Chapter 349 The Tower of Heroes, 2nd Floor

Chapter 349 – The Tower of Heroes, 2nd Floor

When Fatty finally freed up his hands, he controlled the Elemental Sword Formation to separate the players inside and quickly contained the situation. After Wild Dancing Wind’s death, hundreds of players were chopped up with the wild flying swords inside the formation as an example. The rest immediately became honest. Although this intensified their greed for the diagram, they wouldn’t dare move again for a while.

If outside, Fatty would be hard-pressed to escape when facing so many players at once, but since they had entered the sword array, their life and death were entirely in his grasp.

Had it not been for the fact that they were pressed for time and had none to waste, Fatty would have used the Soul Sealing Cross to imprison Wild Dancing Wind’s soul and slain her to level zero before anything else.

After a malicious slaughter to intimidate those harboring ill intents, Fatty continued to discuss with Bai Xiaosheng about what to do next. The skill Invincible Hero could only last for ten minutes while they still had nearly two hours to go.

“This system is obviously cheating players alright.” Bai Xiaosheng's face had changed through several colors. In the end, he could only sigh helplessly.

The ten minutes of Invincible Hero soon passed. Fatty once again operated the Elemental Sword Formation to resist the enemy.

“Things aren’t looking good.” Zhang Feihu dragged his blade out the Tower of Heroes with a tired face. Without his all-out support in this defensive battle, the city would have fallen long ago.

“We have to hold on for more than an hour before the imperial army can arrive, but you see, the situation right now is… geez.” Bai Xiaosheng sighed.

“Seems like your only choice is to lift the seal on the second floor,” Zhang Feihu said after some silence.

“The second floor? Didn't you say there was no one else in the tower except you?” Bai Xiaosheng was dubious.

“The one on the second floor isn’t human,” explained Zhang Feihu hesitantly.

“Not a human? Demon?” Bai Xiaosheng and Fatty exchanged glances in surprise.

“Not a demon either,” Zhang Feihu said.

“Then what is it? Geez, General, can you not wheeze while you speak? This really isn’t the time.” Bai Xiaosheng was truly anxious right now, otherwise, he wouldn't have talked to Zhang Feihu in this manner.

“A god.”

“A god?!”

Fatty and Bai Xiaosheng nearly jumped, especially Fatty who was so excited that his control of the Elemental Sword formation slipped and he almost let the demons in.

“Quick, quickly open the second floor let our godly elder out.” Fatty urged Bai Xiaosheng.

“I can't open it.” Bai Xiaosheng replied bitterly and looked at Zhang Feihu.

“We’ll all die in the end. After lingering on the last breath for thousands of years, it should be over.” Drowned in thoughts, Zhang Feihu ignored Bai Xiaosheng and let out a faint sigh.

In just this moment as Zhang Feihu lamented, Fatty suddenly felt the pressure on him reduce. He lifted his eyes and paled in fright. The Demon army outside was retreating, making space for several thousand demon troops about 10 meters tall, with two horns on their heads and black bird-like wings on their backs.

These demons were pitch-black in color. In the large areas of skin exposed were bulging muscles looking as hard as granite and covered in complex magical runes. Each demon wielded a two-handed battle axe, yelling while racing towards the Elemental Sword formation.

“Abyss Devils; ranked among the upper half in strength in the Demon realm,” Zhang Feihu blandly introduced after a glance.

Rumble… The Abyss Devils jumped up, and thousands of battle axes mercilessly hacked down on the sword formation. In return, countless light swords rattled restlessly and struck the devils with tooth-tingling scratching sounds.

After the wave of sword lights passed, the devils only lost one-tenth of their health, shocking all the players inside the formation.

The devils retreated right after one strike and raised their axes, ready to launch a second round. Fatty could see clearly that when these devils attacked, their magical patterns lit up and a blood-red glow covered all over their bodies. Thanks to this glow, the attack and defense of these demons were boosted by a large portion.

Boom! The Elemental Sword Formation trembled. Fatty had no choice but to narrow its range again until it could only protect the manor’s main compound.

There were only several thousand Abyss Devils, but they imposed much greater pressure on Fatty than the previous tens of thousands of normal Demon soldiers, especially now with the little energy left in the Elemental Mystery Realm. Every round of attacks consumed a large amount of elemental energy.

“Open a gap, let them in,” Zhang Feihu lightly said.

“Let them in?” Fatty hesitated for a brief moment before doing as Zhang Feihu commanded. He opened a gap in the formation.

As soon as the gap appeared, several hundred Abyss Devils took rushed in towards the players inside.

“Bastard, why did you let them in?” Some players turned ashen, cursing while getting ready to fight.

“Come on, I'll show you how to open the seal on the second floor.” Zhang Feihu sighed and tapped a finger on Bai Xiaosheng’s forehead.

“So that’s how it is.” A light of understanding flashed in Bai Xiaosheng’s eyes. He let out a low shout, and the Tower of Heroes rumbled as the second floor slowly opened.

The nine floors of the Hero Tower weren’t connected, which was to say, each floor was an independent space.

After the door to the second floor opened, a violent breath gushed out and blew the players to the ground. Even the Elemental Sword Formation was almost blown away.

“Ahh, how many years has it been? I, Samo, am finally out.”

A military boot stepped out, followed by the appearance of a burly man. He was dressed in the tattered uniform suit of the Central Dynasty, his disheveled hair freely hung and blocked half of his face, revealing only the left eye that sent a chill down everyone’s spine as it coldly swept the courtyard.

“Zhang Feihu?” Seeing an old acquaintance, Samo's eyes brightened but instantly dimmed looked to somewhere else. “Abyss Devils? A lot of them at that. Has the war between humans and demons erupted once again?”

As Samo muttered to himself, his hair fluttered up, revealing a face covered in scars.

“Demons should all die!”

Samo raised his hand and a purple spear immediately appeared in his grip. With a smooth swing, countless purple light spears appeared in the air.

The Abyss Devils who were noisily chasing the players suddenly felt sharp pains in their hearts. They slowly looked down to find holes in their chests.

One after another, the Abyss Devils fell to the ground, while Samo stood thoughtfully at the door of the second floor of the tower.

“Marshal Samo, what should disappear will disappear in the end. Let’s go,” Zhang Feihu shouted.

“What should disappear, will disappear after all?” Samo repeated several times, his eyes glazed over.

Boom! A shock ran through the Elemental Sword Formation. Fatty spewed a mouthful of blood on Bai Xiaosheng’s face. An Abyssal Evil equipped with a horned helmet, heavy armor, and a huge axe was viciously chopping at the formation.

“Kill!!” With a mad roar, Samo jumped down on the Elemental Sword Formation, landing right in the middle of the demon herd.

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