Chapter 354 Harvest

Chapter 354 – Harvest

Outside, lights flashed as the Demon Generals remaining in the city gnashed their teeth and threw magic stones on the space-imprisoning magical formation on the ground. In a series of silver gleams, the formation was very close to take effect.

After throwing the goods inside the warehouse into their inventories as fast as possible, Reck and Fatty looked at each other with crafty grins and both took out a scroll at the same time.

Teleportation Scrolls, a masterpiece of Lucas. As long as the user wasn’t in a confined space or some other obstacle, they could instantly teleport back to Sky City no matter where they were. The materials used to make these scrolls were extremely precious. Lucas only made a total of five, of which Lucas and Reck each kept one, while Fatty took the remaining three.

“Go.” With Reck's slightly triumphant trill still floating in the air, the warehouse was empty except for the fallen wooden shelves lying all over the floor to tell that it had been patronized before.

Whoosh. A dazzling light filled the space and sprinkled like fireworks blossoming, enveloping the warehouse.

“Troops, follow me in and kill those damned humans!” A Demon General, armed with a blood-red war blade, opened the warehouse door and rushed in.

A moment later, a mournful scream echoed, followed by the sight of this Demon General rushing out of the warehouse with an ashen face.

“Gone, most of the things inside are gone,” he weakly told his concerned colleagues.

“Gold, we’ve struck gold!” In Sky City, Fatty and Reck laughed loudly.

Lucas also emerged soon after. The trio gathered together to count their harvest one by one while grinning from ear to ear. Especially Fatty, his left hand grabbed at the magic stones, his right hand waved a black iron lance, his butt sat on a pile of Advanced magic scrolls while his eyes stared at Reck sorting through the other items.

Lucas' harvest didn’t disappoint either. He was lucky enough to sneak into a Demon King's sleeping chamber. Although the number of things inside was few, all of them were the cream of the crop.

“A map of the Demon realm? Good job!” When checking the few things Fatty got, both Reck’s and Lucas’ eyes shone brilliantly.

What Fatty got weren’t precious, but this map of the Demon realm, in some way, was still the most valuable thing of their harvest this time.

“Make a copy of the map, then I will present the original to His Majesty,” Reck said.

“Why?” Fatty was stunned. The Reck he knew wasn’t this selfless kind of person.

“For countless years, only the Demon race have launched attacks on us humans, while we never once entered the Demon realm. There were only a few times when several Divine experts barged in there, so even now, we’re still pretty much in the dark about the Demon realm. This map will be a great help to our future advance into the Demon world,” Lucas explained.

“Easy, this won’t be for nothing. This map can exchange for at least ten billion gold coins worth of resources. When did I, Grandmaster Reck, engage in unprofitable business?” Reck proudly said.

After quickly making a copy of the map, Reck instantly teleported to the Imperial City via the portal in Iron Chain Town, while Fatty and Lucas remained and made an inventory of the spoils.

“Great harvest.” After finishing, Fatty was very satisfied. There were 100 chests of magic stones, each containing 100 pieces, which amounted to a total of 10,000 magic stones. This alone was already an enormous sum of gold coins. In addition, there were 300 Advanced and 1,000 Intermediate magic scrolls, more than 3,000 Demonic nuclei of all attributes, a hill of various Demonic materials, as well as some war tools such as ballistae and catapults.

“With these, it’s enough to support the construction for a period of time.” Thinking of the ongoing city construction, Fatty felt a headache.

“Give me half of the magic stones.” Lucas held out his hand.

“Half? Just kill me already!” Fatty pounced onto a chest of magic stones and refused to budge.

“Half is not enough, it’s only the beginning.” Lucas looked at Fatty. “I'll set up a super-large magic formation for you. This formation will have the space attribute and can integrate attack and defense into a whole. And when you combine your Crystal Maze of Terror as well, it’ll raise the overall power of Sky City to a new level.”

“How many magic stones would that be?” asked Fatty with a bitter face.

“According to my conservative estimate, after the formation is complete, keeping it operational every day will consume 100 magic stones. To get it to run at full-power, 100 magic stones per hour,” Lucas straightforwardly answered, and Fatty straightforwardly passed out.

Tearfully watching Lucas leave with 50 chests of magic stones, Fatty pointed at the sky and cursed to his heart’s content. Then, he went to Chief Architect Lin and asked about the construction process before giving him the war tools.

“Welp, this is a gift of friendship from someone. Arrange to make full use of them, please. If you waste them, I’ll make sure to report you to your city lord,” Fatty, with a still ashen face, told Architect Lin.

“This junk?” Architect Lin pouted but was wise enough to swallow his disdain upon seeing Fatty’s expression.

These were all siege tools held in reserve for a long time in Demon city, some were even outdated and their attack strength wasn't so powerful, but at least it was better than nothing. Sky City was like a peerless beauty that had been stripped naked, a rag to cover her body was better than nothing.

After arranging things, Fatty went to visit West. Having dropped to the pitiful 7th enhancement after losing half of his strength, West was currently taking pains to cultivate.

“Big Bro, hehe, I’ve come to see you.” Looking at West, Fatty felt a little embarrassed. After all, he let his book devour the Water God’s Mystery Codex that the guy had fought hard for. It was a pity that Fatty didn't get any good fire equipment this time to compensate him.

Seeing Fatty, West wryly chuckled and then remembered something. He said, “Lil’ Bro, do me a favor.”

“Say it, Big Bro. I’ll go through fire and water for you,” Fatty said immediately.

“You’ve been to the Mountain of Flames, but you haven't explored much, right?” West asked.

“Nope, I toured the peripheral and left immediately after I got the Fire Paulownia Wood. There’s good stuff inside? “ Fatty’s eyes started to shine.

“Mhm yeah, there are indeed good things. In the deepest part, on the highest mountain, there’s a parasol tree. On the parasol tree, there’s a phoenix nest. In the nest, there’s one or two phoenix eggs,” West unhurriedly said.

“Phoenix eggs? Bro, why didn't you say so sooner?” Fatty jumped up and walked out the door, then suddenly twisted his head around and asked, “Do I just keep walking straight in to find that parasol tree?”

“Mhm. As long as you can enter that mountain, you’ll see the tree from a distance away. There’s only one tree on that mountain and nothing else grows.” West nodded.

“Oh, then that’s good, just wait for my good news. We’ll talk later while dining on phoenix eggs after I come back. Oh, by the way, is there any danger there? The phoenix eggs haven’t been stolen, have they?” Fatty hurriedly asked as he remembered this important matter.

“Probably not. There aren’t many people who can steal things right before the eyes of a Legendary-tier Phoenix,” West replied with some uncertainty.

“Legendary-tier Phoenix?!” Fatty yelped. “Big Bro, I suddenly remembered I still have some things to attend to. Let’s go steal those eggs and eat them together after you advance to Legendary tier.”

The instant Fatty finished his words, he ran off. West shook his head and chuckled. He knew Fatty wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to go take a look for long.

Fatty had returned from West's place when Reck also emerged in a savage manner. When the old man started cursing, his beard and hair flew beautifully, showing off his graceful bearing to the fullest.

“Why, who’s angered our Alchemy Grandmaster?” Fatty asked curiously.

“Who else but that bastard emperor?! I kindly presented the map to him, yet the bastard didn’t even give me any gold coins or at least some resources, and just chased me off with a lousy piece of information! He even said something like ‘you give me a map, I also give you a map, the two are equal in value, I’m not taking advantage of you.’ Peh! If this is not taking advantage then what is?!” Reck grumpily pulled out a tattered yellow map, about to throw it into a pile of old paper, but suddenly changed his mind and shoved it into Fatty's hand. Then, the old man turned around, grabbed a Holy Unicorn and stuffed an unknown pill into its mouth. The poor unicorn immediately struggled and uttered a wretched cry as foam bubbled from its mouth.

Fatty shuddered. He quickly glanced at the map and found a lot of terrains drawn on it. Obviously, this map wasn’t ordinary, only that Fatty hadn’t seen similar terrain or even heard of their names before.

“The hell I care if it’s not ordinary! Casually taking out a piece of paper from somewhere to chase me off? Very good! One day when I produce a poison that can kill a god, I swear I’ll throw one into the palace.” Reck humphed and dragged the poor unicorn away.

Shrugging, Fatty slipped the map into his inventory. The emperor reigns over tens of millions of square kilometers and commands numerous military leaders, how can he be so stingy as to send his minion away with a useless map? Its value definitely isn’t low, we just can’t see it yet.

Fatty patrolled Sky City, but there was actually nothing much to do. Aside from the construction workers, there were only Fatty and the few old men in the whole city. Patting dust off his butt, Fatty once again left for Heavens Scar.

The battle for Hero City was white-hot at this moment, reaching its climax with the Divine experts from both sides joining the fray. After millions of troops from both sides entered the field, the players were in a dispensable position. Knowing that his mission was as good as completed, Bai Xiaosheng waved his hand and let the remaining players only defend themselves, occasionally picking up the loot while hiding behind the NPC army.

Just like that, the battle lasted for seven days before it finally concluded.

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