Chapter 355 Postbattle

Chapter 355 – Postbattle

After seven days and seven nights, the curtains finally closed on the battle when Marshal Ferotiger and his troops arrived at the Death Altar.

Marshal Ferotiger, Wise Sage, as well as hundreds of generals and countless experts under their command surrounded the Death Altar, ready to destroy it.

And once that happened, Demon King Sigg and the other Demon Kings, as well as the Demon Generals whose lives depended on the altar would meet their final destruction.

“Ferotiger, if you dare destroy the Death Altar, I swear I will wipe out all the human soldiers in Heavens Scar!” Demon King Sigg shouted.

Ferotiger exchanged glances with the Wise Sage in a heavy mood. If it weren’t for the fact that Sigg was at a dead end, he would never have said such a thing. After all, the number of demons in Heavens Scar was no less than that of humans. Once the Divine experts launched attacks against ordinary soldiers, neither side could bear that kind of ensuing loss. However, when the Death Altar was threatened to be destroyed, the Demon Kings wouldn’t hesitate to do crazy things with the thought that they’d die for sure.

“Withdraw from Heavens Scar and give up Demon City, and we won’t destroy the Death Altar,” declared Marshal Ferotiger in a deep voice after consulting with the Wise Sage.

The five Demon Kings discussed for a while and concluded that they couldn’t just retreat like that. They added many more conditions, only to be flatly refused by Ferotiger. The marshal’s answer was very simple: they were not qualified to make any demands; either go back to the Demon realm or die with the Death Altar. In any case, millions of ordinary soldiers in exchange for five Divine experts and countless Demon elites was an acceptable price.

Ferotiger was straightforward and determined. In desperation, Sigg and his companions had to agree to the marshal’s proposal, since otherwise was not an option with their Achilles' heel tightly grasped in the hands of the enemy. These Demon Kings were a shining example of ‘the longer one lives, the more they fear death.’

Heavens Scar was a huge battlefield connecting the Human and the Demon realm. Long and narrow, one entrance was located in the Human world, and the other in the Demon world.

As per the arrangement of the five Demon Kings, the remaining Demon troops marched out of Heavens Scar. Then, the Demon Kings cast magic at the same time, uprooting the Death Altar and dragging it into the Demon world with them.

“By my order, all legions now march into Demon City. With Demon City as the base, construct 13 lines of defense and block the entrance to the Demon realm,” ordered Ferotiger once the Death Altar disappeared from Heavens Scar. Immediately, all the Human troops streamed towards Demon City.

Under the lead of various squad leaders, over a million troops set up barracks and built forts around the entrance to the Demon world and even mobilized large numbers of war equipment aimed at the entrance. These equipment were fully loaded and could be launched at any time as soon as any movement from the other side was sensed.

“Are you Bai Xiaosheng, the new lord of Hero City?” After everything was arranged, Ferotiger led the military officers to Hero City where Bai Xiaosheng was already waiting.

“Yes, it is I.” Bai Xiaosheng was neither obsequious nor supercilious.

“Very well. For leading the five Demon Kings out of Demon City, creating opportunities for us to besiege the Death Altar, and even holding on for such a long time after claiming Hero City, you truly did well. I shall report this to His Majesty so you’ll get the reward you deserve. Now, run Hero City well, it will be our frontline when we advance towards the Demon realm,” Ferotiger quickly said some words and scanned Hero City carefully before turning his eyes to Fatty.

The meaningful gaze made his body of fat tremble. What? Lord Fatty didn't do anything to provoke you, why are you looking at me like that?

After looking at Fatty for a long time in what seemed like nostalgia, Ferotiger asked, “Are you the heir of the Elementalist?”

“Yes,” Fatty nonchalantly replied.

“Have you restored the Elemental Mystery Realm and Skill Book?” Ferotiger immediately inquired.

“Not yet. Let me tell you, not to mention the Elemental Mystery Realm, even the book alone is absolutely impossible to repair without a massive amount of energy. I worked painstakingly, conscientiously, tirelessly, scraping until the marrow of my bones and nearly died, yet only managed to repair a small part of it. Completely restoring it? Too difficult!” Fatty complained bitterly.

“Is it really so difficult?” Ferotiger asked suspiciously.

“Yup, that’s right.” Fatty repeatedly bobbed his head.

“Since it is so difficult, why don't you give it to me and I'll compensate you to your satisfaction,” the Wise Sage suddenly said.

“Really?” Fatty asked doubtfully.

Hearing Fatty’s question, the Wise Sage was secretly delighted, but his face was as calm as a breeze. “Of course.”

Next to them, Bai Xiaosheng and HeadofGod turned their faces away, unable to bear to see what was about to happen next.

“Well, I won’t ask for much. Just give me eight or ten Legendary artifacts.” Fatty perked up.

Eight or ten Legendary artifacts?! The Wise Sage’s composed expression was instantly thrown to the clouds. A thunderclap resounded all of a sudden and Fatty's hair was vertical, his skin scorched, his mouth puffing out a mouthful black smoke, and he fell on the ground with a straight body.

“See no evil, hear no evil, it's getting late, it's time to go home for dinner.” The Wise Sage stroked his beard. Jumping on a magical cloud, he flew away.

“Ha…ha…” Marshal Ferotiger laughed awkwardly and glanced at Fatty on the ground. After giving Bai Xiaosheng some more encouraging words, he took his men and left.

“Ahhh, it's finally over.” Bai Xiaosheng’s butt dropped on the ground. He was really tired to death, not physically but mentally, which was much more difficult to recover from.

“Guild Master Bai, what now?” All the guild masters who had helped defend the city gathered around Bai Xiaosheng right after Ferotiger left. During this battle, it was certain that they had all suffered heavy losses, some elites in their guilds even lost five or six levels.

“Rest assured, after I get everything sorted out, I will definitely give you a satisfactory compensation,” Bai Xiaosheng weakly said.

The area of Heavens Scar was only several hundreds of thousands of miles, but its unique geographical location – the passage between the Human and Demon realm – made it an area of great significance. In the future, there would definitely be a war between humans and demons, and the Ancient Xuanhuang Country, barring any accidents, would definitely make Heavens Scar its frontline.

At that time, the importance of Hero City would be apparent. Tiger City was located to its rear, and being a military camp meant the players couldn’t get supplies from it, while Demon City in front would be the first to be attacked. Only Hero City in the center could be the logistics for players during the war.

Things went a lot more smoothly after Hero City was officially claimed. After spending a lot of resources and gold coins, Bai Xiaosheng connected the Teleportation Portal in Hero City to the Imperial City. Originally, he had wanted to connect the portal to the four main cities but conditions did not permit; there was no such ultra-long distance portal in Hero City.

In actuality, Fatty also wanted to open a portal connecting his city to the Imperial Capital, but this was impossible with his Sky City still unregistered. It’d be a tragedy if he was caught by the Central Dynasty.

Whoo! Spitting out a mouthful black smoke, Fatty tremblingly got back on his feet amid the mocking laughter of HeadofGod and the others.

“Impressive, you actually have the guts to mock a Divine expert.” Everyone gave Fatty a thumbs-up.

“Stay low-key, low-key.” Fatty awkwardly chuckled.

“Fatty,” a voice sounded behind. Fatty looked back to see some people he didn’t know.

“You are?” Fatty asked in surprise.

“What, don't know me?”

These people were the ones from the Punishment Heaven Gate. Seeing Fatty’s puzzled eyes, Punishment Endless wiped his face a few times, revealing an unusually handsome face.

“Why f*ck me, it’s pretty boy Zhao Wuji1!” Fatty let out a cry and suddenly pounced.

Zhao Wuji hurriedly dodged, but how could he evade Fatty? Fatty tightly embraced Zhao Wuji and pounded him to the ground, and in front of the surprised eyes of everyone, he gave the guy a good thrashing.

“Let go, let go, my minions are watching!” shouted the aggrieved Zhao Wuji.

Fatty felt much better after beating up Zhao Wuji and let him go. Black and blue with many footprints on his body, Zhao Wuji unsteadily stood up.

“Brother Endless, you were actually beaten on the ground by a rogue. You are a warrior, ahh,” Punishment Matchless couldn’t help but comment.

“That’s right, I am a warrior. Damn it, it’s all because it’s become such a habit.” As if it had suddenly dawned on him, Zhao Wuji's face glowed with dazzling brilliance. He reached for his longsword. “Boy, apologize, or don't blame me for bullying you.”

Zoom! A bolt was nailed into Zhao Wuji's thigh and his health dropped by a third. Zhao Wuji instantly paled. He hurriedly sheathed his longsword and raised both hands in surrender.

“Is this the crossbow you used at the First Under Heaven Tournament?” Taking the God Slayer Crossbow and checking it out a few times, especially its stats, Zhao Wuji clicked his tongue nonstop and hated that he couldn’t just put the weapon into his own pocket. He had been envious for a long time now, one could imagine how high the attack was to insta-kill a heavily armored knight. It was a pity that he couldn’t use crossbows, or else he definitely would find a way to rob it.

Zhao Wuji, Fatty's good friend and brother-in-arms. They had fought with their lives on the line together, suffered injuries together, and basically done all kinds of shady things together. Later, they had gone their separate ways due to something and hadn't seen each other for years. It was unexpected they’d meet again in-game.

“Unbelievable, absolutely unbelievable! You’re actually doing much better than me. I, a pretty boy, actually can’t compare with a fatty!” Zhao Wuji looked with envy at Fatty who was fully equipped with a Gold-tier set. While he had several Violet and Gold pieces on him, they weren’t a set and therefore still a level lower.

“Come on, let me introduce you. These are my two friends, Punishment Matchless and Punishment Excuseless. This is my good comrade and friend, Fatty.”

“Nice to meet you,” Fatty greeted the two, then turned to Zhao Wuji. “Cheng Xiong and Xiao Jian are here too. Wanna meet them?”

“Eh, forget it. I'll see them when I’m equipped with a Legendary set,” said Zhao Wuji hesitantly as he touched the wounds on his face.

1. Wuji means endless.

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