Chapter 351 Into the Altar

Chapter 351 – Into the Altar

When the Demon army's momentum intensified, Fatty had to narrow the protection scope of the sword formation again and again. According to Zhang Feihu, the NPC army should be about to deploy if it had not already, so there was no need for too much effort and just getting through this period of time was enough.

Strangely enough, the demons’ power was much weaker now compared to before, just right within the limit that Fatty could hold up.

The fight between Marshal Samo and Demon King Sigg was at a deadlock. Samo's purple spear traversed the heavens and the earth, poking a hole with every thrust, while each blink of the nine eyes of Sigg's Ghost Eye War Saber was a mental attack that injured intangibly, even the Demon soldiers below were affected.

Whoosh. In a golden light, Fatty rose to level 59.

“Dang, now that’s the right herding method.” The players around were super envious. If talking about the one who benefited the most from this siege outside from Bai Xiaosheng, that would be Fatty. Relying on the Elemental Sword Formation, he persisted in a risky manner and rose several levels in a row, making himself the one most likely to be first to the 6th class enhancement.

“We’re still too weak. If we came here after getting our 6th class enhancement, the player side wouldn’t have to be as passive as now.” HeadofGod sighed.

There were not many surviving players, all of whom were turtled up inside the Elemental Sword Formation.

“Look! The NPC army!” a shout from someone instantly had all the players perk up.

A big flag was fluttering in the sky, the golden tiger on it fluttering along, looking as if it could swoop down at any moment.

“It's Marshal Ferotiger's banner. We are saved.” The surviving NPC soldiers began to cheer.

However, Fatty looked on with cold eyes. The numbers of this legion were pitifully small, only about thirty thousand people. Although this was relatively a lot more than that in the City Lord Manor, it was nowhere near enough for the Demon army outside.

“What the hell is that Marshal Ferotiger doing?” Fatty had no respect whatsoever for the so-called marshal.

“Encircle the enemy post to attack reinforcements coming to its aid. Both sides have the same idea,” Zhang Feihu explained the nature of this army in a few words.

“Shit! You mean we're bait.” Fatty was furious.

“These days, being bait also requires strength.” Zhang Feihu glanced at Fatty. Fatty snorted twice before no longer speaking.

With the aid of the new-arrived NPC army, the pressure on Fatty greatly reduced. Since neither side intended to end the battle for the time being, Fatty simply put away the Elemental Sword Formation to save energy.

“Why did you withdraw the formation?” a player questioned Fatty. Without the protection of the sword formation, they were immediately exposed to the demons and put back into constant danger.

“No energy. Give me a thousand magic stones and I’ll use it again,” Fatty coldly said and the other person immediately clamped up.

“Take this chance to reap some benefits.” Fatty rushed out and hid behind the NPC troops. These demons didn’t drop anything good, but the experience points from them were generous. Those that hadn’t died so far had all leveled at least once or twice.

The battle continued. Every once in a while, when the NPC army suffered heavy casualties, another group would immediately arrive to assist in the defense, and at least 500,000 NPC troops had come. Looking at how many troops there were in the City Lord Manor, one could imagine how bitter the fighting outside was.

Under this kind of bitter circumstance, the remaining two hours passed quickly. However, now the goal was not to persist ten hours and officially claim Hero City, but to maximize the casualties of the Demon army, and it would be best if they drew out those Demon Kings.

“General, how far is Demon City from us?” Fatty took the time to ask.

“Very far, several hundreds of thousands of miles. Without any teleportation portals, it’ll take at least three or four days,” Zhang Feihu replied.

Hearing this, Fatty dismissed the idea of taking advantage of Demon City. However, he felt uncertain since there had been no news of Reck and Lucas so far.

“Uncle, since the mission is completed, I’m going to do my own thing,” Fatty informed Bai Xiaosheng.

“Okay, be careful. This time, thank you. I'll make it up to you later,” Bai Xiaosheng said.

“Don’t need much, just ten million magic stones will do.” Fatty laughed and Earthwalked out of Hero City, quickly heading in the direction of Demon City.

The area of 300 miles around Hero City had become a large battlefield, with legions fighting fiercely everywhere. Fatty saw many new types of demons such as Demon Ants, Demon Scorpions… and at the same time also marveled at the combat power of the Human army. Clearly their numbers and individual strengths fell short of the enemy, but they relied on this unique momentum to make it neck and neck. This was probably that Marshal Ferotiger's credit.

“The heir of the Elementalist is right there. Which general can capture him for me?” immediately said an illusory figure observing the battle after seeing Fatty leave Hero City.

“This humble subordinate is willing to fight this battle for you, Your Highness.” A black shadow emerged and knelt at the feet of the illusory figure.

“Very well. You don't need to deal with him, just lead him to Demon City. After the task is completed, I’ll appoint you as Demon General,” said the shadow.

“Yes, Your Highness.”

Fatty sped through the battlefield. The gap between the regiments gave him enough roaming space, otherwise, just the aftershocks of such fierce fighting could kill him. However, he was also targeted by several Demon Generals who sent their underlings to hunt him down.

After running like crazy for over a thousand miles, Fatty finally left the scope of the battlefield. He heaved a sigh of relief and caught his breath.

“Heir of The Elementalist?” A white light flashed, from which a demon stepped out and stood in front of Fatty.

“Which clan are you?” Fatty rolled his eyes and asked.

“Demon Tree clan, Dry Wood,” Dry Wood introduced himself.

“Dry Wood? Growing up so dry and with a face of bad luck to boot, no wonder you were named that,” Fatty casually commented.

“You are dead!” Dry Wood was enraged. With a wave of his hand, a timbo swished out of the ground and coiled up along Fatty's leg.

The timbo was not only tough but also had sharp spikes on it. Once it coiled around the enemy, the spikes would sink deep into the victim’s body, releasing a toxin that could quickly paralyze them.

“Fireball.” The Elemental Skill Book flew out and Fatty threw a fireball at the timbo. The timbo trembled as flames blazed on its surface. It hurriedly loosened around Fatty and shrank back into the ground. Although Fatty didn't have such a thing as the Fire God’s Treasure Codex, he still had a lot of fire spells recorded, which came in handy today.

Dry Wood ‘s face remained unchanged. He had known of the Elementalist’s ability to use elemental magic. Seeing Fatty shoo away the timbo with a fireball, he immediately swung his hand and a rattan net shot out from the fingers towards Fatty.

Fatty retreated three steps to evade the net. At the same time, the Elemental Skill Book quickly flipped pages, shooting a slew of fire spells at Dry Wood.

Since Dry Wood dared come to catch Fatty, he naturally wasn’t scared of these puny magicks. Too lazy to drag the fight, the demon forcefully took the attacks head on and sent a timbo to wrap around Fatty's waist then immediately injected the toxin.

Fatty only felt his waist go numb, and then his body lost all strength. Letting the timbo coil several times around Fatty, Dry Wood threw him over his shoulder and left.

‘His Highness only needed me to lead him to Demon City, but directly capturing him is much more convenient. If I wasn't lacking the ability to make exclusive equipment drop, I could have just killed him and taken the two artifacts to offer to His Royal Highness, and received a lot more rewards,’ Dry Wood thought to himself.

“Fatty was caught.” Lucas had been watching everywhere, getting ready to sneak into the city and steal. He was immediately dumbstruck upon seeing Fatty carried by Dry Wood.

“Impossible, that brat is very slippery. How can he be caught?” Reck couldn’t believe it.

“Because the other party is an expert of the 8th enhancement?” said Lucas.

“Damn, what are we waiting for then? Let’s go save him.” Reck was a little anxious.

“No hurry, I suspect they want to rob his Elemental Sword Diagram and Skill Book, so they’ll take him to the Death Altar. Let’s go there before them and wait.”


“Your Highness, by my good luck, I was able to accomplish the mission,” reported Dry Wood humbly as he threw Fatty on the ground.

“Very good. From now on, you are Demon General Dry Wood, one of the nine Demon Generals under me, Demon King Scorching Sun. You can leave,” Demon King Scorching Sun casually dismissed Dry Wood, then turned to Fatty with a smile.

“Heir of the Elementalist, give up the Elemental Sword Diagram and Skill Book, and I will spare your life and even promote you to a demon general. How about that?”

“Bah,” Fatty only answered with this one word.

“Very good, very tough. I hope you don't beg for mercy later. I like torturing people most, especially Elementalists.” In a gust of chilling wind, Demon King Scorching Sun took Fatty to an altar.

The altar was boundless, a much larger one of the Evil God. It was tens of thousands of meters in diameter, built completely of black rock, and covered in dried blood.

Bang! Fatty was thrown on the altar. A bloody odor rushed into his head, overwhelming his sense of smell and nearly made him faint.

“Get out of here.” Scorching Sun waved his arm, and the tens of thousands of players on the altar frantically fled like the wind.

Players who died in Heavens Scar would all be resurrected at the Death Altar, which was in the Demon army's territory. It wasn’t hard to imagine what happened to them after they respawned here. At the beginning when the battle hadn’t started, the players had been able to exit safely. However, when the siege in Hero City officially begun, especially when Demon City deployed its troops, the Death Altar was sealed off by demons. Aside from some players who used the Recall Scroll to Hero City as soon as they were resurrected, the rest were stuck inside in an endless cycle of being killed and respawning. Many couldn’t stand it anymore and forcefully logged off.

“Lad, this is your last chance. Hand over the two pieces of equipment and I’ll make you a Demon General, or else your nightmares await,” Scorching Sun threatened.

“Aren't there several Demon Kings here? Why is there only you?” Fatty suddenly asked.

“Those guys? Heh, because enough people died, they have enough flesh and blood as sacrifices and can leave the altar to fight on the battlefield. As for me, because I’m ranked behind, I can’t leave for the time being.”

“I see.” Fatty nodded and suddenly yelled, “You two old foxes! If you don't come out to help now, Lord Fatty is gonna be swallowed alive.”

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