Chapter 356 Into the Demon Realm

Chapter 356 – Into the Demon Realm

After capturing Hero City, Bai Xiaosheng was rewarded with levels, equipment, and others. He then gave the players who had helped him defend the city generous rewards. Fatty got a reusable blueprint that could forge heavy armor for Knights, the ‘Hideous Heavy Armor Blueprint,’ one of the pieces in the Hideous Equipment Set.

With the Holy Unicorns and Lightning Beasts, Fatty could organize an army of knights, and then all kinds of knight equipment would be a must. As long as he gathered the whole set, he would have a fearsome army. This expression of appreciation of Bai Xiaosheng for Fatty’s help was no doubt very generous.

Stowing the blueprint, Fatty said goodbye to all and left Heavens Scar for the Mountain of Flames. He still remembered what West had said about the phoenix eggs.

After over a month of fighting in Heavens Scar, especially with the final massacre of Demon troops, Fatty had gained a large sum of experience that almost let him hit level 60. Therefore, he wasn’t in a hurry to steal eggs, but rather first farming monsters at the periphery of the Mountain of Flames.

Half a month later, with a golden halo falling onto him, Fatty finally rose to level 60.

Pulling out a Recall Scroll to fly back to Sky City, he then teleported to the Imperial Capital, where he went straight to Sallip the Rogue Mentor and asked for a class enhancement.

Sallip who had long been displeased with Fatty simply threw him a mission without any words. You finish it, I give you your enhancement. You can’t, then roll back to wherever.

The mission was very straightforward: sneak into the Demon realm and probe the movement of the grand Demon army, draw a topographic map at least 1/10000 of the Demon realm; time limit: a month.

How big was the entire Demon world? Even though it was smaller than the Human world, it was not that much smaller. And for the whole Human world, talking about the area of the Xuanhuang Ancient Country alone, had Fatty even traveled 1/10000 of it so far? Nope. If it weren't for the map stolen from the Demon City, Fatty would just directly give up on this mission. Even so, however, exploring the movement of the grand Demon army was already a suicidal course of action.

“I haven’t even reached the 6th class enhancement yet and you’re sending me to die in the Demon realm? This is too much!” Fatty raged.

“If you don't want to go, then don’t. I’m not forcing you,” Sallip unhurriedly said with a smug face.

Fatty's voice came to an abrupt end as he viciously stared at Sallip. This made Sallip even more smug.

Beggars can’t be choosers. But when Lord Fatty reaches the highest rank there is, see how I’ll torture you to death!

Cursing Sallip over and over again in his heart, Fatty held out his hand and said, “If it’s the Demon realm I’m going to, shouldn’t you give me some equipment or something? Barging in as a lone man who anyone can tell at a glance to be human is the same as seeking death.”

“That’s true.” Sallip nodded after thinking for a moment and took out a mask. He fondly caressed it before reluctant handing it to Fatty. “I’ll lend you this mask. Return it after you complete the mission.”

Fatty’s fury nearly erupted at the sight of Sallip’s reluctant manner. You are trying to harm Lord Fatty, yet you’re still reluctant to give me something decent? Do you really hate Lord Fatty this much?

Grabbing the mask, Fatty carefully checked its information.

Multi-transform Protection Mask: The user can change into any designated shape.
Duration: Unlimited. Removing the mask will lose its effect. Cooldown: 12 hours.

Not bad equipment. In fact, very good equipment. With this, Fatty would not be afraid of being found out when he did bad things. Putting on the mask, Fatty immediately turned into Sallip, even wearing the exact same weapon and equipment. He threw the dumbstruck Sallip a hearty laugh and strode out of the Class Enhancement Hall, teleporting back to Sky City.

“Sallip? Who let you in?” Seeing Sallip suddenly appear in front of him, Reck was momentarily shocked then looked at ‘Sallip’ with visibly ill intent, his fingers shaking a little – a sign that he was ready to sprinkle poison.

“Master, it’s me Fatty.” Fatty hurriedly took off the mask. He didn’t think he could endure Reck’s poison.

Reck instantly understood. “Sallip's Multi-transform Protection Mask?”

Fatty nodded and briefed him about how Sallip had sent him to explore the Demon realm.

After hearing the story, Reck smacked his thigh. “To the Demon realm? Good!”

“Good?! You know I’m going there to die!” Fatty yelped in dejection.

“How’s that going there to die? It’s the Demon world where there are many resources the Human world doesn’t have. Just get some of them to resell here and gold coins will come to you in huge stacks! You wait, I'll make you some drugs. When you go there, get me some special products of the Demon world, like the Abyssal Demon Ox, the Ultraviolet Demon Tiger, the Mega Dark Dragon, and also herbs. Don't need too many, just bring some back will do.”

Reck happily went off to make the drugs, leaving behind a speechless Fatty. Demonic Abyss Bull? That cattle race? Ultraviolet Demon Tiger? Fine, cows and tigers have strong and weak ones anyway, maybe I can steal a cub back, but what the heck is Mega Dark Dragon? That’s at least level 70 or 80 okay? You want me to hunt that?! ‘Don't need too many just bring some back’? You think I’m Wu Junxiao?!

While Reck made the drugs, Fatty went to visit the others in the city. Sure enough, they were overjoyed upon hearing that Fatty was going to the Demon realm, as if he was not going to perform a task, but to make a profit.

Lucas asked Fatty to collect a magic crystal, a specialty of the Demon realm which could be used to depict magical formations. Karl asked him to gather all kinds of minerals, also not too many, just 70-80 tons. As for West, his eyes glowed as he showed Fatty in minute detail where mutated variations of Fire Crystal Stones were located and had Fatty promise to get them for him.

Not only did they ask for a lot, but these people were very smart to hand them out as missions, the rewards of which were pitifully small. However, Fatty had no other choice but to accept them. Holding the potion said to be able to poison Mega Dark Dragons brewed by Reck, Fatty left in a surreal daze and entered Heavens Scar once again.

“The Demon realm expedition team has opened up! Anyone up for tourism, sightseeing, exploration, finding lost families? If yes, hop on the wagon quickly as we’re about to set out soon. Once late, won’t wait!” Thinking it was better to die as a group than alone, Fatty opened the communicator and shouted out to those online.

“No time.” Bai Xiaosheng was still busy with Hero City.

“Not interested,” answered HeadofGod on behalf of God Familia, stating that they didn’t want to go seeking death.

“You go, I’ll help you watch your family,” said Xiao Jian. Going to the Demon realm now was no different from dying. Not a chance.

“Oh, that's a good choice. We'll definitely set up a base in the Demon realm, but not now.” This was the reply given by Fierce Dragon TheTalent who represented a group of guild masters.

“Big Brother Fatty, fighting! Bring back a beautiful Demon woman okay?” Purple Bell was the only one with some conscience left, at least she tried to boost his morale.

Grumpily arriving at Demon City all by himself, Fatty was immediately stopped by the patrol soldiers. Hearing that he was going to the Demon world for a mission, they sent him into Demon City.

After occupying Demon City, Marshal Ferotiger and the Wise Sage had returned to Tiger City, leaving a deputy marshal under Marshal Ferotiger stationed at this post.

“Oh? You want to do a mission in the Demon realm? Who gave you the mission?” The deputy marshal sat on a high position with his legs crossed, picking his teeth while glancing at Fatty from the corners of his eyes.

“Rogue Mentor Sallip of the Imperial City.” Fatty stood askew, looking up also out of the corners of his eyes.

“Sallip? Haven't heard of him.” The deputy marshal waved his hand. “Not permitted.”

“The heck?” Fatty jumped. “Why?”

“Who knows if you’re really going on a mission or a spy of the Demon realm trying to sneak back?” The deputy marshal turned his eyes away and ignored Fatty.

“Damn it, Demon spy? You think a spy of the Demon realm can be an honorary citizen of Black Tortoise City?” Fatty took out the Bronze Medallion he got from Lin Xi and waved it before the deputy marshal.

“It’s really a Black Tortoise medal of honor.” Looking at the Bronze Medallion, the deputy marshal hesitated for a moment before he said, “You wait here, I have to report this.”

With that, the deputy marshal left the hall, he didn't come back until a long time later.

“Marshal said you can go, but you have to do something for us.” It turned out that he had not only gone to report it but had also discussed with Marshal Ferotiger how to use this free labor, otherwise it wasn’t something he could decide by himself.

Fatty was already numb to being an errand boy. He asked without a care, “What is it?”

“Investigate the location of the Death Altar.”

You drove those poor fellows back to the Demon realm yet still refuse to let them off? Fatty secretly shook his head and exclaimed in his heart. Indeed that’s a group of people you can’t afford to provoke, or who knows when their revenge will fall on your head one day.

Fatty casually accepted this mission, but whether he would really finish it was another story.

“If you can't finish the mission, heh, you shall be wanted by all mankind.” As if seeing through Fatty's thoughts, the deputy marshal chuckled sinisterly.

Startled, Fatty shot him a vicious glare before walking away.

With the pass certificate issued to him by the deputy marshal, Fatty plunged into the entrance of the Demon realm. After a long, dark, and unstable space, he appeared at the other end of the passage.

A round black sun hung in the sky, emitting chilling sunlight. Unlike in the Human world, the sky here had a kind of spooky feel that made one feel stuffy in the chest, just like the atmosphere before a storm. Black fog drifted everywhere, and the trees were mostly black.

Several Demon soldiers, who were obviously guarding the entrance, immediately shouted at the sight of Fatty and marched towards him. Some even took out horns, ready to blow warnings.

Seeing the Demon soldiers, Fatty inwardly cursed himself for actually having used the Multi-transform Protection Mask, which had an infuriating 12-hour cooldown, back in the Class Enhancement Hall. From the looks of things, for now, he could only hide for a while and try not to get caught.

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