damn Fierce Bull, so arrogant when you’re just a Demon General? When I’m promoted to Demon General too, I shall pull you down!”

Quickly walking away from the camp, Valiant Bull didn’t stop verbally cursing Fierce Bull. He had coveted Fierce Bull's position as the head of the Demonic Abyss clan force for a long time. Now that there was such a good opportunity this time, yet he could do nothing to Fierce Bull, his heart was stuffed with anger.

“You, come here,” Valiant Bull ordered as he pointed at a low-ranked demon nearby.

Fatty was inwardly amused. He was just thinking about how to hook this guy, and the other actually delivered himself directly to his door.

Fatty walked up to Valiant Bull, his mouth yelping some incomprehensible “yayaya” and his hands waving wildly.

“A mute? What bad luck.” Valiant Bull shouted at Fatty with his head held high, “A low-ranked demon dares to stand in the middle of the street? You wanna die?!”

The Demon race was highly hierarchical, such a low-ranked demon the appearance of whom Fatty assumed had no qualification to walk around on the main road. Even in the streets, they could only walk on the side with bowed heads. They weren’t even qualified to look up. Otherwise, being casually killed would only earn a “good riddance” from others.

And of course, Fatty didn’t know about this rule. At the moment, he could only respond to Valiant Bull with “yayaya” while waving his limbs with an anxious face.

“Hmm? What is this?” Suddenly spotting the wooden box sticking out from Fatty’s lapel, Valiant Bull reached out his hand.

Fatty grew even more anxious. Gritting his teeth, he pulled out a dagger from his chest and stabbed out.

“Brat, you dare to assassinate a noble in broad daylight? Some guts you have!” Despite having yet to reach the rank of Demon General, the strength of Valiant Bull couldn’t be underestimated as someone who competed for the position of clan head with Fierce Bull. Since Fatty disguised himself as a weak low-ranked Demon, he was defeated in a few strikes and robbed of the wooden box, which ended with him miserably fleeing for his life.

“Human language?” Opening the box, Valiant Bull’s eyes instantly shone upon seeing a letter written in human language lying inside. “It’s for Fierce Bull? A letter from Human Marshal Ferotiger to Fierce Bull? Still so obscure? Hahahaha! Fierce Bull, even the Heavens wants to kill you! I’ve got you now!”

After a quick scan of the letter, Valiant Bull was absolutely elated. He soon threw the escaped Fatty to the back of his head and eagerly thought a plan to get rid of Fierce Bull.

“Isn't Lord Fatty’s acting pretty good?” Fatty summoned Wheat and absently chatted with the rodent while watching Valiant Bull from a dark place.

He originally had wanted to grab a Demonic Abyss Bull for the job, but now that an opportunity just came right at him, only a fool would pass on it. There weren’t many Demon Generals in the Demon realm, otherwise, Fierce Bull who was responsible for the fall of Hero City would have been granted a neat death.

The Demon Emperor’s punishment for Fierce Bull was only to redeem himself by rendering good service. One reason was that the war between demons and humans was about to start in full swing and any experts at the level of Demon General were very important. Also, Demon Generals were quite rare in the Demon world.

It was conceivable that after Valiant Bull submitted the letter, even if others didn’t believe the contents, Fierce Bull would still have to suffer some hardships. And the most important thing: they would believe it whether it was true or not. There was no lack of demons who wanted to replace Fierce Bull as the commander of tens of thousands of troops.

Happily imagining the treatment Fierce Bull was about to enjoy, Fatty wandered around the Demon realm. The maps here were vast, especially the forests that seemed boundless. Traveling through the trees, Fatty encountered all kinds of local specialties, all of which went to his pocket.

As Fatty wantonly collected the specialties of the Demon world, the camp where Fierce Bull was stationed had already exploded.

“Fierce Bull, you have anything else to say?” Valiant Bull triumphantly waved the letter before an ashen-faced Fierce Bull.

“Your Highness, the evidence is conclusive. As long as we catch the human who has disguised as one of our kind, that will be proof of Fierce Bull’s collaboration with the enemy to sell out our Demon world,” Valiant Bull looked up and said to Demon King Sigg hovering in the sky.

“Fierce Bull, you have let us down.” Demon King Sigg's face was full of disappointment, which then turned ferocious. “For such a sin as losing Hero City, you should have been put death in the Snake Cave. The four other kings and I went to the trouble to save you so that you can redeem yourself, and this is how you repay us?! Even a hundred deaths are not enough for your crime!”

“Your Highness, someone is trying to frame me. You can’t rely on just a letter to conclude that I collaborated with the enemy and betrayed our race. Although I failed during the battle in Hero City, I still fought with my life on it.” Fierce Bull stepped forth and knelt before Demon King Sigg. His eyes were fixed on Valiant, glaring with deep hatred.

“Fierce Bull, quit with the excuses. We demons have run Hero City for thousands of years yet easily lost to a gang of rabble. You can fool others, but you think you can fool Their Highnesses? You said I framed you? You think I’d frame my own kin in such a despicable way?” Valiant Bull sneered.

“Humph! We both know in our hearts what’s really going on here. I shan’t quibble with you. His Royal Highness will definitely clear my name.” Fierce Bull humphed and looked towards Demon King Sigg.

“Forget it, by virtue of a groundless letter, it’s naturally impossible to condemn a Demon General. However, you are now under serious suspicion, your titles will be stripped and the army of Demonic Abyss Bull team will be placed under Valiant Bull’s charge for the time being,” Demon King Sigg finally decided after long deliberation.

“This!” Fierce bull was appalled. “Your Highness, Valiant Bull hasn’t even reached the level of Demon General. How can he lead the army of the Demonic Abyss Bull?”

“This is no longer your concern.” Demon King Sigg waved his hand. “I'll give you three days. If you can't prove your innocence in three days, get ready for the Snake Cave. Go back.”

The huge figure of Demon King Sigg turned into a light that disappeared into the horizon. Fierce Bull stood up and looked intently at Valiant Bull.

“Very good, Valiant Bull, very good,” Fierce Bull stressed between gritted teeth.

“Don't blame me, blame that human who bumped into me.” Valiant Bull smiled. Having pulled down Fierce Bull and taken over the command of the Demonic Abyss Bull army in the camp, he had never felt so content.

“Very smug, aren’t you?” Fierce Bull sneered. “If I can wash myself of the charges, you will just roll back to wherever you come from. And if I can’t? I’ll be fed to the snakes in the Snake Cave, while you lot, members of a clan whose former head colluded with humans, can prepare yourselves to be cannon fodder in the next grand war.”

Valiant Bull suddenly paled in terror. Fierce Bull laughed loudly and left the barracks.

Not knowing how much trouble he had caused for Fierce Bull with an improvised action, Fatty was currently roaming the Demon world.

After a tour around the barracks, Sallip’s task was considered completed. Now, Fatty was going to investigate the location of the Death Altar.

Such a large structure was impossible to be hidden, especially when the five Demon Kings still had to live on it, meaning it couldn’t be more than several hundred thousand miles away from the frontline. However, a radius of over a hundred thousand miles around the military camp would take forever for a lone Fatty to search.

Fatty thought of committing suicide so that he would resurrect at the altar. However, it hadn’t been easy to get to level 60, he was unwilling to die before even getting the class enhancement.

A black river appeared ahead, swift and grandiose with many figures floating in it.

Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile, an extremely fierce Demonic beast in the Demon world, varied from level 40 to 70 and was highly offensive and defensive. They lived mostly in water and were extremely difficult to kill. Normal Demon cities liked to raise these kinds of beasts in their moats to deal great damage to invaders.

“Awesome!” Fatty’s lit up. If he caught a group of Demonic Ironkiss Crocodile to put up for auction, guilds with bases would definitely bleed money for them.

“Oh, gold coins, so much gold coins.” Looking at the churning river, all Fatty could see was dazzling gold coins.

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