Chapter 357 The Demon Army Barracks

Chapter 357 – The Demon Army Barracks

The gray air was mixed with a strange smell. Under the sprinkle of black sunshine, it didn’t feel warm at all, but instead dry and cold. A strange bird croaked weirdly as it flew towards the nearby woods.

The group of demons had a total of seven. One of them stopped behind and put a horn into his mouth, ready blow warning sounds once something happened. The remaining six spanned out in a fan-shaped formation as they charged at Fatty, one of them loudly shouting some gibberish. Fatty didn't understand a word.

‘Now that’s strange. The system translation software can translate all the languages of the world even dialects and slang and can allow people to understand the Demon language in Heavens Scar, yet now there are still words that I can't understand,’ Fatty wondered but his feet didn’t stop moving. With a flash, he disappeared into Stealth.

The Demon soldiers didn’t panic upon seeing him vanish. All at once, they released a skill. Their eyes instantly emitted a faint blood-red glow that scanned the surroundings. As soon as the scan hit, Fatty’s body appeared in the red glow.

These Demon soldiers belonged to the Demon Pupil clan, whose racial talent was their eyes that could see through falsehoods, enabling their roles in monitoring, investigation, sentry, and so on. Therefore, the Demon Pupil clan was highly regarded by large legions despite their average strength. Stealth could avoid most kinds of monitoring but was easily exposed by those eyes.

‘What’s this skill?’ Fatty was surprised in his heart. Hearing footsteps, he knew the nearby Demon troops must have heard the commotion here and were coming to reinforce. Without a second thought, he vanished with Earthwalk.

Seeing Fatty disappear, the Demon soldiers carefully surveyed the surroundings again. After a while without result, they grumpily returned to their post with the news that a human had entered the Demon realm.

Upon receiving the report, the city closest to the entrance of the Demon realm immediately took action. Since ancient times, there had been only demons entering the Human world and not the other way around. Except for a few famous Divine experts, no dynasties in the Human world had ever sent troops to the Demon realm. They understood sending Divine experts was equal to going over the top, while others didn’t have the ability to survive in the Demon world, so they never had this idea before. Who could have expected that Sallip would give such a mission to Fatty, a player who had just reached level 60?

Troops stationed at the entrance to the Demon world began to move on a large scale. This was the first time a normal human entered, so they unavoidably felt a little excited. Some already started shouting loudly about arresting and torturing this intrepid human being.

It was unknown how many troops were stationed around the entrance, but the momentum was earth-shaking. They conducted a carpet search in teams of ten. Outside, there was even a grand army surrounding the area of thousands of miles around, wanting to catch Fatty like a turtle in a jar.

Various lights flashed from all sorts of magical formations to imprison space just in case Fatty used any teleportation scrolls to escape.

Thanks to the Elemental Movement Art that was immune to most space imprison magic, Fatty easily whooshed through the Demon army’s encirclement and reached their rear.

Hiding himself well and looking at the Demon soldiers patrolling to and fro, Fatty was helpless. The key problem now was that he didn’t know what the demons were talking about. Every step was hard to take with his inability to understand the language.

“Rarrw!” A Demonic tiger appeared in the distance and stared at Fatty with blood-red eyes.

The Demonic tiger had flaming black patterns wrapping around its body, the red glow in its eyes flickered and its mouth spat out black flames from time to time.

“&@#%$*& …” this Demonic tiger suddenly opened its mouth and let out a series of strange sounds. Fatty was shocked, but it suddenly dawned on him. Obviously, this wasn’t an ordinary Demonic tiger, but a member of the Demon Tiger clan.

Ordinary demons weren’t intelligent, only the members of the clans possessed intelligence comparable to human beings. Although he didn’t understand what this Demon Tiger was saying, Fatty shot out the Elemental Sword.

“Rawrrghh!” the Demon Tiger only had time to let out an angry roar before its throat was pierced and it resentfully fell to the ground. Demons that were yet able to transform into their humanoid forms were only low-leveled and weak ones, so Fatty could kill the tiger with one blow.

“A Demonflame Black Tiger, not Ultraviolet Tiger,” Fatty exclaimed with pity but stowed the tiger’s body anyway. In addition to the few that Reck had specified, ‘the more the merrier’ also applied for anything else.

What the Demon world didn’t lack the most were large forests. The trees in these forests were grotesque and varied in shape, ranging from horizontally long to bifurcated like human beings, to shaky like animals. As Fatty traveled in the forest, he occasionally encountered attacks from a variety of Demonic creatures who he all slew and collected their corpses to bring back for Reck’s research.

After going like that for several hours until the cooldown of the Multi-transform Protection Mask finally passed, Fatty transformed into an ordinary demon and swaggered out of the forest.

“You, come here!” A small squad captain pointed at Fatty.

Although he still couldn’t understand the other's words, Fatty got the rough idea. He bowed low and walked over.

“Deliver this.” The demon handed Fatty a wooden box and a token. In the Demon realm, lower-ranked demons were slaves. Unless one wished to die, they wouldn’t dare to resist the orders of a superior, so the demon wasn’t worried that Fatty would take the objects and escape.

Receiving the objects, Fatty went in the direction that Demon squad captain had pointed to. When he reached a place where no one else could see, he threw the wooden box into his inventory and hung the token on his waist, then started to brazenly walk around.

Due to having the protection of Demon City within Heavens Scar, the Demon world hadn’t built a city at the entrance. Now that Demon City was occupied by humans and the five Demon Kings had been forced to take their troops back to the Demon realm, exposing the entrance to the human race, they had to build another city at the entrance of the Demon world.

At the moment, countless civilians in the Demon realm were working their butts off under the command of the nobles. With the assistance of mages, a huge city was slowly taking shape.

The construction site was chaotic and had nothing valuable. However, the architectural orientation of a city like this was very important. It would come in handy if the Human army wanted to attack this city in the future. Spending half a day circling, Fatty recorded all the structural details.

Wandering around for a while and almost being dragged to be a coolie by several high-ranked demons, Fatty followed all kinds of clues to arrive at the barracks nearby.

“It is really strange that a human came all the way to our world. They think our five Demon Kings are easy to bully just because they were forced to return to the Demon realm?” Fatty heard a familiar language as soon as he entered the barracks. Surprisingly, this was the Demon army that had just retreated from Heavens Scar.

“Ahh, don't say. Ferotiger caught their Highnesses off guard and threatened to destroy the Death Altar to force us all back to the Demon realm. This has reached the ears of the emperor. His Majesty was extremely displeased and has ordered punishment. Were it not for their meritorious service during several thousand years of guarding the entrance, the five Royal Highnesses would have been executed.”

“Humph, all because of that damn Demon Dragon clan. Had it not been for them, how could the Demon Kings be punished?”

“Those so-called aristocrats only care about their own interests and completely disregard the safety of the Demon realm. A bunch of vermin! They should be sent to the Dark Altar as sacrifices.”

As the sound of the discussion drifted further away, Fatty’s head popped out.

“The situation in the Demon realm is also the same as that of human beings. It is very complicated.” Fatty sighed.

Sallip's mission was to only investigate the situation in the Demon realm. As for the so-called snooping, just any piece of information would do anyway because there was no delineation of the scope. The mission given by Ferotiger to locate the Death Altar was also very simple. Such a large altar should be easy to find.

The most important was still the missions from those gentlemen in Sky City. If Fatty failed to do any of them well enough, what awaited him upon his return would certainly be unpleasant.

First was Reck's mission. The old man’s request was quite simple – specialties of the Demon realm, referring to special races and materials that only existed in the Demon world.

Demonic Abyss Bull! Fatty first set his eyes on the Demonic Abyss Bull. Since Fierce Bull had retreated from Hero City with the Demon army then, he must still be here. Find him, and Fatty would find the habitat of the Demonic Abyss Bulls, or so he thought.

Fatty began to search the barracks. Since this was only a temporary residence, the barracks were arranged in accordance with the five Demon Kings’ ranks, but it was so messy that the troops were mixed up. Fatty was unable to find Fierce Bull for a while.

“Stop.” A low-ranked general’s eyes gleamed when he saw Fatty. “What are you doing?”

“Looking for someone,” Fatty replied honestly.

“It’s clear you’re up to nothing good from your stealthy manner. Say it, who are you looking for?” This general touched the blade on his waist, looking very ready to see blood once Fatty said a wrong word.

Fatty took out the token and the wooden box. The general checked them and pointed at the distance. “Go there, General Fierce Bull is stationed there.”

Following the direction given to him, Fatty made a big circle and was questioned one more time before he arrived outside the camp where Fierce Bull was stationed.

As a Demon General, Fierce Bull commanded thirty thousand troops and had his own independent camp. Fatty hadn’t paid attention back in Hero City, but now he noticed that under Fierce Bull’s were mainly his own race of Demonic Abyss Bulls, mixed with a small portion of soldiers from other small clans.

At the entrance of the camp, Fatty was checked again before he was let in. He first looked around, then vanished into Stealth when no one was watching and crept towards Fierce Bull’s tent.

“With so many of them and Zhang Feihu, who is no weaker than me, how can I defend?!” Fatty heard a roar from Fierce Bull’s tent a distance away. It was obvious from the angry growl that Fierce Bull was not passing his days happily.

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