Chapter 353 Robbing

Chapter 353 – Robbing

Fatty and Reck carefully snuck out from the hall and wiped the sweat on their foreheads.

“Old man, thank you so much,” Fatty thanked Reck in a whisper.

“Humph, who told you to run wild? This time you finally suffered for it,” Reck lectured Fatty and then asked, “Your mouse can actually shapeshift? That’s very formidable.”

The two chatted as they walked and joined Lucas not far away. Soon after, a furious roar echoed and the hall they had escaped from collapsed.

“He found out, go!” Lucas opened a secluded space and took the two to hide inside.

“Good, very good! I, Demon King Scorching Sun, who has overrun the world for thousands of years, actually fell in the hands of some seniors today.” Looking at Wheat’s corpse on the ground, the face of the Demon King Scorching Sun was that between laughing and crying, grief and indignation.

During his conversation with ‘Marshal Ferotiger,’ the other party had said nothing but “mhm” and “ahh” and so on. Scorching Sun naturally couldn’t help but doubt in his heart and proposed a duel. Who could have thought that the instant it was said, the might and graceful ‘Marshal Ferotiger’ actually started to slip away. Luckily Scorching Sun had been quick to react and slapped the other to death on the ground. Only then did he find out this was no powerful Divine marshall, but a puny mouse.

“Damnable! How dare you humiliate me like this! Don't let me catch you!” Demon King Scorching Sun was furious, but he knew it was very difficult for him to catch the opponents when they had a Space Saint Magus in the party, so he didn't do anything else.

“Kill kill kill! When Scorching Sun also leaves, there will be no one to stop us in Demon City,” muttered Reck inside the secluded space.

Bai Xiaosheng hadn’t yet received mission completion prompt. Helpless, he could only remain in Hero City. Fortunately, he didn’t need to do anything aside from waiting.

The battle lasted for a day and a night with millions of soldiers from both sides dying, staining the battlefield red. In the end, Scorching Sun also accumulated enough sacrifices to leave the Death Altar for Hero City.

“Scorching Sun has left, get ready to move.” Seeing Demon King Scorching Sun turn into a shadow and leave Demon City, Reck was instantly excited.

The trio snuck into Demon City. Although there were still many strong demons inside, they didn’t pose a threat.

“This way. This definitely leads to their warehouse.” Reck pointed to a direction.

“This way, I'm sure there are good things over here.” Lucas pointed in the other direction and the two began to argue about which one to take.

“You guys, we are currently thieves, can you not be so arrogant?” Fatty was speechless.

“Let’s split up. Ready yourself to run at any time,” Reck and Lucas looked at each other and said at the same time.

Whoosh. Lucas simply tore the space in one direction. Reck refused to fall behind as he sprinkled a layer of powder on himself and vanished.

“Your mother! You two old butts! You’re strong and unafraid, but what about Lord Fatty?!!” yelled the upset Fatty.

Normally in this kind of city, good things would be stored in the city lord manor and owned by the city lord. Jointly managed by the five Demon Kings, the good things in Demon City of course would be in their palaces.

Fatty set his eyes on a tower that was much higher than the other buildings around. Due to the large-scale dispatch of demons, the number of patrol guards in Demon City had greatly decreased, and Fatty easily crept his way towards the tower.

This was a black tower, which had an eerie depiction of a Demonic Ghost Bat on the gate. The bat's eyes emitted a faint red light and moved from time to time.

Fatty reckoned that he must pass under the bat in order to enter the tower through the main entrance, but didn’t know what kind of role the bat played in this. After some thinking, he went to the other side of the tower and placed his right hand on the wall. His body then quietly melted through.

Inside the tower was a spiral staircase that led all the way up. Fatty walked stealthily and carefully while occasionally hearing the screech of bats from around him.

“Is the owner of this place of the Demon Bat clan?” Fatty made a wild guess.

Whoosh! A small bat dove down from above and grazed past Fatty’s nose. He immediately bent down and slid to the side to hide. Seeming to have felt something, the bat flew back and circled around that previous spot a few times before flying away again.

From time to time, there were bats flying down from above and bats flying up from below, no one knew what for. Fatty proceeded up the stairs cautiously and would hide aside whenever a bat passed. Under this kind of risky circumstances, he made it to the top of the tower without any danger.

The tower was as high as a hundred meters, with only a chamber of over twenty meters in radius on top and a spiral staircase connecting it to the ground. Aside from those, there wasn’t even a window.

In the middle of the chamber was a stone table with several things on it.

Off the most pointy part of the ceilings hung a group of bats upside down. These bats were only fist-sized and had silvery skin, red eyes and red claws.

On one wall was a picture of a huge bat. This bat looked like the mirrored version of the one on the door below with a pitch-black appearance, blood-red eyes, and two fangs sticking out of the corners of the mouth, still dripping with blood. On the bat's head was a face that seemed to cry, laugh, complain, and rage at the same time. The constantly changing face gave people an extremely bizarre feeling.

Fatty toured the chamber and found that there was nothing else except for the stone table.

There wasn’t anything fancy on the table either: a pitch-black ball the size of a human head emitting black miasma that streamed up and was absorbed by the bats on the ceiling, a blood-red token that depicted a bat with blood-red eyes, and a map.

Fatty decided not to touch the three things for now. Bats were extremely sensitive creatures, any bigger movement and they could discover him. At that time, being attacked would be the least of his worries. He didn’t want anything that might make his stealing trip a fail.

“What a cheapskate,” Fatty can't help but curse. This place seemed to be a cultivation place of a high-ranked demon, but there was nothing valuable except these few unknown things. No wonder Fatty was angry.

“Thieves don't leave empty-handed, take everything.” Fatty glanced over the table and waved his hand, first grabbing the black ball.

The moment his hand touched the ball, black miasma suddenly burst out from the object. The bats above screeched shrilly and several hundred pairs of blood-red eyes fell on Fatty.

When the black miasma touched his hand, Fatty felt pins and needles on his entire arm and his fingertips starting to drip black blood. Disregarding everything else, he pocketed the ball then quickly grasped at the other two things.

“Screeech!!” Hundreds of bats screamed at once and spread their wings, diving at Fatty. Fatty stomped his foot and sprang in an arc towards the stairs, letting himself fall freely while also throwing the token and the map into his inventory.

The several hundred bats were hot on his heels, as red lights shot out from their eyes and attacked Fatty. Upon contact with the tower wall, Fatty vanished in a whoosh. The red lights hit the wall and pierced a series of holes.

The group of helpless bats lingered in the air for a while without finding any trace of Fatty. In the end, they flew back to the top of the tower.

“Welp, that was risky.” Fatty emerged in a corner of Demon City. After slaying a low-ranked demon without trouble, he opened the inventory to see what he had got.

The black ball, called Ghost Ball, was a tool forged using a special method of the Demon realm. It contained dense demonic miasma from countless souls and aided in demon cultivation. The ball was useless to Fatty, so he threw it into the Elemental Skill Book and gained quite a good amount of energy.

Next was the token. One side of it was engraved with a Demonic Ghost Bat, while the back was inscribed with the word ‘command.’ The patterns surrounding the words were complicated and intimidating. Fatty tossed over a dozen Appraisals in a row before he could get its details.

Bat King Token
The command token of Demon King Ghost Bat who is ranked 9th in the Demon realm. The holder of this token can control the Demon Bat clan.
Additional – Ten Thousand Bats Descend: Summons Demon Bats to attack opponents.

This token had little use to Fatty, but after some thought, he still put it back in his inventory instead of feeding it to the Elemental Skill Book.

As for the map, it gave him a pleasant surprise. This was a map of the Demon realm, although only a part that accounted for at most one-tenth of the entire realm. The detailed information on the map held great strategic value. If Fatty submitted it to the Central Dynasty, he would certainly be rewarded bountifully.

“Too bad, no superb equipment.” Fatty still weren’t satisfied. However, it made sense when he thought about it, everyone tended to carry the good stuff on them. Since the Demon Kings left for battle, they would naturally bring their powerful equipment.

All of a sudden, a commotion arose in a corner of Demon City from where the shouting to seize humans could be faintly heard. Fatty quickly ran over and saw countless demons surrounding a building.

“Oh dear, old, I’m too old, my limbs are no longer flexible.” Despite the words coming out from his mouth, Reck didn’t stop moving his arms and legs. In front of him, hundreds of chests neatly aligned, each containing a hundred magic stones. Every time Reck waved his hand, a box disappeared into the ring on his hand.

In addition to the magic stones, there were a large number of demonic nuclei, all kinds of demon skeletons and fur, as well as stacks of scrolls that one would know were precious from just a glance.

After they had split up, Reck had headed straight for this building and found this warehouse full of rare items as expected. The entrance guards were drugged and could only stood on the spot gawking as Reck ran inside to pillage. Unfortunately, he was discovered by a demon who passed by and thereby drew the attention of many others.

“The human inside, if you come out and surrender now, we might spare your life, otherwise don't blame us for not being polite!” a demon officer shouted from outside.

“If you dare attack, I will destroy all of the contents in here,” Reck shouted and pillaged faster.

“Boy, so many good stuff.” When Fatty emerged inside after using Earthwalk, his eyes were instantly dazzled.

“That’s right! When have I, Alchemy Grandmaster Reck, ever messed up?” Reck was elated. “Hurry take these things and leave, don’t let them block our escape route.”

Outside, the demons had begun setting up a hexagonal magical formation flashing with a strange luster around the warehouse.

“Not good, they want to imprison the space here.” Reck's face abruptly changed. He quickly slipped a pile of scrolls into his ring and urged, “Let’s go, just leave the rest.”

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